Summer dawns on Voloshne

Part 2: Invasion asp August – one of the best months for the development of catching asp. It is well known that many anglers prefer to hunt for this predator restless representative of the carp family, with kastmasterom. This is explained primarily by the need to make further precise casts. But few know that asp can «coax» and other spinning bait.Every morning before dawn, after loading a thermos with hot coffee, I went to tame place in the middle of the Gulf to catch bream on zavyalku. But this time, when the sun began to rise, my attention from watching the Read more [...]
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Find the fish in troubled waters

 Photo by the author The main competitions - not to win but to participate. Although we took 2nd place in the Cup «Trophies Daiwa-2014», Yet the most important acquisition for us - no prizes and invaluable experience in finding and catching fish in unfamiliar waters and even in the fall of the water level, which can not be called transparent.Around need skill, training, trainingHaving something to do with fishing sport, I knew that without a few days of training to qualify for prizes rather naive. Without training I would have to speak not. But this time we had Read more [...]
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When trolling asp is not …

Asp Each has its own character, for this fish as if there is no general rule of conduct. Most anglers prefer to hunt for this predator with spinning, but few chub caught on a live fish rod or Donkey. Many in such fishing does not believe and if suddenly see that in their eyes catch asp in an unusual way, it immediately raises a lot of questions. I'll talk about zhivtsovoy catching asp, based on personal experience.Stable catch on fry and asp bait, but with the major, I on­He studied at Lower Volga. AT That time we Friends tried baubles asp beating Read more [...]
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Let’s start with the asp!

Spawning restrictions on fishing ended, and now finally you can almost always catch on spinning. Of course, many anglers first went for ubiquitous pike and perch and pike-perch, which are easy to catch in large reservoirs and lakes. However, there are in our waters is another interesting and powerful predator is most dense clusters creates yet on fast flowing rivers, and spinning season makes sense to begin with him. It asp.Spinning in the early summer asp promising for the reason that he had not completed his postspawning zhor and fishermen in early June, usually a week or two Read more [...]
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Fishing boat on the asp

Asp very carefulauthor photoIn places frequented by fishermen, it is not always bite on spinning bait, whatever are you not picking up. Use of the correct boat equipped with leashes, can make fishing more predictable results. The main thing that baiting the hook moving live bait in the water naturally and possibly located further away from the body of the boat. Also, finding a fisherman on the beach or some hydraulic works should be invisible.Asp on rivers closer to usually meets in the autumn large flocks. So it is easier to arrange a battue hunting and bleak For other Read more [...]
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Go for asp!

Part 2.Rybalka on waters with low flow-through. Rich chub and large lakes, reservoirs and the middle band, for example, Seliger, Ivankovo, Uglich and others. But especially a lot of fish in the waters of southern Russia.Habits asp on reservoirs of oblong habits differ from their counterparts living in turbulent jets, only worse for the fishing side. Predators are very careful, it seems that here they have some intelligence. Often it is necessary to watch a comic scene: here a hundred meters from the fishing chub over again begin to beat a trifle, spinning in a hurry to - the battle Read more [...]
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Go for asp!

Part 1. Habits predator and fishing on the rivers.Photo by the author Among the inhabitants of the underwater world, especially among predatory fish, there is a striking resemblance habits, characters with representatives of the animal kingdom. Thus, the largest freshwater predator – catfish, like the bear is omnivorous, and will not disdain carrion, all the warm season batten, but in the winter as in the den, falls into deep pits koryazhistye.Fanged perches like a family flocks of wolves at night, mercilessly destroy the fish trifle. Only cold lighteneth moonlight pearlescent Read more [...]
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Autumn asp Lower Volga

Many spinning both theoretically and practically well prepared for catching asp. They know his habits, where he is kept in a particular period of the year. Cleverly used as different trompe l'oeil, and their special, tried and tested experience of wiring. I will share my experience.I do not live for many years in his native land, but regularly came to his parents. Here, near Astrakhan, in the places of my childhood and adolescence I avert my soul for fishing and one of the most attractive for himself predators think it is asp.In memory of the successful fishermen with the priest Read more [...]
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Spawning ecology and asp

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Asp – favorite gamefish, the coveted trophy spinnings. This is a fairly abundant species in reservoirs Canal. Moscow. Asp most predatory fish of the carp family. The elongated, spindle-shaped body, powerful tail, a big mouth, the lower jaw that protrudes on the upper jaw has a small notch to hold extraction: the whole look of this fast and very agile fish leaves no doubt – is a powerful and dangerous predator, despite the absence of teeth.Asp reaches a length of 80 cm and weight of 12 kg. The channel reservoirs often there are individuals weighing Read more [...]
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Goodbye, Indian summer!

