Dreaming is not bad: what will be the snowmobiles in 2013?

As long as the weather forecast promises snow, the drivers of snowmobiles will always be a reason for joy. The same can be said of the two manufacturers of snowmobiles: companies Polaris and Arctic Cat, which received a record profit this year thanks in part to the snowy winter. Companies able to expand the range of Polaris Switchback snowmobiles and mining machines for deep snow, as well as to release a real stroller model Adventure. And if you believe the rumors, the company Arctic Cat could sell more snowmobiles series Procross and Proclimb, than was produced.Fit the end of the year was particularly Read more [...]
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Moving in the Far North

Often, it is necessary to carry out long passages of snow and ice deserts of the Arctic. Such maneuvers involve a number of features of the North, and of the dangers of too. To learn how to make the transition to the polar regions we'll talk in this article. The complexities of the Arctic during the transition associated with surface features. Open land in the region is not to find: only snow of varying degrees of looseness; ice; rarely rocky ledges. Conveniently only go on a dense, ulezhavshemusya snow. To move on smooth ice only with a special climbing shoes with spikes. Difficulties also arise Read more [...]
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Production of food in the Arctic

To survive in the polar regions our planet is extremely difficult. Especially if we are talking about extreme autonomous survival. Today we talk about the complexities of food production in the Arctic (hereinafter, so as not to confound the author will talk about the Arctic, but the description can be carried over to the South Pole - Antarctica). Features subpolar climate zone: Low temperatures; six months of polar night; an abundance of snow, ice; Strong katabatic winds from the pole. Under these conditions the plants can not grow, so that vegetarian food in the Arctic You can not count on. Only Read more [...]
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Dangers polar latitudes

Today we'll talk about the dangers that await in the Arctic, in the polar regions. We analyze in detail each factor and opportunity to defend himself, to withdraw from the snow captivity to the people and be saved. Frost, wind, cold. The main and the main enemy in the Arctic. To keep warm, do not freeze of course, need to have a good winter clothes with natural fur. The same shoes with thick soles. But this is not enough. When it is the polar night, blowing strong katabatic wind and frost to -60 degrees. and you can not sit in a shelter, a person can protect only the clothes with an additional Read more [...]
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Requisite Recitation: ‘Barbarian Ones’

An idealised arctic expect.     Photograph: Penguin WardrobeWhen skill author Jon Mooallem took a laborious consider his girl’s man, he noticed that his four-year-old napped her dentition with a whale-shaped soup-strainer and her haircloth with a fish-shaped coxcomb. Kids, he realised, know in a humankind of idealised animals. The grownup humans, naturally, is more composite. In Barbarian Ones: A Sometimes Appalling, Weirdly Reassuring Floor Around Looking Mass Looking Animals in America (Penguin Jam, $28), Mooallem examines the unplug 'tween our pastoral brute dearest and Read more [...]
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The discrepancy of the ARCTIC is BECOMING MORE

The US is preparing to the militarization of the Arctic ocean and, according to the confessions of the authorities of the Navy, in naiblezhayshie 15 years intend to establish themselves in the region militarily, politically and economically. Of course, that the States want to "bite off" a large piece of the land that rightfully should belong to the Russian Federation: unlikely Washington will attempt, for example, in the territorial waters of Canada or Norway, which are U.S. allies. The goal States is the undisputed dominance in the rich natural resources of the Arctic ocean.The United States announced Read more [...]
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Diametric Expect Attacks on the Ascension

Scientists discourage that a arctic birth tone-beginning in Churchill, Canada, finis workweek could be the precursor for more serious encounters betwixt humankind and icy bears as Golosh ice melts.On November 1, a unseasoned glacial gestate attacked a grouping walk-to dwelling from a company in the pre-dawn hours. Two multitude were injured with lacerations to the drumhead, ears, and weaponry."We got approximately 10 stairs out the threshold when it happened. I sour about, and it was already redress thither trotting abaft us," Nikki Pilek, who was in the grouping, told The Shielder.The Read more [...]
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Global warming is caused by thermal cycling of the oceans

National Center for data collection on the state of the snow and ice cover the United States made an unexpected (compared to last year's climate hype) a statement that global warming, is, was caused only "natural temperature cycles of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans." This winter in the UK - the coldest in the last thirty years - only the first step of a new cycle. For Europe, for example, the most important factor is the temperature at the center of the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. This view is expressed by reputable climatologists, is never in the camp convinced opponents of the hypothesis Read more [...]
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25,000 Norwegians without electricity in the Arctic Circle

Accident in the power transmission system left without electricity on Tuesday about 25 thousand inhabitants of the Norwegian Arctic. The reasons for the incident that occurred on located in the Norwegian Sea, Lofoten, are being investigated. "The accident is localized, began repair work. Based on currently available information, we believe that the electricity supply will be restored during the day ", - quotes agency the power company statement Lofotkraft. Currently temperature Lofoten where in this time daylength not exceed a few hours is about -7 ... -10 ° C. Reference: The Lofoten Islands Read more [...]
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The North Pole turned into a lake

July 25, 2013. Instead of snow and ice, swirling in the wind, now a greenish-blue lake at least a foot deep splashing around webcams placed at the North Pole. Meltwater lake started to form on July 13 after two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic. At the beginning of July, the temperature was 2 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 3 degrees Centigrade) is higher than the average for the most part of the Arctic Ocean, according to National Snow & Ice Data Center. Read more [...]
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Cold winters will become the norm for Europe

