AUTONOMOUS EXISTENCE: Challenges And Puzzles

Autonomous survival, usually, involves the full independence of the country in terms of security and communications. For the complete autonomy of the settlement is necessary to solve a range of tasks, from providing themselves with clothes and food, to security and defense.Problems AND ISSUES facing any group of people considering a separate existence away from civilization :1. LEGAL ISSUESThis should begin preparing for the Autonomous existence in time of peace. Bespokoites land rights, make sure that the earthen code is not broken, that the place for your community selected is not in a conservation Read more [...]
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In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia continues to flood

July 16, 2013. As reported by a trusted source of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, located in the north-east of China, the number of victims has spread to several kilometers flooding has reached 26 people. Flooding of vast areas was the result does not stop a few days of heavy rains, attacked the region in four passes. According to statistics from the Service Control floods and droughts, the whole of July in Inner Mongolia, the amount of precipitation greatly exceeds the norm, so that the flood is a logical consequence of waterlogged soil. A particularly difficult situation in the north-eastern Read more [...]
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Structure of landscapes

The study of landscapes in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Yugra has shown that the establishment of a zone-subzonal boundaries, isolation and mapping of types and subtypes of the landscape in a region fraught with considerable difficulties. Background of water-logged, low heat supply, phenomenal waterlogging, cryogenesis obscure zonal differences landscapes. Climate actively influence the biological productivity and biodiversity, but its influence is manifested in specific locations. Relief is one of the main factors differentiating the landscape of the region. At the first level, large Read more [...]
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river Kara sea

River basin of the Kara sea: The river in this section is placed on the principle of basin facilities: ocean sea river tributary 1 order 2nd order tributary tributary 3 order, etc.The Yenisei - the river of the Republic of Tuva, Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Republic of Khakassia. Hangar right tributary of the Yenisei.Ob river, Altai Krai, Novosibirsk and Tomsk oblasts, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous okrugs of the Russian Federation.PUR river Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous neighborhood.Taz - river Krasnoselkupsky and Taz districts of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous neighborhood.Read more [...]
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The village is in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District washes in Ob

July 25, 2013. In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is one of the villages washed away in the river Ob. Changing the bed and banks, which are at home, gradually crumbling. Within a few years the water took about a dozen buildings. Specialists state: the process does not stop, and in the future, the river can absorb the whole village. However, this situation is not considered an emergency - the people who lost their homes can not count on getting a new home.Trees, houses, outbuildings, and he shore leave in Ob. Alexander Razboeva, villager Tags Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, more than Read more [...]
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Poluyanov Nikolai Andreyevich

Poluyanov Nikolai Andreyevich (1952, der. PARFENOVA Komi-Perm Autonomous District), the governor of the Komi-Perm Autonomous District. He graduated from Perm. Financial College, then the economic factor-t Perm. State. Univ. 10 years working in the financial org-tions Kudymkarsky district and county, has gone from an ordinary inspector to head. county finance department. In 1983 was promoted to the position before. Yusvinsky executive committee. Since 1986 Deputy. prev. Permian Komi District com-ta on agriculture. In 1988 was elected before. Executive Committee Kudymkar. In March 1990, elected Read more [...]
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Search by area rivers and regions

List of regions of Russian Federation to search rivers for your website:01 region of the Republic of Adygea 02 region of the Republic of Bashkortostan 03 region of the Republic of Buryatia 04 region of the Altai Republic 05 region of the Republic of Dagestan 06 region of Ingushetia 07 region of Kabardino-Balkaria 08 region of the Republic of Kalmykia 09 region of Karachay-Cherkessia 10 region of the Republic of Karelia 11 region of the Republic of Komi 12 region of the Republic of Mari El 13 region of the Republic of Mordovia 14 region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 15 regions of the republic Read more [...]
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Plan to repair salmon hatcheries on tributaries of the Amur rivers Bijan and Bira

At a press conference on the results of 2012, the head of the department for the protection and use of wildlife regional government Alexey Feoktistov told about the plans for the reconstruction and Bidzhansky Teploozersky hatcheries. One of the most significant results of the past year in the field of management capabilities bureaucrat considers the inclusion measures for reconstruction and Teplovsko Bidzhansky hatcheries in the federal program from motivated Increased efficiency in the use and development of the resource potential of fishery industry in 2014-2020 years. For this purpose from Read more [...]
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Nenets (Samoyeds, Jurak), people in the northeast. h. W., Urals and Trans. Titles. N. (nenets, Hathaway) means a person. Jaz. belongs to the Samoyed branch ur. family is divided into two dialects of tundra and forest. Tundra, respectively ter. disengagement groups N., consists of Kolguev, Kanin, Timan, Malozemelskaya, Bolshezemelskaya, priur., Yamal, Nadymsky, Taz and Taimyr dialects. On the tundra dialect spoken by 95% of the N. Forest dialect is divided into Purovsky, lyaminsky nyalinsky and dialects. Tundra N. reside in ter. Nenets Autonomous. env. and Mezenskogo district of the Arkhangelsk Read more [...]
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Laja - Right tributary of the River Pechora, Barents Sea. takes place in the Nenets Autonomous environment and the Komi Republic Russian Federation. Length of 332 km, basin area 9530 km2. Food, priemuschestvenno, snow. Freezes in October, opened in the 2nd half of May. Naikrupneyshie tributaries - Keryurvis (left); Layavozh, Sercheyyu, Yuryaha (right). Laja flows out of Lake Layato in the Nenets Autonomous environment. Flows to the south by Bolshezemelskaya tundra. Mainstream very izgibistoe. Laja falls several branches in the right duct Pechora below Ust-Usa. For sport, a number of areas thresholds. Read more [...]
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Komi-Perm Autonomous District