 Photo by the author It may well be that such a warm windless sunny day fall this autumn again, but the second week I remember that day, and I want to experience it again. I have already described our method of fishing alloy and the way we fought the good pike, trying to take her without a landing net. But that was only the beginning of a wonderful and bright day.Predator in snagsAfter catching ide, pike and chub in us a desire to further expand awakened species composition of fish caught by us. Prior to the full «gentleman» autumn set we lacked zander and asp. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Fishing Lure asp

I confess that I have a little experience of catching a chub lures. This is due to the fact that this fish is very accurate and does not admit close to for themselves, and crankbaits, as you know, are not the best aerodynamic properties. Because in the main I catch him on traditional lures like Kastmaster office Acme. But there are conditions for fishing in what is true selected wobbler can "Harvesting" even corporate kastmastera. Suppose you catch on the bend of the river. In this case, you can successfully catch alloy, fusing lure downstream riparian under bushes or other location Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: asp

Asp - the most common species of fish species. Asp carps squad carps. Asp different from other small fish and thick black body with a bluish-gray back, silvery-white-grayish sides and belly. Dorsal and caudal fins its grayish, with dark ends. The lower part of the tail is slightly longer than the upper, the other fins are red at the base and gray to an end, several elongated head, with outstanding top jaw. Catching asp - it is agile, lively process as asp very many moves over the pond. Asp inhabit virtually all medium and huge rivers flowing into the Caspian Sea Dark and more rare in Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing School. Asp

Good catch - the dream of at least some fisherman and chub are considered the most worthy trophy on the Volga expanses. How to hunt it? Where to find? What bait to choose? On this and many other secrets you will learn in this movie of the series School Fishing ... Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Hunting for asp. Fishing with bottom

Fishing for chub from the bottom is best to use follow-up strategy: use very languid baubles from their own spectrum, when casting give her to lie low for a split second. This has the effect of active games fry. Oh, so shiny again raised edge in the midst of a mule bait lure fish. Dimensions bait must comply with the food equivalent of asp in the area where it will be going fishing. So, when choosing ready or own baits: preparation, how to find bait fish eats asp in your pond.   Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Hunting for asp. Fishing with float

The most common method promulgated and find a place at the lake chub activity - look for clusters Svor gulls. After Gull not quit without attention imprudent asp floating to the edge of the water reaches. When choosing a high-quality float should be considered a suitable depth of our future fishing and elect a cross between a heavy one for comfortable casting and careful transparent float, virtually invisible to the inhabitants of the underwater world. Can be combined with different types of vraschalkami and small spinners.   Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Hunting for asp. Kastmaster

The trick of the game in a water depth kastmastery - his movements based on specific facets. A special form has shifted the center of mass in the back, on the part of the hook. Because of this lure is not overlapped in flight, flying far away, have a low resistance to air. In order to get out to the parking lot we are looking asp its former parking obkidyvaem our bottom bait. After all, to get to the bottom of the asp pond much easier there his usual parking.   Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Pause Fast asp

Usually in the autumn of the year anglers are set to catch walleye, pike, perch and other predators. Because it is clear that all signs chub fish thermophilic and exhibits the highest activity in the summer. But the practice proves that even in autumn and winter, you can catch this fish ... Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Back asp

Once again, we will test fortunes in the hunt for asp. At this time fishing the same place - the Volga delta, but only slightly changed angler company and ways of catching this fish. Our heroes - Igor and Andrey located approximately in the center of the wide channels and took her fishing on the coastal side. Because here is the deepest pit, then at the edges in the midst of driftwood can lure big chub. And then a few minutes later Andrei Izotov fortune has smiled with a little chub. Second fisherman has not yet boast a huge catch. Still not enough for the next regular fishing boats. Umostitsya Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Starting catch asp Sergei Maksymenko

Asp midst angler is considered one of the most usmotritelnyh fish. It is very difficult to catch. Not in vain when fishermen catch asp will not find life-affirming mood. After all the troubles here completely commonplace. But lonely wizard who love challenges and exciting fight with the fish still dare to continue fishing for asp. One such person was the expert base Avalon expert Sergey Maksymenko. This year it expects to more than one instance zherehovyh trophy fish. First, we will tell about the preparation in vernal fishing. Let us especially fish boats for comfortable fishing, etc.   Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Master class on a jig from Voltchkova

Earliest in August in the morning we go to catch a predator with their wives Voltchkova. Trolling they used a collection of hand-picked crankbaits that have already established themselves in the local pike perch and chub. But apart from our ready crankbaits couples have a lot of unique baits. Their collection of self-made porolonchik especially intrigued by the operator. After all, there were a lot of unique products under various situations. We hit the bottom with sand piled unblemished. It is comfortable for catching small predator perch for example. In the morning take walleye, but from Read more [...]
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