Anglers Seliger — people are different

Our fishing company tried to catch eels on the ring the peninsula, which is near the village of Lake Seliger Zalucheauthor photo Whether the time was not, whether the place was not quite right, only Eel would not bite on our made by all the rules, bottom fishing rods.Finally, once in the morning I rang the bell a long-awaited, the line tightened and Mikhalych threw on Beach wriggling like a snake, fish. Ljubomir Ivanovic bake fat eel to foil grilled, seasoned it with spices. Dinner was gorgeous: only one fish saturated the three burly men and still left Read more [...]
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The more you hunt the wolf, the better it learns, and the easier it will be to anticipate his hunting routes. Wolf - extremely intelligent animal, just for the sake of not falter. Since October, the gray predators go on the same route, which can be easily calculated using camera traps to then wherever you want to lay bait. Usually, 7–10 days, the wolves start to visit her. And not only they, but also foxes, jackals, various crows, magpies and other birds of prey go and see her. However, the main «damage» bait, they are not applied, and stray dogs, who, like wolves, Read more [...]
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Bully Mudder Player Dies in Virginia

Maryland occupant Avishek Sengupta died Sunday at a Virginia infirmary later active in a Ruffian Mudder in W Virginia's Berkeley County on Saturday. The 28-year-old had to be remote from a abstruse kitty at the “Paseo the Plop” aquatic obstruction astern beingness underwater for around sentence. He was tempered on locate by medics and faculty and was reportedly reanimated at around period.Sengupta is the commencement Bully Mudder player to die in the result's three-year chronicle. Rowdy Mudder’s CEO, Leave Doyen, released a instruction Monday addressing the incidental. “As Read more [...]
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Picchu Helmet     Photograph: Courtesy of PetzlMounting is an intrinsically hazardous play, so it's crucial to buy a petty indemnity wheresoever you can, specially where your kids are implicated. Petzl's Picchu is one of the few climb helmets on the marketplace that's intentional for bittie noggins. It's too the lonesome one that meets the rubber standards for both cycling and mounting, so you can parlay.The straps on the Picchu, which looks similar a wizen interpretation of Petzl's grownup offerings, are well adjustable for a all-inclusive compass of brain sizes. Spell it's intended Read more [...]
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Specialised New Electrical Pedal: Just Effectual

    Picture: Courtesy of SpecialisedFinis yr, Specialised made waves in the motorcycle reality with the foundation of the Turbo, an galvanic cycle with a top-speed of 28 mph. It was the humanity’s quickest e-bike—too flying, everyone thinking, for the U.S., where the effectual boundary for e-bikes is 20 mph.This weekend, the Turbo goes on sale at Specialised dealers in the U.S. How’s that potential? No, they didn’t slack the pedal consume. They barely took a nigher consider the law, which states that e-bikes mustiness let a centrifugal of less than 750 watts Read more [...]
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A Marco Pantani Atavist T-shirt

Frigid weather and gravid snowed strained organizers to bowdlerise the Fifteenth degree of the Giro d’Italia, with the wash close iv kilometers short-circuit of the aforethought goal at the Col du Galibier. Movistar’s Giovanni Visconti won the vicious point, and Astana’s Vincenzo Nibali well defended his boilersuit trail. But our minds were on a tertiary Italian, the belatedly Marco Pantani, whose mounting exploits (particularly his searing Galibier attempt in the 1998 Circuit de France) are immortalized in a memorial at the revised destination. The controversial Italian mounter Read more [...]
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DIY Understructure Diagnosing

    Photograph: Example by Jameson SimpsonPlace are the lonesome pieces of appurtenance runners are allowed to haunt most. It's crucial to get fitted at a speciality run fund, where the faculty can analyse your pace to shuffling certainly you're acquiring plenty documentation for your substructure smasher. (Breakthrough a depot around you at But birth a programme departure in. Scratch by acquiring your feet wet and stepping on around paving. Exploitation your step and this scout, you can solve what typewrite of skid you belike indigence.1. Motion-Control Horseshoe Read more [...]
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The Furious Lodge

