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The practice of catching. Fishing in rivers quot;porolonkuquot;

If when fishing in still water foam "Fish", "score points" by rocking (games) during the pauses, the rivers in transverse pelting it lacks features such as course presses it to the bottom and wash away any air bubbles. In rivers walleye attract enough strong impulses coming from the bait, weak-current damping. It is clear that from the "porolonki", because of its lower density, the pulses in all cases less than that of silicon lures, so when posting "fish" on the bottom, across or against the current, the originality of the game is no different (although Read more [...]
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Winter toothy pike

Pike ordinary (Esox lucius) is common, as they say ichthyologists, circumpolar, that is, has "one of the most extensive ranges of freshwater fish." In other words, it is, first, is found in almost all the rivers belonging to the Arctic Ocean basin (except for their most northern areas), and secondly, far to the south does not penetrate, and in Southern Europe, and below the line of the "Caucasus - the Amur River basin, "it replaces other family schukovyh. Ordinary pike enjoys nationwide popularity: it is glorified in tales and legends. Is there anything "pike", Read more [...]
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Weight up to 2 kg, with a length of about 50 cm roach, perch and carp as is the bulk of the fish population in central Russia and lives in ponds of different types, each of which has its own characteristics of fishing. Body broad, large scale. Iris eyes orange, with a big stain on the top. The back is greenish, sides and belly are silvery. Ventral, anal and caudal fins are orange to red in color. Coloring depends on age, home ranges and other local conditions, environment. Fish reach sexual maturity at 3-5 years of age, with a length of 12 cm in the spring spawning begins with a water temperature Read more [...]
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Inferior in size perch and walleye pike. His weight is 3.5 kg. Bass has a very wide distribution. It can be found in all the lakes and rivers, and even in ponds with clean water. Perch - fish schooling, very greedy. Biting him on many water bodies in place for nearly the entire season of open water. Sometimes it takes even during spawning. On mugs successfully caught perch ages. When circles floated a flock perches, starts very lively and interesting fishing. Bite one after another, have hastily kruzhochniku bypass multiple simultaneous perevertok. Large specimens of deep bass weighing Read more [...]
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Lifting hook with a rectangular groove on the rod to bait two sticks stuck in the ground and keep your knots crossbar for which a rectangular groove engages vertical rod with bait (a rope attached to a shrinking). Attached to the rod and bait loop. Put the trap in the open for catching small predators and pigs.

Lifting hook

with a rectangular groove on the rod for bait

Two sticks stuck in the ground and keep your knots crossbar for which a rectangular groove engages vertical rod with bait (a rope attached to a shrinking). Attached to the rod and bait loop. Put the trap in the open for catching small predators and pigs.

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The use of traps: trap drums

The principle of operation of this type of trap is that when the animal takes the bait, it drops a load. All are suitable for pigs, foxes and badgers. Larger structures can be used for larger game, such as bears. WARNING! Major pitfalls of this type can be very dangerous not only for the animals, for which they are, but for the man himself. Their mechanism is triggered when a small impact on the strained and hidden rope - stretch - and this can happen by chance. Even in an emergency situation need to put all aware of where they are located. Arrange things so that people stay away from them, Read more [...]
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Fishing pole with a nod and jig

  Kivkovaya rod - the most common amateur tackle. It uses 99% of all on the ice fishermen. This gear consists of udilnika (with handle or not), lesohranilischa (in which can be used as a coil, and just reel), line with a nod and jig (one or more). Depending on what is lesohranilischem, fishing rod turns with the deaf, where reel-tse, or Beguchev if coil harness. What is the difference between the two types? Fishing rod with a dull snap usually much more delicate and subtle. It is designed for fishing small fish, not the angler is able to deliver a lot of trouble with hooking and Read more [...]
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Sudakov search sites in rivers without sounder

There are certain methods may not be very accurate and fast, but the time-tested and more than one generation sudachatnikov. They do not require material costs, and the costs are included in physical organic sporting sense zander. The first of them - the visual. If you are on the river in calm weather, look closely at the water surface. You will see that for far differently for speed and direction. The possible availability brovok the bottom, the depth drops, rapids and so you will point the surf generated flow. On availability holes and pits in coastal edge - the reverse flow. Border regions Read more [...]
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This simple tool is indispensable for quite Fishing lure, although it may be useful to every angler. However, it is the one who works the road in the literal sense of the dead bait, beyond recovery snags, it is most needed. Unhook may be in the form of rings, spirals, solid, with a slot for the line. His weight also varies. It should be borne in mind that the most effective heavy, solid product. But to carry extra weight in a box no one wants, so you have to compromise. For all that blesnilschiki who frequently fish in troubled areas are unhook up to 0.5 kg. Struggle with hooks, is not easy. Read more [...]
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Lure of silicone

The lack of a silicone and foam lures one - a slight vibration during speed wiring in isolation from the bottom. That is, when the lure is in a "free flight", the fish is indifferent. Most often, the predator attacks the bait, if the latter is literally "runs" on his head. If a twister or vibrohvost is a few meters from him, fed predator attack, and even more resolved to pursue them extremely rare. And if during time pause the bait on top rolls onto its side (a typical situation) predator simply loses interest in her. Tough, almost hard bait with a clear separation of the Read more [...]
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Spinners. The sequence of execution methods

