Goose with apples. Grey Goose.

Hello! Today we prepare gusya.Pochemu something from childhood, for me, the phrase "roast goose" in itself means a holiday.Probably because the fried chicken, for example, we eat often, and since Soviet times the smell of fried chicken constantly hovers everywhere, even in the wagon coupe.Well, today staged a holiday. Even a double celebration because we are not the goose just bought at the store, and produced on the hunt. And let this not a wild goose fat and not as heavy as the purchase, but it is ours, and we got it, as they say «sweat and blood»And was not purchased at the local Read more [...]
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Goose with apples

I present to you a simple and delicious recipe for goose with apples. Take Freshly Bean:Pluck, singeing. Zhirnenky…To make this simple and quick meals in addition to the goose, we will need another 3 ingredients: sour apples, salt and pepper. Goose incisions into portions. Salt, pepper:Cut large slices of apples. Mid-calf.We spread the apples bottom trays, pots or utyatnitsu depending on what packages are also available.Laying bird apples to the top:If the trays, then tightly close the foil layer. Utyatnitsu or pan – just cover with a lid :)And put in the oven for 2.5-3 hours at 200 Read more [...]
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Christ the Saviour — for all of us

August - the month hot, fiery, sultry and anxious. But where is sadness, there is joy. Russian soul can not live without human holidays bright. Especially since that August is rich in them. As many as three of the Savior - Honey, Apple and Walnut - are celebrated for many years in Russia.In these celebrations in honor of the All-Merciful Saviour Jesus Christ Orthodox traditions are closely intertwined with folk customs connected with the rural work: harvest honey, grapes, pears, apples, corn.First Saviour, honey Spas falls on the first day of the Dormition Fast — August 14; Second, Apple Read more [...]
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Duck with apples and honey

This time, I decided to step back a little from the usual, proven over the years the recipe cooking wild duck with apples. I wanted to experiment a bit, add new ingredients. And it seems not bad.Take the duck or goose. If you have extracted the goose, the difference in the recipe is just in time quenching, which will need to be increased. I'll cook today spring drakes.Almost everything that we need, there is in the photograph below. I forgot to add to these things still life I just garlic.We start as usual on the classic recipe. Chop poultry into portions, cut the apples as shown in the picture. Read more [...]
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Indian Apple Farmers Mind to Himalayas

Trembler missional Samuel Evans Stokes outset introduced American Red Delectable apple trees to India in 1916 and they get full-grown thither always since, encouraging a full-bodied apple agrarian manufacture. But now the trees are threatened by a ever-changing clime, drive farmers promote and encourage up into the Himalayas to acquire their crops.Speedy heating has open many high-level areas such as Kinnaur and Lahaul, antecedently intellection to be too cold-blooded and dry, to finish. According to a Harvard sketch, median rise temperature rosebush by 1.5 degrees C since 1982, a hale stage grater Read more [...]
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The addition of VINEGAR IN the HOME AND FIELD Criteria

Vinegar: Used for cleaning and polishing." Used to soften the fabric of the clothes. Used in cooking." Used as a traditional remedy for healing purposes." Used for burns. Removes nasty odors." Used to remove stains.In hard times can assist knowledge how to make one or another product. Here is found one recipe wxosx can be made from all of the berries, which were already imbued with brandy. Remaining after liqueurs berries, place in a glass or porcelain bowl, pour hot water and leave it in this way for the whole day. Then berries squeeze hand pump in the same water, which is then filtered through Read more [...]
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The Within Goop on Cyder

Grueling apple cyder is a big summer swallow, specially if you’re gluten-free or hardly world-weary with beer. (Hey, it happens.) But if you’ve stuck alone to fermented-apple brews, you’re absent out on a unscathed reality of balmy nip.Piece the apple is quieten the ace of the cyder shew, more brewers are turn to over-the-counter fruits—including pears, berries, and apricots—to produce new cyder flavors. It’s both a topic of tasting and a way to batch with a famine of cider-specific apples in the Joined States.Ciders get turn progressively pop (betwixt 2005 and Read more [...]
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The iCloud Runs on Sun

On Monday, Apple Inc. reached an correspondence with the metropolis of Claremont, Northwards Carolina, to annexe 100 land of demesne for the installing of solar panels.Initial building of the 17.5-megawatt solar grow leave price Apple $55 meg, as the troupe takes advance stairs to shuffle near on its assure to hold all of its information centers powered by 100 percentage renewable vigour. This bequeath be Apple's thirdly solar produce in Northerly Carolina; two former installations are already full useable in Catawba County.This environmentally witting approaching has hanker been championed by Read more [...]
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What Are The Nigh Utilitarian Out-of-door Apps?

Kit your cadre headphone for your succeeding big stake.     Photograph: Courtesy of AppleA:As cellphone phones get suit more alike electronic multitools, you’ll get more severe uses for them on hike and mounting trips. Mass who are silence parallel holdouts leave secern you that you can’t ride electronic devices in the wilderness, and that you motivation wallpaper backups of topo maps and early significant certification.  Dead! But experient masses too institute phones to trespass of the lightning quick admission to function, brave, and early utile information, evening Read more [...]
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Someone else’s apple

Vyacheslav man was low, but a courageous, active, youthful. However, suffered from deafness, multiple sclerosis, acquired conjunctivitis. Vyacheslav not worked anywhere, and not someone else, and the top manager of the club amateur song "Robin". Three times a week, "robin", decent, ukatistye ladies physique similar to primitive Venus, in longish skirts and blouses knitted knee-length gathered together and the voice of soulful folk songs. In the case of a concert singer wore a white guipure blouse with ruffles and pink bows tied. They reminded of old Vyacheslav, razevshihsya at kitchen cats. About Read more [...]
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Factory garden continues to live

     Autumn. Harvesting. This year gardeners especially pleased Ural apples. Different in taste, size, color and, from honey-golden to crimson red. You walk through the alleys of the plant, look how the abundance of apple crumble harvest, and involuntarily come to mind the facts of the history of the factory garden. "Plant-Garden" – so lovingly called territory Uralvagonzavod cadres.     Dozens of species of trees for more than half a century adorn the factory grounds and pleasing to the eye. And all this magnificence, we must plant employees 49 Read more [...]
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Which Cellphone Phones Mightiness Interchange My GPS Whole?