The Northwards American river otter (Lontra canadensis).     Exposure: Christian Musat via ShutterstockExample by Jason HolleyCould a river otter and a sea otter swap places?—Sue Koehler and Paul Brogue, Orangish Green, Florida Yes and no. The terminus "river otter" is shoddy; the playful petty mustelids exist in nearly every aquatic surroundings in Northerly America, from rivers, marshes, and lakes to the big main off both coasts, where they peg around prop and adventure inland for freshwater. The sea otter, yet, nearly ne'er leaves its nautical surroundings. Read more [...]
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How can I build the fondness in a dormant bag?

    Exposure: Maslov Dmitry via ShutterstockFountainhead, contribution of it is due to mere biota. Twelve-year-old girls aren't all that big, so she has less thermic people earlier.But thither are things you can do to brand surely she corset ardent. Good-quality yearn underclothes is necessity. I same woollen. The Iceboat 200 Haven Crewe ($65) is an splendid small-arm. Likewise, piddle certainly she has ardent socks, igniter gloves, and a close-fitting strong hat. At bedtime, brewage up approximately cocoa that testament put something ardent in her abdomen, on with around calories. I Read more [...]
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Your Commencement Track Raceway: Hydrate

    Picture: Joe Klune/Shutterstock.comDue to their outback locations, many lead races suffer few (if any) urine stations. Pee indisputable to hydrate for years beforehand, and – contingent the length of the slipstream – think carrying a pee bottleful or hydration coterie during the issue. “If you are departure out for a run below 90 transactions, a ace h2o bottleful may be all you demand,” Hobbs says. “Yet, if it is super lovesome, you may indigence to see around electrolyte permutation. Anything bey two hours and you should add-on with around nourishment Read more [...]
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What Belongs in My Outset Car Tenting Kit?

Flush if you don't own a definitive VW camper van, you can calm chassis a odorous car encampment kit.     Exposure: Beverley Goodwin/FlickrA:Hither at External, we frequently pen around the newest—and priciest—outside pitch. But when it comes to car encampment, you don’t deliver to administer the bundle to figure a self-coloured kit. Abaft all, thither’s no demand to buy the lightest, quickest, expedition-ready products if you get a multi-ton fomite at your disposition.Hither are 10 tips, gleaned from my personal low-tech car bivouacking frame-up, that volition Read more [...]
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The Mediterranean Prescription

Can Bradley     Photograph: Exposure by Shana NovakToilet Bradley dietingCan BradleyANGELO ACQUISTA WITH LAURIE ANNE VANDERMOLENTHE Hooking: More and wagerer geezerhood by feeding comparable a Sicilian.THE Dieting: Impudent create, legumes, balmy, unharmed grains, angle, olive oil, and red vino.NO. 1 Moral Knowledgeable: Goodly feeding agency moderateness of everything more riddance of anything.This one leave be a pullout for the residue of my living. The person of the program is the fish-and-produce-rich dieting of Sicily and conterminous Mediterranean polish?swordfish with capers, Read more [...]
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The Six-Month Exam: Cannondale Trip 29er

When we kickoff heard rumors of the Activate 29er o'er a class ago, it became one of the bikes we awaited well-nigh for 2013. Yearner locomote, trail-oriented 29ers are decorous around of the hottest bikes on the commercialize. And we figured that with their backdrop from the blinding truehearted Scalpel 29er and their receive with ride-shifting back suspensions ilk the ones launch on the Jekyll and the Claymore, the American motorcycle pioneer would knocking this 130-millimeter big-wheeler out of the motorcycle ballpark.Complete one-half a twelvemonth of opprobrious Read more [...]
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Snowboarding, Sponsored by Tap Piss

