Danger. Radiation Army Competitors

Post-apocalyptic world full of dangers. Today we will try to find out, that threatens a person or group of people, in such circumstances and how to defend and fight. Radiation. If there was a nuclear attack or accident at the facility, to radioactive elements – serious danger to humans is radioactive radiation. You must be able to measure radiation levels. For this, you need to get hold of a dosimeter, a Geiger counter. Well, if you have a special anti-radiation protective suit. Although one should say: no protective clothing does not protect from radiation 100%, it only reduces the impact Read more [...]
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Survival in the swamp

Swamp – one of the most inhospitable places, where people have to survive. The complexity survival in the swamp lies in the whole complex of problems: difficult terrain; an abundance of dangerous animals and other living creatures; the dominance of midges; high humidity; difficulties with dry materials for a fire and the fire; a shortage of water suitable for drinking; the difficulties with the production of food; toxic fumes; it is difficult to find a normal place to camp. Today we will discuss how to solve all the above problems and to effectively survive in swamps. Bogs are different. Read more [...]
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Flash flood

Towards surviving in extreme conditions, there may be a variety of obstacles and dangers, up to the most unpredictable and deadly. And the more dangerous it can be for a man some natural phenomenon than it is surprising. Today we will talk about one of the most unexpected and dangerous effects for the traveler – flood flood. While wandering people can move in different relief and areas. Among other things, you can be in a dried up river beds, off the coast of small rivers and mountain streams, in ravines, canyons and other places close to water bodies. You can not suspect anything, brook, Read more [...]
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Indian Apple Farmers Mind to Himalayas

Trembler missional Samuel Evans Stokes outset introduced American Red Delectable apple trees to India in 1916 and they get full-grown thither always since, encouraging a full-bodied apple agrarian manufacture. But now the trees are threatened by a ever-changing clime, drive farmers promote and encourage up into the Himalayas to acquire their crops.Speedy heating has open many high-level areas such as Kinnaur and Lahaul, antecedently intellection to be too cold-blooded and dry, to finish. According to a Harvard sketch, median rise temperature rosebush by 1.5 degrees C since 1982, a hale stage grater Read more [...]
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BLM to Ban Mounting at Castling Rocks

A pop crag is Idaho is cladding perm shutdown later complaints from tribes who conceive the domain to be sanctified. Palace Rocks, a 400-acre ar good Oakley in the sou'-east part of the posit, has been shut intermittantly since 2003, and Dresser of Commonwealth Direction officials say that they program to shutter it permanently this summertime.Both the Shoshone-Bannock and Shoshone-Paiute tribes birth verbalised vexation that artifacts in Rook Rocks could be ruined if climb is allowed to cover. Microphone Courtney, a BLM discipline handler in Idaho, aforesaid that the bureau had dictated that any Read more [...]
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New Parkland Serve Insurance Authorizes Rigid Anchors in Wild

"Delight discount the empty-bellied decamp trap to the correct," reads the Flickr legend.     Exposure: Laurel Fan/Flickr"If you can't ascent a heap without frozen anchors, so you shouldn't mounting that mount." With his touch, Subject Common Serve conductor Jonathan Jarvis on Monday answered a inquiry that has plagued climb admission advocates besides as wild advocates for decades: can climbers post lasting anchors inside wild areas privileged Internal Parks? The solvent is yes—with weather. Advantageously earlier Chairman Lyndon Johnson sign the Wild Read more [...]
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“Crazy Ants” Occupy Southeasterly US

Thither’s a new rather ant succession the Sou'-east, and it's bad decent to micturate citizenry omit the antecedently maligned ardour ant.Primitively from Southward America, the Tawny-brown dotty ant was kickoff spotty about Houston, Texas, in 2002. Since so, they've spread-out out crosswise the Disconnect Glide, succession areas unremarkably henpecked by ardour ants. And dissimilar ardour ants, which run to follow the alfresco, gaga ants get no trouble infiltrating homes. “Thither are videos on YouTube of mass wholesale out dustpans full-of-the-moon of these ants from their lav,” Read more [...]
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Blacken Wood Blazing Almost Destructive in Colorado Story

Firefighters battling the Melanize Afforest wildfire in Colorado say the brilliance has surpassed finish June's Waldo Canon firing as the nigh destructive in the submit's account. The hell has interpreted two lives and ruined 379 homes, patch finale yr's attack burned-over 347 homes and took two lives. Officials composition that the attack is now 5 pct contained. "So, not practically advancement," Plentiful Harvey, the commandant of the federal incident-management squad that took ended firefighting duties other Thursday, told The Denver Situation. "We've got a slipway to go." Read more [...]
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The Next of Skiing: Microphone Douglas

    Pic: Courtesy of SalomonI get a belief that we volition birth explored the land top to backside. That leaves privileged the psyche of citizenry as the finale post to go.Mood modify. That’s exit to modification the expression of this variation more anything else. It’s terrorisation—the gait that we’re start to see temperature upgrade. The traditional overwinter get we all grew up with volition be inscreasingly uncommon.Thither volition calm be snow-covered places, but mostly, skiing testament be an hokey feel. Comparable what they’re underdeveloped Read more [...]
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The Futurity of Skiing: Jamie Schectman

