Individual water purification device Turquoise

Have a friend that's a filter in the bins) itself is not yet used, but like good reviews. Passed acceptance Defense Ministry. Resource 150 liters Complete replacement filter. For complete obezarazhivaniya special soluble tablets. Easily attaches to a standard flask or standard plastic bottle. Manufacturer: / index.php Designed for high-quality drinking water at the fence it from any natural freshwater sources, including in areas with adverse environmental conditions, in emergency situations; can be used for purification of water coming from the tap water seti.Ochischaet from a broad Read more [...]
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Barrier Ultra 03 — as an option to filter the PIN

= "' / No so long ago bought his dacha cartridge Barrier under the logo 'Ultra Barrier 03' The appearance is a little different from the standard cartridge ...According to the manufacturers it applied technology mechanical treatment of all types of bacteria Ultra stop with a purity of 99.7% Chlorine med96 8% phenol 100% 100% bacteria. It is not even about gipertermofilah-te. bacteria resistant to boiling.And pednaznachen to filter water from natural sources ... Resource cassettes to 200 liters (depending on source water quality), the shelf life of the cassette 2years ... Filtering water Read more [...]
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And over-the-counter minor proposals from the vanguard of skill

Dispatches, November 1998BreakthroughsSo Can I lodge a Evident on My Wife's Pantie Hosepipe?And over-the-counter pocket-size proposals from the forefront of skillBy Denis FayeOnce, thither was a earth without velcro, innocent of Gore-Tex, and unmindful to the joy of a ti branching. Conceive it or not, mass really survived therein humankind. Someday, withal, it'll be fifty-fifty harder to reckon sprightliness without the pursuit cunning new breakthroughs. Read more [...]
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Scientists: the era of antibiotics is coming to the end of

The spread of bacteria resistant to most known antibiotics, is no less a threat to humanity than global warming and other possible disasters, experts fear. According to chief medical officer Sally Davies of England, the bacteria become immune to many modern medicines, and new antibiotics is simply no. Speaking before a parliamentary commission, Davis expressed concern about the scale of the problem. According to her, in the near future, even routine surgery may endanger the lives of patients."We are to" grow "resistant infections, too often resorting to the use of standard Read more [...]
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Up to 70% of U.S. pork tainted dangerous bacteria

Study of samples of meat from the entire United States showed that 96% of pork sold in this country are infected is not very famous, but dangerous to humans by the bacterium Yersinia enterocolitica, and Yersinia. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the report to Consumer Reports.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bacterium infects more than 100 thousand Americans a year, with each diagnosed case there is more than 120 undiagnosed. Symptoms include fever, cramps and bloody diarrhea.For the research Consumer Reports selected the types of pork on a daily Read more [...]
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New paneling ship shakes bacteria overboard

Soon the ships can get rid of the bacteria in the same way as horses get rid of the flies. Created a special material, which is reduced and stretched, literally shaking the bacteria from the surface. The use of this technology are very large, as it helps to get rid of even large colonies of various microorganisms.Initially, scientists at Duke University have developed a material capable to solve the problem of accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the vessel. Over time, bacteria create a vessel to trim biosliz, which increases the resistance to movement, reduces the energy efficiency of Read more [...]
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The causative agent of leprosy reprogram infected cells

The bacteria that cause leprosy (leprosy), proved to be outstanding experts in the field of stem cells: they are easy to carry out what the scientists out abyss of time and effort. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK) found that "prokaznye" mycobacteria may draw mature cells in an undifferentiated, stem condition and reprogram it to turn into another cell type.One of the first objectives of the agent of leprosy are Schwann cells - helper cells of nervous tissue that form the myelin sheath around the axons of peripheral nerve fibers. The researchers took Schwann cells Read more [...]
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Bacteria can alter human cells

Scientists first to show that bacteria are able to reprogram cells, turning them into a kind of moving stem cells used to penetrate the muscular and nervous systems. The experiment was conducted on mice. In the study, researchers introduced bacteria in glial cells of the brain that are responsible for supporting neural connections. In just a few weeks the bacteria were able to change the biochemistry of these cells, acting on their "baby" genes and turning off the "adult." As a result, glial cells were transformed into stem. "Immunity does not attack the cells that Read more [...]
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Deep sea basin check for the presence of antibiotics

Scottish scientists are planning to see the sea basins antibiotics. This, according to scientists, will help overcome the problem of resistance of pathogens. Scientists working at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), will take up the study of the deepest ocean trenches. They expect to find there antibiotics. The budget of the project is £ 8 million. The research scientists expect to create depressions medicines that kill bacteria are much more effective than existing drugs. Samples of antibiotics, scientists plan to get in the ocean basins. It was here in the most extreme conditions Read more [...]
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Keep evolutionary step, or What were the evolutionary biologists in 2012

The origin of life, the origin of multicellular grandmother as a means of survival, splicing as a tool of evolution and other theories and hypotheses of evolutionary theory, which attracted our attention in the past year.The modern theory of evolution is a complex fusion of different biological disciplines, from the oldest and most respected systematics of plants and animals to the latest molecular biology. Whatever may appear new in the concepts, theories and methods, evolutionary theory tries to apply it to his subject. The object of evolutionary theory is extremely difficult, because the theory Read more [...]
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Scientists have found bacteria on Earth that can survive on Mars

