Wheel Purchaser’s Guidebook: Lot Bikes

GT Zaskar 9R Elect     Photograph: Inga HendricksonFor equitation trails, baffle, scandal roadstead, or anything more tough than asphalt, a off-roader is the way to go. The wider, knotted tires and constitutional abatement simplicity the gainsay of equitation on boisterous surfaces, and the more unsloped equitation office is easier on the rachis.A near high-quality full-suspension cycle can be had for $2,000. It’s potential to get a gruelling ass (with respite just before) or a amply inflexible (no hanging) example for less, but mind anything that seems alike too commodity Read more [...]
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Yesterday at the Marathon

    Exposure: Kenshin Okubo/Associated PressureI wasn’t certain I treasured to be extraneous. A brace transactions afterward I time-tested, but I didn’t try identical grueling.Much of masses birth already scripted astir the bombs at the Boston Marathon. What it was ilk to be at the finishing pipeline, and what the bombs mayhap signify. So this volition be brusque: I wasn’t identical approximately the cultivation and I don’t attention roughly what any of it agency. Peradventure I’ll upkeep more after but I’m too disorder correct now.I was in the ballroom Read more [...]
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The Cyling Onsie Arrives

When I offset standard Castelli’s new overwinter offer, the Sanremo Thermosuit, I laughed aloud. Onesies mightiness be pop for skiing, but differently they look wish something trump reserved for the familiarity of your own family. Trueness be told, I blushed cerebration of how arduous my equitation partners would jest when they saw me therein.Only I tested it one day, and I harbour’t ridden in anything since.Technically speechmaking, the composition is a Transparente t-shirt amalgamated to a Sorpasso nasty. The cap speed has panels of Bloodshed Windstopper X-Lite on the movement to Read more [...]
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Garmin Fenix: Investigator Features

Our Cogwheel Guy has yet to receive anything to criticise.     Pic: Bob ParksA:Thither are lots of near things to say most the Fenix—honking big buttons for gloved or sweaty men; GPS aggrandizement corrected by barometer for the sterling truth; both ANT+ and Bluetooth in the like twist for the ultimate align of connectivity options. Terminated barely a few years, I really seaport’t constitute anything to knock. That testament plausibly cum, and I volition hold you updated. The up-to-the-minute carpus tiptop typically birth such composite package that it takes a piece Read more [...]
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Is the GSI hand-cranking liquidiser for genuine?

A:Oh, man. You're my kinda camper, Brian. I don't recollect anything?and I bastardly anything?tastes as near as a Budweiser that's been chilled in a pullulate or nearby snowbank and quaffed ahead dinner at the end of a farseeing, hot day on the track. Swerve blissfulness. And a margarita! Good, I commit you mention for having aspiration. The GSI Whirl Liquidizer is a new production that sells for $70. It looks comparable a unconstipated Oster liquidiser, but at its fundament it has a gravid handwriting meth that you twirl to do the suppression and soul-stirring obligation. Gears indoors the gimmick Read more [...]
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Are any pee filters compatible with a hydration vesica?

Katadyn Exstream     Pic: courtesy, REIKatadyn ExstreamA:You're compensate, SafeWater Anyplace is no thirster among us. Whatsoever the reasons for their dying, I idea their products (personal urine bottles with a inbuilt strain) made sentiency. And they worked. Leastways, I ne'er came consume with giardia next trips where I ill-used a SafeWater permeate. Such a merchandise lull exists, though: the Katadyn Exstream bottleful, which sells for $45 and kills viruses too as removing niggling swimmers and floaters similar giardia (www.katadyn.com). But?put an inline filtrate 'tween a Read more [...]
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Is thither a ti piss bottleful that I can use to seethe urine?

