In Astrakhan, a festival of anglers’ roach-2007 “

The festival has become wide holiday anglers, held in Astrakhan, the press office of the governor of the Astrakhan region. The festival, organized by the "Astrakhan Press Club" was held under the patronage of the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin, which is traditionally opened the event, and later handed over to the winners of the main prizes.     The fishing tournament brought together three hundred participants. Almost a kilometer from the fishing rods are stretched along the waterfront in the center of Astrakhan, ranked according to the draw. After the team competition arbitrator Read more [...]
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Spring hunting in Astrakhan: past and present

Spring hunting in the Astrakhan region opened last from 13 to 28 March 2009Photo: Dicl Daniels Here and March ... Nights are increasingly going back to his happy childhood and adolescence. Mentally move from snowy Kaluga blows cold spring wind my small home – Astrakhan.Here, every day is warmer, although ilmenite, lakes and small Eric still under the ice. But the sun every day recaptures have winter water. The skies are increasingly heard roll back with vengeance wintering geese and geese, duck north. There comes a time to spring hunting. And after all those years in the Read more [...]
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As the season opened in Astrakhan

«HORN» on their pages inform readers about what is happening in the organization of hunting in the regions of Russia, showing how positive experience as well as shortcomings. In this paper we describe the changes taking place in the region, much of the quench hunting and fishing passion drive many of our readers. September 22 in the Astrakhan region was open hunting bog meadows and waterfowl, and the extraction of the steppe, field game, fur animals and ungulates permitted from November 10 (in accordance with the decision of the Service of nature and the environment of the Astrakhan Read more [...]
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Firebird originally from Astrakhan

As the red lightning, rooster noise rises from the reeds twenty paces and flies from me, exposing his right sidePhoto by the author For many of my fellow countrymen, this statement may seem silly. Pheasants here that in other regions, home, like to settle within the boundaries of cities and towns.And earlier, and my trip to the Lower Volga, I heard a lot of stories about large clusters pheasant in the city. Their litters citizens met on the fringes of suburban partnerships, and even on the outskirts of the airfield «Narimanovo».As in previous years, the hunting of pheasants Read more [...]
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Astrakhan regional society of hunters: a hope for the future

"Horn" is trying as much as possible to regularly inform our readers about what is happening in the society of hunters. Our story today is about AROO «Astrakhan regional society of hunters and fishermen»Where the October 11 plan to elect a new chairman.Currently, the Acting Chairman of the Management Board Deputy Chairman performs – Kurbanov Roman V., the conversation which took place on the eve of the summer-autumn hunting 2013– Roman V. readers «HORN» more interested in what is happening in the Astrakhan regional society of hunters. We know Read more [...]
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In Astrakhan with SnowBox!

Going fishing is not rare to note a point that rods, tackle boxes, boots and other equipment takes far the greatest amount of space in comparison with the products that will take a day to two or three.And if you travel to Astrakhan for a week and a big company…, You begin to regret that the garage is not GAZelle to bring all this «easting». And given that most of the product is usually perishable (and some drinks in a warm drink – well, just is not possible), it is advisable to drop off all that cold.This is why I decided to buy a good and spacious cold box. Apart from Read more [...]
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September 19 was called to hunt waterfowl in the Astrakhan region

The regional service of nature Astrakhan region September 3 on this occasion it took place a formal event. During his regional representatives of hunting users received explanations on the issues of hunting waterfowl in the season 2015-2016 gg.August 19 Service, the Resolution number 16-p «About the marginal rate of production resources for hunting the Astrakhan region 2015 hunting season–2016.». This resolution, adopted in according to Art. 34 of the Federal Law «On the hunt» and other rules of the law, called standards were approved.Getting Read more [...]
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On fur in the Astrakhan region

As reported by the "horn", the hunt for hare, fur-bearing animals, steppe and field game in the region, planned to open the second Saturday of November.Photo by Andrey Larin The second week of November this year falls on November 14 but, as it became known to the author, the opening of hunting, perhaps sooner. The regional authorities suggest to open on 7 November.This date is currently undergoing the necessary approvals. About the decision hunters will be notified via the website services of nature and the environment of the Astrakhan region and the media.Astrakhan hunters and Read more [...]
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In the Astrakhan region extended a ban on hunting saiga and banned the hunting of wild boars

In the Astrakhan region have extended the ban on the hunting of wild boar. He adopted for the current and future years and to start operating from 1 August. This decision is due to the fact that the number of small animal populations – only 124 individuals in the region. In addition, the decision of the regional government extended the ban on hunting saiga. This measure should help to keep the population of the steppe antelope.The Astrakhan reserve «Steppenwolf» antelopes come during lambing. To go beyond the limits of the reserve they are afraid: they are waiting for the poachers. Read more [...]
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On the river Ahtuba opened a new Center of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels

  On the days of Akhtubinsk area the Astrakhan area a festive opening of the Center GIMS. The event was the governor of the region Alexander Zhylkin. Today it is the first complex of buildings inspectors motivated plot GIMS Emergency Situations Ministry. Similar to him in Russia yet. The total building area is 1500 square meters, building area -754 sq.m. Novelty of the project were two cleaning installation deepest bio cleaning of household wastewater. The process of water purification in their biocenosis is done by attached and free-floating autotrophic bacteria. These modern technologies Read more [...]
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Vladimir Vinogradov