-Fisher is uniform wiring bait, picking interesting predator speed lobe (less active predator, the slower wiring bait). With languid biting wiring is on edge rotation lobe (most often in the late fall pike fishing - October-November). -If you do not like monotonous pike wiring spinner in the same plane, the angler begins to lead her to the periodic acceleration, especially when connections to the bank or the passage of prospective sites - sites of fish: overgrown grass, fallen trees, steep bank, etc.-When this method leaves and capricious pike indifferent, spinning begins to manipulate the rod. Read more [...]
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Shooting at bait

Shooting at bait can be widely used in many commercial areas. Steps in 30 of bait digging a hole so as to bait was visible from it against the sky. Then enclose the pit fallen trees, stones or turf, leaving in the direction of a small bait sight window the size of a palm. For Sidky can also use old abandoned buildings and haystacks. In this case, shoot only on moonlit nights. Watch for foxes recommended clear and bright nights, when installed windless weather. In windy weather, animals often come to the bait on the leeward side and still detect the presence of the hunter. It is desirable to Read more [...]
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This fish has a special place among other water inhabitants. The name itself sounds to those who have tasted the beauty and poetry of its catch, almost magically. The question will be, first and foremost, about the brook trout, called flycatchers. In addition there is a wild species and other artificially bred in fish farms - rainbow trout. According to ichthyologists, "Iris" is incapable of natural reproduction in our latitudes. In flycatchers, in turn, there is another form due to habitat. Trout caught in a big body of water rich food, be it sea or a large lake, goes mainly to Read more [...]
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Parallel-arranged (multilevel) combined bait

I do not want to go into the technicalities of different combinations consisting of petals, cargo, tail hook, just because at the moment they have several dozen, tomorrow will be a hundred. And with each company wants to make a contribution in the name of the numerous and ingenious combinations, introducing additional confusion in the definition of bait.First such devices appeared in Moscow in the late 60's, I began to catch them from the mid-eighties. The general conclusion to which I came, using this type of bait, disappointing: despite the natural curiosity and simplicity in selecting Read more [...]
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Crank from the bottom of the reservoir

One of the most effective methods of fishing crank - is speed wiring on the bottom or near the bottom of the reservoir (Fig. 70).Wobbler bury sharply, making it a steep dive and go to the bottom of the arc. When he reaches the bottom, rotating coil stop for a few seconds - a fish begins to emerge. Then retract lead to action, and bait dives, touching the bow of the bottom. In some cases, cause the lure to dive, only raising spinning up. Wobbler can be conducted in steps and at a considerable distance from the bottom. Basically, catch pike at a depth of 4 meters - a kind of a bust. Pike Read more [...]
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Catching animals traps

Know hunted. If you want to succeed, you first need to decide which animal should be caught, to consider how it will react and how best to use bait. Rats, mice, rabbits and squirrels can easily fall into the trap. These small mammals habits are constant, and the area of their habitat is limited. Find the hole or the course, put the bait and trap. Some advice. A number of tricks to help you maximize your chances of success when fishing traps. To catch the animal that lives in a hollow tree, there sun'te short forked stick and rotate it so that it could become entangled skin is in the Read more [...]
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Protivozatsepnoe device for catching the quot;deaf,quot; quot;impassablequot; koryazhnike

What the fastest perch can be found in koryazhnike, known to all. But some gossip on Akhtuba pit - it is not even koryazhnik and fallen trees, and neskolkoyarusny "impassable" obstruction of uprooted stumps, nailed to them waste and chaotic fallen trees. Sometimes this "wood" flows from the bottom to a height of 3 to 6 meters. Walleye long chosen such shelters to escape the constant plowing porolonok water and jig lures. For many years I had various unsuccessful protivozatsepnye device until trial and error is not artless design-fashioned nezatseplyayku. At first glance, Read more [...]
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Bite in 90 cases out of 100 should be considered as any rod tip deviate from the standard. Most bites fisherman on the tip of the eye-spinning, and they are perceived as strikes (the tip of a sharp nod) twitch (quiver tip) or a sudden and premature weakening of the fishing line. Stroke occurs when a predator attacks the bait in front, opposite to the motion. These bites are often "empty", ie ineffective because, grasping jaws load bait and not very "porolonku" and felt something was wrong, perch just get rid of him, not even caught on the hook. Bite is effective only when Read more [...]
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Catch som giant somewhere in the lower reaches of the Volga - the case may be, and heroic, but not as difficult as it might seem. In my view, much more needs to show the ability to specifically catch the fish, even if small, in the rivers, located relatively close to the capital. Withnd wakes up in the middle of April. Flood forces him to leave the dregs Chosen riverbed hole and go in search of clean water sites located upstream or spills. Such movements fatten sluggard appetite, and with the return of "in the place of residence" and a significant warming of the water it can penetrate Read more [...]
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Choice of fishing grounds

When fishing from a boat is best to get up to anchor at a depth of 15-20 meters from the edge of the shelf (depending on the slope and depth), and throw the bait in the shallows side, throwing the upper edge of the parapet of 5-10 meters. In this case, a large number of bites, and hooks is much less because the "Fish" free fall, breaking the brows, not wade through koryazhnik when she pulled out from a depth of grounding (Fig. 48). Now, just because these 5-10 meters, which is the bait on a shallow spot, and should be painted foam fish as predators often rests on the curb in front of Read more [...]
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