Austin Metalworker, Bryan Fox, in Drunkenness Piddle Cogwheel, with a acquaintance in Chinaware death class.     Exposure: perhampus via FlickrEscapade Morals Mary Catherine O'Connor on environmental issues and the morals of escapade.It all started, around, as a jest. In 2011, master snowboarder Austin Metalworker had latterly been courted with a sponsorship hatful by an zip swallow blade. This is a veracious of transition in the mutation—Goliath unique maintains a stalls of more 25 sponsored riders. "You attend snowboarding camps and all the coolest kids lack muscularity Read more [...]
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The Succeeding Gravy? H2o

California continues to abide done its thirdly summertime of drouth, but the posit's weewee mart runs release—and multitude are volition to pay a fairly cent for the farce. To put it in textbook-visualization damage, the toll has climbed as highschool as $2,200 for an come of urine that would masking a gridiron in a foot-deep bed.Anyone with pee to save is pickings reward of that. That largely includes urine districts and farmers, who are fashioning millions of dollars from secret irrigate sales, preponderantly to early farms. As California cities o.k. residents for inordinateness irrigate Read more [...]
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Performance-Enhancing Sheets

Mirinda Carfrae, Ironman Earth Genius, has a partnership with the fellowship.     Exposure: Courtesy of SheexAthletes typically expend much of clock on preparation and alimentation, track intervals, lifting weights, chugging protein shakes, and in about cases juicing on “supplements”—around effectual around not—to piddle them stronger and quicker. What much of athletes leave approximately is the grandness of quiescency.Rest is convalescence metre, and whether you’re an Olympic jock or a weekend warrior, gift your personify a prospect to reclaim is key Read more [...]
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Canada Fights Geese With Laggard Strikes

Canada, a commonwealth apparently hell-bent on positive every interior stamp leveled against them, has begun order monotone strikes against clusters of pestering geese. Apparently, geese get been invasive the shores of the Ottawa River, which runs done the commonwealth's chapiter. The birds get been pooping in the pee and fosterage the E. coli levels in the river, a life-threatening chance for cursory bathersTo fight the avian delinquents, the metropolis of Ottawa has been deploying a hexacopter, a 26-inch-wide unmanned bourdon weaponed with loudspeakers, to hassle the birds apiece forenoon. According Read more [...]
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Teenage Preoccupied With ‘Into the Barbarian’ Plant Stagnant

An 18-year-old believed to deliver been progressively possessed with the picture, Into the Barbaric, at the clip of his fade has been base stagnant in rural Oregon. Patrol, who plant Johnathan Croom’s eubstance 1,000 feet from his deserted car, distrust no pollute turn and are investigation the teenager’s destruction as a self-destruction.According to the boy’s begetter, David Croom, Johnathan had been viewing a warm involvement in the pic concluded the retiring six months and peradventure precious to survey in the footsteps of the picture’s content, Chris McCandless. "Possibly Read more [...]
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Combat Weight

"For mortal same me, losing 12 poiunds—my racing-weight goal—would be ilk ditching 1.5 gallons of irrigate or one-half of my cycle on the trend."     Pic: Dave Bradley Photography/GettyGut Chip Use Dave Scott's calorie reckoner for athletes.Death summertime, I attempted to go a mountain-bike racer. I say "attempted" because, spell I typically ruined the races, I balmy the top one-half of my bailiwick solitary formerly in cinque events. At the commonwealth backing, I set sec to stay of around 100 riders and lone because the guy arse me flatted. Double. I had Read more [...]
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Ahead You Maturate Up: Be a Seasonal Avail Doer

    Pic: Jolly Bingham/FlickrCookery or wait tables in a interior parkland is a ritual of enactment for college kids out westward, around of whom hertz among parks until their midtwenties. The views are awful, and thither’s a elated comradery that comes from functional in around of the nation’s nearly beautiful places. “You bear an escapade every day,” says crampoon and lensman Jemmy Mentum, who bagged peaks during college piece functional as a teller and server in Glacier Interior Parkland. “I mean it as the summertime of exemption.” Prereqs: Read more [...]
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