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Millions of people around the world waiting for the end of the world

Millions of people around the world waiting for the end of the world — it is December 21 breaks the famous Mayan calendar. Despite the assurances of the scientists, the pessimists believe that the ancient Indians had predicted decline of human civilization.
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In an international spy ring suspected of Russians

"Kaspersky Lab" announced the discovery of a large-scale cybercrime group that for the past five years Spies for diplomatic, government and research organizations around the world. As stated in the report company, the main goals are malicious computer systems and corporate networks that are based in Russia and the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Also on the list of victims of hackers includes the USA, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, EAE, and Uganda.Investigation of attacks on computer networks of international diplomatic experts "Laboratory" began in October last year Read more [...]
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U.S. close military airfields around the world and fired pilots

Spending cuts will lead to the U.S. Air Force that 180 thousand people around the world will lose their jobs. According to the newspaper The Washington Free Beacon, the expected reduction in Pentagon spending by more than $ 50 billion to make the Air Force leadership to dramatically reduce the number of flight hours and the effects on the technical support of military airfields. Sequestration somehow affect the economy of each state and to cut funding at least 500 projects related to military construction. Thus, hundreds of thousands of people who might be attracted to them are at risk Read more [...]
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Strange flashes in the sky around the world, UFOs in the air and on the NASA observation station at the South Pole.

It is reported that the strange flash in the sky and flashes occur around the world - the appearance of a UFO recorded from Russia to Chile. And at a research station in the Antarctic Neumayer suspect alien abduction. Video includes surveillance of U.S. marines strange flashes of light in Iraq, during a live NASA object breaks the clouds, and strange fibers falling from the sky. Anomalous nature of outbreaks in the sky becomes more bizarre, and therefore more and more frequently around the world are asking: what is the source of all of these unusual events, and that they may represent? Read more [...]
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Soil respiration increased CO2 emissions

Scientists have found that over the past few decades, the allocation of carbon dioxide by soils around the world was going at an increasing rate due to global warming and has reached so far 98 billion tons per year in terms of carbon, the researchers reported in the article, published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature .This value is ten times the total emissions from all human activities on the planet."There are several possible explanations for this, but the most plausible is that the increase in average temperatures around the world increases the rate of decomposition of soil Read more [...]
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Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided strong evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, can not be stopped by the measures which are now accepted. Not all are sure that his cause - the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and automobiles, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer.80-of the last century was the warmest decade on record at the time. But 90-s been hotter, and the first decade of the new century was warmer 80-ies.The ice around the world are melting and sea levels rising. Scientists say that in the near future will begin to suffer the coastal Read more [...]
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