Suddenly cold and snowy winter, which was in 2009-2010, will soon become commonplace for people in Europe, East Asia and Eastern North America, according to Dr. James Overland of the Pacific Marine Laboratory of the National Control of Atmospheric and Oceanic Research, USA."Cold and snowy winters will be the rule rather than the exception ... It is extremely cold and snowy winter of 2009-2010 in Europe, eastern Asia and eastern North America is related to unique physical processes in the Arctic," - said Overland was quoted as saying on the conference website on the results of the International Read more [...]
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Arctic ecosystems threatened by the melting of ice in Antarctica

August 7, 2013. According to Australian biologists, the melting of ice in Antarctica leads to the fact that the surface of the ocean floor becomes more exposed to the sun. As a result, underwater polar ecosystems may be "absorbed" algae. Animals that live in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, most of their lives in the dark. Sea ice prevents the penetration of sunlight into the water in the spring and early summer, and in winter the sun and all completely disappears behind the horizon. Thus, the only time when these creatures can see the sunlight - late summer and early autumn, the TV channel Read more [...]
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Summer 2013 was the shortest in the history of the Arctic

August 6, 2013. After analyzing the temperature indicators from multiple vantage points to the North pole of the planet, scientists have come to the conclusion that this year the Arctic July was particularly cold. Temperature lower than normal impact on the duration of the summer in the Arctic, significantly shortening it. At the top of the Arctic lands and waters warm period, when the formation of new ice pauses, takes about 90 days. But in 2013, for some reason the specified period of time the fly was able to hold less than half. Similar temperature and duration of the summer fiksirovalis Read more [...]
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In Yakutia began freezing after abnormal heat

In some areas of Yakutia air temperature due to the cyclone and the Arctic air of the night fell to three degrees,the reported on Wednesday a representative of the Yakut Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring. \"If only ten days ago, almost on the whole territory of Yakutia and even on a cold pole in Oymyakon, near Okhotsk sea coast - the temperature was raised to 32...35 degrees Celsius by the end of last week the temperature dropped to the level of 13... + 18 degrees,\" - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, now in Yakutia due to cyclone broke Arctic air, and Read more [...]
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Can you service me choice a kick-ass sports scout?

Arctic S720i     Photograph: courtesy, REIGelid S720iA:Plentitude of real chill choices out thither, with your budget the independent draw as to what's topper. E.g., Arctic's S720i has around everything you'd deprivation in a sports vigil with a wheel bent-grass. It's a marvellous pump proctor, allowing you to set respective quarry= heart-rate areas, amount calories burnt, and more. It's likewise a radiocommunication wheel figurer that tells you amphetamine, miles travelled, ordinary speeding, utmost speed—most everything you pauperization to recognise. It level measures height Read more [...]
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Walrus leave melting Arctic ice. Photo

The melting of Arctic ice is forcing tens of thousands of walruses in the North-Western part of Alaska to move to the shore. Biologist USGS noted that marine animals are groups along the coast, their number is about 10 thousand. \"Landfall\" a large number of walruses is a rare phenomenon. However, this happened in 2007 and 2009, when the thickness of the ice and its area in the Arctic ocean was or was coming to an unprecedented low level. Sea ice is an important component for life and rest walruses. National center USA with snow and ice notes that the melting of Arctic ice due to global climate Read more [...]
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More than 800 million people can get into the emergency area because of the melting ice

More than 800 million people can get in the area of emergency because of the melting ice in the Arctic associated with abnormal heat, according to the President of the Russian geographical society, the Minister of emergency situations Minister Sergei Shoigu. «In the emergency area can reach more than 800 million people, if will continue to increase temperature», — said Shoigu at a press conference dedicated to the forum «Arctic — territory of dialogue» which will be held September 22-23 in Moscow on the initiative of the Russian geographical society Read more [...]
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The Arctic ice threaten almost a billion people. Photo

Because of the melting of Arctic sea ice in the area of emergency may be about 800 million people, said the head of the Ministry of emergency situations Sergei Shoigu. Also due to subsidence of soils threaten the destruction of many pipelines laid through the permafrost. Their forecasts with «Prevdir» he shared the Nobel prize together with the IPCC, Professor Gennady Menzhulin. «Indeed, the topic is relevant. Because the Arctic is the principal link in the prediction of sea level rise caused by global warming. The amount of ice is an incredible value and if it is melting, Read more [...]
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Record heat in the Arctic!

September 11, 2013. We already wrote about the climatic vagaries of autumn 2013, and really, it's only been ten days of September, and in the collection of phenomena of this season has been blooming in Tver lilac, and snow in Sochi mountains... The apotheosis of anomalies processes in the atmosphere was the temperature record set yesterday in Murmansk! On the periphery of the Scandinavian anticyclone on the Kola Peninsula rushed very warm air from Central Europe, and in the afternoon, the thermometer in the capital of the Russian Arctic was +19.5°. By the way, it is only 2-3 degrees cooler than Read more [...]
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The climate of war and war for resources

British researchers predict that climate change may lead to new armed conflicts. Their fears climatologists from International Alert outlined in the report \"a Climate of conflict\" (Climate of Conflict), which will be published this week. \"The reduction in acreage will lead to local uprisings\" According to researchers, more than one hundred countries facing political chaos and mass migration in the catastrophic global warming. 2.7 billion people from 46 countries at risk of being killed in armed conflicts and wars caused by climate change. 56 more countries are under the threat of political Read more [...]
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