Highly sit — look away

We continue our series of articles on orienteering. Of course, orienteering techniques largely depend on the nature of the area in which we find ourselves. But some things are basic, fundamental and common to any area. One of such techniques we will discuss today. It can be formulated: Highly sit - look away. So, today we are going to climb trees, hills, cliffs and other elevated position, to discover the nearby open spaces and to identify signs of people or ways to civilization. Thus, the problem to find the elevation or the highest tree, suitable for vskarabkivaniya. Of course, not always the Read more [...]
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The penetration of the protected area

If your plan was listed on the penetration of the protected area, it should not be thrust back hurriedly, without the necessary knowledge and skills. Obviously, since the territory is guarded, so it kept something valuable, and probably for you too. The better protected area – the more valuable the findings may be waiting for you. Although, any rule may be exceptions. Protection may not be for valuable resources, and for a person located within the territory or protected objects can not be used (such as nuclear missiles, chemical weapons, large industrial equipment). You should always know Read more [...]
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• Construction Of "Triangle"Variation V-building, which can be applied by 3 methods. 1st - closed triangle, in which the attacking forces deployed 3 groups in such a way that they form a triangle (or closed "V").[puc.1]Automatic gun ustanavlivaetsya on each tip of the triangle and is located in such a way that the sector of fire for each top could overlap with sector any other. Fighters are also appointed by the overlapping sectors of fire. Inside the triangle can be placed mortars. Small division turned in a similar way, gets massively fortified position, which can be used to intercept Read more [...]
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If you realized that you were in the zone of turmoil, but will not be able to leave until, here are a few basic things: do not underestimate the capacity crowd to destruction, even if the congregation looks peaceful and nothing predicts failure. Even the most peaceful mass can this not be.• Get familiar with the place in which you were. Even if you are 1st time in the place of the meeting, you should immediately be aware of strange square and the streets around. Always read the map the places where you work, relax or just visit during the holidays. It should become a habit.• Get used to estimate Read more [...]
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CONTACT WITH THE ENEMYWhen one member of the group comes into contact with the enemy, for example, giving him commands or opening fire, he automatically becomes the favorite and the acts of the other parties to the transactions subject to its tactical needs. They must control their own areas of responsibility. If the favorite is in need of help, it requests it from the 1st of the partners. The first assistant is usually covering (the one who is closer). At this time, safeguarding controls not only his area of responsibility, and one that leaves you in his care covering. EVACUATION OF THE AFFECTEDThe Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia

July 11, 2013. As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Fyodorov, according to preliminary estimates by the drought in Russia, killing nearly 2% of the total sown area of ​​crops - 1.45 million hectares. Due to the abnormally high temperature, which was held in Central Russia in June and early July, several regions of the country were subjected to drought. We are talking about Lipetsk, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Samara, Kurgan regions and Bashkiria, a number of districts of the Chelyabinsk, Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, Kalmykia Read more [...]
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survival basics of survival in nature winter

Low temperatures are dangerous not only in the polar zones. Long exposure to the cold unsafe everywhere. Take precautions against the same criteria.HYPOTHERMIA is a technical word refers to a state when the body cannot produce heat faster than lose it, and its temperature falls below normal. This condition appears under the influence of wind, rain and low temperatures, also called:- The depletion.- Inadequate clothes.- Inadequate shelter.- Inadequate nutrition.- Inadequate knowledge and training.Conditions that contribute to hypothermia - hypothermia, completely consistent with the terms of the Read more [...]
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In China, thousands of lakes have dried up

About a thousand lakes dried up in China for the past 50 years, including Lake Sogo Nur in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; At the same time, thanks to the measures taken under the uniform regulation of water, residents are once again hoping for restoration ecology, according to news agency "Xinhua". Freshwater Sogo Nur is separated from the lake Gashun Nura ridge of dunes and sand dunes. This area is in the history enjoyed great fame as a lively town on the Silk Road, which for centuries lived on the waters of the river drainless Heihe. It originates in the glaciers Tsilyanshan ridges, flows Read more [...]
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Nizhny Tagil goes underground. Photo

Let's start from October 1 to restore the chronology of the incident. It is a pity that this event does not lit up by the mainstream media. Apparently the arrival of Prime Minister hinders rather sorry.On October 1. In the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil eliminate the effects of the failure of the soil. Surface subsidence occurred on 1 October 2009 at 15:30 near the railway station "Mountain High." As a result of PE were damaged railway lines and highways, as well as one derelict building in the Vysokogorskogo mechanical plant. On-site emergency visited checking representatives Institute of Mining, Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Australia iceberg the size of Hong Kong

At the end of November to New Zealand popped flotilla of icebergs, the approximate number of about 100 now to Australia sailed giant size iceberg, and to New Zealand, but again, too, does not move the small size of a block of ice. Antarctica is something apart. Ships in the South Pacific are threatening more than a hundred icebergs drifting toward New Zealand. These icebergs (the size of some of them is 200 m.) Were broken off from the Antarctic ice shelf, reports BBC News. Scientists believe that most of them will melt before reaching the islands of New Zealand, since the drift velocity is Read more [...]
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In the area of ​​the North Kuriles recorded earthquake of magnitude 4

