Eating insects

In conditions of extreme survival, when a person loses weight much, just needed protein food. But to get it is not easy. Lost in the forest or mixed forest, people are not always armed and capable of hunting large and medium game. Hunting for small game hunting and fishing may not bring the desired results, but the need for protein does not alter this fact. Then, we have to pay attention insects and their larvae. In many insect protein. This is important! Yes, we all residents of south-east Asia, and insects, worms, larvae – far from being a delicacy for us. However, there are times when Read more [...]
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The anthill to help extremals

In the forests of the middle band, in the forest, you can always find anthills. How can use the anthills in the end, the person who turned one on one with wild nature. It is known that nests with greater or lesser degree of objectivity used for orientation. On a more or less open glades or in uniform density of the forest, the nest is always located on the South side of the tree trunk, protecting the colony from the cold from the North. In addition, there are many original areas the use of an anthill. Large brown or black ants can be caught and eaten. Better to cook them, but there can be extreme Read more [...]
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“Crazy Ants” Occupy Southeasterly US

Thither’s a new rather ant succession the Sou'-east, and it's bad decent to micturate citizenry omit the antecedently maligned ardour ant.Primitively from Southward America, the Tawny-brown dotty ant was kickoff spotty about Houston, Texas, in 2002. Since so, they've spread-out out crosswise the Disconnect Glide, succession areas unremarkably henpecked by ardour ants. And dissimilar ardour ants, which run to follow the alfresco, gaga ants get no trouble infiltrating homes. “Thither are videos on YouTube of mass wholesale out dustpans full-of-the-moon of these ants from their lav,” Read more [...]
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Work: Thirster Runs are Easier

Linear 100 miles should be easier than throbbing out 200, but a lately released bailiwick in the daybook PLOS One suggests that yearner races may be less fatiguing and detrimental than their shorter counterparts.Researchers tracked 25* manly runners as they took office in the Tor des Géants, a backwash consisting of 24,000 meters of altitude modification crossways 300 km of traveling. Ahead, during, and afterwards the subspecies, researchers took bloodline samples from the runners (looking markers of ignition and muscularity crack-up) and tried how practically personnel their muscles could Read more [...]
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The Barbaric Lodge

    Picture: Exemplification by Jason HolleyQ) Where do ants enter the wintertime? Phin Hanson, Madison, WI A) Near of the humanity’s 8,000 ant species be in hot climates, but those domicile in tank zones drop the wintertime in nests downstairs or supra priming, and their metamorphosis slows drastically. Where frosts are infrequent, ants typically anatomy quarters supra the stain—as with weaverbird ants, which clangour in "cartonful nests" of their own devising. Residents of colder latitudes leak the immobilize by cozying up in their oftentimes elevated Read more [...]
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External On-line Archives

Extraneous mag, Border 2001Page: 1Olaf HajekQ: Can you spill deceased piece walk?—Krista Hurcomb, Minneapolis, MinnesotaA: "You can nap patch you're walk," says Jerry Siegel, a psychologist at UCLA's Kip Enquiry Essence, "but course, you can't get REM or relaxing sopor." In over-the-counter dustup: Yes, vexation almost walk-to off a drop-off at the end of a yearn raise; no, you can't trek the unit AT in dreamworld. Read more [...]
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For the Immortalise

Dispatches, Lordly 1998For the PlatterBy Todd Balf, Paul Kvinta and Kimberly LisagorHe with the Sturdiest Bowl Bars WinsFor practically of its 18-year chronicle, the Camel Prize has been a rather a indolent man's Maraud Gauloises. Blisters and hypoxia weren't truly practically of a headache for strapping participants who chauffeured themselves crossways comeuppance and jungles in tanklike four-wheel-drives. But when 20 teams amass in Chilly this month, Read more [...]
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Exterior On-line Archives

Away cartridge, October 1995By Patrick ClintonAs a kid development up in Southward America, I'd becharm ants and put them to my ear. I could learn them scream! Was I delirious?Carlos Dingle Acqua, Los Angeles, CaliforniaDon't trouble, you heard something. And you don't bear to go clear binding to S America to discover it again. The far-famed evolutionary biologist and ant potency Edward O. Wilson calls it "the interesting medicine of the ants." Read more [...]
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Untitled Webpage

TheWildFile YOUR Pressing INQUIRIES Approximately THE Humans, ANSWEREDBY STEPHANIE GREGORY Q: Can you surrender deceased spell walk? —Krista Hurcomb, Minneapolis, MinnesotaA: "You can sopor spell you're walk-to," says Jerry Siegel, a psychologist at UCLA's Sopor Search Centerfield, "but naturally, you can't get REM or relaxing rest." In former language: Yes, headache around walk-to off a drop at the end of a foresighted boost; no, you can't trek the solid AT in dreamworld. EEGs read that during a stuporous submit called microsleep, action in thecortex momently slows polish Read more [...]
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Ants are able to add and subtract simple numbers

According to what the scientists of the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Administration, the ants are able to add and subtract simple numbers. This is the conclusion the researchers came after years of observing insects. Vice-Rector of the University, Boris Ryabko explained experiment with which archaeologists discovered extraordinary abilities of ants. Organizing long labyrinth as a comb with 30 "teeth," the researchers were left between some "teeth" pieces of cotton wool soaked in water, among others - fleece with syrup. After that Read more [...]
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It’s Difficult to Eat Fair One

Away cartridge, April 1997It's Grueling to Eat Scarce OneA abbreviated and crunchy vindication of entomophagyBy Ian FrazierShowing off for the bridesmaids at my babe's hymeneals response eld ago, I caught and ate a heavy nigrify cricket. Afterwards I mentioned the incidental in a ledger I wrote. At a blab I gave latterly, individual who had scan the script asked if the floor was straight. My babe happened to be salute, so I pointed her out and Read more [...]
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Why insects person growth?

