Thin and fat

Fans of hunting woodcock know that the weight of the body is exposed to seasonal changes. One of the main factors determining the weight of the woodcock, it is the degree of fatness. The content of fat accumulation can greatly vary (literally weekly) in accordance with changes in the conditions of existence and survival, with the complexities of migration and wintering habitats capacity, etc. Woodcocks, perhaps, the only kind of game birds, which weigh not only professional ornithologists, but also ordinary hunters, especially in Western Europe. Many of them attach great importance Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Carbondale, Colorado

    Picture: Seth AndersenUniverse: 6,489 Average Family Income: $62,162Average Domicile Cost: $497,200Unemployment (countywide): 8 percentageVotes: 1,267Carbondale is alone a 30-mile bicycle cod from Aspen, yet it silence has hebdomadally summertime rodeos and kine drives done township.In early run-in: it hasn’t get another Colorado boomtown—yet.Set 6,200 feet eminent on Colorado’s westerly pitch, the townsfolk is at the merging of the flush trout waters of the Hollo Branch and Lechatelierite Rivers.“We exist in townspeople, and my economise can pass to Read more [...]
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A rare autumn flood recorded in the Nizhny Novgorod region

Extremely rare autumn flood fix specialists of Nizhny Novgorod GES - November 26, almost twice as increased lateral inflow to the waterworks, on December 2, 1360, it reached a value of cubic meters per second, said the GES. Until December 10, the average daily consumption set within 2900-3500 m3 / s. These figures are quite comparable to the spring flood of 2009. "Autumn flood - namely the so-referred to as cost increases through waterworks in the second half - a rather rare phenomenon and predict it, in contrast to the spring flood is difficult. If in the last century 45 years of operation of Read more [...]
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Siberian temperature drops

Cyclone passed through the Siberian region, in addition to snow and gale force winds, brought a significant increase in temperature. On Thursday afternoon in the southern regions of both Western and Eastern Siberia, the air temperature reached -1 ... -6 °, and in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the thermometer rose to as much as two degrees, and it's in the middle of February. Altai and all breathed in the spring, in the Gorno-Altaisk and Kyzyl-Ozeki temperature rose to + 7 °. As a result, the average temperature for February 18, were at 8-12 ° above the typical values ​​for Read more [...]
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Cave of Victory

In part there is a ten-privhodovoy thickness, the longest glacier in the caves of Bashkiria. Its area - 720 m2. The cave is developed by tectonic cracks latitudinal and trending. On this day, the length of the cave is 8130 meters, of them 230 - under water. Floor area - 39,400 square meters. m., volume - 229900 m3., an average width of 5.4 m moves, the average height - 7,1 m. Inmove to the cave is located in the right side of the plain p. Kinderli, at the base of a rocky outcrop at a height of 94 m above the river level Zilim. It has a trapezoid shape, size 12,0h7,0 m, and faces south. The cave Read more [...]
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General characteristics of the climate of the Khanty-Manskijskogo region

Thermal regime is considered seasonal, while the definition of seasons adopted the following characteristics: summer- period between the average dates of the last and first frost; winter- period between the start and end dates of sustainable Morozov; spring – the period from the average date of the end of sustainable frost before the average date of transition  the average daily temperature  over 0 OS and from this date to the average date of frost. Autumn is also divided into two periods – from the average date of the beginning of the frost before the average date  passing Read more [...]
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Low and high temperature, freezing

For rational planning  works in the air, for example, in construction organizations, you need to know about the long-term regime of low temperatures, their frequency and duration. Happy  a low temperature is considered Day, when the minimum temperature  Air was equal  or below the limit (below -30; -35, -40, -45, -50 ° C).  The absolute minimum for periods shown in Table. 5.11. Table 5.11 Annual absolute minimum air temperature (° C) for the periods 1890-1960; 1936-1976 and 1983-1994 years.)Station1890-1960 biennium. T abs.1936-1976 biennium.1983-1993 biennium.T Read more [...]
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 Blizzards transfer dropdown before snowfall. Snowdrifts, poor visibility, accompanied by strong winds, may for a long time to stop traffic and cause damage to the economy of remote areas of the North. To take timely measures to prevent or minimize damage to snowstorms, it is necessary to know the terms of their origin and development, the most "meteleopasnye" areas, and the highest average duration of snowstorms. Average number days with snow storms per year varies by district territory in 20-39 days  (Birch -31.1, -37.3 Kondinskoye) to 40-59 days in the valleys of the Irtysh River, the Middle Read more [...]
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Record wind speed in Japan

Record the average wind speed is beaten in 26 of the 51 meteorological area of ​​Japan on Sunday, said the chief of Meteorology country. The average wind speed is calculated by measuring the wind speed for 10 minutes. The record was beaten in 1918 in Asahikawa on the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido. The average wind speed is 24.6 meters per second. Wind brought down utility poles on the roof of a house. There were no casualties. Without electricity temporarily left about 200 families of the city.  Were broken record speed wind gusts. Thus, the main city in Hokkaido Sapporo gusts Read more [...]
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Winter in KhMAO

Winter begins with the establishment of stable frost, which in most parts of the territory, starting in the third week of October. The beginning of winter is characterized by a further increase in the frequency of occurrence of the circulation processes eastern type, contributing to a decrease in temperature. The most intensive lowering of its celebrated in late October early November, after the snow, so that the difference in average temperatures in October and November  10-12°C. The radiation balance in November reached the lowest in a year of negative values ​​due to the lowest Read more [...]
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Temperature anomaly in Moscow

