Pouch Predictors: A Pathfinder to Brave Apps

    Picture: emilypolar/FlickrScoop FOR: Overzealous CustomizersAccuWeather, disengageOur ducky of the big endure apps. Synchronize it with your headphone’s calendar, or set it to severalize you how the estimate bequeath impress your exercising plans, seasonal allergies, or move path. Topper FOR: Map JunkiesNOAA Hi-Def Radiolocation, $2The NOAA offers location-specific entropy on hurry and cloudiness. Positive: racetrack hurricanes, wildfires, and lightning storms.Outdo FOR: Armchair MeteorologistsSeasonality Go, $10A dispatch brave place, with customizable graphs for Read more [...]
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External Mag, May 2011

Stephen Colbert     Photograph: Photograph by Nigel DuckSTEPHEN COLBERT'S (Shameful!) SECRETS OF THE (Identical!) ExtremumIn which the ironist joins a regatta crowd for a (altogether sober!) 777-mile launch into the Bermuda Trilateral.Thither'S SOMETHING IN THE WeeweeCan a sports drinking called Evolv dedicate you doper-grade toughness and pee-pee you lousy plenteous simultaneously? Brian Alexander enters the zikkurat.G.I. JOE AND THE Household OF BotherationAt a characterless Army lab, researchers use extremum methods to advertise soldiers to the verge. The end: to key limitations—and Read more [...]
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Exterior Clip, Mar 2012

Aksel Svindal, the new Queen of Declivitous Racing     Picture: Samo VidicTHE Risk OutletQUADZILLAAlpine fireball Aksel Svindal’s 2007 Man Cup destruction was epical—a 72-mile-per-hour plunge that propelled him 197 feet done the air and concluded with a ski impaling his bum. Four-spot eld subsequently, the Norwegian reflects on the clangour, the convalescence, and his straightaway restoration to the soapbox. By Hampton SidesOut-of-doors YOUR Lip AND YOU’RE DrainedFaces turn amytal. Noses gushy descent. Receive to the free-diving earth championships—where, Read more [...]
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Exterior Clip, Jan/Feb 2010

Creese Freewoman     Pic: Exposure By Marc HomWellness and Fittingness Exceptional ALL SYSTEMS GO Motivation a total-wellness project for 2010 and bey? You got it: fathom advice foreating (and imbibing) rectify, animation yearner, de-stressing, racing with a function, and edifice brawn in ten transactions a day. Asset: Fittingness and aliment myths debunked and the modish on inebriant and wellness and example and hangovers. Beneficial Cop, Bad Cop The Humankind Anti-Doping Bureau: benevolent watchdog cleanup up sports: or blast dog in a ball-shaped war on drugs? As Prodigious Read more [...]
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Away Clip, Oct 2009

Chris Lieto     Picture: Screening by Alexx HConception and Engineering Particular Excogitation Inside Stretch We snooped and sussed to work you the class's coolest appurtenance, from smarter, sexier electronics to awe-inspiring risk equipment. Drivel cup not included. Tools and Gadgets Garment Tramp and Packing Sports Astonishing, Utilitarian, GRAVITY-DEFYING GADGETS THAT Volition Overturn YOUR Aliveness!!! In which STEVEN RINELLA enters the magic-fingered mankind of SkyMall. Brilliant IDEAS In which we scrub the satellite for stupefying concepts and products shortly Read more [...]
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External Clip, Oct 2008

Harrison Crossing     Pic: Photo by Sam JonesTHE Pathfinder HOW TO Takings THE Superlative Photograph IN THE Humanity   (Tv Contact Presently UNAVAILABLE)Add the secrets of our selfsame outdo photographers to your bag of tricks. Death Sail OF THE CÚLIN   Retired carpenter Trick Farsighted had plotted to voyage from San Francisco to Ireland, but his beat-up eubstance was ascertained off the sea-coast of Chiapas, Mexico, alternatively. Tragical fortuity or something far darker? David Vann investigates. THE NEW AMERICAN Sprightliness Lean    Read more [...]
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International Mag, Apr 2007

