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About burrows in photos

Badger (lat. Meles meles), marten mammal of the family, the only species in the genus badgers. Such a fat beast perezimuet without problems. Photo by the author It is found mainly in mixed and taiga, less — in the mountain forests; in the south of the area is found in the steppes and semi-deserts. Adheres to dry, well-drained areas, but near (1 km) ponds or marshy lowlands, where the richer food supply.It lives in deep burrows of badgers, who digs along the slopes of sandy hills, forest ravines and gullies. Animals from one generation to hold the favorite places; As special Read more [...]
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Badger fat

Fat comes in two forms: melted "fat" - subcutaneous fat. And the "blended" - a mixture of the three factions.Photo: Fat of melted from «fat». Cut off from the carcass, well clear of blood and meat, wash and chop with a knife or a meat grinder and sink in a water bath, gradually merging ready and enclosing fat;Visceral fat («grid» and «shell» with internal organs): rob hands, rinse well in cold water and sink, you can together with fat;Intramuscular fatMeat chopped into pieces, rinse well and heat in a roasting pan Read more [...]
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The first pancake is not lumpy!

The first mono-Russian inter-regional competition for European Laika bear, wild boar and badger were held 6-9 September 2012 in Tatarstan. Direct train from St. Petersburg to the destination was not, so I had to go to the Kirov and further 320 km by taxi to Vyatskiye field, where we were met by the organizers of the competition. Traveling in a minibus in the Kirov region has led me into despair: again overgrown willow and birch huge field, which 20 years ago was very lively. Boarded and gray ramshackle houses along the route, the owners of abandoned due to lack of work; looted Read more [...]
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From the experience of hunting for a badger with a dog Norn

author photo After the twentieth season of hunting with dogs in the Norn Badger decided to share their observations with the readers. I do not pretend to any generalizations and talking only about what and how to do myself in favor of the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. I would be happy if my experience of someone useful.Before the hunt began with the Norns, after reading the available literature, I concluded that the dog must: fox expel or crush and pull out and drive into the badger «boiler» or a dead end and is actively attacking, not to bury it until the hunter Read more [...]
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Badger in the Krasnodar Territory

Badger (Meles meles L.) - a popular object of hunting license. We call him respectfully - "Uncle"In most parts of the area, he inhabitant of forests, mainly mixed, hilly, crossed by ravines and valleys of the rivers, where a lot of food and a wide holes. The badger is found in the zone of forests and mountains, and in the south settles in the steppes and semi-deserts.Badger is perfectly adapted to dig deep burrows, which spends much of his life. Most often, he arranges them in the forest slopes of ravines, river valleys and hills with dry sandy soil, and the camera has a socket under the protection Read more [...]
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Hunting Badger

As badger helped to "survive" me and my brothers in the postwar years.I read in our magazine «Hunting and fishing – XXI Century» Vadim Gudkov article  «Badgers»Very interesting and useful, which, in my opinion, gives more information about the life of the badger and his home to the young hunter (and not only), who wants to or already engaged in hunting (within the law) to this, at first glance, clumsy, but very strong and agile beast.  And I like the old hunter immediately reminded of those old, terribly hungry and cold (not just to eat, but there was Read more [...]
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Norn against badgers

Our experts believe that the hunting dog breeding in Russia must be developed on the common standardsPhoto: Yuri Semyonov Our experts believe that the hunting dog breeding in Russia must be developed on the common standards, so we look forward to further fruitful cooperation with the experts of the Association RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz. A. Klishas, ​​president of the All-Russian public organization «Federation of hunting dog»Samara region, Kinel district, p. Formal, PIC «Steppenwolf»22-23 May 2010. It is a place and time where the All-Russia competitions Read more [...]
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On a badger with a taxi

Badger - the coveted trophy hunting for many hunters, because its meat and fat have a high enough value and medicinal properties, the use of which helps people in the treatment of various diseases.Photo by Mikhail HilkoOpytnaya hunter fee Tan Missy and her young sidekick Brunhilda. We use this haired dachshunds, yielding at yagdtereram malice, not making grasps. They drive the badger deadlock and bark at him, waiting for the arrival of a host shovel. Badger burrows at We usually located in deep drainage channels dug many years ago near the forest Read more [...]
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Shaitan, Tana and badgers

