Oil-Soaked Birds Observed in Arkansas

A sweetheart flow of oil-soaked birds and mammals bear been arriving in wildlife reclamation centers in Arkansas followers a fall in the part, star preservation groups to concern that the oil has reached nearby Lake Conway. The Associated Wardrobe reported Tuesday that a brace of deadened ducks and 10 oil-covered birds had been cured from the are, spell the non-profit Peddle centre posted pictures of mallards, amytal teals, and a musquash that had fallen dupe to the wasteweir. The Arkansas Gamey and Angle Commissioning and a interpreter for Exxon deliver denied that the oil has gap that far."I'm Read more [...]
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Midwest Pummeled by Thunderstorms

Pinch officials are assessing the terms caused by another fusillade of thunderstorms and tornadoes that took leastways fin lives and injured 75 mass crossways the Midwest Friday. Presence fine-tune on Oklahoma Metropolis, Oklahoma, the storms toppled cars and left-hand commuters treed on an interstate. One twister tossed a Conditions Line ramp pursuer motortruck nigh 200 yards earlier slamming it to the land, though the passengers loose with nipper injuries.Storms in Missouri and Arkansas caused considerable prop wrong and flooding. Trey mass went lacking other Friday and tercet others were reported Read more [...]
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Summertime Getaways: Hot Springs, Arkansas

    Exposure: Mogul Lawrence

In Arkansas, the just matter meliorate than existence approximately pee is beingness on the urine. The nation has 600,000 land of lakes, and 44,000 of them are at Lake Ouachita Land Common, a snaky source formed by the Blakely Deal Dam. Gentile a paddleboard in Hot Springs (rentals, $40), an hr w of Footling Stone, so post out a encampment ($12) or cabin (from $185) and search the lake’s 975 miles of unexploited shoreline.

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Editor’s Pick: Niggling Rock-and-roll, Arkansas

    Pic: Anthony Ricci/Shutterstock.comIn late days, this metropolis of 195,000 has turn a moon-curser’s eden. Since 1993, federal, submit, and local governments sustain funneled more $62 meg into what has turn the Arkansas River Tag Organisation, a 34-mile meshwork that loops roughly the Niggling Stone Metropolitan country. The trails link 38 parks that concealment more 5,000 estate.“You can wheel or run loops for miles,” says Leah Thorvilson, 34, a marathoner who plant at GoRunning, a local storage. Liveliness hither isn’t some lather, though; thanks to Read more [...]
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The state of emergency in three states in the USA

A state of emergency was declared on Friday in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee at the continued there and in other Central American states snowfalls. As the representatives of the local authorities in the region remain without electricity 175 thousand. Residential buildings and office buildings. On the restoration of electricity required at least one week.State of emergency declared in parts of Virginia, Alabama and others. It closed schools and government agencies. Snowstorms in the central regions of the United States continued for several days. Weather-covered huge territory Read more [...]
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Three tornadoes in Arkansas

Several powerful tornadoes struck the American state of Arkansas, three people were injured, according to CNN on Thursday with reference to the National Meteorological Service. According to the service, the first tornado struck the area Selayn (Saline) in the central part of the state on Wednesday. As noted by the representative of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Action Renee Preslar (Renee Preslar), as a result of rampant disaster affected 22 houses. According to one of the residents of the district, at the approach of a tornado was heard a terrible roar. "It was the most terrible roar Read more [...]
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The American Mississippi tornado struck

On the western part of the Mississippi tornado struck. Official data on the destruction and casualties has not. According to witness statements, destroyed several buildings, at least 11 people taken to hospital. — Victims of tornadoes in the southern United States, Mississippi, steel, according to the latest data, at least 10 people. Among the victims - children. According to the State Governor Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency in 17 counties. Serious damage was caused in Yazoo City, which destroyed several buildings, including - the church. Tornadoes also touched upon the neighboring Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in Arkansas killed one person, injured 25

The central part of the American state of Arkansas was a tornado. As a result, killed at least one person and another 25 injured. According to local authorities, the element also destroyed several houses in the area of ​​Van Buren, 120 km north of the city of Little Rock. In addition, the rescue team is looking for people in the house, hit by a tornado. It is possible that this building locked three. Natural disaster knocked down trees and power lines along highways. Source: Associated Press Previous News: · Pictures of destruction deadly tornadoes in the United States · Video of the Read more [...]
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In the south of the United States element killed 18 people

In the USA, tornadoes and floods that raged in the southern states of the country at the weekend claimed the lives of 18 people, according to local authorities. 11 people were killed in Tennessee. In Mississippi, the element has claimed the lives of four people. On Saturday and Sunday for the states of Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky have been severe thunderstorms that caused flooding. On Saturday, May 1, in Arkansas tornadoes recorded. He killed three people and injured 25 people. Tornado damaged power lines in the region. Source: RIA Novosti Previous News: · Tornado in Arkansas Read more [...]
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Flooding in Arkansas killed 12 people

Flooding in the state of Arkansas claimed the lives of 12 people. As the representatives of local authorities, a few more people are unaccounted for. According to ITAR-TASS, is currently in the region as a result of heavy rains overflowed the two rivers, conducted the rescue operation. According to meteorologists, per night in the covered disaster area dropped 18 inches of rain. Such heavy rains led to the rivers burst their banks, flooding the lowlands quickly. As a result, in a matter of minutes was washed away located in the immediate vicinity of the base for the sleeper. A large Read more [...]
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In Arkansas flood victims became 20 people

