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Boar Attack

Wild boar - animal really serious. He is not seeking a meeting with the person and try to circumvent it, but wounded and pursued by hunters behaved bravely, sometimes aggressively, often hides and attacks. Very rarely unprovoked attacks. I've been hunting for wild boars — and one and two together, and now, but I never got into difficult situations related to the attack on the boar myself personally, but I know a lot of such cases.Odnazhdy company went under license to hunt wild boar. We went for two days. On Saturday we decided to hunt the hare, and on Sunday go to the boar. We are a party Read more [...]
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Danger. Radiation Army Competitors

Post-apocalyptic world full of dangers. Today we will try to find out, that threatens a person or group of people, in such circumstances and how to defend and fight. Radiation. If there was a nuclear attack or accident at the facility, to radioactive elements – serious danger to humans is radioactive radiation. You must be able to measure radiation levels. For this, you need to get hold of a dosimeter, a Geiger counter. Well, if you have a special anti-radiation protective suit. Although one should say: no protective clothing does not protect from radiation 100%, it only reduces the impact Read more [...]
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Caution — Snakes!

We have already talked about the hunt for snakes and use them for food. Besides that snake, although edible, but extremely nasty critters – they can be extremely dangerous. The snakes are poisonous. And many of them bite is deadly. There are also huge snake Stranglers – like the anaconda, boa constrictor, python. Run into a snake attack possible in two cases: you're hunting her and showed negligence; you acted negligently and peacefully on holidays scared snake, provoking it to attack. Remember! Sami snake attacks you will not. You're too big for her subject. Snake attacks itself only Read more [...]
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9. Working with tribes part 1

#vyzyvayushchikh9 Working with tribes h 1 6:0910 Working with tribes h 2 4:0411 Change guns 3:4912 Care at lower level 3:0213 Values when leaving the strip attack 7:3814 Options to leave the band attack 11:3515 Tactical step 8:2616 Pass the open doorway 5:26Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Often hear "with a knife against at least some dogs will"man is the strongest animal, etc. BUT everyone thinking and talking is NOT Completely present with "what" they may face: "unit" to 80 kg, the speed of reaction 3-4 times faster man, trained not that against knife attack to go, not just to bite, and to work on razdelyvanie and liquidation, prochesyvayuschie dresscostume and Desroches, and when you consider what the "monster" jumps standing physical condition, clear and fluctuations in the final fight, personally I don't have, and they are not in favor of a person Naturally is unique, but where Read more [...]
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Santa Barbara Wildfire Out of Restraint

A wildfire continued to tan Tuesday daybreak in the mountains supra Santa Barbara, minacious heaps of cabins and sending hikers fleeing for their lives. The ardor, which erupted Monday afternoon, had raddled more 550 firefighters and prompted the voidance of more 50 homes.The flak has carven its way done 2.8 lame miles of tinder-dry scrub, oak, and yen, and burned-out two vehicles, besides as a U.S. Timberland Avail gar. As of Tuesday dawn, the ardour was moving crabwise on the mountains. Though the brave has been composure, Santa Barbara firing government are implicated that a obstinate blast Read more [...]
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California Wildfire Explodes in Sizing

A flack minacious foothill communities of Los Angeles, California, exploded in sizing nightlong, fanning bent about 41 straight miles and triggering the emptying of virtually 1,000 homes. Pentad structures sustain been ruined by the blazing.The flack bust out Thursday approach a hydroelectric works and rapidly burnt done boneheaded, dry clash. Crews deliver been battling triple-digit temperatures and potent, mercurial winds that get pushed the blast upwards exorbitant slopes. The brilliance is 20 percentage contained.A blazing cheeseparing Santa Fe, New Mexico, has bedspread to nigh 10 hearty miles Read more [...]
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Blacken Wood Blazing Almost Destructive in Colorado Story

Firefighters battling the Melanize Afforest wildfire in Colorado say the brilliance has surpassed finish June's Waldo Canon firing as the nigh destructive in the submit's account. The hell has interpreted two lives and ruined 379 homes, patch finale yr's attack burned-over 347 homes and took two lives. Officials composition that the attack is now 5 pct contained. "So, not practically advancement," Plentiful Harvey, the commandant of the federal incident-management squad that took ended firefighting duties other Thursday, told The Denver Situation. "We've got a slipway to go." Read more [...]
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Yarnell Flak Prelude Study Released

A prelim story released Saturday reveals that fast-moving flames cornered the 19 hotshots on Yarnell Mound ahead they were capable to hideaway. The gang had exculpated the country circumferent a spread home as a condom zona, but, spread-out by uttermost winds, the ardour overran their situation earlier they were able-bodied to safely retire, Wade Cellblock, a Prescott Blast Section spokesman told The Arizona Commonwealth. As an pinch mensuration, they deployed their aluminium pup tents—exigency shelters that avert estrus—but autopsies conducted by the Maricopa County Coroner revealed Read more [...]
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How to Scratch a Flak

    Exposure: Lijuan Guo/Shutterstock.comSpell it isn't the sexiest attack, the one you are departure to physique the near exists someplace betwixt Tom Hanks' winning get-go discharge in Outcast and a igniter fuel-soaked lot of pallets. Learnedness how to starting a attack without a compeer is a worthful endurance accomplishment, but it's not one that can be taught in a few c dustup. We advise practicing that center priming—the one-match attack. It is a worthful, hard-nosed, way to perfective start a blast with minimum resources. "If you can twinkle a flak with one couple Read more [...]
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Epileptic seizure. What to do?