Seismologists recorded a magnitude 4 earthquake near the island Paramushiro in the northern part of the Kuril Islands, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, spokesman of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Sakhalin area. «The earthquake was registered on Wednesday night in the 81 km to the south-east of the town of Severo-Kurilsk at a depth of 70 kilometers», — the spokesman said. Damage and no casualties, no tsunami alert was declared, the residents of Sakhalin earthquake is not felt, he added. Kuril Islands continuously «shakes» November Read more [...]
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Shiveluch volcano reactivated

Shiveluch volcano reactivated. According to a source in the local branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences, throws giant column of ash to a height of four kilometers. "Surveillance for SHEVELUCH difficult because of the low cloud cover, but the seismic data suggest that per day from its crater there were at least two emission at a height of about four kilometers," - said the expert. We also know that in the last 24 hours in the area covered volcano seismologists have recorded 130 local tremors. The temperature in the area of ​​the active dome Shiveluch — Read more [...]
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Flooded part of Italy

Leadership of some regions of Italy has asked the government to officially declare the affected areas from the weather emergency. Over the last few days of torrential rains most affected central Tuscany and Liguria. In the area of ​​Pisa (Tuscany) military arrived - they will help local residents to eliminate the consequences of the floods caused by rains and river floods. Authorities of Lucca (on the border of Tuscany and Liguria) state that the total damage from the disaster in the disaster area is 20 million euros. While 1.1 million are needed immediately for emergency rescue operations. Head Read more [...]
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Four earthquakes registered in the area of ​​the southern Kuriles

Seismic experts "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk" for the last day recorded four tremors in the area of ​​the southern Kuril Islands, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti employee seismic."Earthquakes have occurred in the environment around the islands Shiashkotan, Kunashir, Shikotan. Magnitude of the strongest quake was 4.6, "- said the agency interlocutor.On the report of operations duty Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Sakhalin region, earthquakes in the region were not felt. Casualties or damage, no tsunami threat.Kuril Islands continuously "shakes" from November 15, 2006. Then near the island Simushir Read more [...]
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The U.S. has Prohibited the PLACEMENT of GLONASS STATIONS IN their Own Areas.

President Barack Obama signed into law the military budget, virtually prohibiting the construction areas of the country ground stations GLONASS, reports the BBC. Our country wanted to build on areas of the United States a few towers for navigation monitoring of facilities antenna type, which should improve the accuracy and reliability of the GLONASS system. But the South American military fear that station GLONASS can be used in espionage purposes and to increase the efficiency of Russian weapons.As noted by a member of Congress from the Republican party, the law is practically oriented, in order Read more [...]
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Emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons. Columbia

Developments in Colombia continues. The previous post about the volcano in Colombia Due to the volcanic eruption of Galeras in the south-western Colombia, authorities began an emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons, whereby the movement of vehicles in the area suspended, local media reported. Locals after admission to Saturday night signal the beginning of the explosive eruption of the volcano and the highest of alerts, "red", power delivered to the asylum Pasto, the capital of the department of Nariño, located near the border with Ecuador. From the crater of the volcano ejected Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Albania

Albanian army units last night and during the day today evacuated more than 3,700 people from the district of Shkodra, where heavy rains caused flooding and severe flooding. The government is going to declare these areas in the north of the country, adjacent to Lake Skadar, a disaster area. According to the Interior Ministry, the water had gone more than 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land were flooded more than 2 million homes and buildings. Many villages were left without electricity and drinking water, there are problems with food supply. The authorities in Tirana believe that assistance Read more [...]
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Destruction of livestock farming

This can be in every parish, every area! Who and what destroys read for yourself, be sure to read the comments! The site is dedicated to people living with their work on their land, so that their comments are mostly not empty words. Personally, I have only one language revolves GENOCIDE peasant! And what the consequences will be - because men can not endure!And think - what you could do once God forbid in their place! I already treset just anger! Word for word:In Bogucharsky, Petropalovskom and Verhnemamonskom district of Voronezh region wreak havoc! All this can happen in any part of the Read more [...]
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Photos from the

Soufriere Hills volcano erupted on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. (AP Photo / Wayne Fenton) In this photo review pictures from different parts of the world where fixed abnormal weather conditions. Many of them have received the attention of the press, some mentioned in the slides, either intentionally or by accident we do not know. After seeing the post integrity can imagine what is happening on the planet. The main thing is that the fact remains - it happened and it goes on. Photos are clickable.Man and dog sitting on the steps of the historic monument, surrounded by morning fog, Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Nicaragua

In the western part of Nicaragua earthquake. Tremors force 4.8 on the Richter scale have been recorded by local institute of Geophysical Survey. Information about the devastation and victims yet.

The earthquake was located at a depth of 50 kilometers, in the resort area of ​​Masachapa. Experts believe that the movement of the earth caused by the nonstandard tectonic cataclysms, which are fixed now in the Caribbean. In the affected area is the area from Haiti to the north-east of Venezuela.

Source: RIA Novosti

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