Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich

Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich (1876, in Lufia. Perm. Lip. 1943, Shanghai), one of the first eq. archaeologists, Inst. number of archaeological. memory. W., the founder of archaeological. maps Wed W. (1915), a full member of. Wole (1907) and Orenbah. Scientific Archive Commission (since 1908). Rod. in impoverished noble family. Father James A. served as a notary in Shadrinsk. In 1896, T., graduating ECAT. high school, he entered the St. Petersburg. Univ of Physics and Math. Faculty and parallel to the Acad. thin. In 1900 he also entered the archaeological. Inst, once on the second course. From Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Fyodor

Teploukhov Fyodor (2/8/1845, of St. Petersburg. 12 04.1905, p. Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. arborist, botanist, archaeologist and ethnographer William Rhode. the son of a St. Petersburg Forestry. school / s and Mining Sciences A.E.Teplouhova. He graduated from the Perm. Gymnasium (1863), Tarandskuyu forest Acad. in Germany (1868), Peter the agricultural and forestry Acad. (1872) with a degree candidate. Forestry. Since 1872 ind. Chap. forester, in 1875-1905, Ch. forester Perm. undivided estate Stroganoff DOS. school of forestry in the estate. One of the first org-tori Perm. Read more [...]
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TALITSKY Mikhail (1906, Rostov, Yaroslavl region. -25.08.1942, Near Moscow), Izv. owls. archaeologist who worked for William (1935-1940). He graduated from Moscow State University (1931), specializing in paleoanthropology. In 1931-33 scientific. employee muses. Anthropology, Moscow State University, 1933-35 scientific. employee GAIMK, 1935-39 graduate student IHMC, 1939-41 scientific. et al. IHMC (IA RAS). In 1941 he volunteered for the French. and died in 1942. His student years involved in archaeological. work in the suburbs, in the North. Caucasus, in Yaroslavl, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod region. Read more [...]
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Stolbovaya GROTTO

Stolbovaya GROTTO archaeological. memory. Upper Paleolithic. Perm. region., Chusovskoy district, etc.. bank of the river. Usva 4-5 km downstream from the village. Usva. Dimensions grotto approx. 15_7,5_9 m. Entrance facing the north, is located at an altitude of approx. 120 m above the river. In the mid. 1960 Bader excavation revealed loose sediment on the Square. 54 m and found a cult. remains of the Upper Paleolithic age. Materials are not published. In the mid. 1980s floor. collection (104 copies). T.I.Scherbakovoy processed. Bone remains determined I.E.Kuzminoy. Stone artifacts occur in the Read more [...]
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Wide-open land Amalia Rossadovich

     For many of the older generation tagilchan name Amalia Joseph ' Rossadovich associated with the first children's enthusiasm this romantic science of archeology. After all, to Amalia Josephovna in local history Museum resorted boys and girls in 1950 – 1970–ies with a request to take them excavations of settlements and sites of ancient man.     And what was, in particular, and my, then a girl, surprise when the story of the archaeologist Amelia losifovna start with a question: "And if you are doing the morning exercises?" Willpower, stamina, Read more [...]
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PETER-TAU (YULDASHEVSKOE) settlement, memory. Anan'ino, pjanoborskoj, bahmutinskoy des cultures. in. Resp. Bash., Ilishevsky district. Located 2.5-3 km from the village. YULDASHEVA in the estuary. Xun, on a high promontory under the name. Breaker, or Peter-Tau. In archaeological. literature of PA-TG Math. from the end of the XIX century. after publ. F.D.Nefedovym results of his excavations. Total Sq. AP-TG approx. 4000 m. m. On the floor side is protected by a double system of ramparts and moats, and on the north-west cape surrounded by the annular shaft forming the citadel. Inst. design Ext. Read more [...]
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Monument «Gets» passport

