Apocalypse. On the ruins (Part 1)

Apocalypse. On the ruins (Part 1) 12:44may 1, 2012 at 12:45|I like1317 commentsAlexander Gaivoronsky As poorly made. Americans else did. The only thing I liked was the advice of a professional.may 1, 2012|1Viktor Prokofiev replied Alexander Gaivoronsky Alexander, well DK ameres Mottaki show of nothing to do)may 1, 2012|1Alexander Gaivoronsky said Viktor Prokofiev Victor, Not if our cooked. It would be interesting. But then so 4 parts only:may 1, 2012|1Constantine Bakht to see it is possible and useful, but the participants Read more [...]
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Another apocalypse is around the corner Sunny

"The long-awaited" end of the world, which according to the Mayan calendar, the priests had to come December 21, 2012, never happened. However, once the apocalypse is imminent. According to the forecast of Dutch astrophysicist Piers van der Meer, the catastrophe of universal scale could happen in 2013.According to his research, the temperature of the solar core for the last 11 years has almost doubled. This process is very similar to the changes in the stars before the supernova explosion - for example, in the famous supernova of 1604.Also, in his opinion, and actively discuss the Read more [...]
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Hundreds of journalists are on duty in the shelter of the apocalypse in France

According to the channel LCI, to work in the countryside Byugarash, which is considered a possible refuge from the end of the world, some 250 accredited journalists from more than 50 countries. Meanwhile, the population of the village itself is less than 200.Hundreds of journalists from around the world are on duty in the area of Mount Byugarash in southern France, which is considered one of the possible shelter from the alleged apocalypse coming on Friday, according to French media. According to the channel LCI, to work in Byugarashe accredited about 250 journalists from more than 50 countries. Read more [...]
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Apocalypse. Main course — the person

Whether or not we believe in the apocalypse, but the promised end of the world in 2012 very little time left. It is time to provide for their own way of salvation. Where to wait for trouble? What will be the end of the world? The danger may come as a huge meteorite alien assault and deadly viruses. And then the land may become uninhabitable ... but there are ways to avoid a global catastrophe? The crew of the documentary "Apocalypse" - are journalists, first of all to obtain reliable information about where to build bunkers, which will save humans from certain death. Presenter Read more [...]
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In the Romanian church found frescoes depicting the Last

In the Romanian city of Brasov, in the chapel of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, built in 1495, discovered the frescoes with scenes from the Apocalypse.According to the Romanian edition of the News Brasov, in this temple is a place where for decades there was no tourist. The walls and pillars of the chapel depicts at least 13 scenes from the Apocalypse. One of the murals, which have not been able to decipher, bears a striking resemblance to the personnel of the modern documentary films about the predictions for 2012 - with solar flares and with the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth. The Read more [...]
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Musical pause: Merry Apocalypse

Musical pause: Merry Apocalypse. Singer — Bruce Willis :)

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Chinese spent $ 160 thousand, to escape the end of the world

Liu Tszenhay was so scared predicted Mayan Apocalypse, he spent all his savings to build the houseboat. It Chinaman with his family escape plan in case of a global cataclysm. When the construction of the ship is finished, it will reach the height of about 20 meters. Ship will weigh about 80 tons, according to Chinese media. Owner Ark Tszenhay Liu lives in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, far from the sea for thousands of miles. He began to build a ship, when I learned that on December 21 because of the flood will come to an end. In its quest to Liu is not alone, as a resource Read more [...]
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Viral Apocalypse becomes a threat to global

Viral Apocalypse is on the brink, warns chief medical officer of Great Britain - Sally Davis. A growing number of drug-resistant diseases can provoke "apocalyptic scenario" comparable to the catastrophic consequences of the worst, and a large-scale disaster. Sally Davies said the risk that in 20 years people admitted to hospital for the easiest diseases - Urut from simple infection caused are antibiotic-resistant viruses. She told deputies about the reality of the threat the loss of millions of citizens from simple infections that are resistant to antibiotics. The threat is so serious Read more [...]
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In China, for promoting doomsday arrested nearly a thousand people

12/20/2012 Chinese police continued arrests of members of a doomsday cult accused of spreading rumors about the imminent apocalypse. Already arrested nearly a thousand supporters "of Almighty God." According to the Global Times, the followers of the sect claimed above believers in the fact that with the coming end of the world will begin a new era under the chairmanship of the "women's Jesus." As a result, the group was heavily criticized by the Chinese news agencies, who began to accuse her of women members in the organization of "sex community to lure into their Read more [...]
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Funky apocalypse Russians calm …

MES has opened a hotline for funky apocalypse Russians. This statement was made by Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia Vladimir Puchkov in a candid interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Head of the rescue department is much more concerned with the real disasters - snow, tornadoes, floods and accidents - than fictional stories about the approaching end of the world, which supposedly is almost here.Vladimir Puchkov, Minister for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters: "I speak to you frankly. There are appropriate procedures for monitoring Read more [...]
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Four Russians robbed a truck with food to prepare for the Apocalypse