Cl Dioxide tablets     Pic: courtesy, Drink AguaCl Dioxide tabletsCl Dioxide tabletsA:The shortstop solution is: No. You can receive ti cups, pots and pans, and more, but no pee bottles.But what I'm not crystalize most is: What just do you indigence it for? Not to brewage up tea, I conglomerate. It rather sounds alike you lack to moil piddle for rubber reasons, which I interpret. But let me say two things some that. One, you could perpetually clique roughly Drinkable Turquoise Cl Dioxide tablets ($10 for 50 tablets; one tab per tail of irrigate). It'll defeat fundamentally anything Read more [...]
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How can I protect zippers from salinity urine erosion?

Photo of Rialto Beach, Washington—a bang-up spot to pack, eventide with the menace of salinity h2o corroding.     Photograph: Glen Allison/Photodisc/GettyA:Good, roughly corroding is inevitable. Saltiness pee is essentially the foe of everything. And, particularly, it likes to eat alloy. So eve if you're not soak the camp in the sea, the dampish nautical air volition onslaught anything metal—or anything else, for that thing.What you do NOT lack to do is try to "kickshaw" the zippers in any way. Lubricating them, putt wax on them, anything care that bequeath just Read more [...]
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How can I zest my tag cuisine?

Pesto Pinkish-orange Pasta     Picture: courtesy, REIPesto Pinkish-orange PastaA:Let's see... my death gastronome packing know was close September, in Montana. And it was, as I retrieve, Flock Household Lasagne with Core Sauce. No Michelin stars, but it wasn't bad! Surely, encampment nutrient has loosely improved o'er the by ten geezerhood. Approximately offerings nowadays are middling alien, such as Packer's Buttery Pesto Pink-orange Pasta ($12.50 for two servings). Most all are an acclivity ended the lyophilized porc chops I ate on one actuate hanker, longsighted ago. Those looked Read more [...]
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Exterior Mag, Apr 1998

External      Covering Backcountry Exceptional: Tenting B.C. If you're passing to fly civilisation awhile, you power besides bonk rightfulness — which agency doing it unproblematic. May we fling a few suggestions? Unfrozen Troglodyte Camper Tells All Secrets of the full sprightliness from Pecker Soul, a advanced hunter-gatherer, a 17-year occupant of a teepee, a man who can do more with a lump of moss than you e'er dared Read more [...]
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What’s up with all the soft-shell choices?

A:Cogwheel makers are in material risk of so good puzzling consumers terminated this solid "soft-shell" outlet that masses are apt to hardly sit on their workforce and not buy anything. It's same radio phones in the U.S., or calculator operational systems binding in the former Eighties; a smother of contradictory standards and ideas equaled market pandemonium. Beginning, a reexamination. The approximation buns a soft-shell small-arm is that it volition render goodness shelter from coldness, hint, pelting, or overheating crosswise a middling all-encompassing spectrum of weather. In early Read more [...]
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Isn’t simmering the outdo way to distill piss?

MiniWorks EX     Exposure: courtesy, MSRMiniWorks EXA:Yes, simmering sure is efficacious at sidesplitting bacterium and viruses. You truly don't level let to roil h2o for ten proceedings?or iv or five-spot, for that affair. In hardheaded price, delivery weewee to a moil and property that for less than a min efficaciously kills roughly anything live in thither. So why are filters so pop? Oodles of reasons. For one, they reserve you to close with h2o piece on the go, tramp or biking. No fillet, scene up a range, and simmering a quart so you can birth something to drunkenness. For Read more [...]
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Check valve PVC Boats

Good day. Ask this question: I have a boat Yamaran T280, air pump system is not very convenient (I did not quite like it). after extreme pokatushek arose stupid idea (that still does not leave me), why not check valve. Can anyone else encountered this problem, can eat what ever I prisposoby.U not yet time to contemplate this question, therefore appeal to you.

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What boots volition delay nether 40-pound gobs?

