Four, rather than two, the earthquake in Greece

Two earthquakes (!) magnitude 5.3 and 5.2, which occurred in western Greece in the morning of Friday, damaged three dozen homes, the Athens News Agency reported. As the global monitoring of the USGS (USGS), the earthquake occurred northeast of the city of Patras, about 140 kilometers from Athens. Athens agency reports that in Phocis experts examined 98 buildings damaged, of which 31 houses in 14 villages was considered unfit for habitation. We are talking about old buildings that were built before in Greece was adopted modern standard seismic resistance. Affected by the earthquake was not. Source: Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Greece partly destroyed about 300 homes

August 8, 2013. In central Greece, 120 kilometers north-west of Athens earthquake of magnitude 5.3. As a result, the seismic shock partially destroyed hundreds of homes. None of the residents was injured. Tremors were felt throughout the country, including the capital. The village Drimea (in Fthiotida) hit by two non-residential building. In another chalk, Kato Titorea partially collapsed house where illegal immigrants live. People could not get themselves out of the ruins, they have assisted. In some mountainous areas of earthquake triggered a rockfall. Municipal services apart the rubble, Read more [...]
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The a 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Greece

Photo: EMSC The a 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred on Thursday morning in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece, told the Athens Institute of geodynamics. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in 57 kilometres North-West of the Greek capital. As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, in Athens earthquake was felt at about 0700 local time in the form of a weak vibration of the floor and furniture. Victims and material damage, according to local TV channels. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In Greece, the flood swallowed village

30th March,the Canal provides water to Athens, flooded village near the sea at a distance of 140 kilometres from the Greek capital. As reported because of the landslide in the walls of the channel formed breakthrough size of about 60 meters, which caused the flood. Water flooded the village of Saranti on the shore of the Corinthian Gulf, which is West of Athens. Data on casualties yet. General Director of the Greek water company EYDAP Nikos Bardis called accident «very serious» however promised that the water 4 million Athenian metropolis will not be violated, because Read more [...]
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Sprinters Acquitted in Doping Saga

An appeals judicature in Athens upturned convictions yesterday in the perjury lawsuit of Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou, the Greek sprinters who were aerated with scaffolding a motorbike fortuity to obviate a dose exam earlier the Athens Olympics in 2004. Kenteris, who won gilt in the 200 meters at the Sydney Olympic Games, and Thanou, who won silver-tongued, were preferred to decoration in Athens but lost a dose trial, the one-third in a twelvemonth, resulting in an reflex doping ban that unbroken the couple from competing in the Olympics. Kosteris and Thanou aforesaid that they were in a Read more [...]
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Chinese piddle straining     Photograph: Colin AngusChinese weewee strainingNovember is the Outside Spa Tie's prescribed Spa Knowingness Month. O'er 500 spas nationally volition be offer demonstrations, seminars, and outdo of all, discounts and early incentives to get you in the threshold for that urgently required pre-winter touch-up. November 2-4 The Outside Expert Deliver Symposium draws search-and-rescue professionals to Prosperous, Colorado, to parcel tidings on new equipment and techniques, and discourse proficient problems and over-the-counter issues. Read more [...]
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Hundreds of black dead blackbirds in Alabama, USA

January 12, 2011. Hundreds of blackbirds found on highway I-65 in Athens, Alabama, USA On Wednesday morning we received many letters and calls from people who, according to them, a large number of dead birds on the side of the highway I-65 in Limestone County. And it was true. South of Athens, 347 mile, we found three hundred dead thrushes on the side of the road in a northerly direction. Eyewitnesses reported that birds apparently just fell from the sky, but the biologist, prisutstvovali at the scene, explained that actually happened in his menu. \"At the moment we believe that birds were Read more [...]
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Europe’s Outflank Summertime Parties

Domain of Old, Billet of New Records: Athens hosts the 2004 Summertime Olympic Games     Exposure: PhotoDisc06.12–19 GIRAGLIA ROLEX CUP ST.-TROPEZ, FRANCE A 243-mile sailplaning backwash from St.-Tropez to Genoa, Italy, some the island of Giraglia. The shoreside shot in St.-Tropez is peppered with the Bain de Soleil beautiful. 07.03–11 ALLIANZ SUSSE Surface GSTAAD, SWITZERLAND At 3,000 feet, tennis balls fly much quicker. Betwixt matches, piece on chocolates at Charly's Tea Board with like Elle Macpherson and Elton Lavatory. 07.06–14 THE Functional Read more [...]
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Out-of-door jaunt in Greece

Hebdomad of April 4-10, 1996Leavenworth: Washington's backyard BavariaThe Midwest's scoop paddling tripsTramp Mexico's Bull CanonOut-of-door move in GreeceNorthwards Carolina's Nantahala Out-of-door CentreUtah's San Juan RiverOutside locomotion in GreeceEnquiry: I am intellection of sledding to Greece this Revered to slug round on a beach, but would beloved to comprise a hebdomad or ten years of hazard locomotion in the before function of the month. Read more [...]
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How were the first castle

In the 18th century the world zamkostroenii started a real "boom". While new technologies were invented metal, used to this day. One influenced by the "green dragon" mechanics during bleaching (between binges) came up with a variety of intricate designs. Here are some examples postdeliriynogo creativity: Or this (obviously, the same mechanic had rolled on a white horse) Locks are used everywhere: they even closed bags If this attach to a belt buckle and fasten on a good Levi's 531 of your spouse, you get a great chastity belt? Such locks in the United States closed Read more [...]
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In Athens, the snow fell