The US-Russian team of scientists have found in the permafrost bacteria Taimyr class Carnobacterium, which is characteristic of the growth temperature, pressure and concentration and they fit the atmosphere of Mars. Work published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and its summary is given in Spiegel Online.Bacteria isolated from sand deposits on the right bank of the Kolyma River, at a depth of 12 - 20 meters. The scientists obtained samples of washed sand and sown solution for an environment that is rich in nutrients. Bacterial colonies were grown at 28 ° C in Read more [...]
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Blood groups have for virus protection

Scientists believe the University of Bath, a person could buy the enzymes that determine the blood group of bacteria - they were necessary to prevent the spread of viruses in the population. Red blood cells in the blood covered the carbohydrate structure called glyco-antigens. The phenotype of these antigens determine blood group system AB0. A-positive people have antibodies that oppose glycoprotein antigens of B, B-positive have anti-A and anti-0, 0-positive - the anti-A and anti-B. These antibodies do not exist at the beginning of the formation of the body, and appear with the intestinal bacteria Read more [...]
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Scientists have begun to create a map of the human microbiome

In our bodies live trillions of microorganisms that have a permanent impact on us. Scientists at the company decided to collect uBiome map of the human microbiome to understand the processes occurring in our body. Biotech start-up company uBiome use online crowdsourcing to attract public and compassion to map the human microbiome, the complex ecosystem of bacteria living together with us. "Think of yourself as a place where live bacteria" - says co-founder uBiome Jessica Richman. "Defining and analyzing them, we can see what's happening in our body." uBiome collect microbial Read more [...]
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The reason could be the great extinction bacteria

Absorbing Nickel archaea could exacerbate Permian catastrophe active methane production. A nickel they took from the Siberian Traps. At the end of the Permian period (about 250 million years ago), for some hundreds of thousands of years on the planet disappeared and 90% of all species.According to the fossil record, first life slowly withered due to the gradual acidification of the ocean and the reduction of oxygen in the air and water. Those who remained, killed volcanoes and meteorites. According to another theory, the atmosphere was methane deposits, usually hidden in the seabed, leading Read more [...]
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Even planets with hyperfine atmosphere can support life

Contrary to previous experiments, NASA officials Alexander Pavlov was able to show that bacteria can live and thrive even at very low atmospheric pressure corresponding to the Martian.If the current Homo Sapiens moved to the current Mars, poor die for many reasons. In the forefront of these manslayers be radical - a hundred times - the fall in atmospheric pressure over the earth. Even whether the Martian atmosphere by chemical counterpart of the earth, it would not be enough for the ventilation of human lungs just because of one pressure. Interestingly, the same results are characteristic of Read more [...]
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3000 years without light, heat and oxygen. In the subglacial lake found live bacteria

A new discovery by American scientists significantly extends the framework in which life could exist. They found living organisms in the Antarctic Lake Vida, which for three thousand years, has been completely isolated from the outside world under dvadtsatimetrovym layer of ice. Unbelievable, but the bacteria live and thrive in very salty water, without light and oxygen, at a temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius. And it's not just one form, but of a whole ecosystem, which includes dozens of families. The detailed results are published in the journal PNAS. "It changes our understanding Read more [...]
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Scientists are very close to the old dream of man to extend his youth

2012 around the world and in Russia dedicated to the Arctic and its global role in the life of mankind. Siberian and Tyumen scientists for many years paying close attention to the permafrost, and the unique biological resources that it holds. In particular, the minds of the researchers are relict bacteria, discovered a few years ago in Yakutia on Mammoth Mountain, near the river Aldan. Told academician, director of the Earth Cryosphere Institute, Tyumen Vladimir Melnikov, of the 300 strains isolated bacteria, 70 have described. Four strains completely deciphered genome. Moreover, one of these Read more [...]
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In Antarctic Lake Vida found life 3,000 years isolated from the external environment

American scientists have found in the water Lake Vida, located under the 20-meter thick ice, and several species of bacteria. Frost viable organisms that exist in such difficult conditions - in the dark, in salt water, in freezing temperatures, and completely isolated from the external environment - first discovered. Subglacial lake is located in the valleys of McMurdo in Victoria Land.Report on the sensational discovery of the research team led by Dr. Alison Murray microbiologists and Dr. Christian Fritz Institute of Nevada published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Read more [...]
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What is the nature of life in the stratosphere

"Surviving on high altitude challenge our concept of limits of the biosphere," - so says David Smith of the project "Micro-organisms in the stratosphere" Kennedy Space Center. The scientist and his team are planning to establish the boundary of the biosphere by sampling Observatory "Batchelor" in central Oregon. The first found alive oragnizmami in the stratosphere were bacteria. The bacterial form of life is possible in such harsh conditions of existence through the formation of a protective shell - spores. Only thanks to her bacteria can live at? 56? C in the Read more [...]
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And what nationality your bacteria?

Our intestine is the habitat for trillions of useful and harmful bacteria. Doctors have long been interested in why the gut flora of people from different regions of the world is somewhat different. It turns out that our nationality determines the differences or similarities, not only in appearance and temperament, but also in the features of the intestinal flora. The same bacteria when released into the intestines of some people will bring them good, and others can cause diabetes of the second type.The team of Danish scientists set out to compare the gut Dane and Indian. Says study leader Olaf Read more [...]
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