NASA Finances 3D Pizza Pressman

The itinerary to Mars is paved with icky mozzarella, thanks to NASA, who let fair sanctioned a $125,000 inquiry assignment for the structure of a 3D pizza pressman. Austin, Texas, mastermind Anjan Declarer, of Systems and Materials Inquiry Pot, bequeath use the assignment to bod an sophisticated image of his nutrient synthesist, which he hopes testament one day be exploited to fertilise astronauts on longsighted voyages done place.In hypothesis, the synthesiser volition use pressurized cartridges of powders and oils to physique nutrient meals one stratum at a metre. Though pizza may look same an Read more [...]
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Cosmonaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Distance

The Italian cosmonaut who virtually drowned in his infinite wooing when his life-support pack malfunctioned during a spacewalk finale month divided new details almost the near-miss on his blog Tuesday. "But worsened than that, the urine covers my pry — a rattling direful sentiency that I pee worsened by my fruitless attempts to actuate the piss by shakiness my psyche," Luca Parmitan wrote. "By now, the speed share of the helmet is full-of-the-moon of urine and I can't evening be certainly that the adjacent sentence I rest I leave filling my lungs with air and not liquidity."As Read more [...]
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Astronauts Over Spelunk Preparation

Although astronauts are master blank travelers, a bulk of their grooming takes spot on land—or fifty-fifty clandestine. That was the lawsuit for six astronauts who exhausted a workweek in Italy’s Sa Grutta undermine as function of the European Quad Way’s Concerted Chance for Valuing and Exercise man demeanor and operation Skills (CAVES) class.The delegation was intentional to imitate the isolation and peril they power know on a place deputation. They too mapped Sa Grutta exploitation the paradigm CaveSniper surveying dick, which allowed them to return measurements wirelessly.  The Read more [...]
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Self-sufficing Infinite Lawsuit in Plant

Researchers say a next-generation spa causa could admonisher astronauts' wellness and use their soundbox passion to powerfulness electronics.Highly-developed at Kansas Posit University, the spa causa would merged biosensor engineering to living racetrack of astronauts' vitals, such as eupnoeic order and muscularity activeness.The reseachers, who admit students and professors, are too sounding to use the temperature remainder 'tween soundbox rut and the place wooing's chilling clothe to mightiness radios and former electronics.Batteries are too severe to berth in an spaceman's oxygen-rich infinite Read more [...]
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The Ultrasonic Man

Baumgartner in California, test-driving the case he'll habiliment during the 120,000-foot skydive.     Pic: Luke Aikins/ Red Bruiser PhotofilesBaumgartnerBaumgartner in California, test-driving the wooing he'll clothing during the 120,000-foot skydive. BaumgartnerBaumgartner in Salzburg, Austria BaumgartnerFine-tuning the wooing at the David Clark Society Baumgartner's saltationInstance by McKibilloThe PERRIS SKYVENTURE perpendicular twist burrow is a hurricane in a can. Inwardly the heart of a cylindric construction that looks similar an air-traffic-control Read more [...]
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The Earth’s Moon is created by NASA in 1960. It was there that landed Neil Armstrong?

In this photo you can see far in the Arizona desert, where in the 1960s, NASA has made more than 354 explosions to create a surface with craters, identical to the surface - the Moon. The very surface where supposedly we landed Americans on the moon ...Commenting on the NASA photos, reports that the simulated lunar surface area and includes 354 of the crater was created for training of American astronauts to land on this moon.American astronauts honed there skills to navigate the terrain similar to that on which they were to disembark. NASA used a ton of explosives to create a copy of the lunar Read more [...]
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ISS astronauts learned Chelyabinsk Meteor in the news

ISS astronaut Romanenko, asked a question about whether the astronauts saw Chelyabinsk "meteor" from space, astronaut does not understand what was going on and starts talking about an asteroid flyby of which was known. Correspondent asks, and said that the question relates to what happened in Chelyabinsk. Astronaut, mumbles something and wrinkled, and then issues - "We learned in an hour after the event on the news and internet. Well knocked a couple of windows in the gym, which are small destruction." A couple of windows ... Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In the astronauts are going to implant medical nanorobots

Scientists believe that in 5-10 years, each astronaut will implant the special medical nanorobots that will protect him from possible harmful effects of long-term space. First of all, it concerns the cosmic radiation, which causes abnormal growth of the spine and accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease. A couple of years science fiction writers could only imagine such technology, but for the time NASA scientists have already seriously thinking about the possibility of the use of technologies such as ultra-thin nanoskafandr, space nanolift etc. Also quite a lot of attention paid Read more [...]
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The Chinese authorities are planning to grow vegetables on Mars and the Moon

12/06/2012 China's leadership is prepared to grow four kinds of vegetables on Mars and the Moon for the establishment there of "ecological life support system" for the astronauts, according to local media citing the Center for Research and training Chinese astronauts in Beijing. According to reports, have already passed the required tests in Beijing, and now plan for a tank volume of 300 cubic meters. m, where it is expected, will grow four kinds of vegetables (which is not specified). With their help, the astronauts will be able to produce its own supplies of air, water and food Read more [...]
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Heard that the astronauts on the moon?

July 21, 1969 ... The day man first walked on the lunar surface. Space mission of Neil Armstrong (Commander), Base Aldrin and Michael Collins reached on board the "Apollo 11" satellite. The task of the lunar mission was to land on the moon in the western part of the Sea of Tranquility. Followed by the landing of astronauts famous phrase: "The eagle sat on the moon." No less famous was another phrase said by Neil Armstrong after the first steps on the moon: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The remaining calls astronauts were also Read more [...]
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A former employee of NASA admitted that during a secret mission, the astronauts communicate with aliens.

