Myosotis palustris

Perennial herb 15-80 cm tall, with a creeping rhizome and underground shoots, bristly-pubescent, rarely glabrous. Stems erect or ascending, while rooting in the supine side, ribbed, simple or branched at the top. The leaves are alternate, lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, 3-8 cm long and 2 cm wide, green, sparsely pubescent with small appressed bristles or naked, lower - gradually narrowed into petiole, blunt, upper - sessile, smaller, sharp. Flowers are in terminal inflorescences curls, first short, then lengthen. Pedicels up to 10 mm, in fruit horizontally or arcuate rejected. Calyx campanulate, Read more [...]
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Pupochnik curled, or creeping

Single biennial with procumbent and ascending, weak shoots up to 35 cm, branched, glabrous or appressed bristly-haired. The leaves are soft, shadow, drying easily turning black, oblong-lanceolate, 2-4 cm long and 1-2 cm wide, the lower - spathulate, narrowed into petiole, opposite, upper - alternate. Flowers solitary, located in the axils of leaves and stalk branches on long thin stalks at flowering even more elongated and arcuate bend. Calyx slightly pubescent with appressed hairs, split into five lanceolate or pro dolgovato teeth, increasing in fruit and becoming stellate-stretched, up to Read more [...]
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Chamomile tinctoria

Perennial herb 20-70 cm tall with a few reddish, branched stems and thick roots many-headed, often grayish from dense appressed hairs. Leaves are green, covered with appressed hairs, oblong in outline, pinnate to oblong, fold short segments, with triangular-lanceolate, acute, comb segments ending white cusp. Baskets single, relatively large, 25-40 mm in diameter, on long stems. Wraps are almost naked; outside their pale leaves, lanceolate, acute, internal - linear-oblong, obtuse, with a dryish filmy top. Marginal flowers yellow or orange, lozhnoyazychkovye with tongues 7-10 mm long, female, Read more [...]
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Nagolovatka cobweb

Perennial herb 15-60 cm tall, with taproot, branching above. Stems single or several of them, they are erect, simple (rarely with single branches), cylindrical, leafless, hairy myagkopautinisto thin long simple hairs. Leaves in a basal rosette, pinnate, sometimes entire, gradually narrowed into petiole, top - green, wrinkled, rough, short papillae, covered with appressed thin long hairs coming out of the tops of the papillae, bottom - from thin grayish appressed hairs. Baskets are large, many-flowered, felt, arranged singly on the tops of the stems. Outer bracts much shorter, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, Read more [...]
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Siberian Arguziya

Perennial herb with creeping rhizome and erect braid sinuous spreading branched stems 10-35 cm tall, densely appressed pubescent or hairs. The leaves are alternate, oblong or almost linear, sessile, grayish of pubescence. Flowers in few-flowered little curls at the ends of stems and branches. Calyx grayish, with five sharp lanceolate lobes, which are 2-3 times shorter than corolla tube. Corolla funnel-shaped, with a tube 6-7 mm, densely woolly outside, with limb to 8 mm in diameter, cut into five ovate or oblong, obtuse or acute lobes. The fruits are ovoid, about 8 mm long, apex depressed, Read more [...]
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