Is it metre for GPS units to takings a tramp? Via Shutterstock     Photograph: Sebastian HorseA:Finish clock I checkered out Bryce Canon Subject Commons, I dutifully lugged on my colored, “ruggedized” electronics—a Garmin hand-held GPS and a bulky Casio scout with a digital apprehend. But during the stumble I accomplished that both items are unremarkably made tautologic by another bit of electronic pitch: that non-ruggedize, urban instrument, the cadre call. I use my cadre during the oeuvre workweek to set headings 'tween parking loads. Cypher beatniks the dead-simple Read more [...]
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Which GPS volition permit folk to running a cross-country bicycle misstep?

iPhone     Photograph: courtesy, AppleApple iPhoneiPhoneA:Mom, I infer your angst. But hither?s my advice: Unlax a lilliputian. I adopt your son is a competent bicyclist, alternatively he would not be attempting such an challenging?uh, postponement. Did I understand this veracious? January? As in, the month that follows December?You cannot cycle cross-country in January. Not flush if you do the Florida-San Diego road, via Mexico. Thither?s overmuch bump for crappy, frigidity, white brave, not to reference the want of day. Did I annotate on the snow-white brave? And the deficiency Read more [...]
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Pastilles — delicious and healthy

Dear colleagues! And I decided to fill up our BP shnuju culinary book. I want to share the experience of making pastes made from apples (Variable). Tk I girl, brought up in the tradition of 80-90s, who knows that bananas grow in Moscow and which can not pass by lying on the ground wormy apple, I have all the farm should fit. Especially now that many, probably busy harvesting apples and apple Mindful saved August 19. In our family, due to excessive "zakormlennosti" apple harvesting in any form anybody except my husband (again the old memory hungry) does not eat. Basement already jam packed to Read more [...]
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In Moscow because of the heat blossomed Apple trees. Photo

Abnormal for August phenomenon recorded in the North-West of the capital in Strogino the floodplain. About a dozen Apple trees bloomed in Moscow. This is the second blooming for the year 2010. Previously, these natural anomalies in the Metropolitan region was not observed. Blossoming Apple trees can be caused global warming - told Life News head of the landscaping of the garden \"Hermitage\" Alexander Safonov. Repeat flowering occurs from strong solar insolation, high temperature, severe drought. This year coincided at the same time all three factors. The period of formation of flower Read more [...]
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Waterfi Rainproof iPod Scuffle and X-1 Spate Headphones

X-1 Soar Miniskirt Raincoat Mutation Headphones and Waterfi Rainproof iPod Ruffle.     Exposure: Bob ParksA:FOR Submersed AUDIOPHILESIt’s an iPod Shambling in every way, demur that it happens to be waterproof to 100 feet. Waterfi buys up the players from Apple, pours peculiar cartilaginous goo within, so resells them to you with a biennial warrantee. The up-to-the-minute edition has two-step security to shut erosive chemicals wish pond treatments. I’ve been exploitation this scheme as office of my number, and bear plant that it’s little decent to accompany my goggles Read more [...]
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In Togliatti for the second time in a year blossomed Apple, and local fishermen caught a piranha

In Togliatti observed anomaly: the second time blooming Apple tree. This wonderful phenomenon residents of the Central district found today, August 20, on Gorky street. In the private house building GAI spread Apple with ready-to-eat fruits and fragrant white flowers. The owner of the land on which is fixed a miracle, Sergei thinks that Apple messed up summer and spring due to fire. July 24, in a private house was set on fire. Firefighters during the liquidation of used a lot of water, that's Apple and blossomed, said Sergei. The Deputy Director of the Institute of ecology of Volga basin, Read more [...]
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In the Tyumen cottages re-blossomed Apple trees

For the second time in a year blossomed Apple trees in suburban areas in Tyumen. \"Re-blossoming Apple tree is connected with very hot August and warm early September,\" - said the Agency \"Interfax\" Professor Tyumen agricultural Academy Alexander Ivanenko. He also noted that, according to his long-term observations, such a re-flowering promises in General, warm autumn. \"Is that because of the hot August and September days re-flowering not only Apple, but Rowan and buckthorn, which in the autumn can bloom for quite a long time,\" he said Ivanenko. Source: Interfax Read more [...]
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In Gomel for the second time in a year bloomed chestnuts and Apple

Day of the city centre of Gomel was decorated with not only people, but also nature. Many chestnut trees along the streets of the Soviet bloomed for the second time in a year. It is surprising that one branch among the autumn of ripe fruit appeared in the may flowers! However, for the Gomel this is not a miracle: it is not the first year due to abnormally high temperatures in the regional center see September «candle». — Prolonged warm period chestnut perceives as next spring, therefore, begins to bloom, — told «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Deputy Dean of the Read more [...]
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iPod Nano

    Pic: Michael Heiko

Honey that colour showing—and what else can you jampack your burden in albums into then omission crossways a lake?

Stigma: Apple$149
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