Epilepsy — it is a disease of the nervous system in which happen sudden attacks. Signs: • If a strong attack of epilepsy the person loses consciousness and thrashing about. Sometimes one seizure follows another. • During the attack the hands and feet of the patient is frozen in a state of stress for a few seconds, and then the whole body begins to squirm in convulsions; on the lips appears foam. • After the seizure the patient for a few minutes is unconscious. Your actions: 1. Do not hold the patient, if he beats a fit, just try to release the space Read more [...]
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Heart attack. What to do?

Still a few weeks before the attack the patient may complain of indigestion, feeling very tired and panting. However, a heart attack always happens suddenly. Signs: • sharp pain in the chest radiating to one or both arms, neck and chin; • the patient is gasping for breath and sweating profusely, felt dizzy. How can we help? 1. If the patient is fully conscious, arrange it in a half upright position, placing something under the head and shoulders (for example, a pillow, a rolled coat and so on), and also fixed something similar under bent knees. 2. Call for Read more [...]
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The dizziness. What to do?

The dizzy spells occur when the disorder of the middle ear due to head injury, due to a neurotic condition, high blood pressure. The elderly head can spin for no apparent reason. Attacks last from several minutes to several hours. Signs: • The sense of rotation. • Nausea, vomiting. • Excessive sweating. • Ringing in the ears. • Fluctuations in blood pressure. • Changing the pulse frequency. • Pallor. Your actions: 1. Be seated person; if dizzy you, then take yourself and sit quietly until the end of the attack. Read more [...]
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ZLATOUST BATTALION military unit, formed on January 4. 1804 called Ufa garrison battalion as paramilitary h. Designed for on guard and garrison duty in Ufa and escorting deportees. With the award of January 4. 1888 battle flag ZB became a full hour. Russian arm. March 2, 1899 ZB received Author. 243rd Battalion Zlatoust, and January 4. 1904 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his handed new banner with an Alexander commemorative ribbons. Sep 20. 1904 ZB was deployed to the regiment, and as part of the 61st Div., 5th Siberian Bldg., 3rd Manchurian arm. took part in the Russo-Japanese war in Read more [...]
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Methods of protection from an attacker. What to do?

«Prick» umbrella to Protect yourself better in any subject. Suppose you are holding an umbrella with a sharp tip. Hold it with both hands and do lunges as in a bayonet attack targeting in the face or the stomach of the attacker. The blows should be applied without warning, decisively and with all my might. Be prepared to repeat the attack or to apply some other kind of reception when the first blow was not enough. Holler at this hard and continue to fight until which you people will not fall or you will not be able to escape. Throwing an elbow in the stomach If you are attacked Read more [...]
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Exterior Clip, Mar 2004

Stephen Koch ascent Tibet's 24,890-foot Changzheng to acclimate ahead his try to snowboard the northerly boldness of Everest     Photograph: Prize MentumF E A T U R E S TRIPS OF A Life Tag your go dreams with 48 handpicked adventures guaranteed to meet every typecast of winding individual Oecumenical Furious Trek to the spirit of Patagonia; oscillation Italy's unexplored southerly hills; plunk New Zealand's scintillation Hauraki Disconnect; and lots more heroic journeys, from California to Kenya. Addition: The Actuate of the Class winners—we blue-ribbon the mankind's Read more [...]
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Inhabitant of Yakutia killed unprovoked attack on him bear.

Information about the incident in Ust-Aldan region of the Republic of the local police received the night of 5 October.55-year-old inhabitant of the village Asalah with countless wounds of the head and face got to the hospital late in the evening on Saturday. The doctors assess the condition of the victim as measured satisfactory.It was found that the man went to the area where grazing his horses. It is 55 kilometers from the village. During feeding horses attacked the bear. Man is not confused and resisted - having only a knife, he managed to strike a few blows and kill a wild animal.Journalists Read more [...]
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It may be worth to write add-ons to the first article on the work short. But only addition and no more to describe all aspects of such a vast topic in two, but at least ten articles simply not realistic. 1) Why do I survivalist short barrel? Silly question, tell you what to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones and you will be right, any defense that an adequate response to the attack. Attack in today's realities - it suddenly attack the enemy using any kind of weapons, starting with fists and knives ending with automatic weapons. This article and the previous article does not Read more [...]
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survival in the town personal security

Every man should be able to fight. This obvious truth and pushes us into groups and sports halls. Even if we just listened to the muscles, you subconsciously hope that will be if not more technical, but at least stronger or the faster the opponent. But brute force is not enough. Here are a few fundamental principles of battle from the founder of Sambo Anatoly Kharlampiev.1. Act only offensive.2. Put on the attack all the power and attention and sturmey quickly.3. Moving exclusively in the field of battle, sturmey and Lupe enemy in open positions that are not closed in the dead position, and do Read more [...]
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Example organization after big changes ;) Part 3

We continue the conversation started here: Part and then Lecture number 12. Operational scheme. Defense facility.Security object Before you start a discussion and defense operations facility, I want to say a few words about its protection. Set of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized persons to object to prevent attempts of object exploration and to prevent attacks on the object. Protecting the facility performs guard costumes checkpoint duty observers and patrols. Their objectives Read more [...]
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