At least 20 people were killed in floods in Arkansas. Dozens of people are unaccounted for, according to «Russia 24». Torrential rains hit the region yesterday. In just a day has dropped more than 20 inches of rain. Rivers burst their banks and flooded towns. Most of the victims of one of the sites visitors to the sleeper. Their cars were under water in the early morning, when the drivers were still asleep. Emergency services evacuated residents most affected by the disaster areas. The operation involved teams of firefighters from the air to help them rescue helicopters.In Arkansas Read more [...]
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Floods in Arkansas and Poland

U.S. Arkansas looking for dead bodies in the flood. In Poland, count the damage from the elements. The massive flooding killed at least 16 people in the American Arkansas. Due to heavy rains the water level in the rivers of the Caddo and Little Missouri increased by two and a half meters. The water pressure was so strong that it easily overturned cars, agricultural machinery, destroying the road surface and washed away houses. The most affected among the tourists, who lived in tents and houses on wheels. Missing there are over seventy people. Rescuers believe that the search for bodies, Gone Read more [...]
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Tornado goes up

September 12, 2013. Tornadoes, moving up the slopes, cause more damage than tornadoes on the plains. This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Arkansas (USA), studied detailed pictures of the devastating tornadoes of 2011 Tuscaloosa (Alabama) and Joplin (Missouri). The scientists compared the images between themselves and find common features. It turned out that when driving up slopes tornadoes bring much greater destruction than in the downward direction. If the vortex is on mountainous terrain, then he gets up, creating destruction there, but leaving untouched plains. New Read more [...]
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Dozens of earthquakes in Arkansas

In Arkansas the recorded dozens of earthquakes. Characteristics of earthquakes: magnitude ranges from 1 to 2.5. Depth of 5 km, the Time period roughly from 28 November. Last December 4 at 2:06:42 UTC.Of interest is the fact that the point of earthquakes line up, as well as their duration in time. Perhaps this process is somehow connected with located near active seismic zone the new Madrid fault New Madrid Fault System). A series of earthquakes in Arkansas Map of earthquake-prone areas of the U.S. Source: USGS, Google Map Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in the U.S. claimed the lives of 7 people, injuring dozens

In the United States is raging tornadoIn the tornadoes that hit the South and Midwest of the USA, seven people were killed, thousands of people were left without electricity, reports «Interfax». «Three inhabitants of the small town of Cincinnati, Arkansas died Friday morning, the victims of the tornadoes are three people in the southern part of Missouri. On Saturday died in hospital a woman who was seriously injured on Friday during a tornado in the County Roll in Missouri», — reports on Sunday, the British broadcasting Corporation Bi-Bi-si.It is reported Read more [...]
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In an American town for two months there have been almost 500 earthquakes

Geological survey of Arkansas is trying to figure out what caused 487 earthquakes that occur in a small town guy with a population of 549 people, ranging from 20 September 2010. A day in the city is up to 15 aftershocks. According to the specialist Geological survey Scott Ausbrooks, at the same time in 2009 in the entire state was only 39 earthquakes, reports WIBW.com. Most earthquakes passes unnoticed. The only damage caused by them to the present moment, is the cracked glass in the visitor centre of the city Park. Experts Geological survey believe that such seismic activity may be due to drilling Read more [...]
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Tornadoes and flooding in Arkansas, USA

Vilonia, Arkansas. on April 26. Four people were killed 12 people miraculously survived, hidden in the cellar the size of a wardrobe. Arkansas Governor expressed surprise, as a result of elements such force managed to avoid more numerous victims. This night throughout the state from the persistent storms killed eight people. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, meteorologists expect further deterioration of the situation with the weather.         Source: MSN Read more [...]
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Fault in Central Arkansas more than previously thought

on 9 March. Little Rock, Arkansas. Geologists believe that the fault in the Central Arkansas, where in recent months have been recorded hundreds of earthquakes, actually longer and potentially more dangerous than originally thought. Scientists assumed that the length of the fault is 5.9 km, but now they agree on the numbers of 9.7 to 12.1 km Scott Ausbrooks, head of survey geohazard from the Arkansas geological survey, told the newspaper Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the length in this case is the decisive factor, because the longer the fault may provoke a more powerful earthquake. For the Read more [...]
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Thousands of dead fish in Arkansas

December 30, 2010. Roswell, Arkansas. - The Department of health Arkansas recommends that the fishermen of the locality of Roswell near the boat dock on the Arkansas river not to eat dead fish floating on the surface of the water. According to the Department of health, several thousand dead fish-drummers (drôme, family stanovich) beached Arkansas area Roseville.Dead fish lying on the shore length of approximately one and a half kilometer. Fishing and game Commission and the Department of environmental quality Arkansas are investigating the situation to determine the causes. The investigator Read more [...]
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New cases of mass death of birds: Japan, USA

The watchers expressed concern after the death of several migratory birds due to the possibility of the spread of avian influenza H5N1. Bird sanctuaries, poultry farms and zoos have been translated into a heightened state of anxiety for the past one month after the migration of birds from some regions, where they found the dead birds reported by the new York times. Also times quoted this from ProMED and other organizations in Japan, which monitor the progress of the spread of the disease. Messages include information about the black crane, who was found dead on the plain Amazing, Kagoshima Prefecture, Read more [...]
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