In Greece winter came. In many areas of Attica and even snowed all morning lying in Athens. Temperature for dinner did not rise above 5 degrees Celsius. On all TV channels of the country have shown a huge beloryzhego dog: he sadly looked at reality. By local standards - is Siberia!Due to "the terrible snow" were blocked some roads and schools are closed. On the highway Athens - Thermopylae overturned trailer truck and paralyzed traffic for 2 hours. ...In northern Greece, where we live, do not wear hats in the winter, and the gloves and even more so. On other parts of Greece, and Read more [...]
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Athens poured rain

February 22, 2013. Continuous heavy rain and thunderstorms, which began on Friday morning caused problems with traffic on the roads of Athens. According to road service in the country flooded and closed down the main street of the city. Blocked the national highway Athens - Corinth\". Traffic lights do not work, there were problems with electricity supply. Some stations the Moscow metro is temporarily closed. Residents have repeatedly called utilities for pumping water. For these purposes, the authorities of Athens was allocated 25 machines and more than 60 people . As reported by meteorologists, Read more [...]
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The flood of the century: Athens Greek and Italian Catania flooded to the roofs

on February 23, 2013. In Athens - the strongest in a century flood. One person was killed. To restore traffic on the roads is not possible. Closed metro station. In the centre of the Greek capital collapsed non - residential building-he had a great mind Foundation. The rains and in the South of Italy. In Sicily, the people are saved from the flood on the roofs of houses. Strongest in a century flood happened in Athens. In the Greek capital rains led to this transport collapse. Flooded metro station, motion highways had to be temporarily stopped. Teams of firefighters and rescuers do not have Read more [...]
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Four, not two, earthquakes in Greece

Two earthquakes (!) magnitude 5.3 and 5.2, which occurred in western Greece on Friday morning and damaged three dozen homes, reported Athens agency news.According to the global monitoring of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake occurred northeast of the city of Patras, about 140 kilometers from Athens.Athens agency reports that in Phocis experts examined 98 buildings damaged, including 31 houses in 14 villages was considered uninhabitable. We are talking about old buildings that were built before Greece adopted the current standard of seismic stability.Earthquake victims was not.Source: Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred in Greece

Photo: EMSC Earthquake magnitude 4.3 occurred on Thursday morning in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece, told the Athens Institute of Geodynamics.The epicenter of the earthquake was 57 kilometers northwest of the Greek capital.According to RIA Novosti, in Athens earthquake felt about 07.00 local time in the form of weak vibration floor and furniture.Casualties and material damage, according to local TV channels, was not.Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Athens Fall Criterium

"This is the hippest rock-star crit in the commonwealth," says 2007 pro-division title-holder Cross Hekman. "It's at nighttime, the herd is ten mass trench, thither are piles of wrecks, and the ambience's galvanizing." Athens is diminished, so hotels close with cyclists and spectators (record betimes) and parking downtown is scarcely (drive from your hotel). If you pass done the modifier, on a mellowed, azalea-lined region grade, you'd improve sustain your pack-riding skills milled. You'll lbf. 20 laps on the like kilometer-long downtown grummet the pros cod—including Read more [...]
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NATO - Stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). April 4, 1949 this contract signed in Washington by representatives of the U.S., UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Norway and Iceland. In 1952 he joined the Treaty Greece and Turkey in 1955 - Germany. Article 4 of the Treaty provides for consultation of NATO, whenever "the territorial integrity, political independence of security go either party will be at risk." Among the threats, as can be seen, and the threat of changing the political system ... For example, Read more [...]
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European empires

Europe XVII-XX centuries. paradoxically reminds Hellas VI-IV centuries. BC Judge. Modern Europe is represented by several independent states, that despite all the differences between them are well aware of their cultural and historical community. Since the Greeks divided the world into Greeks and barbarians. The most significant of the state, the pulses of which are perceived and all others, are near the ocean, and their culture gain early bright "ocean" (Atlantic) character. All of its colonies - "Greek" type. Even if a country Europe directly captures overseas possessions, Read more [...]
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Empire of unequal exchange

Territorial acquisition of Attica VI-IV centuries. BC is very small. Athens never directly controlled any significant territory. Nevertheless, a territory with a population of about 25 million people are under the direct or indirect control of the Athenian Arche[51]. Power Athenians not based on military conquest. It is based on the fact that Athens produce goods, which are not able to produce in other countries. One-third of Athens were craftsmen-demiurge. Attica begins to depend on the import of food - but people in many lands of the Eastern Mediterranean begins to depend on the import Read more [...]
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XX Agent

    Photograph: Jeff Haynes/GettyALLYSON FELIX 18 Sprinter Los Angeles, California WHY SHE RULES: College fledgling Allyson Felix has gotten ill-used to organism called the following Marion Jones. As track-and-field's newest phenom, she was the get-go high offset to wholly antedate college rivalry (on with her gymnastic learnedness to the University of Southerly California) in gild to bit pro. At L.A.'s Baptist Mellow, she was nicknamed "White-livered Legs" by her teammates; the bulk of the five-foot-six, 125-pound sprinter's eubstance is a boney arse one-half. But her Read more [...]
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