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local inflammation of the skin caused by a mechanical. irritation often romance. friction, pressure properly selected and fitted shoes, clothes and other gear. The emergence of P. predisposes increased sweating. In the tour. P. campaigns frequently observed on the legs {toes, heels, ankles), palms, back and shoulders. P. initially manifested by a burning sensation, pain, redness of the skin in areas of pressure and friction. With further irritation of the skin formation of bubbles with clear content (so-called. Corn water), to-rye can fester. After opening the bubbles are eroded to-rye Read more [...]
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Chapter 27. Anatomy of cowardice

Rockfall, which was not. - Fear of snakes is not ashamed. - Different kind of fear. - School apforizm. - Physical courage. - Academic zmiyatnik. - Positive aspects zmiyatnika. - Weekdays poet and translator. - Early jitters. - Witness - means martyr. - What makes a twelve-gauge, and how to write about it. - Cap gives advice After tea and recent carotid instruction pupil I feigned an old man groaning got into the den. I dream smoril skorenko but also had a good night's sleep that night was not possible. Around midnight the earth shook with the thunder fell in gorge millionnotonnye Read more [...]
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In the forest, I was not alone - with me live bears, moose, wolves, squirrels, birds, and all the indigenous forest dwellers could not be unaware of my presence - one to avoid contact with humans, others followed closely behind me. This is what I have always learned on the trail. Often, I was able to meet with forest dwellers. And my encounters with the animals in the forest were not uncommon. Why? Why are outsiders, strangers to the forest people almost can not see anything, almost no one greeted by a forest path? Why did Peter and Ivan, one-legged, but strong and wise old man who Read more [...]
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Personal equipment: backpack

 It is very important to choose the right bag for the journey on foot. For big trips (7-10 days or more) are good climbing and hunting backpacks, with sewn bottom, two side and one back pocket. Straps they usually wide enough. Backpack should fit snugly to the back of the entire back wall, and not to stand in the back, do not hang below it. This is achieved by selecting a backpack for growth and proper fitting straps. If they are short, they will be cut into the shoulders hurt if long - otvisnet backpack, carry the load becomes uncomfortable.Collecting bag, we must first put to the back Read more [...]
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Little Champion

Who has not marveled at the power hardworking ant? And how not to be surprised to see how tiny legged insect hard drags cargo several times heavier than himself - a caterpillar, a stick or an enormous crumb of bread. Indeed, strong ant, really. But there are insects and stronger ant. With one strong man so I got to know very closely. Summer on the steppe grasslands at the edges dried out cow dung cakes can see mounds excavated earth. It - traces of underground work dung beetles of different species, a kind of waste heaps. Hexapod miners underground dwellings preparing for their offspring, Read more [...]
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Small duck, weighing 500-800 grams. Drake in breeding plumage is colored very flexible. The head and neck was black, matte. On each side of the head from the base of the beak and eyes are almost vertical white spots that are above a narrow strip along the top of the head to the neck. On the back of the head eyes are two small white spots and elongated - on the back of the neck. On the sides of the head, below the white spots are small rusty-brown stripes. At the base of the neck has a full white collar, fringed bottom narrow black stripe. The back and upper tail at kamenushki black. Top, Read more [...]
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Passion for homology. Chapter 7

And ended up really soon, and pregadko, on the northern shore of the third lake, where we raked Tihomandritse on the evening I do not remember what day. There were visible distant pipe plant on the south side, you hear a distant noise of the railway, on the banks of the fishermen were rare or hung on the lake surface of the rubber lodchonkah, and some in car cameras. To be honest, kind of all this, I brought no joy, sadness pressed. Rights was a worm ended Roman holiday, again entered by the rule of everyday life, and something good will definitely come to an end. Slug Constantine, or, for Read more [...]
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Flying Squirrel

Description. Flying squirrel is similar in appearance to the protein, but her body seems to be flat, as the sides of the front and rear her feet on either side stretched a broad fold of skin, covered with fur, so-called "patagia." Front supported by a long bone spur, going back from the wrist. Flying squirrels head small, round, than whites, with very large black eyes. Ears are long, rounded, never have brush, covered with short hair, almost hidden in the fur. The rear foot is smaller and broader than that of whites. Nails short, strongly curved, sharp and on his hind legs almost Read more [...]
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Features of motion in non-populated areas

The most difficult conditions of orientation and location of the road to housing arise when an accident or disaster occurred in completely unfamiliar terrain and other climate-habitat. In this case, several other rules to detect and find the correct path of the. So, after you get our bearings, identified by the horizon, and at least some have imagined, in what part of the world, the region and the country are (using their basic knowledge of geography - topography, vegetation type, etc.) You can select and direction. At the beginning of the movement is advisable to choose ahead of two clearly Read more [...]
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Description. The shape of the body is similar to the protein, but differs in the shorter and less bushy tail, a short ears without tassels on the ends, the presence of subcutaneous cheek pouches that open in the corners of the mouth, and a kind of longitudinally striped coloring. Five black stripes along the back separated light reddish-gray or whitish spaces. The upper surface of the head brownish, round eyes wide white ring, interrupted by dark reddish stripe running from nose to ear, buffy flanks, ventral side whitish. Body length of 13-15 cm, a tail of about 10 cm During the year the color Read more [...]
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Body wolverine massive, clumsy, with strong semi-finger-walking, limbs. Relatively large paws armed with large pale yellow claws. Covered with long, shaggy hair tail shorter than the head. The head is large, with small rounded ears, neck thick pack. Body length of about 70 cm wolverine, tail - 18 cm, height 40-45 cm at the shoulders and weigh up to 32 kg. The trunk is covered with thick, long, shiny dark brown fur and a hard, sometimes black. Animals rarely fall lighter color. On the sides of the body, from the shoulders to the tail, pulled usually clearly visible broad band ("breeching"). Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 9

I moved cautiously on the aisle, close to the point that it had to push hard and move mostly sideways. A minute later I was all in a lather. There probably should as far as possible to describe what Aral reeds, or else do not understand. They say - thin as a reed, so this is not exactly about the Aral reeds. Old canes immediately powerful, thick, four or five feet tall, but most importantly - to grow up tightly that places the gun barrel between them prosunesh no, not that most go through. A solid wall of unknown thickness. In this wall here, I finally and rested. Had a pass, but all Read more [...]
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