Three weeks group tagilchan - public inspectors production management group protection, restoration and use of historical and cultural monuments surveyed and accounted for archaeological monuments Prigorodny district. Routes ran through her Gorbunovsky moor, small and large Lai. Balakina, Olkhovka, Evstyunihu, Chernoistochinsk. Poludensky moor, Bobrovka, hang out-in Duck. Examined the monuments on the banks of many rivers. In the city and in the district recorded 110 archaeological sites. But thanks to the active search tagilchan their number is constantly increasing. Only in the last exploration Read more [...]
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OSTROG 1) h. Fortifications of, the settlement in the form of the stockade; 2) post. or sp. us. point, surrounded by a wooden fence, a pointed top. W. in XIV-XVII centuries. O. were DOS. type of defensive pos., often called towns (cities). Lv. O. built as strongholds of government colonization, which housed the military neg. As the development of W. h. O. losing its value and ceases to exist. Others. O. became military adm., Industrial-craft and religious p., Under the protection of to-ryh mastered with / x env. A. Usually built on a small hill in strategic locations crossing the river and road Read more [...]
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MALAKHOV Mikhail Viktorovich

MALAKHOV Mikhail Viktorovich (4.06.1856, OK. ECAT. 20.01.1885, Kutais), archaeologist, member. WALE and eng. Imperial geogr. society from 1879. Born in the family mining engineer Nizhne-Isetsky C-Yes. I was in high school ECAT. and on the faculty of the Academy of Sciences. University, but the certificate and diploma are not received. In 1874-76, 1878 excavated near the village. Palkino around ECAT., in 1880-82, the task of the RGS, he organized an expedition U., Paradise found 500 archaeological MEM., including Siwarski peatland, lake Peipsi mines, rock carvings on the PP. Vishera, Less Tagil, Read more [...]
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Kushnarenkovskogo CULTURE

Kushnarenkovskogo CULTURE archaeological. Culture us. steppe districts of the South. W. and the Urals in the early of medieval. Highlighted K.V.Salnikovym and VF Gening. Represented by burial mounds, Div. pos. seasonal and short-term car parks. Dishes KK round-. Decorated with carved horizontal lines alternating with shallow oblique grid, double zigzag prints and horizontal belts comb stamp. Lifestyle Media KK in the Urals was moving. Burial KK small earthen mounds containing 1-3 graves. In mounds mounds are often found traces of ritual burial of horse heads and legs (possibly hide a horse). Burials Read more [...]
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Kuzminska BURIAL

Kuzminska BURIAL archaeological. memory. Middle Ages. UDM. Rep., Yar district, headwaters. Sizma Ave. Tributary. Bonnets, lion. tributary of the river. Vyatka, etc.. Tributary. Kama. Ground burial open and Inst. M.G.Ivanovoy. Studied 274 burial. Burial ritual burials occurred in a shallow grave pits in wooden coffins head north-east. direction. Accompanied by a rich inventory of the dead, to develop a chronology of burial Chepetskaya culture XI-XIII centuries., Contained neornamentirovannuyu ceramics. Here is a great collection of ancient fabrics, a special study to-ryh revealed imported silk Read more [...]
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KOZLOVSKY BURIAL archaeological. memory. I millennium BC. Tyumen region., Tyumen district. Located on an elevated ridge at the base of Cape Kozlov, against Boris island separating B. Andreev on. from M. (St. Andrew's Lake. archaeological. storage.). On the surface is fixed in the form of small hillocks round shape with a diameter of 4-5 m. Prod. 1952 VN Chernetsov excavations have shown that each of these is a small hillocks the mound height from 0.2 to 0.4 m. Burial ground, skeletons lay stretched on his back and his head focused on C. Depth of burial of 0.7 to 1.25 m, starting from DOS. mound. Read more [...]
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KARA-YAKUPOVSKOE Fortified Settlement

KARA-YAKUPOVSKOE Fortified Settlement archaeological. memory. Kara-yakupovskoy culture VIII-IX centuries. BC Resp. Bash., Chishminski district. Located in the vicinity of. Kara Yakupov at the top of Kala-Tau. First memory. I.A.Talitskoy described. Inst. G.I.Matveevoy on the Square. 600 m. m. K.YA.G. Area, total area. 2300 m. m, protected by ramparts, from which one ext. was a simple earthen embankment semicircular shape, ext. slope was in DOS. masonry, ext. also lined with stone. Regular. finds fragments of round-vessels decorated with ornaments in the form of bands of inclined notches herringbone, Read more [...]
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KARA-ABYZSKOE Fortified Settlement

