Ukhta River Onega District of the Arkhangelsk region, flows into the White Sea

Ukhta River Basin snow-white sea, flows in the Onega District of the Arkhangelsk region. Ukhta River originates from the lake without a name in the south-east of Lake Vezhmozero. Source of the river is on the border of the Primorsky and Onega areas of the Arkhangelsk region. Length of the river is 45 km Ukhta. The total drop of the river is 145 m, the slope of - 3.222 m / km. Empties into the Bay Ukhta snow-white sea, on the banks of snow-white sea Lyamitskom. Title Ukhta River comes from the Finno-Ugric Uht duct, or from Ohto bear. Localities. On the river Ukhta no human pt. The near settlement Read more [...]
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Trapeznikov Vladimir

Trapeznikov Vladimir (10 (22) .07.1874, Perm -26.12.1937), lawyer, local historian, societies. figure. He graduated in 1897 Law Faculty of Kazan University and was appointed assistant. barrister in Perm. One of the org-tori Social-Democrats. group freed slave. Cl. (Perm). Collaborated in the gas. Perm. edge. In 1902 he was arrested and exiled to Arkhangelsk Province. In 1905 participated in the armed recovery. in Motovilikha. Since 1906 he worked as a lawyer in Vologda was a member of. Vologda about North Island study. edge. Advances in pers. Constituent coll. Unity of Marxist group. From 1918 Read more [...]
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On the Northern Dvina and Sukhona ice break is expected in late April

Yesterday, in the Vologda region in the town of stately Ustiug held a working meeting between the Deputy Director of the Department of Territorial Policy Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Alexei Saiko with the authorities and heads of various departments of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions on crossing ice and flood waters in the spring of 2013 Northern Dvina and its tributaries. Northern Dvina River and its tributary river Sukhona flow through the area the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions. All carried out preventive measures aimed at easing Dvina ice and trouble-free Read more [...]
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On the bridge over the Northern Dvina “Volga” crashed into a tractor

In Arkhangelsk, January 29 at the fifth hour of the morning on Krasnoflotsky bridge, erected by Northern Dvina tragedy occurred with the role of "Volga" and the tractor. Car "GAZ-3110" conducted by a 39-year-old lady was driving in the direction of the right bank of the Northern Dvina. Next to the passenger seat riding her husband. After the swing of the bridge, the driver of "Volga" was reconstructed on the extreme right-hand lane for overtaking the car in front. There on the way the car turned out to be a tractor «JCB». Shot hit the bucket snowplows. As a result of the collision the lady behind Read more [...]
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On the ice, the Northern Dvina from the explosion killed rescuer

Now during scheduled preventive measures blasting ice Northern Dvina near the settlement Fri Orletsy curve at about 11:30 am when he died of accidental triggering of the charge of the Center for civilian protection Arkhangelsk region Misha V. NEUSTUPOV. His collaborator Vladimir Zotov received severe leg injuries after rendering first aid, he was transferred to the brigade of doctors Kholmogorsk CRH and evacuated by helicopter sanaviatsii in Arkhangelsk. Both employees are spices Group work operations, in which the tasks are examined and explosive ordnance disposal, and blasting flood control measures Read more [...]
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In one day, in the Arkhangelsk region drowned 8 people

On Saturday, July 6, in the Arkhangelsk region Vilegodsky was an accident that killed two people at once 6-year-old girls and young ladies. In total for the last Saturday in the aquatic environment of the region is recessed eight people. Six-year devchenka bathed in the river near the village of Vychegda Soyga (Tundiysky roll). When she began to sink, rushed to rescue her young lady, nurse Soyginskogo obstetric pt. Can not cope with the passage of the lady drowned. As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the Arkhangelsk region (, Read more [...]
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Went to Birsk

Before that, phoned Birsko historian Vasily Beloglazov local historian. Thanks to Pavel Egorov gave phone. Without Beloglazova Birsk would have remained a perfect illustration of the ancient county town. But Vasily told by virtue of free time, yeah where is. And so briefly. If you take the village of Arkhangelsk, which was built on the hill Galkina in 1555, we can assume that Birsk 21 years older Ufa and is based on the '21 before joining Bashkiria to Russia. If we take the year of foundation settlement on the site of the burnt villages in 1663 (Arkhangelsk was burned in 1662 during another uprising) Read more [...]
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The second of the Center for Civil Protection of the Arkhangelsk region affected by the explosion, died in hospital

Head of the Center for special works civilian protection Arkhangelsk Oblast Vladimir Zotov died today at 18:30 during the operation. Injuries acquired during his ill-fated version with blasting operations on the Northern Dvina near the village Orletsy in Kholmogorsky area, were not compatible with life. The explosion occurred around 11:30 am on April 17 at spontaneous activation charge, which was set Vladimir Zotov and Misha NEUSTUPOV. Misha from the explosion died on the spot. For the life of Vladimir Zotov doctors fought another 7 hours. They created everything we could ... Vladimir and Mike Read more [...]
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More than 20 million rubles to prepare for flooding in the Arkhangelsk Region

Now one of the major issues for a number of organizations of the Arkhangelsk region are passing flood and harmless pass floodwaters. Each year, a regional flood control commission. Her puzzles comes coordination among various agencies to address emergency situations at this time. Such commissions are formed and in urban areas. Developed specific plans for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, the occurrence of which is associated with vernal floods on the ground Pomerania spring of 2013. In accordance with the Regional Plan foreseen follow-preparatory activities: - in the river Read more [...]
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Lightning burned the administration of the Arkhangelsk village

The fire, caused by lightning, destroyed on the eve of the administration building, one of the villages in the Arkhangelsk region, said Tuesday the press service of the regional Ministry of emergency situations. «On Monday, remote fire Kargopol received a call — in the village Siraya burned two-storey administrative building. On the first floor of the house there was a library, on the second — the administration of the MO „Oshevensk“. The fire was caused by lightning, caught in the roof of the house», — the statement reads. In Read more [...]
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What happens to the climate of the Russian North?