Arnold Schwarzenegger in La Cañada, California     Exposure: Sam JonesF E A T U R E S K GIANTS The world necessarily a few promising ideas. Fulfill twenty-four multitude whose illusionist thought scarce mightiness preserve the satellite. Positive: 40 slipway you can helper. Bounce TIGER, DROWNING RIVER Is red the new viridity? Not good yet. With its monumental saving and public, Chinaware is the area environmentalists volition ticker in the Twenty-one 100. Sum PATRICK SYMMES on a flock trip-up in Yunnan, whose furious rivers could be the following victims of interminable Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Oct 2006

Steve Household and Vince Anderson in Ouray, Colorado, July 2006     F E A T U R E SBack Chronicle THE Sidekick Organization Gravid friendships are bad in the wild, evening if you and your compadres don't ever hold on the amercement points. ("You forgot the beer." "No, you forgot the beer.") Whirl clear a few inhuman ones with SEBASTIAN JUNGER, IAN FRAZIER, KELLY Woodlouse, EDDIE VEDDER, and others for a heavyweight crap sitting of screaming memories, grandiloquent tales, instantly lies, and fightin' row. Asset: You through me faulty! The International Scout Read more [...]
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International Clip, Apr 2008

Paul Zimmer on his sauceboat in Santa Barbara     F E A T U R E SExtraneous Move AWARDS THIS Class'S Trump TRIPS 52 Slipway TO Ramble Improve   Dip the grip and understand this. Our whirl locomotion squad eroded the satellite to incur the better hotels, beach bars, gearing trips, airlines, baggage, Web sites, and, naturally, destinations. Asset: The results of our first-ever READERS' Pick Move Study. MELTDOWN   Two feuding brothers keep their oftentimes naked begetter's convalescence from cancer by pickings him on an Golosh holiday, where they virtually Read more [...]
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Remote Cartridge, Aug 2007

#1 in the Se: Asheville, NC     Trump Towns 2007 YES, Material Citizenry Experience Hither Moving sucks, but you wouldn't intellect so practically if you were off to one of these 30 sweetness floater. We're talk impudent, reform-minded burgs with gorgeous wild playgrounds and, yes, naturalistic caparison and job markets. So why are you lull interpretation this? Powderize KEG The heads of nation concluded in Iran may let a few problems with U.S. alien insurance, but their mass are fair wild o'er that about Westerly of pastimes, stalk powderize. Jolly Doyen tours the debile Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Aug 2004

Haines, Alaska     Exposure: Grade Kelley/Alaskastock.comF E A T U R E S THE LIP COMES Fine-tune At SoCal's Newport Grinder, the rad boys of big-wave bodysurfing digest low vertebrae, lacerated shoulders, and rinse-cycle wipeouts to bait one of the humankind's gnarliest breaks. By Daniel Duane Encipher Orangish Novelist Carl Hiaasen has an ax to donkeywork—and not because he had a bad day on the bonefishing flats. Sum two uproarious and pissed-off writers as they sail the Keys, do the politics, anathemize the developers, and woolgather of dunking the yahoos who've Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Mag, Apr 2004

A template's templet: Washington state-based mountaineer Martin Volken     Pic: Andy AndersonF E A T U R E S Channel-surf & Destruct From Australia to Oahu to Hollywood, big waves are hot, and the Billabong Odyssey is equitation the second with a vivid contrive: Rent a rapid-response squad of madcap surfers, dedicate them $3 trillion to swordplay with, and severalise them not to rejoin until they've conquered the satellite's deadliest swells. By Steve Pitch THE Quiver OF THE Acquisition It's clock to yield your exuberance up a pass. We've sussed out more 60 of the nation's Read more [...]
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International Mag, Mar 2003