To carry out the competition edge burrowing dogs, we need to catch a few strong badgers. This is best suited haired dachshund, which due to their physique and growth moves freely in badger hole.Diggers.Badger (Meles meles) — of the weasel family, inhabited almost all of Europe, Siberia and Far East. Is nocturnal, lives in deep burrows. Some badgers «gorodki» have an age of several hundred years. This stacked structure with 40–50 input and vents and 5–10-meter tunnel leading to the 2–3 socket on the camera depth up 5 Read more [...]
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Miracle cure

From ancient times, people use animal fat for medical purposes. Particularly valuable is considered fat marmot, bear and badger. It is known that it heals gastric and lung diseases, as well as burns, wounds and ulcers. I'm not a healer, but my experience that this is true. Photo by Viktor Yakobchuk First badger I It took thirty years ago I prepared from a roast. The meat was very tender and tasty, without any odor. Especially I not to badger hunting, circumstances have forced me to take the case. In My brother opened a stomach ulcer, and he was advised Read more [...]
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My unforgettable yagdterer

Yagdterer Rook, my first hunting dog, has become a member of our family as a puppy when he was three months old. In the 80s of the last century, this breed of hunting dogs was not familiar with the great hunters of the Union, and only thanks to his classmate Lena, while living in the Baltic States and is the breeder of this breed, and a staunch defender of her puppy was in my house. Photo by Sergey Gulyaev At the same time came the state exams in high school, and I like Game Biologists, who wants to work in hunting without a dog can not be in any way, and therefore, Rook came to Read more [...]
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Crimean Hunting

Hunting fauna of the Crimea. Carnivorous. (From the archives P.Guseva)From predatory animals Crimea have commercial value fox, marten, badger, polecat part.The fox (Vulpes vulpes) — beast of prey, most have our common and numerous. It occurs everywhere, in the open steppe, and in the mountain forests, and in the vicinity of towns and villages. However, the fox inhabiting the mountainous part of the Crimea belongs to a different breed than the steppe: mountain fox (Vulpes vulpes Krymea Montana) Smaller, high cheek-bones, with brighter Read more [...]
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Karelia has begun receiving applications for issuance of licenses bear, wild boar, elk and badger

Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture of Karelia accepting applications for a license to mine a limited type of animals: bear, wild boar, moose and a badger.Medvezhiegorsk, the Kondopoga, Kem, Belomorsk — in the queue for licenses to hunt are people with almost the whole of Karelia. They would apply and at home, but there are the same crowd of hunters, and everyone wants to have time to get a coveted permit. The thing is that they are limited, and those wishing to hunt for licensed game to spare.«In the Republic of Karelia about 22 thousand registered hunters, we issue permits total Read more [...]
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This unique and cute animal can be found in all natural and geographical areas of the country except for the tundra, from the Kola Peninsula to the mouth of the Amur River. He prefers the rugged terrain, ravines, gullies, wooded valleys and streams, riparian trees near lakes and swamps. By the nature of power badger eat it with a significant tendency to carnivorous, and in the northern parts of the area, he eats more animal food than in the south, where the composition of feed is more diverse. The basis of the diet of the predator - rodents, mostly voles, insects and their larvae, earthworms, Read more [...]
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Weasel family. Badger

Badger has a clumsy, wide body, an elongated head, short legs. Body length of an average of about 70 cm (old males sometimes reaching 90 cm) tail - 25 cm hair on the back and sides rough, high, bristly, silvery-brownish-gray color, casings - lower and rare blackish color but lighter head. On either side are two black stripes. Badgers are found in all regions of the European part of the USSR, Siberia, the Far East, except for the northern territories. These animals are found in nearly all the countries of Europe and in much of Asia. The main areas of distribution are: the European part of Read more [...]
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