Newsbreak Floods Maw 27 in Austria

A flashflood has cornered 27 hikers in a collapse westerly Austria, though delivery workers say they are not in any quick risk.

According to officials, the hikers became treed betimes Wednesday when great rains inundated the incoming to the undermine at St. Martin, 200 miles westward of Vienna. Pinch crews are presently in middleman with the hikers and volition excerpt them formerly the waters receded.

Thither is no tidings on when that leave be.

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Europe has become a snowdrift

From all over Europe are now reports of heavy snowfalls. At the airports of Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna canceled hundreds of flights. Tens of thousands of passengers on the eve of nowhere and have not taken off and are still waiting in the terminals. Dusseldorf airport closed at all due to the fact that the runway could not be cleared drifts. Now covered many roads. There have been numerous accidents, there are casualties. In Austria alone, at least five dead. The same situation in Belgium, the Netherlands, in the Balkans.At least 19 people were killed as a result of heavy snow and a sharp drop Read more [...]
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Ural State Philharmonic Orchestra

Ural State Philharmonic Orchestra (Formerly Symphony orchestra. Sverd. State. Philharmonic Sverdl. State. Symphony orchestra.), Is based on a symphony orchestra. Sverdl. RADIOKOM-ta (1936). Repertoire ork. incl. Manuf. pl. domestic and foreign composers. Orc. participated in the plenary sessions of the Russian IC, pl. festivals (including copyright V.Silvestrova, S.Gubaydulina, A.Terteryana), present-day creative evenings. Russian composers Shostakovich, D.Kabalevskogo, Khachaturian, T. Khrennikov, A. Petrov, Edison Denisov, G.Kancheli et al. first artist Op. ur. Composers V.Trambitskogo, B.Gibalina, Read more [...]
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Koplenig Johann

Koplenig Johann (15 (27) .05.1891 13.12.1968), leader of the Intern. roar. movement. In 1909 he joined the Social-Democratic Party of Austria. During the first world. war as a prisoner of war, was in Russia in 1918, joined the RCP (B). Autumn of 1919 aims to Party work in Perm, led foreign group of the RCP (b) in Perm. Provincial Party Committee. In March 1920 was elected secretary. German section of agitation and propaganda at Perm. committee of the RCP (b). In July 1920, seconded to the Office Ts German section of the Central Committee of the RCP (b), and then went to Austria. From 1924 K. became Read more [...]
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Heavy rain drowns the Austrian capital

Torrential rain, which began on Thursday evening in Vienna, has led to disruptions in the transport, local flooding, evacuation of spectators from cinemas and stop supplying electricity to a number of metropolitan areas, according to the Austrian radio. Spectators of a theater in the entertainment center «Lugner City» had to be evacuated from the audience when the accumulated water has already reached the knees. Because of the leak was interrupted traffic on one of the central line of the Vienna subway U3. Firemen went on pumping water from the basements of the buildings between 19.00 Read more [...]
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Heat waves established in Austria

Abnormally high temperatures have been established in Austria. In some areas, the thermometer has exceeded 35 degrees. And the heat covered the entire country. Vienna residents lined up in a public swimming pool, said "Russia 24". Profit counted ice-cream and soft drinks. Demand for their products has increased several times. Most drivers are out of luck. According to them, stuck in traffic jams in the heat is unbearable. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Austria covered with snow on the eve of the summer solstice

Austrian weather continued fever: over the weekend the western part of the country covered with snow, the traffic on some mountain passes was paralyzed. According to local media today, it is - an unprecedented event for the country, because an unexpected winter returned before June 21, that is, on the eve of the beginning of astronomical summer. Today, the day of the summer solstice, which in Austria is the official beginning of summer. However, think about the heat is not necessary - in the west of the country in the federal states of Styria and Tyrol because of heavy snowfall over the weekend Read more [...]
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Heat in Austria was hit by the rains. Video

In Austria was established there the heat was a bit down rain and thunderstorms, but the showers were so strong that the streets of Innsbruck - the capital of the County of Tyrol - were flooded on two feet. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Austria has had record rainfall. Video

In Austria, meanwhile, are struggling with the effects of other weather anomalies. On the Western parts of the country was struck by a powerful cyclone. Torrential rains accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Just a couple of hours fell a record for the last 30 years rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Austria flooded the city of Zellerndorf

In Austria continued heavy rains. So, in the district of Zellerndorf (lower Austria) declared a state of emergency due to the fact that the river Pulkau overflowed and 90 homes were flooded. The streets turned into water streams, basements filled with water. With the element currently fighting fire, all the rest of the rescue service is provided in a ready state. Source: FWNews Read more [...]
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Austria. Torrential rains

