Aurora before sunrise

Queenstown, New Zelendiya, July 10, 2013 © Minoru Yoneto | July 14, 2013. Usually the aurora observed late at night. But sometimes nature presents a surprise in the form of colorful yellow-orange glow of the atmosphere just before sunrise. "I did not expect to see such a bright southern lights after such a weak CME" - said Minoru Yoneto from Queenstown, New Zelendiya. Although the charged particles strike was very weak, not only in New Zealand, but also in the United States and Canada, the aurora was observed up to the sunrise on 11 June. Auroras occur as a result of the bombardment Read more [...]
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Mysterious Sancy

    In the spring of 1981 in Sverdlovsk Picture Gallery worked Exhibition "Russian Gems". More a thousand stone products created Ural masters over the past two years, housed in six rooms. For the first time in one exposure were collected artifacts from the Hermitage, Pavlovsk Palace, Zahorska, Ural geological Sverdlovsk historical-revolutionary and other museums in the country.     In a small window of a of the halls were shown copies of historical diamonds. They were made from natural and artificial gems artist YM Ruzhevym and masters P.3. Khudyakov and Read more [...]
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    More than 160 years ago in our severe Tagil edge strong and hardworking prospectors, blacksmiths, foundry, he appeared - portrait of a beautiful lady that lit up the monotone daily quiet provincial life the charm of unique beauty, refined splendor of female identity and warm tenderness of the image.     Picture was placed in the best Demidov room manor house. Name ladies was not a secret. Residents called it Tagil "Dove" and she was, Aurora Karlovna wife Owner plants PN Demidov.     Fate gave Aurora Demidova long and difficult life, end which Read more [...]
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Lovely Aurora

    Aurora Karlovna Stjernvall-Demidov Karamzin-known to many tagilchane not only the portrait of Charles Brush Bryullova in our city museum. But here appeared in 2004, a new and thorough book SS Schultz, MP "Aurora"Dedicated to her and her environment. And then the reader learns startling Details about the heroine of the story.     Shot of the legendary "Aurora" in October 1917, heralded around the the world of the great revolution in Russia. But few knows that this name was a powerful cruiser, launched on not only in honor of the frigate Crimean Read more [...]
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After the transfer of plants to the sons of Nicholas Nikiticha actual participation in the management of the beginning could only take 30-year-old Pavel

 Another son, Anatoly, was 16 years old. Paul he lived in his father's house on the Moika Embankment in St. Petersburg, and Anatoly finished lyceum Napoleon and was never left in Paris.     Father during his lifetime limited Paul in the media: he received from the head office "only" 100 thousand. Rubles a year. This amount was not enough young heir, and he still has not seen in the lives of their enterprises, gradually got into debt. Presumably, in the credits he did not deny knowing about his future inheritance.     After the death of his father Pavel Read more [...]
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Portrait of «fatal» Aurora

It hangs in one of the halls of the Tagil Museum. And usually causes the admiration of visitors, despite the fact that they have already managed to surprise each rare exhibits of the museum and have heard something about that here «found» Madonna, signed by the great Raphael, and letters Karamzin, Pushkin scholars to reveal a lot about the last days of the life and death of the poet Portrait of Aurora Karlovna Demidova, painted by Karl Briullov! It seems to be a portrait of a portrait is far from the most famous in «Charles the Great». Especially that close in the same Read more [...]
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Again, the Diamond Sancy

     For a long time the diamonds were only for decoration, but did not know how to handle them, and they did not look very impressive in its natural dull shell. V1745, the Dutchman Ludwig Burke has applied his method of cutting, grinding and polishing using a powder of the same precious mineral. So he treated the largest in Europe diamond lemon yellow, rose-faceted it. This stone called "Sancy".     He was purchased at the time Pavel Nikolayevich Demidov and brought to Russia. In the end, the legendary diamond, according to the expert, the bank of stones, Read more [...]
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The Faces Of Aurora

«The rock, which clearly gravitated over her, forced to think superstitious». Yuri Tynyanov «The evil fate of the people who loved rock and miserable beauty, stopped on the attention and modern­nicks and descendants. Indeed, the coincidence relentlessly went on the heels of Aurora and superstitious people would approve belief in the validity of their superstitions». Vikenty Veresaev The rare beauty of this women contemporaries called fatal. The descendants of the same Aurora begins to seem already wicked witch of terrible tales, which tests its destructive spell on Read more [...]
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Commissioner Aurora

    In the early days of the Soviet Five-Year Plan, in 1932, the personnel of the Red cruiser "Aurora" established patronage communication with builders "Nnzhtagilstroya". The purpose of these bonds was assist each other in carrying out their socialist obligations, will be administered into operation necessary for our country industrial facilities. Avrorovtsy considered their duty to help "Tagilkombinatstroyu" in providing it with the necessary equipment, manufactured at the Leningrad plant and coming against them in the Leningrad port. Read more [...]
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Code Bryullova

    In Nizhny Tagil Museum-Reserve watching with interest epic with the purchase by owner Alisher Usmanov collection Vishnevskaya Rostropovich. Particularly interested in the fate of art Portrait of Aurora Demidova owned by approval of the auction house "Sotheby's", Karl Briullov hand. Interest due to the fact that has for a half century painting "Charles the Great" is located in the Lower Tagil. Such a plot would envy itself Dan Brown!     So what kind of portrait worth over a million euro bought Capital businessman? On the canvas Bryullova Aurora Read more [...]
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Named Aurora

