Fivesome Kinsfolk Archaeologic Adventures for Surrender

Fair because cultivate's binding in seance doesn't signify you let to quit on sept adventures. In the feel of the flavor, micturate your outings educational. With tank years and fewer crowds, surrender's an paragon metre to search the many ethnic sites and antediluvian ruins about the commonwealth. Encyclopaedism vacations shouldn't be a yob trade. Later all, virtually kids are natural-born archaeologists: They ask a billion questions and beloved to gibe the grease.But context footling ones unloose on antediluvian ruins without progression homework is a formula for havoc, as I lettered on a folk Read more [...]
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Secrets Gorbunovsky peatland

Ancient people Gorbunovsky peat is widely known not only Soviet, but also to foreign archaeologists. At present, a rationale for its inclusion zone a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the organization. The history of the study of the monuments Gorbunovsky peat associated with the names of famous archaeologists. Starting research put Ural local historian, member of the Society of Naturalists MO Claire. He had received information from an employee of the Forest department of Nizhny Tagil plant management NF Toporkova the finds of flint objects, clay pot, structures made of poles at peateries. On Read more [...]
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Friendships guys with “science spades”

Every year during the spring break, young archaeologists, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Kurgan regions gather at the Ural archaeological school conference (URASHK) to share discoveries, findings, to discuss the results of their research. The initiative of holding such regional conferences belongs tagilchanam, they laid the foundation of this great tradition a few years ago. This year's conference, the eighth, was held in Chelyabinsk, and the winners are the guys from our town Lyceum ninth-highest category Vasily Kovalev, Ilya Anischenko and Lily Hikmatullina. They are engaged in scientific Lyceum Read more [...]
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Fulfill the Flintstones

11,000-to-13,600-year-old Table missile points at the BLM lab in Fairbanks, Alaska     Photograph: Robert BensonAlaska Archeology11,000-to-13,600-year-old Table rocket points at the BLM lab in Fairbanks, Alaska Alaska ArcheologyArcheologist and pointedness huntsman Microphone Kunz Alaska ArcheologyWINDS WERE Gushing out of northwest Alaska's Brooks Grasp at 45 knots, hurling our eggbeater in oscillations that reminded me of crawfish swirling in a pot of simmering urine. It was roughly midnight, and the sun of the Gelid high-pitched summertime was throwing a glower on 4 Tit Alpha's Read more [...]
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Value Hunt: Thank You, Fidel, May I Suffer Another Au Ingot

Dispatches, May 1997Cherish Search: Thank You, Fidel, May I Sustain Another Gilt IngotBy Miro Cernetig"Thither could be billions in aureate kill thither," says Glenn Costello, much chuckling as he thumbs done slides of twinkle silver-tongued coins and early pillage he says he's interpreted from shipwrecks off Cuba's nw slide. If the typically crisp 56-year-old seems 98 too empty-headed, he surely has understanding: The pillage in these photos Read more [...]
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Chinese wok. Part two.

Lyricist - Andrew Gvozdyov Created: August 2011 The first part ...  I must admit, the Chinese Association of Europeans difficult to understand. They say, for example, that the hieroglyphic writing of Russia "ELO-Si" is associated with the Chinese hunger, backwardness and death. Like, if it is good to ask, you can change the name to something more harmonious. Ostensibly, the story does not # more-4130Caution would suggest that the association with the execution of the wok, could show the way to pick up another impressionable Chinese Read more [...]
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Secrets of the Sumerian civilization

For this once densely populated fertile land were countless troops of the Persians of Cyrus and Darius, pylili Greek armies of Alexander the Great, a band of men rode the Prophet Muhammad and the Ottoman Janissaries, centuries wandering Bedouin tribes, not knowing what is under their feet.Forgotten Schumer As the years passed, adding in the century and the millennium. Europeans considered rare in a desert land only strange hills lit merciless sun. But, apparently, it is time to learn about completely forgotten past. In 1869, a French archaeologist Jules Oppert found cuneiform inscriptions of Read more [...]
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The domestication of cattle tied to its depletion in nature

Israeli archaeologists have discovered that the domestication of cattle and pigs was preceded by depletion of their populations in the wild. The paper was published in the journal PLoS ONE, and its contents can be read on the website Past Horizons.Scientists conducted a study of the dynamics of populations of wild pigs and cows living near Shaar Golan Yarmouk monument of culture. This is a Neolithic settlement of several houses arose about 8-9 thousand years ago in the north of the Jordan Valley. It is best known among archaeologists for its ceramics and characteristic figures of baked clay. Read more [...]
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Yamal archaeologists have discovered three ancient villages dating back several thousand years

In Salekhard archaeologists of the Arctic Research Center, told the journalists about the results of the archaeological field season in 2012 and plans for 2013. In Krasnoselkupsk near the frozen Yamal scientists found three new, previously unknown settlements - age, according to preliminary data, several thousand years.   The main problem, the solution of which the archaeologists worked - is a comprehensive study of archeological monument of federal significance "ancient sanctuary Ust Poluj" ways and settlement periods tundra archaeological materials, ways of nomads in the Middle Read more [...]
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China has found a giant sculpture of an unknown animal

The giant stone sculpture was discovered by Chinese archaeologists in the city of Chengdu in southwest China, reports Daily Mail. The figure depicts an animal, which is quite difficult to identify. According to some assumptions, the sculpture could represent a giant panda.Length figure was 3.3 m, width - 1.2 m, height - 1.7 meters Experts say that the sculpture weighs about 8.5 t Age figure is about 2 thousand years.In addition to the giant statues were also found numerous artifacts, including ritual vessels and other utensils, allowing archaeologists to suggest that the figure was in the ancient Read more [...]
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Italian archaeologists have found in Egyptian tombs older than three thousand years