Source: Lead Related news: > In Austria flooded the city of Zellerndorf > In Austria has had record rainfall. Video Read more [...]
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In Austria suddenly rushed winter. Photos

Almost up to 50 centimeters of snow fell in late August in some areas of Tyrol, the Federal land in the West of Austria. Several cities were literally cut off from each other drifts. To prevent a large number of car crashes all drivers in the region were obliged «Shoe» wheels of their cars in a special snow proof chain. Unexpectedly coming winter has already led to the first victim. In the mountains from hypothermia and exhaustion were killed German climber. The night before the group of six men climbed one of the peaks in the area of the city Ötztal. During the descent began Read more [...]
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Europe falls asleep the snow

Austria. The first snowfallSource: LeadHeavy snowfall broke transport in Austria Held last night in the mountain regions of Austria snowfall seriously violated transport links to different parts of the country. Because of snow and fallen trees have blocked the road in Carinthia, as well as some passes on the border with Slovenia. The thickness of the snow cover reaches seats 40 see Drivers stranded in the mountains of vehicles prescribed to wear on wheels special circuit for driving on the ice and improve the permeability in the loose snow. Now the rain turns to snow already at a height Read more [...]
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Austria: a Furious hail and rain in Vienna

So here begins the summer in Austria. Many of the rooms in the homes of ordinary Austrians flooded — they left for the weekend, leaving the Windows open. In the Austrian capital fixed several major car accidents caused by weather. Source: Mobile Reporter Read more [...]
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Two brothers-cyclone made in Europe pogrom

on 10 June. Cyclone Balthasar and his younger brother \"Christian\" scope \"walked\" in Central Europe. European meteorologists report on a set of adverse weather phenomena, among which heavy rains, high winds and hail. In the night of Thursday the brunt of the elements took over Austria. For half an hour at Vienna was \"dropped\" 40 mm of rain that turned into a flood in the streets. The land of Upper Austria hail crops, farmers are outraged. A day later, \"brothers\" looked in Slovakia. After committed their pogrom on liquidation of consequences of natural disasters had to call the army units. Read more [...]
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Crampoon’s Clay Plant 54 Eld Ulterior

Government in Austria on Thursday constitute the corpse of a mountaineer they conceive went wanting 54 days ago. Law alerted the Austria Pressure Means that they exposed the corpse, a overtone frame, in the Tirolean Alps aft a tramp had sour in busyness castanets and a hike rush he’d launch nigh a glacier. The clay, ground at an el of 8,200 feet, are thinking to belong a man from the nearby township of Matrei in Osttirol, approach the Italian margin, who went lacking patch hike in 1957.

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Ski Motorbus Sentenced for Dose Violations

The old drumhead of Austria's Nordic ski squad was granted a 15-month suspended pokey condemn, 12 months of which were suspended, astern a courtroom in Vienna ground him shamefaced of trafficking in performance-enhancing drugs. Walter Mayer, 54, who was a bus with the Austrian Ski Confederation for 12 days, was prosecuted below a 2008 law that made dose violations condemnable offenses. Pending charm, Mayer testament potential drop but a smattering of months in slammer. The homage establish that Mayer had sold athletes the ancestry lifter EPO earlier the Turin Olympic games in 2006. Those Olympics Read more [...]
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Prizefighter Schooltime Ruins Launch in Austria

Archaeologists deliver observed ruins of an antediluvian prizefighter civilise interred astir 24 miles eastward of Vienna, Austria, the beginning prizefighter schooling always institute exterior of Italy. A grouping from Vienna's Ludwig-Boltzmann Bring victimized radiolocation images to graph the layout and construction of the schooltime, which was probably engaged roughly 1,700 days ago. Wienerwurst Humer, one of the constitute's archaeologists, told The Free-lance that the civilise includes quiescence cells, a bill combat domain with wooden benches, and wooden posts victimized as pinhead opponents Read more [...]
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Austria and Slovenia beat up

Hail the size of hen's egg dropped in Austria and Slovenia. The disaster has killed more than three thousand hectares of farmland. Hailstone punched through the roofs of houses and left dents on cars. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Austria: snow in summer

In Austria in the height of summer snow. Such a phenomenon for Salzburg rare at this time of year. City road turned into a real ice rink. On the streets bred snow removal equipment, according to \"Russia 24\". Such weather is not expected neither locals nor tourists. T-shirts and shorts they had to change on warm jackets and hats. Meanwhile in the South raging hurricanes. Due to heavy rains and thunderstorms thousands of homes were left without electricity. Several buildings burned by the lightning, and the machine broke large hail. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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