June 20, 2011. The issue of climate change has been a key at the international conference \"climate Change and water management - challenges in the Barents region\", held on June 15-16 in Arkhangelsk. Head of the Arkhangelsk center for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring Irina Gryshchenko, in the Arkhangelsk region, the positive change in the temperature trend. \"The most intensive air temperature increase recorded last 10-11 years, — informed participants form a Russian expert. — Especially anomalous steel 2007 and 2008, when the average annual temperature on Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Hike for grayling in the Arkhangelsk region

In the current transfer our Moscow fishermen headed to the Arkhangelsk region to quench the thirst of passion grayling. According to the unwritten laws of fishing rivers and lakes here, they do not mention. Thoughts of catching grayling forced to add the course of our company. Then this fish, according to the rules, call the owner and rapid cool northern rivers. But to find her in the midst of constant attacks perch and pike is hard enough. After 5 days of our alloy quartet got to those edges that all external signs fall under the category of favorite habitat grayling. Pinning hopes there Read more [...]
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In Arkhangelsk flew the hurricane

In the night of Thursday to Arkhangelsk struck a real hurricane. Wind storm struck the city in significant damage. «Storm and strong wind was raging midnight. Hurricane prevented the people to sleep. The wind opened weakly closed Windows. The emergency workers had to spend almost a sleepless night, as there were many challenges. Also attention rescuers gave the situation on the water»- told Dnamro source in the city administration. According to the representative of the municipality, the brunt of the storm that raged 01:40-04:40, fell on Isakogorsky, Tsiglomen sawmill, Sector, Read more [...]
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Arkhangelsk. Storm

Source: Lead The wind and tide to the White sea: the flooding of houses in Arkhangelsk On the morning of November 15, the water came from the banks of the Northern Dvina under the action of strong wind and tide to the White sea, water podophile the Northern part of the city of Arkhangelsk. In the area of flooding were houses on the Islands Towardshis, Abarca, Brevent, part Maimaksa County and district Savings. Flooded piers and roads. According to weather forecasts, area flooding can last until the end of the week. In Arkhangelsk began to evacuate the flooded areas. According to the latest Read more [...]
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Blackouts in the center of Arkhangelsk

The accident at the power left without electricity the center of Arkhangelsk Tonight there was an accident on the cable Arkhangelsk electrical networks — branch of IDGC «North-West». As a result of PE from the power supply is off about 60 houses in the area Voskresenskaya street — street Loginova, said the city administration. According to the head of the housing and energy Viktor Kurnosova, currently the damaged section of the cable is detected and earthmoving. Now replace the damaged section of the cable with a new one. Some of the houses are connected Read more [...]
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In Arkhangelsk fixed record atmospheric pressure

on January 27. Record atmospheric pressure is set to the last day in the Arkhangelsk region due to the powerful influence of the Siberian anticyclone, said Friday the North meteorological Dept. «The record was the reading of the barometer at the meteorological station of Arkhangelsk. Atmospheric pressure is reached 1055 hPa — 790 millimeters of mercury — the highest level over the last few years. This value is approximated values 2010 — in January, the atmospheric pressure was 1047 hPa — 784,8 mm Hg», — the message says. Source: RIA Read more [...]
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About three dozen localities Arkhangelsk region were without electricity

In the Arkhangelsk region caused by broken power lines limited number of settlements in the power supply. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM the Arkhangelsk region.Today, January 2, in the Onega district outage occurs VL-10 124.10 PS "Mudyug." Remained without electricity Glazaniha town. Total 254 houses with a population of 495 people.Today, at 6:25 MSK outage occurs at the substation "fine landscapes." Villages remained without power curves of the Lake, and Taiga Kulogory. They currently live up to 700 people (100 of them - children), 240 houses, a kindergarten, Read more [...]
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3000 people were left without electricity near Arkhangelsk

Almost 3000 people and six socially important facilities on Thursday remained without electricity in two areas of the Arkhangelsk region, told RIA Novosti source in the regional police."In Mezenski and Pinega areas disrupted power supply in homes about 3 thousand people in six socially significant objects", - he said, but did not specify the cause of shutdown.Emergency repair work has already begun, will be completed by Thursday evening.MOSCOW, December 6 - RIA Novosti. Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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The second major outage this week occurred in Arkhangelsk

Because of the high voltage cable break during excavation construction company electricity outage occurs in the Lomonosov district of Arkhangelsk. There is no electricity in parts of houses on the street. Resurrection, Timme, Uritskogo Novgorod, etc., etc. Bypass canal. This was reported in the press center EMERCOM of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region.According to the press center of the territory, which happened without light, five secondary schools, Children's Hospital and Eye Hospital, both are connected to a backup power source. At 11:30 MSK power in the Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk Read more [...]
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Sandy desert comes from the Arctic

Photo: sanded meteorological station Abundance. on June 17. We got used to the fact that the process of desertification is from South to North. How about a counter trend?.. This problem has arisen in the relations, in the North of Arkhangelsk region. The village of Abundance are covered with sand. \"The sea is rolling out on the beach sand thousand tons, and the wind at low tide carries it across the tundra\", — report of the Arkhangelsk meteorologists. The process of \"Peschanaya\" began in the 30-ies of the last century and continues to the present. As a result, half of the village Read more [...]
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