In Russia, four Kuzbass Residents aged 18 to 25 years old robbed a truck with food. How to tell the police officers, the attackers told his action approximation of the Apocalypse and the need to stock up in connection with this product."While the truckers slept four criminals broke the seal, opened the door of the trailer and got inside" - the official website of the Interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.It is noted that the truck was stolen stew, peas, oil and other products. The total amount stolen exceeded 30 thousand.Truck driver reported the incident to the police, Read more [...]
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France closed access to shelter from the apocalypse

French authorities adopted Aude department decided to close access to the mountain Byugarash should frustrate advocates of the end of the world, because it is the top of this peak height of about 1.2 thousand meters, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees near the Spanish border, in the summer of last year, was proclaimed " Promised Land, "which allegedly can survive the coming December 21, 2012 apocalypse. However, in the prefecture of Carcassonne, which disposes of land, where the world-famous for the "new holy mountain of Sinai", believe that talking about a global cataclysm Read more [...]
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Psychologists: Post about the end of the world can be useful for people

Psychologists say that the information about the coming catastrophe that threatens the destruction of the world is useful to man, pushing for a revision of attitudes.From the words of psychologists, people who believe in the apocalypse, want change for the better, reports MyJane. In preparation for this event, they are trying to review their actions and to change the system of priorities in life.In addition, rumors of an impending end of the world - is "a kind of a dream of justice: that finally, everybody has to do his due, and believe in the apocalypse and their relatives trouble bypass. Read more [...]
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Reportage. Strange sounds in Novokuznetsk

Residents of Novokuznetsk received signal the End of the world! With the approaching Apocalypse they bind mysterious hum that reverberated throughout the city. Meanwhile, Novokuznetsk noise — not the first acoustic anomaly recorded in Russia. Only this year the so-called «Trumpet Of The Apocalypse» sounded across the country 8 times! Read more [...]
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BBC: End of the World

Scientists have long concluded that the apocalypse more than likely. Another thing is that none of them can say for sure exactly when it will happen. New disaster film based on the hypothesis advanced by experts hyper-realistic computer graphics offers us witness four possible apocalypse. This is beyond our natural disasters like the tsunami or the incredible power of a giant meteorite, and those which had a hand in the man himself - a bad science experiment or the development of modern chemical weapons. Four tragic scenario predicted by scientists, are decorated in a "documentary Read more [...]
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What is the Apocalypse — a scientific hypothesis or unscientific fallacy?

As you know, it all started with the Mayan calendar. This unusual obelisk is 10 meters high in Guatemala, in a town in the Mayan - Quirigua. She is almost one and a half thousand years. Mayan calendar - is fanciful images and pictures, each of which corresponds to some day. The Indians believed that the days of the month and eighteen, however, names for them for some reason they came up with two more - 20, as if in reserve. Despite the seeming absurdity of many to ask, "Will the end of the world or not, and what the Apocalypse - a scientific hypothesis or unscientific fallacy? '. Read more [...]
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End of the world: we'll start again?

Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Most interesting is that all this fuss is quite amenable to scientific explanation. End times, supposedly predicted by the ancient Mayans, only means the beginning of another calendar cycle.Hysteria about the end of the world, "scheduled" on December 21, entered the home stretch. Around the world, people with unstable mentality seek shelter in order to survive the apocalypse. Byugarash French village in the Pyrenees, was forced to move to a state of siege: some seers prophesied that Read more [...]
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In the Crimean Mountains photographed ghost Apocalypse

Phantom of the Apocalypse appeared in the Crimean mountains a day before the end of the world. According to The Sun, the Ukrainian team fans of science fiction photographed strange silhouette on the mountain Chater-Dag.Silhouette, similar to a human, with divorced hands in different directions of light emitted.But the specter of the Apocalypse did not begin to administer punishment to humanity before the scheduled time. So tourists are lucky to stay alive.Scientists say that the phenomenon can be explained by what he saw Broken spectrum. The illusion is created when the sun shines behind someone Read more [...]
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After the apocalypse / After the Apocalypse (2004) Japan

Name: After the apocalypse / After the Apocalypse Production: Medama Productions, Japan Duration: 72 min Directed by: Yasuaki Nakajima / Yasuaki Nakajima Written by: Yasuaki Nakaima Operator: Carolyn Macartney Starring: Jacqueline Bowman, Yasuaki Nakaima, Zorih Lekidr Release: March 12, 2004 Description: Black and white futuristic drama about how people survived the devastating disaster of the Third World War, lost their ability to meet their basic human needs, trying to make sense of the new world. Takes place in the dark, catastrophic landscape, the film depicts an unusually restricted environment Read more [...]
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Warriors of the Apocalypse / Warriors of the Apocalypse (1985)

Name: Warriors of the Apocalypse / Warriors of the Apocalypse Genre: Fantasy Country: USA Year: 1985 Duration: 96 min Directed by: Bobby Suarez Cast: Michael James, Debrah Moore, Ken Metcalfe, Franco Guerrero Description: After the nuclear disaster, one adventurer, leads a group of survivors in search of jungle in the secret of eternal life. Along the way they encounter a tribe of pygmies, violent gang of criminals and the tribe of Amazons. Terrible post-apocalyptic landscape. Read more [...]
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