Komi-Perm Autonomous District (Until 1977 national) in Perm. region. Formed Feb 26. In 1925 the first of nat. env. RSFSR. Permian Komis natives of this ter., To the XV century. maintained tribal relations. In the XVI century. as part of Great Perm entered the Russian state-in. Dr P. authors. env. Located in the east of the Russian Plain, in the bass. upper Kama. Slaboholmistuyu surface intersects the low North. Ridges in the north and in the west hill Verkhnekamsk climate is temperate continental (Wed January temperature. -15 To -17-18ё C). Chap. pp. Kama Veslyana, Kos, Inva. Pl. 32.9 thousand. Read more [...]
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Flooding and avalanches in the PRC

Due to flooding and avalanches caused by melting snow and heavy rainfall in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, affecting more than 300,000 people. The most difficult situation, reports Xinhua, has developed in the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Region and other regions. Increase in air temperature in combination with the heavy rainfall over the past three days has led to the melting of snow mass, which in turn has caused floods and avalanches in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As a result, seriously affected the local livestock sector, a number of highways Read more [...]
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More than 1.3 million people have been affected in the north-west of China due to floods

More than 1.3 million people were injured and 13 were killed in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region / Xinjiang / China as a result of flooding caused by melting snow and heavy rainfall in the region. This was reported today by Chinese television, referred to ITAR-TASS. Increase in air temperature in combination with the heavy rainfall over the past three days has led to the melting of large masses of snow, which, in turn, has caused floods and landslides in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. A number of areas of Xinjiang also suffered from snow and dust storms. So far, the Read more [...]
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Earthquakes of magnitude 5.7 and 5.5 occurred in Tibet

Successive earthquakes of magnitude 5.7 and 5.5 points recorded on Wednesday in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, reports Xinhua news agency. Both earthquakes occurred in the county district Nezhun Natsyu Tibet Autonomous Region. Tremors of magnitude 5.7 points were recorded at 10:06 local time (5:06 MSK), the power of 5.5 points — at 10:44 local time (5:44 MSK). The epicenter of the first quake was at a depth of eight, the second — seven kilometers. Earthquake of magnitude 5 points observed in Tibet in early January and the end of February 2010. Read more [...]
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For fishing on the river Synya in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District will have to pay more than half a million rubles

Shuryshkarsky district court Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area issued a verdict in a criminal case against Constantine and Vyacheslav L. under part 3 of Article 256 of the Criminal Code (illegal production (catch) aquatic biological resources, migration routes to spawning grounds, a group of persons on the preparatory arrangement, with causing great harm to the biological resources of the Russian Federation). The investigation established that the evening September 4, 2012 the citizens of LA on the boat "Kazanka" sailed on the part of the river near the village of Synya Nymvozhgort located 12 kilometers Read more [...]
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A resident of China was going to poachers on the Russian side of the Amur

In the Jewish Autonomous Region for illegal crossing of the State border detained a Chinese citizen. The prosecutor's office of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (EAO) supported the petition in the court of the FSB Department for investigation EAO on measures of restraint against a citizen of China. Sixth of January this year, the suspect together with 2 Chinese nationals illegally crossed municipal boundaries of the Russian Federation for the purpose of production of fish in the area of ​​the Amur River area Oktyabrsky district, where he was detained by border guards. Birobidzhan district court Read more [...]
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Tremors of panic. West China shaken by a series of aftershocks

Series strongest aftershocks occurred on Wednesday morning in Qinghai Province in western China. The epicenter of the first, the most serious, was located in the county of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu. As a result, destroyed almost all residential buildings, as the locals live in mud-brick and wooden houses. The number of victims, according to state television PRC amounted to 300 people. Local officials say that it will continue to grow. On the streets of a panic.State Seismological Bureau of China reported that tremors were recorded at 07:49 local time (3:49 - Moscow time) Read more [...]
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Invasion of rats and mice in northern China

Invasion of mice and rats observed in early May in many parts of the Chinese Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia steppe land area affected by the invasion of rodents that eat and spoil the fodder grass, reached a total of about 5.8 million hectares, according to a Friday news «Xinhua». Reason for the rapid reproduction of mice and rats in the steppe regions, according to experts, served dry weather. Currently, 27 counties and khoshuns Autonomous Region infestation of rodents. «Catcher in the desert just horrendous: yellow-brown patches of open, bare soil, pitted with mouse and Read more [...]
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In Xinjiang, an earthquake of 5.0

Photo: EMSC November 6, 10:12 Beijing time at the junction of the counties of Tsemo /Carcen/ and Jozan /Charklik/ Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous region /North-West China/ an earthquake 5 points on the Richter scale. The tremor's epicenter had coordinates 36.8 degrees North latitude. and 87.5 degrees C. D. Hypocenter of the earthquake lies at a depth of 10 km. this was reported today the Chinese seismological service on your website. According to information from Xinjiang, the disaster area, the administrative sub Bayingolin-Mongolian Autonomous County, is located in the Kunlun mountains, sparsely Read more [...]
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In the South China begins drought

Dry riverbed in the vicinity of the city of Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region. November 4, 2010. Photo Since October, most of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China 70% reduction in rainfall compared to previous years. There is a strong drought. According to Chinese media, the drought in varying degrees already covered 93 County of Guangxi. Forecasters predict that in the next 10 days around the area, rainfall is expected to decrease even at 70-90%. Source: The Great Era Of Read more [...]
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