When the "Golden Autumn" starts to turn into a wet and slightly podkvasitsya leaf on aspen begin to fly grousePhoto: Anatoly Loskutov I'm still ashamed of what fifty years ago did not realize why my friend really wanted to put before the house aspen. And the reason it was extraordinary «talkativeness».With her always, even in calm weather, you can whisper. Her round, with small teeth leaf sits on long, thin stalks. Anyone, even a slight movement of air is enough to tree rustled. This rustle, whisper effect on human fascinating as flickering in the night fire or flowing Read more [...]
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«Own» among beavers

Each time the hunt broke wind on my part, or alternating directions. Suitable sites for Ambush on the leeward side was not. I kept watch grinders on the steep bank of a shallow ditch, a sawmill, extending from the river.The ditch beavers sawed birch, aspen, and then butchered them. On the shore of willow mowing and even Christmas trees came under sharp planes. My position was the most advantageous, if the wind is not a traitor. Masking spruce in perfect distance to the intended purpose of 10-15 meters. Beavers and Beaver Beavers fun and dancing, but not shot sailed. Slapping tails, they flop, gurgled, Read more [...]
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Wrinkled hats

Since early spring, with the beginning of the snowmelt and the appearance of the first thawed, heated by the sun around the forest stand, waiting to take in the courtyard of his house, which prompt the appearance of the first mushrooms: morels and false morels and their near kinsman - Smorchkova cap. Although amateur mushroom picker, they are all united — moth wrinkled their yellow-brownish cap. But no, the lines of squat, with with spherical deep convolutions fruit body; morels to match them, but more elegant, and Smorchkova cap here, in Unlike Read more [...]
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With trembling tree

«Trepetnolistnaya Aspen is beautiful and is only visible in the fall: gold and crimson leaves covered her; and clearly distinguished from other green trees, it gives a lot of charms and the diversity of the forest during autumn leaf fall».IS TurgenevIn botany aspen known as Populus tremula — «poplar trembling». It is the Latin name for aspen Carl Linnaeus assigned based on its external features (populus — Poplar, tremula — trembling).In aspen, even calm, leaves rustle ceaselessly. A It is to blow the breeze, Read more [...]
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In the forest of black cocks

A couple of years hunting season started for me with the end of October. Direct communication with my "vagrant" work. This season fell open in August. And how not to go to "delicious" aspen, coveted gluharёm should they have to feed the sheet. I went into the forest to such an aspen, and there naked ... deforestation, hit aspen sawn Timber.He sat on a stump for an hour from sunrise, listened, watched ... silence. Capercaillie span is not declared. But nearby on moss bogs gnashed gurgled and grouse.jwplayer.key="BHAtKTdWGA7Jm6Ku6hQiZH2sKSZPKmVUoQ8Kqg==";var playerInstance2955 Read more [...]
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