The mean sun smiled …

Animal genre was the first in the fine arts of many peoples. Of course, first of all people attracted large, prominent and dangerous representatives of the animal world. Let us recall the famous colorful images of horses, bison of the cave at Lascaux in France, or expressive, full of dynamics "paintings" on the rocks Tasselin-Addzhera in North Africa, where antelope coexist with giraffes and elephants.Photo by Sergey Fokin Six-legged little thing, run, jump under his feet, fluttering before his eyes, not evoked inspiration artists who worked at the the origins of human Read more [...]
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North period in the works by Konstantin Korovin

In the history of exploration and development of the Russian North highlights the period from 1870 to the end of the 1910s. It is a time of heightened interest of humanity to the Arctic. General craze involves not only scientists and researchers. He is amenable to journalists, writers and artists. It is the turn of the century in the Russian North rush domestic writers KD Wore, EL Lviv-Kochetov, Vas.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, artists KA Korovin, VA Serov, AA Borisov, LF Pischalkino, VV Bookbinders, and others.North attracted figures of Russian art and literature unique ancient monuments, unique landscapes Read more [...]
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Poynterist and artist

During my life in a hunting dog breeding I had seen a lot of great people - owners of fine dogs. I met with them at trade shows, field trials and competitions. With some established friendly relations. Photo from the author's archive The Vladykino village located in Novgorod region on the banks of the river I am sure I had shelter and the opportunity to receive visitors. It was visited by many of my friends, including longtime friend and companion on the hunt Kirill Mikhailovich Petrov-Polar. Once he bestowed with a young bitch Isis brought from France. This dog was presented to Read more [...]
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Master brush fire

With the original artist Alex Derevianko, I met in Kiev on one of the yearly exhibition "Hunting and Fishing". Almost ran acquainted with the exposition before the official opening of the exhibition, I could not stop at the stand with the works of masters of pyrography, depicting a tree with a conventional cautery game animals and hunting scenes. Unusual wooden picture struck reliability and image original creative solutions. It was felt that the master of the fiery graphics really loves wildlife and very good hunter.Expressing his admiration for Alex Derevianko original Read more [...]
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Interdepartmental group identified routes for 2012

This year the management of fisheries Primorye Territory will hold 55 raids in the waters of the region. To fish protection measures inter-agency task forces will begin later this month.In January 2012 the first of four planned raid interagency task forces for the protection of marine biological resources, prevention of poaching and the prevention of offenses and crimes in the field of fisheries. Total this year will be carried out 55 raids on the waters in 16 districts, RIA the press service of the Primorsky Territory Administration.According to the department of fisheries, special Read more [...]
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The fate of the portrait

In September 1975, in the newspaper "Pravda" appeared curious correspondence N. Prozhogin. In Florence, when visiting the Pitti Palace, he saw a large painting of a galloping horse on the hunter. Canvas painted by Karl Briullov and ceremonial painting was one of the descendants of the famous Ural of Miners, the owner of Nizhny Tagil factories Anatoly Nikolayevich Demidov About this picture was mentioned in almost all books on creativity Briullov, but always stipulated: "location unknown paintings." In the characterization of its critics usually referred to the oil sketch and drawing are stored Read more [...]
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Because it was in our history

For me, this Exhibition – the most important. I did not expect that at this age it takes place, and here come many art lovers.     These words are honored artist RSFSR Peter Bortnov said a few minutes before the opening of the personal exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts.     For many years, Peter S. deservedly considered the leading artist of the Urals. And today, his work presented museums of the city, a private collector BC Sahnova and daughter of artist Natalia Bortnovoy, filled with the scent of historical conflicts, as they are understood by, a brilliant Read more [...]
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Because we are unique

     In early March, the first day of spring, in Yekaterinburg, at the Lyceum–Boarding Arts named EP Diaghilev, opened an exhibition of unique, remarkable artist Victor Bunakova.     It's hard to say what in his work, the wizard favored: picturesque landscapes, portraits, still lifes, thematic poster or painting?Victor Bunakov     His paintings of nature, professionally made, different amazing understanding of nature, the beauty of the color palette. Constructed in a range of subtle nuances verified on color relationships – to the Read more [...]
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Portrait of «fatal» Aurora

It hangs in one of the halls of the Tagil Museum. And usually causes the admiration of visitors, despite the fact that they have already managed to surprise each rare exhibits of the museum and have heard something about that here «found» Madonna, signed by the great Raphael, and letters Karamzin, Pushkin scholars to reveal a lot about the last days of the life and death of the poet Portrait of Aurora Karlovna Demidova, painted by Karl Briullov! It seems to be a portrait of a portrait is far from the most famous in «Charles the Great». Especially that close in the same Read more [...]
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PARAMONOV Alexander Nikititch