    The amazing story of the village Chernoistochinsk: where throw his hat everywhere history. For example, the former a native of the village Anatoly Stepanovich Talantsev finished Geological Department of the Ural State University, being a doctor Geological Sciences has published more than 180 scientific articles, 70 scientific and popular essays written several books. But always interested in the history native land, and was often in Chernoistochinsk.     "I am especially interested Avrorinsky mysterious factory, standing on the river below small carpenters Read more [...]
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Riddle Aurora

It turns out that miracles do not happen only in fairy tales. Open the newspaper "Culture" for June 10 of this year and on the first page under the heading "Return of the Aurora?" I see a familiar portrait. And next article, which begins: "John Stewart, a spokesman for the Russian branch of" Sotheby's "always comes to Moscow on some important occasion. As a rule, before the Russian auctions in London. At this time, John. Stewart gave to the Tretyakov Gallery catalog of the upcoming auction so that experts drew attention to the portrait of Karl Briullov "Aurora Demidova," for a long time was outside Read more [...]
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Evdokia Rostopchina and Aurora Demidova: Keep my faint trace, keep on it Devotion

Part One. Countess-poet     Once the ball Lermontov invited to waltz Countess Rostopchin. "With you, she said, later". Vengeance is not long in coming. In sum mazurka her to him with another woman. "I am with you"Announced the countess. "With you? Later"Was the reply of Lermontov.     So met and joked two poets of the XIX century. One everyone knows from his school, on the other hand it is necessary to get acquainted. As a youth, Lermontov spent her Christmas madrigal 1831 In his last visit to St. Petersburg Mikhail again met with the Read more [...]
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Evdokia Rostopchina and Aurora Demidova. Part 3

episodes from the life of Russian society of the XIX century (End. Starting at number 169, 183) Part Three The maid of honor AuroraBaroness Aurora Karlovna Stjernvall background Wallen (01.08.1808 -13.05.1902) the daughter of the governor of Vyborg, appeared in St. Petersburg in April 1832. Met her sister in the capital of Emilia and her husband Vladimir Musin-Pushkin. Baroness presented to the St. Petersburg society, and the sisters became known Finnish stars. July 7 at a reception in the Winter Palace Aurora produced by Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Read more [...]
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Evdokia Rostopchina and Aurora Demidova. Part 2

 episodes from the life of Russian society of the XIX century (Continued. Starting at number 169) Part two. "Happy woman"Poet Vladislav Khodasevich noticed if deleted from the biography Rostopchina everything that belongs to her literary work, you get a normal life ladies and gentlemen of the first half of the XIX century. He believed that the life of the countess, this ordinary and so touching in its banality, is still something larger than her poetry. That is why so many books Rostopchina autobiographical, direct her memories. Get at least a novel "Happy Woman" Read more [...]
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Evdokia Rostopchina and Aurora Demidova. Part 1

episodes from the life of Russian society of the XIX centuryKeep track of my weak, keep it on the devotion Rostopchina Part One Countess-poetOnce the ball Lermontov invited to waltz Countess Rostopchin. "With you, she said later." Vengeance is not long in coming. In sum mazurka her to him with another woman. "I am with you," announced the countess. "With you? Later "- was the answer Lermontov. So met and joked two poets of the XIX century. One everyone knows from his school, on the other hand it is necessary to get acquainted. As a youth, Lermontov spent her Read more [...]
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Case Liprandi

He was familiar with Pushkin Ivan Liprandi was familiar with Pushkin in the days of his southern exile There was a time when many reading this phrase, probably on her and broke off to read: «What do I care for every friend of Pushkin ?! This joy Pushkinists meticulously elicitation color shoes ladies, with which the poet was dancing at a ball, and a biography of the cobbler who sewed their» Yes, once it was even fashionable Pass about Pushkinists laugh at them carefully and then not many obvious difficulty in collecting­NIJ manuscripts of the great Russian writer and recreating Read more [...]
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Diamond «Sancy»

Labyrinths searches Studies Maya RizhovaTaghilsky ethnographer May Petrovna Ryzhov set their findings failed to publish in a book aptly named "Labyrinths searches» (Chelyabinsk, 2006). It includes publications in different years, united by the theme of local history searches that connect distant history with the current time. After all, how the estimates change! Who would have twenty years ago in the text afford to be proud of the fact that no representative of the noble families of Stroganoff and Demidov patriots of their country was not on the Senate Square December Read more [...]
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Aurora Demidova

    Aurora Karlovna Demidov-Karamzin (nee Baroness Stjernvall background Wallen), if we apply the current terminology, is surely among the top three Petersburg beauties since Pushkin times and much later. She devoted poems E. Baratynsky, Lermontov, P.Vyazemsky: In their "Memoirs" B. Sollogub asked: "Of the old-timers who can speak without delight of the Countess Vorontsov-Dashkovoj, Countess Musin-Pushkin (sister Aurora), princesses Trubetskoys, Aurora Demidova? ..".     It is named in her honor sailing frigate "Aurora", Read more [...]
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160 years of living Aurora

This beautiful portrait in the "Demidov Hall museum of local lore has always drawn the attention of visitors. Attracted by the refined beauty of the woman pictured here, the mystery of her eyes, to decipher which unsuccessfully worked scholars of later times, and, of course, the skill of the artist, who left us a legacy of these women dream of a portrait of his ideal. You probably guessed that we are talking about Aurora Karlovna Demidova in the image of Karl Briullov. It works now anniversary, and guests linger at the portrait of a particularly long time to not only watch, but also to learn Read more [...]
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