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U.S. supported the plan to inflict on Syria’s chemical attack and blame the Assad regime

Emails leaked may argue that the White House approved the use of chemical weapons in Syria, writes the tabloid The Daily Mail. "In such an attack could be accused of the Assad regime, which, in turn, would encourage the use of foreign troops in the affected country," - says journalist Louise Boyle.So, on Monday, it was reported, quoting e-mail correspondence, "two senior employees of the British company Britam Defence, fulfilling government orders" (language editions). "The letter outlines a plan," approved by Washington, "and explained that Qatar will finance Read more [...]
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Media: Assad is on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea under Russian supervision

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family, probably most of the time in the Mediterranean on board the ship, which is "under Russian supervision," write the Belgian media on Monday, referring to the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia.According to them, when Assad appointed or that a meeting in Damascus, he takes off on her helicopter, RIA "Novosti".According to the newspaper opinion, a number of Western and Arab countries insist on withdrawal of Bashar Assad as president of Syria, as a necessary condition for the crisis. Russian authorities believe that the Syrian people Read more [...]
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Provocation against Russia is prepared to Syria with the Slavs

Allies Syrian opposition intend to arrange provocation with individuals of Slavic appearance to discredit Russia as one of the key mediators in the talks, said the military-diplomatic source.According to him, representatives of interested in the overthrow of the current Syrian regime structures conduct the recruitment of persons of Slavic appearance - citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which will play the role of the Russian "mercenaries", allegedly fought on the side of Assad and captured fighters so-called Free Syrian Army.These "mercenaries" have to give the cameras Read more [...]
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Turkish PM: Victory over the tyrant Assad close

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Tayep Syrian refugee camp in the border town of Sanliurfa ... He was accompanied by the leader of the Syrian opposition Moaz Ahmed al-Khatib and several deputies. Speaking to the refugees, Erdogan said that the victory over the "tyrant" Assad close. "I can clearly see that the help of Allah is near. You have suffered a lot, but do not despair." The premier said that Assad "tortured" nearly 50,000 people. "We will stand with you until the end" - quoted Erdogan MIGnews. Turkey is officially 150,000 Syrian Read more [...]
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U.S. asks Russia to persuade Assad to surrender. Russia against

Despite the escalating violence in Syria, continued fighting between the government army and the motley opposition a chance to resolve the conflict through diplomacy still remain, convinced the principal opponents of the Syrian issue - the U.S. and Russia. However, the idea of the conditions of the peace dialogue diametrically opposed. Moscow is adamant - to interfere in the internal affairs of another country is not worth it. And here in Washington do not hesitate to ask the Russians to seek the resignation of Bashar al-Assad.Recently, representatives of the Russian and U.S. foreign Read more [...]
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The Israeli ambassador was interviewed on Fox News the situation in Syria

Israel's ambassador to the U.S., told Fox News television on the probability that a chemical weapon in the hands of the Shiite terrorist group said that for Israel this situation would "change the rules of the game."Ambassador Michael Oren said that, if there had been a chemical weapon in the hands of "Hezbollah", Israel will consider it a "red line" and "change the game" in the region.Israel and the West are closely monitoring the situation in Syria, while Syrian President Bashar Assad is trying to hold on to power in a country ravaged by civil Read more [...]
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Assad: War in Syria are the views of extremists Al-Qaeda

President of the Syrian Republic on Sunday appealed to the people about the situation in the country, saying that the Syrians oppose extremists supporting the views of the "Al Qaeda", which helps to fight from the outside other countries.President at the beginning of his speech, said that he "regretted refers to the situation in the country due to which people are killed and many become refugees."He noted that in Syria there is a conflict between the people and the armed gangs who are killing civilians, destroying schools and infrastructure, "Interfax"."This is Read more [...]
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The contours of the military operations against the Assad regime

12/11/2012 Western countries have developed a plan of intervention in the Syrian conflict, which involves not only training and supplying the rebels, but a direct military involvement. The agreement was reached during a secret meeting in London. The meeting was attended by the generals of France, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, U.S., writes The Independent, citing sources in the British leadership. According to these data, the West came to the conclusion that the 22-month conflict has already reached its peak, so the need to help the rebels to power of a new Syria perceived U.S. and Europe as their Read more [...]
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Having dealt with Assad, Syrian rebels will go to Washington

12/11/2012 Are at the forefront of the rebellion in Syria rebels supported by Western states - the terrorists "Al-Qaeda." It is they who have killed U.S. troops in Iraq and that they are open about their desire to fight against the United States - a little later, when do away with Assad. Journalist David Enders (materials tells how a group of "anti-Dzhabhat Nusra" "has become key in frontline operations, fighting with Assad rebels," and that on account of this group of the most difficult fights in battles across Syria.«Jabhat al Nusra» claimed responsibility Read more [...]
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Western analysts have described the possible scenarios for the invasion of Syria: You can give at Damascus volley …

The White House for the first time publicly admitted the presence of his plan for the invasion of Syria. According to his press secretary Jay Carney, the U.S., concern over the situation with the Syrian chemical weapons have begun preparations for a possible operation in order to gain control over it. On Monday, President Barack Obama bluntly warned Damascus that if it used chemical weapons, the effects are not long in coming. Fuel to the fire poured portal, reported with reference to U.S. intelligence that professionals working in the regime of Bashar al-Assad started to mix the components Read more [...]
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