Controversial Avalanche Picture Ignites ABS Argue

A picture of freeskier Aymar Navarro living a monumental avalanche with the aid of an ABS knapsack has careworn critique on-line. The picture, with a thousand and heart-pumping soundtrack, shows Navarro trip an tremendous avalanche spell skiing in the Spanish Pyrenees. Navarro's avalanche airbag scheme is excited and he fortuitously survives the unsafe slideway.Piece the ABS scheme seems to do its job, many questions are organism brocaded around the motives butt the brusk snip. Magazine editor Matte Hansen pennedan op-ed rending the picture isolated."You’d cogitate that astern all the Read more [...]
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Avalanche Polar Urals

Polar Urals avalanche district. Especially powerful avalanches from the steep leeward eastern slopes of the highest mountain ranges impregnable Swords Torgoveyiz, Bell Tower, as well as cars from the slopes and canyons in the sources of the rivers Parnuk, Hobeyu, Manhobeyu, Magna, Manaraga, Vangyr, People and their tributaries, where many falls precipitation. Due to frequent and strong western, south-western and north-westerly winds blowing in the highlands, there peremetenie snow from the windward slopes of the ridges and flat watersheds and deposit it on the leeward slopes, deep canyons, in carts Read more [...]
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Flooding and avalanches in the PRC

Due to flooding and avalanches caused by melting snow and heavy rainfall in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, affecting more than 300,000 people. The most difficult situation, reports Xinhua, has developed in the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Region and other regions. Increase in air temperature in combination with the heavy rainfall over the past three days has led to the melting of snow mass, which in turn has caused floods and avalanches in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As a result, seriously affected the local livestock sector, a number of highways Read more [...]
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Extraneous Clip, Feb 2000

Away     F E A T U R E S And None Came Binding In the wintertime of 1969, pentad of the nation's outflank immature climbers range to descale a paries of tilt so storm-blasted it had get, in the local idiom, an "escalator of moving snowfall." What happened to the Rise Cleveland phoebe darkened the trend of American mountaineering. But tied more shivery is the fact that it leave befall again. Read more [...]
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South of New Zealand met with an unusual storm

September 12, 2013. Tourists vacationing in southern new Zealand camp was Hands, temporarily locked in his shelter because of several avalanches on the site of the Milford road. According to preliminary estimates, after a storm on one of the curls of the tracks came about 20 avalanches, and 15 people aren't able to leave the danger zone.Although caught in the trap of tourists keep morale and thrilled seen by the storm, this does not detract from the possible danger of vanishing new avalanches, confident, experienced miners, last seen in the Hinterland storm and storm of this magnitude is Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin rescuers are struggling with avalanches

Due to heavy rainfall this winter on the hills of accumulated snow giant mass that hung over the road and every moment threatened to fall on the track. In danger and the railroad. In the regional emergencies Ministry has decided to provoke artificial avalanches avoid PE. For several hours the traffic on a dangerous stretch of road was blocked. The railroad brought in district special snow train. And then the work was started by the technicians. This winter this is the third operation of the technicians. According to rescuers, this year we managed to avoid the most dangerous descents. In December, Read more [...]
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More than 20 people were killed under avalanches in Central Afghanistan

More than 20 people were killed during the day, under the snow avalanches caused continuing for five days with snowfall in the Central Afghan province of daikundi said Tuesday the press service of the Governor. According to the Governor's daikundi Kurban Ali Uruzgan just killed 21 people, injured five. Three avalanches came down from the mountains in the County of Saht taht Bandar, completely covered over in the snow a few houses of local residents who are victims of the disaster. Press-service of the Governor reports that many of the highways and roads of the province were blocked by snowdrifts, Read more [...]
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Avalanches blocked the movement through the Salang pass in Afghanistan

KABUL, 7 Mar — RIA Novosti, Andrei Greshnov. Numerous avalanches came down in the night of Monday on both sides of the Salang pass, through which runs the main road from the Northern provinces of Afghanistan in the South, told the media head of Department ensure traffic to pass General Rajab.   According to him, dozens of avalanches descended to the North and South of the Salang tunnel under the built in economic and technical assistance of the USSR. The length of the tunnel is almost 2.7 thousand meters. Previously Rajab said that the clearing of serpentine rock on Monday Read more [...]
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Transcam closed due to bad weather

Across the North Caucasus has dramatically complicated the situation on the roads. The reason is the heavy snow and the threat of avalanches. At least the day extended the ban on travel on the TRANS-Caucasian highway - only between Russia and South Ossetia. According to meteorologists, the height of the snow cover on the mountain slopes greater than m is a critical level, and the snow is still. Today in the district of transcam a tragedy happened: killed a worker engaged in the construction of avalanche gallery. David Pochaev, representative of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in North Read more [...]
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Record snowfalls in North Ossetia led to the blocking of traffic on the TRANS-Caucasian highway

Abres,Snow in some places reaches meters high. Reported increased threat of avalanches. Road services are working almost around the clock, but so far to cope with the element fails. According to the Deputy Director of the Federal highway administration «The North Caucasus» in North Ossetia Alexander Koval, such snowfalls do not remember even the old-timers, and the work being done at the moment - «very heavy and responsible». Meanwhile, in Vladikavkaz snow left in the dark 6 areas of the city. Heavy rainfall has led to numerous breakages of transmission lines. Weather Read more [...]
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USA: Landslides in Colorado