This was reported by a former NASA engineer and spaceflight Clark MakKlillend (McClelland), who worked for the space programs of the "Mercury" in 1961 until the start of the International Space Station. He was personally acquainted with the astronauts from the first day and has some amazing firsthand accounts and their own UFO sightings. On his website, Clark made an official statement. In particular, he writes: "I, Clark C. MakKlillend personally seen alien in height from 8 to 9 feet in my 27-inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center Read more [...]
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Do androids dream of Electric Space?

Back in 1968 American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick wondered, Do Androids dream of Electric, and wrote about this whole affair. Exactly 45 years later, the same question could attend Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, however, it is unlikely that he will have time to write a novel. In the summer of 2013, engineers at Tokyo University, in collaboration with a Japanese advertising companies want to send to the International Space Station (ISS) with Wakata robot android KIBO («Hope"). The robot will help the astronaut to communicate with Earth. Scientists plan to make two copies Read more [...]
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The man from the first century

A rocket factory in Strakonice preparing for a test flight cargo spaceship. Everything is ready for the start ... In the pre-bustle, it turns out that the captain unhappy with his command chair, his upholstery. And so, working-obivschik Joseph sent aboard to correct your marriage. Meanwhile, at the Baikonur ... band in readiness for the podium bosses with astronauts, a gala time in the midst of ... Joseph also smeared glue on the chair, drinking beer, when suddenly ... foot slips and he comes on the "Start" button on the remote control. B-broads and the ship is sent along with Joseph Read more [...]
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What harm does astronauts to space radiation

In space, full of radiation. Escape from it is impossible. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a sand storm, and all around you constantly circling vortex of pebbles that hurt your skin. Would look like the cosmic radiation. But the problem is that, in contrast to the pebbles and pieces of land ionizing radiation does not bounce off human flesh. It passes through it, like a cannon ball penetrate the building. And this radiation causes considerable damage.Last week, researchers from the Medical Center at the University of Rochester, published research showing that long-term effects Read more [...]
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Scientists are looking for brave explorers to Mars exploration

If you think you know the best way to explore the red planet, then you will soon have an opportunity to prove it.Based in the Netherlands, non-profit organization Mars One, which is planning to lower its first astronaut on the surface of the Red Planet by 2023, published yesterday, January 8, its requirements for candidates for the role of future astronauts, thus preparing the ground for the process of global television selection, which must begin later this year.Mars One company is going to recruit not only academics or former pilots: any ordinary person who has attained the age of majority, may Read more [...]
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Scientists find out why astronauts in orbit grow

According to scientists, if spending a few months on board the International Space Station in microgravity, you can temporarily increase by around 3%. However, reports Infuture, growth in the world remains the same.Scientists and doctors still do not know the exact mechanism of increasing growth in space, but it is not a hypothesis, but a fact. Indeed all the astronauts on board the ISS are a little higher than they are on Earth. Currently, the phenomenon being studied."The first time we will use an ultrasound to find out why space in microgravity human spine increased by a total of 3%" Read more [...]
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Chinese authorities are going to grow vegetables on Mars and the Moon

In China, the country's leadership is prepared to grow four kinds of vegetables on Mars and the Moon. The aim is to create it "ecological life support system" for the astronauts. , Reports "Interfax" referring to the center of research and training of Chinese astronauts in Beijing. As the director of the center, Deng Yibin, a scientific experiment involving two subjects was focused on "establishing a mechanism for a balanced exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water between humans and plants in a confined space." In an isolated chamber volume of 300 cubic Read more [...]
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Does the moon dust flying?

Some phenomena, vision and terrestrial observers, and down stations, and astronauts "Apollo", due to the presence in the tenuous lunar atmosphere dust particles. But no one can explain how they got there. May shed light on the probe LADEE, which will launch in August 2013.You have heard about the new restaurant on the moon? Lovely food, but no atmosphere. This joke for decades, and, admittedly, it is outdated. In the future, NASA sends probe to orbit the Moon, which will gather information about the atmosphere of our satellite, including the situation near the surface and environmental Read more [...]
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Image astronaut rock art in Australia

In the North-West Kimberley, Western Australia. Drawings on stone Bradshaw, art stones Bradshaw Bradshaw figures, or simply Bradshaw, are terms used to describe one of the two largest regional traditions of rock art. Found an ancient painting in the north-west Kimberley region in Western Australia. First discovered and described rancher Joseph Bradshaw in 1891, after whom was named.But it is not only an extraordinary painting, it is also a testimony - and the world is multiplied support this assertion - that ancient astronauts visited the planet, when it was still in its infancy. When you Read more [...]
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Deep Impact / Deep Impact (1998)

Name: Deep Impact / Deep Impact Country: USA Year: 1998 Directed by: Mimi Leder Cast: Elijah Wood, Leelee Sobieski, Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni, Vanessa Redgrave, Morgan Freeman, Jon Favreau, Alexander Baluev, Maximilian Schell, Blair Underwood, and others Scenario: Bruce Joel Rubin, Michael Tolkin Duration: 120 min. Premiere U.S.: May 8, 1998 Description: To the ground with great speed approaching comet that threatens to destroy all life on the planet. As expected, the first of an impending misfortune to know Americans and quietly begin to prepare for life after the end of the world without giving Read more [...]
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