PARAMONOV Alexander Nikititch (10 (22) .04.1874, s.Perelevka Zemlyanski y. Voronezh province. 13.10.1949, Moscow), painter, graphic artist, and teacher. Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the St. Petersburg. center. uch-School tehn. Drawing of Baron AL Stiglitz (1898; teachers G.I.Kotov, G.M.Manizer, VV Mate, VE Savinskiy). 1900-1905 he taught in it. In 1905-1917 he worked in ECAT. hud.-prom. School, 1918-28 to Ur. thin. college. From 1928 he lived in Moskov. Author portraits of partisan F.Gulyaeva (1926) and writer P.P.Bazhova (1925), graphic I.Michurina, Chkalov, A. Stakhanov Read more [...]
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Memory of the artist

Read more [...]
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From newspaper pages to the museum

A thin trickle of scarlet leaked in an earthen trough. People continued to work at the forge of the dispute, the usual, well-calculated movements opening the way just pig iron. No one paid any attention to the young woman, perched with a sheet of paper and a pencil in the darkened corner of the blast furnace shop. And it was important to capture the reflection of the metal and on people's faces, and the expression of these individuals, and the characteristics of blast furnace movements. In the edition of "Tagil working" waiting for the next "graphic reportage." This genre has experienced in the Read more [...]
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It creates conditions for creativity

     The combination in one person different denominations is a gift of nature. People who have them, are important in our modern society, because, perhaps, it keeps them and the Russian land. One of them Tagil artist Ivan Antsygina well known in the city and as a graph and as a teacher, who trained a generation of students, and as a public figure, much has been done to save the city branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, and as a good person.     The other day at the Museum of Fine Arts opened the exhibition of Ivan Mikhailovich Antsygina, which presents more Read more [...]
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Unknown Ernst I.

Unknown Ernst I. (09/04/1926, Sverdlovsk), sculptor, muralist, easel; schedule. Action. pers. Royal Swedish Acad. claim. and Sciences (1984), New Iorkskoy Acad. Sciences (1986), the European Acad. Sciences, the lawsuit. and humanistic (1989). Son BA Dizhur. He studied at the Acad. artist. Latvian SSR (1946-47) and Mosk. artist. in-ones them. VI Surikov (1947-54). Since 1955, pers. USSR Union. In 1957, won two medals in the competition of young artist. At the World. Festival Dem. Youth and stud. in Moscow. Personal. Venue. N. took place in Moscow (1961, 1963, 1996), London (1965), in Paris (1966, Read more [...]
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Do not be sad, I’m with you

    With any death can not be accept. Especially when it seems that nothing of her portends. The death of Tagil artist Nicholas The nose is still difficult to believe it. Read more [...]
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Our countryman Laureate

    At the end of last year Soviet Children's Fund the VI Lenin and newspaper "TVNZ" announced the All-Union competition for the best poster Fund. The competition was attended by both Professional and amateur Artists from all over the country. Read more [...]
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The factories came artist

At the beginning of the XIX century the Urals came at the invitation of breeders Demidov artist Vasily Rayev. In order to create the paintings he visited Nizhny Tagil. Nizhnesaldinsky, Kushvinsky, Chernoistochinsk plants, as well as in Duck ghat Chusovoi. What is the future fate of the painter and his landscapes of the Urals? But first, a brief about the the artist.Basil was born a serf Ye Rayev landowner Kushelev in December 1807 in the village of Portage Pskov province. Being gifted by nature, in 1823 was set at Arzamas School of Painting Academician AV Stupin. Six years later, he was sent Read more [...]
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Maestro painting

    These words of the Tagil et-Vilaine artist Dmitrievich Muharkine, painter by profession or not the favorite Technology and around the warehouse of his personality on its inherent method of self-expression. Read more [...]
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Boy portrait

    Was previously published material "Then there were the portraits" (newspaper "Tagil work", 29.12.1987), in which talks about the identified funds Leningrad museums three portraits of the Ural breeder Sava Yakovlevich Yakovlev brush the famous Russian painter of the XVIII century M. Kolokolnikov. Read more [...]
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Stone artist

    In Nizhny Tagil lives and works artist, who first invented writing of minerals not still lifes, and composition. In his paintings can be studied mineral wealth Sverdlovsk region. Read more [...]
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