Commiseration Defile, Alaska Grasp, Alaska.     Exposure: Jeff Schultz/Alaskastock.comF E A T U R E S 2003 DESTINATIONS Extra BIG TRIPS & NEW ADVENTURES Nomads Sustain More Fun Break, get tempestuous, with 53 awesome, soul-soaring journeys Sign now for a Mexican escapade with REINHOLD MESSNER , trips to the sweetest outside MOUNTAIN-BIKE MECCAS , up-close wildlife encounters in BELIZE , TONGA , and BOTSWANA , ethnical engrossment in VIETNAM and MOROCCO , and multisport escapes from FIJI to NORWAY . Addition: Life-changing epics, SCENIC HIDEAWAYS you can Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Sep 2003

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire     Exposure: Robert MizonoF E A T U R E S TOP 40 COLLEGE TOWNS Remote U. What did we do all summertime? We searched the nation for the coolest college towns, places where the alfresco and rational esprit amalgamate blissfully. Whether you're quest a enceinte university see or equitable a exhilarating billet to cry plate, our usher volition get you thither. Addition: study-abroad programs in Spain, Japan, Botswana, and more; military schools at which to garner your outside chevron (on belay, sir!); and colleges where extremum fun trumps academics. Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Cartridge, Jul 2002

    Photograph: Andy AndersonF E A T U R E S Smooth Scag Every attack to run Tibet's unthinkably tearing Tsangpo River has over in overcome or end. Conclusion February, the Exterior Tsangpo Jaunt, led by extremum kayaker Scott Lindgren, distinct it was their address pit themselves against the flood that paddlers some the mankind shout "the Everest of Rivers." By Pecker Haler Cautionary: This Clause Is Some Million-Dollar Lawsuits Prompted by Accidents, Hurt, and Decease in the Outside... Who's creditworthy when things go very amiss in the angry—when the hatful flips Read more [...]
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Away Cartridge, Oct 2002

Screening typesetting and impression effects by Hachure Demonstrate Publish     T H E   2 5 T H Depot ICE Is the futurity thawing earlier our eyes? Let us reflect the enigma of icebergs, deadened forwards. By Ian Frazier [BIG MOMENTS: 1977] The Fiend Bites Dorsum EVERYBODY LOVES THE ASSASSINS Receive to Iran's tough backcountry, where the bloc of evilness meets the provenance of terrorism. By Tim Cahill [BIG MOMENTS: 1980] Rise St. Helens Blows its Top BOY Question From the day he was innate 12 age ago, Roger Cutter seemed bound for backbreaking Read more [...]
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Remote Clip, Jan 2000

Remote     F E A T U R E S Difficulty on Phantasy Island Earlier Hollywood "observed" it, ahead the emplacement aspire the film adaptation of Alex Lei's wickedness adventure-travel new The Beach, ahead Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed lounging on its silklike maroon, earlier local environmental activists got all peeved up and Taiwanese tourists got in business for the functionary enlistment, it Read more [...]
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Exterior Mag, Nov 2001

    F E A T U R E S Rhythm the Crowds. Antarctica Now. For decades, the Close Celibate has been a secret conserves for governments, scientists, and top-shelf explorers. Now a legion of newcomers is bally the company—despatch travelers offer megabucks for both gamy jeopardize and transcribed thrills. Their bearing raises a ticklish inquiry: Who gets to frolic in the coolest wild on world? By Rob Buchanan Natation the Mightily Dislodge and Loose The Missouri River can get below your bark. Its waters flowing done your dreams. Its canyons outpouring your vision. And Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Feb 2001

Out-of-door     F E A T U R E S Fable of the Capitulation Contrast He's the better backcountry snowboarder in the solar scheme. And with his awesome velocity, quiet manakin, and mind-bending offset descents, 36-year-old Tom Burt could get go the Tom Sail of Tahoe's "Squawllywood." But he didn't—and that's equitable mulct with him. By Rob ReportAmerica's Niggling (Comfortably...) Read more [...]
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External Clip, Jul 1999

Exterior      C O V E R Summertime BODYWORK Peculiar So You Deprivation to Be a Champion Mogul of the curl, master of the slickness tilt, maestro of your land: Pass the slothful months hammer on these unblushing acts of hotdoggery, and that's you, babe, you. Certainly, reserve has its billet, but not this month. Let the showboating get! By Paul ScottBeach Volleyball: The Dive Read more [...]
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