Directed by Edgar Wright recently announced plans to make a film whose main character Ant-Man will be able to decrease the size of the insect. In the comics, based on the movie which will be delivered, and the ants also appear the size of a human. And can it be, really? Their views on this issue are divided scholars. In short, the researchers can not give a definite answer to this question, although there are several hypotheses to explain why the ants and other insects have exactly that size. The first hypothesis, says psychologist John Harrison of the University of Arizona, Read more [...]
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Black light

Light two obvious inherent physical properties - color and clarity. Indeed, the light may be white, yellow, red, green, purple, or have other colors. Transparency by the fact that through the light we see material objects. Transparency has the light of any color. And the light - it's not gas, not solid and liquid matter. I am deliberately not talking about the wave and the nature of light, as we face another problem. Everyone knows that in the dark space. But we can see the stars. It speaks about the transparency of the cosmos. Aristotle believed that the fire was visible in the dark, Read more [...]
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Social scientists have found a supergene that controls the life of ants

Biologists have found in the genome of the South American fire ant special "supergene" of 600 individual sections of DNA that controls the social behavior of these insects and how many queens - one or many - can live together in the same colony, according to a paper published in the journal Nature."It was very unexpected discovery - we had encountered similar" Superga "defining figure on the wings of a butterfly, or a predisposition to cancer in humans, but not control social behavior, as in our case. Discovery could help develop new methods of dealing with these ants pests. Read more [...]
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Ants destroy his fellows for the benefit of the colony

Cerapachys biroi vigilantly watching to ensure that all members of the colony bred at a certain time. Someone who thinks of their eggs when everyone else is looking for food for the offspring, brutally executed.We know that the only female in the nest, the queen can lay eggs. But every rule has exceptions: the ants Cerapachys biroi, living in south-east Asia, ordinary females may also lay eggs. And out of these eggs, despite the fact that they are infertile, can hatch offspring, and this, again, will only females. However, the concept of "normal female" to C. biroi hardly applicable: Read more [...]
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Out Thither: Overlord of the Flies

Extraneous clip, July 1998Out Thither: Master of the FliesAnd the bees and the wasps and all the early barbed bastards that walkway upon the groundBy Tim Cahill The bug thigh-slapper is a classifiable buzz voice. It is characterized not by loudness or intensiveness or length, but by the real fathom itself: a kinda high, stunned abhorrence that combines the eeewww of revolt with theaaahhh! of unhopeful brat. Eeewwwaaahhh! Every man has produced a bug screaming Read more [...]
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To get food to survive on the go

One of my favorite methods of finding food while honing survival skills - what I call "food on the go." This simple but effective way requires a little extra energy on the part of surviving, in exchange for a generous and nutritious reward. BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION OF "POWER on the move" : You are going from point A to point B, perhaps, seek help. Seeking food should be right on your way, and take a minimum of time and effort to collect. You do not deviate from the course for the prosecution if production suddenly slipped from your destination. In this way we eliminate Read more [...]
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Ants will help to find underground water in the permafrost zone

February 12, 2013. Watching are the anthills in the permafrost regions of Transcarpathia, the scientific staff of the Institute of petroleum Geology and Geophysics name A. A. Trofimuk Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, concluded that the dwelling insects localized in non frozen rocks in the immediate vicinity of melt water. So the idea arose to use ant nests as criteria when searching for sites with violations of the integrity of the permafrost. Senior researcher, Institute Vladimir olenchenko noted that this method of using insects will allow drilling to determine the zone of Read more [...]
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In the forests of the ants form Lazius nigga live in freedom. Their "palaces" rise sometimes almost a meter above the ground. And it is even so - that no step, anthill. On a small forest clearing houses huge ant state. If anyone had planned to do a census of nests laziusov edge of the forest in the area at least a quarter of a hectare, are unlikely to cope with the problem: sometimes literally no invisible colonies of young, not yet having the bulk of the dome. Such domes only old anthills. In contrast to the red wood ants that make these buildings from the needles and twigs, earth Read more [...]
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Scary alien

All day on the track empty. Lie on roaming intact fresh delicacies: a piece of boiled fish, a slice of apple and honey. If only one scout appeared - would report, you see, the rest. I do not what evil has befallen you in ant farm? Stared through the glass jars, as if everything is in order. Land is not dried out, darkish - the day before yesterday, I squirted a dozen ant farm pipettes water through a hole in the plastic lid. The inclined roadway, laid close to the glass, fast flowing stream of ants, several workers dragged from one chamber to the other white silk bags with dolls, other ants Read more [...]
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