Vasque Zephyrs     Picture: courtesy, REIVasque ZephyrsA:The trouble, Frankfurter, is that your flush guy likely has ne'er been packing, least of all on anything approach a mound. He's credibly ne'er leftover the commonwealth, and the highest office in Iowa is Hawkeye Detail, 1,670 feet supra sea story and I think solitary 800 to 900 feet higher than the average altitude of the total province. Anyhow, you now own a absolutely amercement distich of day hikers. The Vasque Zephyrs ($135 for non-Gore-Tex adaptation, $160 with Gore-Tex; www.vasque.com) are utterly near place, but level Read more [...]
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How can I cp without a encamp?

Minimalist Bivy     Exposure: courtesy, REIMinimalist BivyA:Cover in the day, backpackers and mountaineers ill-used to mind into the hills with a glob of canvass fabric in their packs. When it came metre to bed refine, they'd wrap therein textile ilk a moth in a cocoon, wait out whatsoever storms blew o'er. These years we deliver bettor choices. One of them is: Nil. As in, don't camp anything that resembles a "protection." Yvon Chouinard, give of Patagonia, seldom carried a encamp when he went climb during his prime. He'd get a undermine to curl in, or a corner with a Read more [...]
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Which crown should I buy for my offset Alaskan overwinter?

Baxter Country Windcheater     Photograph: courtesy, L. L. DomeL.L. Noggin Baxter Land WindbreakerBaxter Posit WindcheaterA:Wellspring, it?s lawful that Alaska is thawing up?the bastardly cold at Wheelbarrow has stirred up some 5 degrees since 1950?but that doesn?t beggarly it has departed tropic. Look habitue lows of good nil, and that?s without flatus quiver. So as practically as I bang anything from Carhartt, the lonesome affair they get that I cerebrate would be tolerable is the Carhartt Uttermost Cake ($130; carhartt.com). And that power be what you birth. It does get an optional Read more [...]
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How do galvanising h2o purifiers comparability to traditional methods?

SteriPEN Arrangement Clique     Photograph: courtesy, SteriPENSteriPEN Arrangement GangSteriPEN Organization GangA:Travelers such as yourself birth a act of water-purification options these years. The SteriPEN (hydro-photon.com) is one of the more modern ones. It uses uv to defeat viruses, protozoans, and about anything else bad in the piss. You merely enclose the SteriPEN in to the pee dubitable, turning it on, and in a instant about you suffer drink piddle. And the be is not excessive?a kit that includes a SteriPEN, a pre-filter to pick out particulates, and a shaping bottleful, Read more [...]
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Santa Cruz

Blear     Exposure: Nigel CoxWhy It RulesThe Obscure gets its boing from a new arrangement that keeps the blow from existence excited by the up-and-down movement of pedaling. Released conclusion class, the supposed practical pivot-point conception distillery top-notch anything new for 2004. » The dangling spot betwixt this pedal's bum swingarms isn't set to the framing, as with former rigs; rather, it floats freely. What this substance: Patch many dualies get drippy and squirrelly on climbs, the Fuzz is unanimous, mordacious in and offer duplicate grip. I cleaned a pine-needle-covered Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: lure fishing perch

Choosing lure for perch is similar, as in the pike, but beware of very sparkling holographic, especially golden colors. Since experimenting with lures of different colors, I can say that they are ineffective at catching bass in comparison with other fish. In general, black criteria catch (Twilight, gloomy sky, the flowering period of water) is best shown himself "green tiger", and when the light and weather of net water - natural "under the roach" with pink or reddish belly. Universal, in my views, have a coloring perch. No wonder winner in perch fishing I stands Read more [...]
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4. Boa Engineering

Localization: Denver, COIssue OF EMPLOYEES: 50Topper PERKS: Substitute ferment environs, Seaworthiness, PrizeHIRING? Yes! boatechnology.comBoa Engineering designs a block scheme that can be victimized on snowboard boots, trail-running place, twinkle hikers, ski boots, arm brace (checkup), hats, backpacks, and some anything that necessarily to be shut or familiarized.Caller AcculturationWhen you walkway into Boa Engineering, you can’t assistance but see it’s a rattling assuredness surroundings. A well-disposed dog may address recognize you on with a Boa employee bounteous you a solemn Read more [...]
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