KARA-ABYZSKOE Fortified Settlement fortified settlement. Kara-abyzskoy bahmutinskoy and cultures. Resp. Bash. Annunciation district, 3 km south of Blagoveshchensk. Located on a promontory Ave. Shore p. White. On three sides of the cape has steep slopes, wooded places, from the field fortification fortified by two ramparts and moats. Cult. layer can be traced to a considerable distance outside the fortified h. First memory. described in the journal. Travel Kapita-on N.P.Rychkova in 1770. Excavations on the site of Manuf. F.D.Nefedovym, A.V.Shmidtom, N.A.Mazhitovym. Ext. shaft poured in two stages, Read more [...]
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The history of archaeological study area Polevsky district

History study ancient past Polevsky district poor facts. Suffice it to say that at the present time in the scientific literature is widely known only two archaeological sites, mountains and Karaul'naya duma. Meanwhile, in the XVIII century. were aware of the many findings suggesting that the history of human activity in this region dates back several millennia. First of all, it is the findings of Gumeshevskogo mine and its environs. This copper-rich skarn deposit was discovered talented Oparyshevymi prospectors in 1702 Soon, however, it became clear that the development of it began long before Read more [...]
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From the history of archaeological study Zauralye

In the vicinity of the first archaeological Sverdlovsk on salable were found on the territory of modern Top-Isetsky district, in the village of Palkino, in 1827. Here during excavations for the purpose of searching for treasure Dolmatovsky merchant SS Sigov found copper and anthropoid ptitsevidnye idols and pendants topped with tin. Things were sent to St. Petersburg, the museum of the archaeological society, and information about them published in the local press Perm. These findings point to the existence of people here in Glu­Bokoy antiquity. At the moment these things are stored in Ermitazhe.V Read more [...]
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Idnakar settlement, archaeological. memory. UDM. Rep., Glazov district, bass. p. Bonnets. Memory. located on a high promontory (up to 40 m) near the village. Soldyr in a vast valley confluence of. Bonnets and its prospect. Tributary. Pyzep. Titles. monument to the UDM. translated as settlement, nest, the UDM. Idna hero. Math. from the end of the XIX century. Pl. settlement reached 40 thousand. sq.m, it is strengthened by two lines of ramparts and moats, spaced at 141 m. Ref. at the end of the IX century. In the XI century. pos. expanded beyond the moat. Der. on the site is marked in the census Read more [...]
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IGNATIEV Rufus Gavrilovic

IGNATIEV Rufus Gavrilovic (06 (18) .09.1818 Moskov. Lip. 01 (13). 01.1886, Ufa), ethnographer, historian, archaeologist, ethnographer. Rod. in a noble family. He graduated from the Lazarev (Armenian) Inst eastern. lang. in Moscow and the Paris Conservatoire. From 1858 he lived in Orenbah., First began archaeological. study of the region, led the exploration and excavation was archaeological. Orenbah card. lips., participated in the 1st archaeological. Congress in Moscow (1869). Author of more than 500 papers on the settlement of the region, the mountain s-dah, Baska. recovery., Cross. War of 1773-75, Read more [...]
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Ermakova Fortified Settlement

Ermakova Fortified Settlement defensive point of Ermak et al. Rus. warriors on the way to Siberia (the end of the XVI in.). Sverdl. region., Suburban district, 12 km north of the Nizhny Tagil, lion. bank of the river. Tagil. Opposite the fort on the opposite bank rises Bear Mountain Stone. Settlement is located in a bend of the river., Making three consecutive steep turn. It takes a remnant terraces up to 5 m, to-ing quite steeply to the north and west and descends gently to the east and south the length of the ancient city from north to south approx. 40 m, from west to east approx. 30 m. Pl. Read more [...]
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DONDYKAR mound planting. Udmurt IX-XIII centuries., archaeological. memory. UDM. Rep., Glazov district, upper, etc.. tributary. Bonnets, lion. tributary of the river. Vyatka rights. tributary of the river. Kama. Located 1 km from the village of the same name. Titles. translated from the UDM. within the meaning of the city, with the hero Dondo. Takes Cape height approx. 10 m, reinforced by a small shaft. Pl. is 22 thousand square meters. Math. from the end of XIX century. Inst. AP Smirnov in 1926-39. Uncovered the remains of 19 houses, shops, sheds, hearths, collected a rich glove material characteristic Read more [...]
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