    Exposure: Vimeo.comRealty and root common attractions bequeath be replaced with ski areas that settle to centering on what is crucial.In 25 geezerhood, I project ski areas that look-alike as vigour centers. Well-nigh all ski areas let the power to micturate their own vigor from a compounding of solar, farting, micro-hydro, geothermic and/or biomass. As muscularity costs extend to gain, this volition go prosaic and eradicate the numeral two be of operative a ski recur.  The flow prototype of corporations and their center box comforts, immovable, and composition commons Read more [...]
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Heavy snow and icy conditions in the United States

Since last Monday's storm in the United States captures more and more new areas. On the western and central states and snow moved to the north-east of the country. The number of victims of disaster has reached 16 people. The main causes of deaths are traffic accidents. Snowfall, accompanied by the formation of ice on the roads, almost paralyzed the movement of cars on main roads in the affected areas. The most difficult situation is in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota. Reason for the sharp decrease in temperature in the United States up to 12 degrees below zero was came from Read more [...]
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Jamaica is not enough drinking water

Severe drought in Jamaica caused serious disruptions in water supply in hospitals, schools and homes. The government was forced to spend millions of dollars on temporary help to save the situation. About 100 of the 460 water supply systems in the country, which are under the responsibility of the national water commission, affected by drought. The amount of water in them was reduced by 50-70%, according to a representative of the Commission, Charles Buchanan. "We have some customers who have not experienced such drought for the past 23 years," - he added. Last week, the Government of Jamaica Read more [...]
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Livery by Monotone

Virago's flop, Jeff Bezos, proclaimed Sunday nighttime on 60 that a bourdon rescue curriculum is in the workings for the web ret titan. Already coined Flower Air, the mind is to get diminished remote-controlled helicopters fast roughly delivering packages to your doorsill inside 30 of your buy. “I live this looks ilk skill fabrication,” aforementioned Bezos. “It’s not.”Although Virago seems to cerebrate it has the engineering prepare for charade, it could be two or more eld earlier regulations for the drones are in spot, reports The New York Multiplication. Obvious Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, -60 °

Forecasters promised that on Thursday and Friday on the western Yakutia shestidesyatigradusnye will fall frosts, a spokesman of the Yakut Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. "In Oleneksky and Mirny areas 24 and 25 December, the thermometer drops below 58 degrees below zero," - said the agency interlocutor. According to him, slightly warmer on Thursday and Friday will be in the Lena, and Olekminsky Vilyuiskaya areas. "There is the air temperature, though down to minus 56 degrees, but the cold will last until Saturday," - said the representative of the government. He added Read more [...]
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Flooding in Tuscany

Immediately after Christmas in the Italian region of Tuscany began extensive flooding. Because of the warming and the melting snow overflowed Serko small river that flooded the neighborhood and turned the village located on the hills in the provinces of Lucca and Pisa in these islands. Flooded roads and partially damaged power lines - which is why in the region declared a state of emergency. In the affected areas of profit rescue squad that boat evacuating people from dangerous areas. Those who are in a hurry before he left his flooded house, authorities allowed under the supervision of engineers Read more [...]
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Italy may flood of the Tiber

Prolonged rains can cause spillage of the Tiber River, which will lead to the flooding of certain areas of Rome. The water level in the river had risen to 11 meters. In addition to the civil defense services in a heightened state of readiness to deal with the elements given military units. Prepared plans for evacuation of patients and staff in several hospitals, located on the island of the Tiber in central Rome, as well as in urban areas, located in a valley near the river. On Friday, were closed two bridges over the Tiber - bridge in Testaccio district and the Milvian Bridge, a popular place Read more [...]
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Flooding in northern Albania

Albanian army units last night and during the day today evacuated more than 3,700 people from the district of Shkodra, where heavy rains caused flooding and severe flooding. The government is going to declare these areas in the north of the country, adjacent to Lake Skadar, a disaster area. According to the Interior Ministry, the water had gone more than 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land were flooded more than 2 million homes and buildings. Many villages were left without electricity and drinking water, there are problems with food supply. The authorities in Tirana believe that assistance Read more [...]
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Is bug loathly in habiliment a selling twist?

Get Light Foresighted Arm     Exposure: courtesy, Ex OfficioGet Light Foresightful ArmA:The flock is this: The Ex Officio folk figured out a way to plant bug distasteful inside the framework ill-used in its new job of Scram habiliment. The factor victimized is permethrin, a celluloid variation of a born bug resistant called pyrethrin, constitute in about flowers. Permethrin is odourless, rubber for humanity, and passing efficacious. A fillip when put-upon in wearable is that you're not submersion yourself in the material. Does it employment? Yes, it does. And rather swell, leastwise Read more [...]
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In 80% of the districts of Tatarstan recorded drought, the president enters a state of emergency

July 19, 2013. At a recent government meeting Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan, said the increased to 35 the number of areas where the drought has been fixed. In the republic of all w 43 districts, which means that 80% of the region is suffering from drought, there declared a state of emergency. Harvesting began in almost all areas: the number of namolochennyh grain exceeded 80 thousand tons. Drought, according minsehozproda Halve predicted earlier harvest of five million tons. If the forecasts are correct, the republic will gather at this year's 20% Read more [...]
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The most important effect of coastal natural areas for protection against disasters

July 19, 2013. According to a recent study conducted at Stanford Institute Woods, dunes and reefs are critical to the protection of millions of people in the United States and billions of dollars of real estate from coastal storms. Extreme weather events, sea level rise and the lives of people in degraded coastal systems, with all of this will help to protect nature. The study, "Coastal habitat shield protects people and property ownership from sea-level rise and storms," ​​published July 14 in the journal «Nature Climate Change», offers the first comprehensive map of the entire coast of Read more [...]
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