The temperature in Moscow and the region to the rest of the week will be 5 ... 7 ° exceed climatic norm. Told Vestyam.Ru leading specialist of the Center Fobos weather Leonid Starkov. According to him, the intense pace of snowmelt will continue and, apparently, to the Easter snow come down completely throughout the area. Changing climatic season occurred in average long-term time frame. March 27 average daily temperature passed through zero to positive values, and we started spring weather. And this was not smooth, as usual, but abruptly. The average daily temperature for 5 ... 7 ° higher than Read more [...]
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Hydroecology bottom of the Irtysh

The rapid development of industry, transport and urbanization riverine areas led to the creation of preconditions for the formation and development of Hydro-ecology as a subject, which considers the environmental manifestations processes, both natural and anthropogenic. In the environmental assessment of natural manifestations of channel processes task ecology research is to account for and forecasting of hydrological parameters (channel deformation, change the mode of the equation), and ensuring the normal operation of the water facilities. When hydro-evaluation of natural manifestations of channel Read more [...]
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Unusually cold weather in Japan

Unusually cold weather for mid-April to almost the entire territory of Japan, said Friday mmo country. The strongest cooling due to the extension of the low pressure is observed on the Pacific coast of Japan. In most areas, the temperature does not exceed 10 ?. In Osaka, the thermometer dropped to the level of 7.9 ?. In the capital of Japan, the temperature was only 5.5 degrees. In neighboring Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture temperature did not exceed 4.2 degrees. The average is 4 ... 8 degrees below average standards. This temperature is characteristic for the middle of winter. In the north and in the Read more [...]
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Earth goes to heat record

In 2010, the global temperature has reached its maximum on the basis of the 12-month rolling average, according to James Hansen, chief climatologist at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The average temperature of the planet's surface from April to April was about 0.65 degrees Celsius higher than in 1951-1980, respectively. Previous (not so great), the peak was registered in 2005. An absolute figures the researchers did not report. "It is likely that the figures for the end of calendar year 2010 will also be a record" - written by Mr. Hansen and his colleagues.These Read more [...]
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Volition washables detersive ruination fleece?

A:No, aught at all damage with victimisation average wash detersive on your gazump garments. Age ago, it was rather established sapience that limpid detergents could terms Gore-Tex apparel (owe to the surfactants, or "surface-active" substances, antecedently put-upon in detergents, now no thirster the vitrine). I hypothecate from that, I can see how the monition, "Detersive may harm Gore-Tex," progressed to, "Detersive destroys all out-of-door wearable." That's good the nature of info dissemmination?multitude incline to add their own lilliputian reading, and shortly Read more [...]
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Should I clique my kayak bow- or stern-heavy?

A:Outset affair to do is recollect actually laborious most what you demand to payoff. The Priest-doctor ($750; is a skillful lilliputian sauceboat, but it's not tangible big. Solve what the conditions is apt to be, camp wear consequently, downsize any you can, so clinch binge in. You ought to be capable to get virtually of what you indigence into that rachis compartment. That shouldn't blow the counterweight overmuch. Better affair to do is to exit for a nimble run. Camp 40 pounds into the rear of the sauceboat, arrive, and swim some awhile. The bow power be a niggling Read more [...]
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Bequeath washables detersive wrecking fleece?

A:No, aught at all wrongfulness with exploitation average wash detersive on your pluck garments. Age ago, it was kinda established soundness that fluent detergents could harm Gore-Tex dress (owe to the surfactants, or "surface-active" substances, antecedently exploited in detergents, now no thirster the suit). I hypothecate from that, I can see how the admonitory, "Detersive may terms Gore-Tex," progressed to, "Detersive destroys all outside habiliment." That's hardly the nature of info dissemmination?masses run to add their own lilliputian reading, and presently inkiness Read more [...]
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7 magnitude earthquake in the south of Fiji?

Magnitude: 7.0 Time: July 8, 2010 12: 47: 37.3 UTC Depth: 15 feet Coordinates: 21.78 S 176.16 E 15 Source: EMSC Comment: 7 points - the average score is outputted from the sum of all the seismic stations have registered it (or any other) earthquake. Following the link can be seen that the maximum magnitude was 11.4. A two stations have recorded 9.6 and 9.7 points. The rest were given the results of up to 0.4 points. How true this system estimates the average score - a question. Read more [...]
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Cuban authorities urged people to conserve water

Cuban authorities urged people to saving and rational use of drinking water due to a severe drought and depletion of reservoirs, said on Monday the local media. "The low availability of water resources (2 billion cubic meters less than in the same period last year), entails very strict control of water resources, their management and the optimal use of strict control over the technical condition of water conservancy facilities," - said newspaper "Granma". According to the publication, in the month of June in the country fell to 135 millimeters of rain, which is only 69% of the average historical Read more [...]
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NASA experts have measured the Russian anomaly

Map of anomalous temperatures this summer in Russia. Where redder, the average temperature is stronger differs from the average values plus, more blue plots show deviations in the negative. NASA Earth ObservatoryNASA experts on the basis of images from an orbiting satellite Terra made a map of temperature anomalies of the end of July 2010 on the territory of Russia. On the map are regions where the temperature is 12 degrees above the average for the period 2000 to 2008. But there are regions where the temperature is the same amount of degrees below average.On the basis of data obtained Read more [...]
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