Heat and could cause anomalous behavior of insects

Abnormal for this time of year weather conditions lead to atypical insect behavior, the consequences of which for the following years is impossible to predict, said a senior research fellow of the Zoological Museum of Moscow state University named M.V. Lomonosov, entomologist Andrey Sviridov. «Systematic observations about the impact of the heatwave on the behavior of insects have not yet been done, but according to the available data shows that many species have a hard time», — said the Agency interlocutor. For example, common in Moscow moths, the so-called ribbon, Read more [...]
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Malaria in Children

Malaria in infants is characterized by atypical seizures. Chills is not expressed, attack Malaria starts with blanching, then cyanosis of the skin, cold extremities. At high temperature, possible convulsions, vomiting, phenomenon meningoencephalitis, often diarrhea. Decrease in temperature is accompanied by a slight sweating head and neck. Anemia, increased liver and spleen. In view of the atypical course of malaria in infants blood test (thick blood and smear) is particularly important. Blood should be taken prior to the appointment of an antimalarial treatment. Treatment malaria in children Read more [...]
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Complications or mixed form of climacteric syndrome-2

Pathogenesis leukoplakia vulva rather complicated. It is associated with decreased ovarian function, change the device neyroretseptornogo vulva [Coja, Vasilui, 1966]. Decisive role in the origin and leukoplakia kraurosis withdrawn dysfunction of the adrenal cortex. Identified and reduced thyroid function, change carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Thus, pathological changes Vulvar as kraurosis and leukoplakia are a complex neuroendocrine syndrome accompanied polyglandular disorders typical lesions of the hypothalamus. As a result of dysfunction of the ovaries and adrenal changes occur in the Read more [...]
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Analysis of patients with atypical form of menopausal syndrome

This form of menopausal syndrome proceeds as against the age involution of the body and the reproductive system, and you should all surveys, as in the typical form climacteric syndrome. In addition, you must perform additional tests that would clarify the cause of the atypical form of climacteric syndrome. The plan is first of all necessary to identify or eliminate the disease, which could complicate the menopause, drawing on the recommendations set out above. Selection of additional methods of examination should be based on the clinical features of the disease. The most common clinical presentation Read more [...]
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Bleeding in patients with endometrial hyperplasia

DKMK premenopausal. Patients with climacteric dysfunctional uterine bleeding in premenopausal women, who at dilatation and curettage discover recurrent hyperplasia, cystic glandular hyperplasia, atypical endometrial hyperplasia, adenomatosis, it should be treated as described above under the control of functional diagnostics tests. In these patients, the most frequently reported symptoms of relative or absolute giperestrogeniey: positive dynamics in the phenomenon of "pupil", stretching the cervical mucus 4-6 cm K.PI 40-50%. If under the influence of hormone therapy for 2-3 months Read more [...]
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Atypical form of menopausal syndrome

Atypical form of menopausal syndrome occurs in women who have had past mental and physical injuries, infections, physical and gynecological diseases, surgery, working in long-term mental and physical overload, occupational hazards, and so on (Figure 5). The disease begins in the same way as in the typical form of the climacteric syndrome. Disturbed menstrual function by type opso or gipomenorei and then sustained amenorrhea. 1-3 months after the menstrual cycle, typical menopausal symptoms and, in addition, at the same time or later - atypical: rhythm disturbance of sleep, irritability, tearfulness, Read more [...]
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