Secrets of a successful fishing: Fishing Lure asp

I confess that I have a little experience of catching a chub lures. This is due to the fact that this fish is very accurate and does not admit close to for themselves, and crankbaits, as you know, are not the best aerodynamic properties. Because in the main I catch him on traditional lures like Kastmaster office Acme. But there are conditions for fishing in what is true selected wobbler can "Harvesting" even corporate kastmastera. Suppose you catch on the bend of the river. In this case, you can successfully catch alloy, fusing lure downstream riparian under bushes or other location Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Catching pike on lures and jigs bait

In this issue we will talk about pike fishing lures and jigs bait. They are excellent bait for catching this type of fish, but for it to be specifically so need some knowledge in this area: from the choice of lure or bait jig and ending their use in certain criteria, such as time of year, location and other fishing ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Boilies

Boyle - frequent bait-rigging for carp. Translated from the British Boyle means "stew" or "boil" that emphasizes manufacturing technology of the bait. In Russia decided to use baits not only factory-made, and own making. In this issue we discuss thoroughly on this particular profit. Baits are different from the size and finishing color and other requirements ...Read more [...]
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Universal spinners with a propeller at the bow

If the fishing is applied from the bottom of a large number of different baits in design, the universal spinners, especially capacity as it hangs in the water (a typical example - the octopus), the competitors do not have, extending the impact of predatory fish close to magnetic.Spinners fishing in the upper layers of water are not considered, since their construction differs little from the streamers of similar import. Especially, If the bow is present baits such detail as the propeller. Read more [...]
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Spinners. The sequence of execution methods

-Fisher is uniform wiring bait, picking interesting predator speed lobe (less active predator, the slower wiring bait). With languid biting wiring is on edge rotation lobe (most often in the late fall pike fishing - October-November). -If you do not like monotonous pike wiring spinner in the same plane, the angler begins to lead her to the periodic acceleration, especially when connections to the bank or the passage of prospective sites - sites of fish: overgrown grass, fallen trees, steep bank, etc.-When this method leaves and capricious pike indifferent, spinning begins to manipulate the rod. Read more [...]
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Chemical agents

Chemical agents. These include poisons to kill rodents, as well as drugs that protect various materials from damage by rodents or their penetration of the animals to the premises (repellent). Chemical poisons used in food baits in the form of powder for dusting burrows of rodents and trails, as well as in the gaseous state to process vessels, silos, etc. The nature of the poisons are divided into long and fast. The former include zookumarin, ratindan, pivalilindandion etc., to the second - krysid, thiosemicarbazide, zinc phosphide, thallium sulfate, barium carbonate, strychnine, arsenic, ftoratsetamid, Read more [...]
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Deratization means

Deratization means - Biological funds, mechanical devices and chemicals used to exterminate rodents. Biological means. These include bacterial cultures (from the group of Salmonella), causing the death of rodents. Such deratization funds usually applied in the spring or fall with a high number of rodents in limited areas. Prepare a bacterial culture and packed in containers of 0.5-1 l special laboratories. For the preparation of baits with bacterial agents take 1 liter of culture and mix it with 1.8 kg of flour, or 1 kg of crackers, or 3 kg of grain. The resulting flour dough cut into pieces Read more [...]
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Universal quot;snastochka-trapquot;

Author of the "trap" of Moscow angler Pavlov. The design is different from most of its counterparts miniaturization and reliability. It should be noted that it is effective at catching on as a 'soft' bait of any configuration, and when fishing on natural baits. When fishing on natural bait preference should still give uzkotelym fish. Snastochka ideal foam and "fish" and to silicone vibrohvostam (Fig. 85). It captures and holds them tightly at all loads. So the author is not accidentally called her "a trap."'Small fish"Impaled thus becomes interesting Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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