November 4, 2013. Flooding has become a real disaster for Northern Colorado in September of this year, still reminds of itself. Hundreds of landslides caused by heavy rains have left the \"face\" of the state of ugly scars.The rains began in Colorado on 9 September and after 2-3 days led to settlements in this area, in a deplorable state. So, in boulder water rose to the level of 18 cm, and the town of Lyons was simply cut off from the outside world, bubbling streams completely washed away roads. In combination with the mountain landscape of the Colorado flood caused massive landslides and Read more [...]
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Research forest avalanches

3 April. Scientists from the research group on avalanches UBC began to study the impact of avalanches on the forests of British Columbia. Understanding the avalanche mechanism and the destructive power of these natural disasters will help in the proper assessment of risk to the centuries-old forest stands and harvesting of these trees. The study demonstrates that the effect of avalanches can be more than unpleasant for those areas where unskilled logging. The group involved in the project (in particular, Dr. D. McClung), is trying to develop ways to predict how far this or that avalanche can Read more [...]
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Avalanches Pop leastways Six

A late train of avalanches crosswise the Westerly Joined States has killed leastwise six multitude, with two fatalities per posit in Oregon, Utah, and Colorado.The Oregonian reports that an avalanche south Wallowa Mountains nigh Richness killed two cross-country skiers roughly noonday Tuesday. The two victims were attended by six otc skiers, two of whom suffered busted clappers; the former quadruplet emerged unhurt. The skiers hailed from Seattle and were on a multiday ski spell of the Eagle Cap Wild, according to Baker County Sheriff Mitch Southwick.In Utah, two masses died in offprint avalanches, Read more [...]
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Of the mountain resorts of France was the 19th-century

In the south-west of France due to the threat of avalanches around 600 people were evacuated Sunday from a ski resort Bareges (Bareges), reported Agence France-Presse. The population of one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe Barèges (Hautes-Pyrenees department) is about 230 people, but in the tourist season there may be more than two thousand varieties of winter sports. Weather Service warned of descent from the mountains avalanches due to heavy snowfall in the region. Once in a nearby village as a result of an avalanche was damaged about a dozen vehicles, police, military and firefighters Read more [...]
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External On-line Archives

Dispatches, April 1999ParaphernaliaHaute Couture? Comfortably, No. But It Could Keep Your Sprightliness in an AvalancheBy Nancy Watzman"The stationariness is exorbitant. You spirit c on your cheek and lips. Everything goes from tweed to brownish-yellow to melanise. You try muted noises, so naught at all." Neal Beidleman isn't describing the ordeal he went done as a guide Scott Fischer's doomed squad during Mountain Everest's all-consuming ramp Read more [...]
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Highly active volcano in the world

In Italian Stromboli volcano Erupting lava down its below. Now it can be seen on the slopes at an altitude of 400 meters. Residents of the village located near the eruption felt the shaking of their home. Small tremors emanating from Stromboli, are still going on, so the whole island closely monitoring what is happening on the volcano.Colima Volcano, Mexico entered a new eruptive phase, which is characterized by new strong and frequent eruptions. Remains relatively robust and the volcano Popocatepetl, emitting 1-2 weak portions of volcanic gas, sometimes ash per hour. Guatemala Volcano Santiago Read more [...]
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The train derailed in the mountains of Switzerland due to avalanche

on December 23. The train derailed Sunday in the Swiss Canton of Valais, located on the South-West of the country, because of avalanches, there were no injuries, reports the AFP news Agency. According to the representative of the railway company BLS Stephanie Hofer (Stephanie Hofer), a train crashed into a huge mass of snow that came down on the rails due to long-lasting in the region of warm weather. According to France Press, at the time of the accident the train was only four people. Rescuers evacuated people, however, the train service between the cities of Goppenstein and Gotten restore Read more [...]
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Mortal Hebdomad of Avalanches

Another baneful flourish of avalanches smitten the westerly role of the nation this hebdomad. A ski patrol-triggered avalanche broken a chairlift at Washington’s Lechatelierite Heap, where fortuitously no one was suffering. Still, two Montana avalanches and a coast in Utah apiece claimed a liveliness.Zach Junkermeier, an 18-year-old snowmobiler from Minnesota, was killed by a coast in southwest Montana on Tuesday afternoon. Junkermeier was stuck on a pitch attempting to beginning his snowmobile when another passenger sparked an avalanche fair supra him. He was plant well-nigh two hours Read more [...]
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When the Deal Waterfall

Out-of-door     The forefront of c skill can be launch in the foothills of the Whiteness Mountains on the outskirts of Hanover, New Hampshire, in a heavy, box-shaped edifice with a slating and brick frontal. Inner, researchers for the U.S. Corps of Engineers Frigid Regions Search and Technology Lab (CRREL), constituted in 1961, cogitation a all-encompassing compass of scientific and technology problems Read more [...]
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When the Mount Waterfall

External     The Austrian hamlet of Galtür, universe 701, lies at the groundwork of a farseeing rooftree of 10,000-foot peaks. Death overwinter, abundant snow promised the scoop skiing in age, but it too created a expiry ambush. Presently afterward 4 p.m. on February 23, 1999, the placidity of the Alpine vale was fitful by a flashy grumbling. Dead, a brobdingnagian palisade of coke fit done Read more [...]
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