Bow and arrow

Hunting – virtually the only way to get yourself high-calorie, meat, protein foods in extreme survival. The more effective weapon – the more successful hunt. Stone axes, stones, spears, clubs – that's fine. But too often, the animal is too cautious to let the hunter so close to take advantage of any of these types of weapons. Need a tool capable to get an animal from a distance not less than 20-30 meters, and not easy to get, but to kill or seriously injure. Such weapons could be homemade bow and arrows. The main elements that are necessary for the production of beef onions really Read more [...]
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How to Discovery Yourself with a Reach

    Photograph: Rissy Account via ShutterstockGPS's (and batteries) bomb. And erudition to interpret a map and use a apprehend builds goodness piloting habits, substance you're less probably to get disoriented originally. Nigh crucial, though, exploring without a convenience makes you pay finish aid—which is why you're out thither earlier.1. See to take a topographical map. Northwards is at the top, the scurf is at the backside, those squiggly lines typify 40-foot changes in raising.2. Orientate your map so it points to north*—routine the caparison until northerly is Read more [...]
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Androsace thready

Annual height 5-15 cm Leaves collected in the socket, the middle part of her face leafless stalks (arrows) ending inflorescences of small flowers - an umbrella. At the base of the inflorescence are sitting pretty small leaves, which form a so-called wrapper. The inflorescence is nearly equal to the length of the arrow. Rosette leaves with oval or rhombic plate and pronounced petiole. The flowers are white, with a diameter of up to 3.5 mm. Calyx 2-2.5 mm long, campanulate, almost semicircular, until the middle is divided into triangular-lanceolate, sharp teeth. Corolla slightly exposed from Read more [...]
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Air and missile weapons

One of the weapons, similar to a gunshot to the design and ballistic properties, is thrown weapon (Rifles and pistols), in which the kinetic energy of a bullet is not created by the combustion of gunpowder, but because of mechanical power transmission of compressed air. This weapon called pneumatic. It is fundamentally different from the firearm that has the capacity in which air is forced by charging the piston is compressed. The trigger is released the piston, and the expanding air reported forward motion pool, located in the barrel. Bullet acquires an initial velocity (relatively small) Read more [...]
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Onions. In an emergency kit can include lace, suitable for The applied as a bowstring, and a few arrowheads. Bowstring has sufficient strength to withstand the weight if the archer. Methods of making tips: - From the metal rod (eg, nail with sawed head), flattened on the end - of a strip of sheet metal, bent along a slight angle - for stiffness - from thick strips of metal - metal pipe, part of which is flattened and cut away. Need for making a bow branch or trunk young de.peva measuring about growth archer and a diameter of about 2.5 cm in the middle. Temperate zone of the trees best suited Read more [...]
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Naked into The Wilderness — Making a bow and arrows

In this video series family McPherson introduces basic skills of survival in the lap of Nature. In this series John from school board draws graphs and charts explaining the viewer physical laws and the basic rules of making a bow. After that is taken for making arrows. Episode 2: The Primitive Bow and Arrow - manufacture of arrows and a Read more [...]
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Tree of Death

Early on in the colonial wars of troops of the East India Company met with one of the oldest types of chemical weapons - poisoned arrows, spears and clubs. Mysterious poison for arrows intrigued conquerors, and in the middle of the XVII century. Dutch instructed botanist H. Rumpf reveal their secret. Thanks to Mr. Rumpf of upas, trees giving poison for arrows, began to spread the most incredible rumors. This happened because the Javanese was much more profitable to frighten Europeans than to reveal the secret of extraction of juice Anchar. Therefore, Mr. Rumpf warned that closer to the tree Read more [...]
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Choice of accommodations

Of great importance is the choice of location for the night. What is more convenient and safer to overnight, the better you will relax and gain strength. You approach it seriously. Choose a dry area. No stumps, bumps and vegetation. Preferably near a tree with a spreading crown. Under which they can hide from the rain. It is also necessary to take care of the availability of fresh water. It will not be bad if the nearby river, stream or lake. If there is no water in the vicinity, do not despair, the methods of extraction of water, I will talk about later. You can not dwell on the possible Read more [...]
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10 letters of Robinson. The 6th letter

It instructed me to reflect on the means of hunting without a gun and without the usual fishing gear. After the sticks, clubs, maces, spears bow is the oldest human weapons. And to this day in the jungle planet arrows fly, killing or injuring those whom they are intended. Yes, in our Siberian forests are some places local hunters use bow belkovaniya and production of game birds. Make these weapons are not that complicated. Remember, as in Pushkin's tale of Tsar Saltan, in kotor.oy Tsarevich Guidon hunting equipment makes these things: "With the cross strap pulled the silk bow oak. Read more [...]
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