Italian archaeologists have discovered the tomb in the Egyptian city of Luxor on the east bank of the Nile, the site has not survived to the present day mortuary temple of Amenhotep II, who ruled in 1427-1401 gg. BC. e. Age burials than 3 thousand years. According to the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, in the tombs discovered the remains of wooden coffins and human bones, and the amphora depicting the god Horus, which is stored internally dead. According to scientists, archaeologists find proof that the temples of ancient Egypt used not only for prayer, but also for burials. Category: Read more [...]
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In Iraq, found a treasure of gold coins

Iraqi archaeologists discovered near Baghdad hoard of 66 gold coins belonging to the Sassanid era. The announcement brings news agency Associated Press. Coins have been found in the town Azziz (Aziziyah) Wasit province, 70 kilometers south-east of Baghdad. About finding journalists told the director of the local management of Antiquities Hassanain Muhammad Ali (Hassanain Mohammed Ali). All the coins are found on one of its sides anthropomorphic image of God or the ruler. Pre-dating showed they belonged, the State of the Sassanids, which existed from the third century BC to the seventh century Read more [...]
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Near Jerusalem, archaeologists have unearthed an ancient temple

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the rare ritual objects, and 3,000-year-old church in the time of the excavations that were conducted before the renovation highway Tel Aviv - Jerusalem. Reported byIsrael Antiquities Authority. Significant expansion of the highway from Sha'ar Ha-Gai to Jerusalem allowed to make many important archaeological finds in Tel Moza, including the ruins of a Neolithic structures and a huge underground water tank, preserved from the reign of the Crusaders. One of the new discoveries of the First Temple period - it is a great building with thick Read more [...]
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Mexican archaeologists have found the tomb of the Zapotec

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico tomb built Zapotec Indians of about 1.2 thousand years, According to INAH. In the tomb were found the remains of two people. This is the fourth tomb discovered in the ancient Zapotec city Atzompa. In early 2012, there was found a complex of three tombs were inside the building.According to archaeologist Laura Mendoza Escobar recently discovered tomb was built in the same way as other Zapotec tomb. She was under the floor of the main room of the house. Category: Archaeology Read more [...]
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Japanese archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a noble warrior VI century

Japanese archaeologists discovered near the volcano Haruna in Gunma Prefecture remains of a warrior of the sixth century, dressed in a rare time in his armor. The find was discovered during the construction of local roads in Kanai Higasyura hit by a volcanic eruption. The skeleton of a man and his armor is well preserved in volcanic ash. According to archaeologists, the moment when a soldier covered with clouds of hot ash, he was sitting on his knees, staring at the side of the volcano. Maybe he was praying or trying to appease elements. to the scientists. Warrior armor were made of Read more [...]
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Pharaoh Ramses III was killed by a dagger of his wife and son, the researchers found

European archaeologists analyzed the nature of the damage to the mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III, and found that "the choice of Ra" was killed after he cut the throat of the conspirators, led by his wife and son Teye Pentaverom, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the article published in the journal BMJ. Pharaoh Ramses III is one of the 20 Egyptian monarchs of the dynasty that ruled the kingdom at the turn of the New Kingdom, in 11.12 century BC. His name is attached to the last few years the power of Egypt, whose kingdom extended from the lower rapids of the Nile in the south Read more [...]
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In Peru, archaeologists discovered an ancient temple

In Peru archaeologists have discovered an ancient temple, which, it is estimated that at least five thousand years. The structure found near the capital, Lima. In the center of the rectangular building was a sacrificial hearth.In addition to the temple, archaeologists found about ten different buildings. According to scientists, this ancient city called El Paraiso - one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of Peru. Category: Archaeology Read more [...]
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In Turkey, the archaeologists found a Koran age – about 600 years

In the town of Kemah, in the Turkish province of Erzurum, archaeologists discovered the scrolls of the Qur'an, whose age - about 600 years, reports news website "Window to Turkey." As the head of the excavation, Professor Khaldun Ozkan from Ataturk University, the manuscript was found at a depth of two meters. - There we found a naval officer and a letter, handwritten and dated 1916. Probably, but then there was dug and the Koran, - said the professor. Archaeologists have also made it clear that the work carried out in this place since 2011, and they managed to find a lot of manuscripts, Read more [...]
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Scientists in China have found the largest ancient palace

In China, archaeologists found near the terracotta army of the largest palace of the third century BC, according to The Guardian. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the palace is the largest structure on the site covers an area of 56 square kilometers of the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.Dimensions Palace - 690 250 metrov.Kak said the British edition, the foundation finds well preserved: found the remains of walls, gates, stone roads, pottery shards and fragments of brick.Recall the recent Egyptian authorities announced that far from Cairo Czech archaeologists have discovered the tomb of Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the tomb of Genghis Khan

For centuries, historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters have tried to find the burial place of the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan. New data obtained by the use of satellite and radar scans suggest that the tomb of the commander finally detected. The life of the founder and the first of the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire is a legend, and his death is shrouded in fog of myths. Some historians believe that he died of wounds received in battle, others are sure - Genghis Khan fell from his horse and died from the disease. The burial place of the commander, at the head of Read more [...]
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