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Russian Projectile Explodes on Mockery

A Russian arugula that was divinatory to expect ternary pilotage satellites into infinite rather exploded concisely abaft found in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, showering flame, toxic fire approximately the Baikonur Cosmodrome.Regime told residents of Baikonur, a 70,000-person metropolis approximate the spaceport, to arrest interior pursual the fortuity, cautioning around the peril of pollution from the carcinogenic fire, recognize as heptyl in Russian, victimized to might the roquette.The fortuity is the 4th in the yesteryear tercet geezerhood for the Proton-M, a Russian-made skyrocket intentional to Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan to Russia presented an ultimatum to $ 500 million at the Baikonur

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued an ultimatum to Kazakhstan in response to a limited missile launches from Baikonur. If Kazakhstan did not reconsider its decision, Russia threatens to stop cooperation in all joint projects in the field of space launch vehicles, write "News".List responses contained in the Russian Foreign Ministry's official letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Moscow believes that the Kazakh authorities, imposing restrictions on the launch of Russian missiles, trying to "get around the Baikonur complex lease terms."As reported in Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan sent troops to Baikonur

12/13/2012 Kazakhstan has placed on the complex "Baikonur" cosmodrome and includes the eponymous town, the special representative Border Guard National Security Committee. The task of the military is, in particular, the surveillance vehicles and their maintenance. This was reported by the Russian media source at the cosmodrome. According to him, the captain headed the representative Azat Sunkar."The main task of border guards - check documents for entry to the country, vehicle supervision and support. Border guards working for two airfields -" Deadline "and" Jubilee Read more [...]
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Russia may lose the Baikonur

10/12/2012 Kazakhstan continues to discuss the question of whether to establish jurisdiction over the city of Baikonur, which leased the Russian side. Chapter Kazkosmos Talgat Musabayev said that Moscow and Astana have been considering a gradual transition into the hands of the Republic spaceport. According to him, the exact date on which the transfer occurs and the abandonment of the lease, as yet unknown."Today the President set a task to us and this question has been slandered with Putin when agreed to elaborate on the development of a new comprehensive treaty on Baikonur complex <...> Read more [...]
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Russian missiles will explore the mysteries of the moon

Russia expects great progress in the field of space exploration. In 2015, an automatic interplanetary station "Luna-Glob"Must be launched from the Baikonur East. Informed today chapter Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin.According to the head of the agency, the lunar model will become the first spacecraft launched from the new cosmodrome in the Amur region. At the same time, "Luna-Glob" will be Russia's first lunar probe. "We have every reason to believe that the timing of the start of operation Baikonur East - 2015 - will be met. Roskosmos has determined that as a payload Read more [...]
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Seven hours of Nuclear War

14 June 1982 was no different from the other days of the summer. Except that it was Monday, as you know, the day is heavy. Numerous military garrisons scattered throughout our vast expanses of the country, life was in a familiar rhythm: in Kamchatka soldiers returning from dinner, and on the western border soldiers were still inspecting the last dreams.Withignal practice alert sounded like him and believe, "suddenly," and immediately set in motion the gigantic war machine, named the Armed Forces of the USSR. Soldiers and officers quickly took their jobs, as it was prescribed Read more [...]
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