Vladimir Vinogradov (1874, Kazan?) State. figure. Graduated from the Law Faculty of Moscow. Univ. One skilled in the region. economic rights. Until 1903 he served in Astrakhan. env. court then took up the legal profession. Elected a member of. 3 rd and 4 th State. Duma (from Astrakhan Province.). In Feb. 1917 as Commissioner for k-those pers. State. Duma, later companion min. Railways in Bp. pr-ve. After October. roar. 1917 moved to Samara, where he actively participated in the work of the local fin. Party Nar. freedom (the Cadets). In Sept. 1918 Ufa State. first meeting of the elected Corresponding Read more [...]
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Bad weather in Western Europe and in the south of European Russia

Europe Another Atlantic cyclone hit the country in Western Europe. In Norway, the wind increased to 24 m / s, in Ireland to 23 m / s, in the UK up to 26 m / s. Received good rains. Their number is in Ireland for the night was 39 mm, 33 mm in the UK. Bad weather is associated with cyclones that approached from the mid-Atlantic to England. During the day, the cyclone deepened to 20 MB; Now the pressure at its center is 975 mb. Dell cyclone spread far to the west, so there was an increase in wind and in Germany to 19 m / s, in France, up to 24 m / s, in the Czech Republic up to 22 m / s, in Austria Read more [...]
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Traveled across the steppes of Astrakhan region

This is my first article, copied from the home site, so do not throw slippers especially 🙂 Various Egypt and Turkey have many stuffed on edge 🙂 And why go to the far distance and pay big money for an extreme, if Mother Russia have any climatic zones - from permafrost and ending deserts. In this report, I want to write about his two-day walk across the steppes of Astrakhan region. In the last warm days of September, we decided to take a walk with a friend through the steppe sites Astrakhan region in search of ancient sites and cultural objects and artifacts on the bulges. Yes, and just escape Read more [...]
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In the Astrakhan region in response to the drought emergency mode is entered

In the Astrakhan region in connection with the abnormally hot weather decision of a regional commission on emergency and fire safety regime introduced an emergency. The regional government agency «Interfax-Yug» reported that in the region moisture reserves in the first meter of soil declined significantly. Topsoil withered almost completely. In the provincial Ministry of Agriculture agency also said that as a result of drought occurred the death of cereals, vegetables, melons, forage crops, potatoes on a total area of ​​3.9 thousand. Hectares. There is a death of natural hayfields Read more [...]
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At the Astrakhan field was attacked by hordes of locusts

In the Astrakhan region due to the dry and hot weather of the field attacks a record number of locusts. Insect, literally sweeping plants in its path, may leave the region without a crop. The area has already declared a state of emergency. In our category \"Mobile reporter\" - a cadre of eyewitnesses invasion. The author of the material Nattti writes that the locals are fighting off the insect in all ways - burning fires and noise that the locust scares. Earlier, the Governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin proposed to put the locusts ate. This struggle with unwanted insects not only eliminates Read more [...]
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In Astrakhan, thousands of people were left without electricity due to welter

On Tuesday evening, October 12, the element left in the dark a few thousand people living in the Northern and Central districts of Astrakhan. Heavy rain and squally winds damaged power lines. The breach in the two branches of power lines to substations \"Kili-Kili\" and \"North\" was recorded in 16.25 GMT. Teams and networks working on Troubleshooting, RIA \"Novosti\" with reference to the representative of Astrakhanenergo. It is expected that electricity will be restored in the next few hours. Earlier in late September without electricity also more hours remained the capital of Kalmykia, Read more [...]
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Snow left in the dark over 30 thousand Astrakhantsev

February 6, 2011 as a result of complex adverse weather phenomena on the territory of the Astrakhan region there were power failures, associated with damage to transmission lines and disconnect feeders (453 transformer substation 8,98 kW of power). At 10.30 in 7 districts of the region without power supply (partially) remained 35 settlements, residential buildings with a total population of 31102 man, 78 socially significant object, 14 boilers. Violations of water supply no. All sources of water supply, boiler connected on a temporary basis. To prevent a disaster involved 66 people and 15 vehicles, Read more [...]
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\”Hot summer in Russia – 2\”

07/07/2011 Beginning of July was marked in Russia new temperature records. In Tomsk beaten the achievement of 50 years ago, in St. Petersburg exceeded the absolute maximum temperature for the time of observation, the Volga region 40 degree heat and even has become almost the norm. Burning forests in Siberia, fire area is measured in thousands of square kilometers. All this makes us think about the possible repetition of last summer, when the hot weather of July was the beginning of a terrible August. Is there a difference between the current SYNOPTIC situation from last year? What happens in Read more [...]
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Russia were heated almost to +44

The lower Volga region continues to overheat. It helps the South wind, which carries the hot air from the Central Asian steppes and the Arabian Peninsula. The hottest weather on Thursday was noted in Kalmykia, Astrakhan oblast, in the South of the Volgograd region, in the southern half of the Saratov region. Here at many meteorological station temperature rose to 40-43 degrees! The hottest point of Russia yesterday became the town of Elton, located at the southern Volgograd region. The temperature there has risen to +43,7 degrees! Although the Lower Volga in the summer is always the hottest Read more [...]
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Gas bomb near Astrakhan

Astrakhan gas condensate field on November 28. At any time of abandoned wells can break the hydrogen sulfide, which is able to kill the city. Last week in Astrakhan held a closed meeting on the issue for the region, without exaggeration, vital: just a few dozen kilometers from the city of abandoned wells Astrakhan gas condensate field threaten the most serious environmental disaster. The reason is that well even those not conserved. And there are serious concerns that one does not a beautiful day in the atmosphere can get a huge cloud of poisonous sulfide. What then? The forecast for this Read more [...]
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