Game blёsen and balances

Each winter angler probably had to deal with the inexplicable, seemingly, changes in the biting fish at different depths. The same proven chassis and baubles neulovistoy could become "Cinderella", barely blesnilschik transfer to another place deeper.Photo Anatoly MailkovaNa small and medium-sized rivers winter blesnenie most effectively in coastal snags, among the branches of fallen trees. Intuitively, for As experience angler suggests that changes in the frequency of bites directly connected with changes in depth, but check this to change something can Read more [...]
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Tale of the balance

The best support that I can recommend shooters and hunters Balancing guns will usually hexagonal pencilPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK In the old weapons-hunting periodicals, and in the contemporary periodicals, information and recommendations  by balancing the practical shotgun  very poor, stingy, and, dare I say it, monotonous.My friends, the hunters!I tell you, many simply ignore this characteristic of the gun. This is done for various reasons. Some do not even bother about this, preferring to shoot a gun bought without his modifications and finishing «by itself». Read more [...]
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In the winter season

Part 2. zherlitsy and spoon in small ponds.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Starting the season with catching the predator is quite logical, because right now there is a very high probability of good fish. Traditionally, the hunt for pike with zherlitsy. It makes no sense to describe in detail the gear and tactics, but on a few aspects I would have paid attention.In small reservoirs, where the ice gets up earlier than all the others, the depth is typically less than three meters. Pike in these waters is concentrated on smaller areas, starting from the edge of the reed, and to a depth of Read more [...]
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Questions stendovika gunsmith

Please answer the following questions: 1. How does the location of the balance of sporting guns to force that puts the shooter to press the butt to his shoulder? 2. What is better for the balance of the gun control with the static tab (ladder)?Photo by Alexander basin which After all, the stands SPORTING SKIT and we can not provide a degree of density and fusion tabs on the ladder. Tab on the ladder harder and denser than at the monastery and Sporting. And on the ladder no one bothers us to invest as comfortable and at the monastery and Sporting – we'll see how it goes. So, Read more [...]
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The balance of the shooting is not an obstacle

Often among the hunters are the words - posadistoe gun handiness bed, good balance. All of the above properties of the gun to a certain extent affect the quality of the entry of the shooting, defining the gun as a convenient, fully suitable for the hunter.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova As for the wooden parts of the rifle, the maximum that allows itself to make the average hunter – is to change the length of the box, often increasing it by a rubber shock absorber, at least change the pitch – cutting angle backplate, and in rare cases, change the height of the crest of risk Read more [...]
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Radiation balance

 Radiation Balance in accordance with the distribution of its basic components ranges 1000 1200 MJ / (m2&#8729, Months) per year, which is 30-32% of the annual amount of total radiation. Throughout the winter has a negative value, since the arrival of radiation at this time is less than the heat loss by radiation (Table 5.3.) Table 5.3 Radiation balance underlying surface (summer grass, winter snow cover), MJ / (m2&# 8729; months)StationIIIIIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXXXIXIIYearThe October-41.9-33.5-16.879.6272.4326.8314.2201.183.8-12.6-37.7-41.91092.5Sytomino-50.3-41.9-37.788.0284.9339.4331.0230.488.0-8.4-41.9-46.11135,3Period Read more [...]
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How to overcome the lack of water

Found on the Internet such here Old. I think that will be useful in everyday life and in extreme situations.How to overcome the lack of waterLack of fluid in the body leads to many negative consequences, because the human body is 75 percent water. Pain in various parts of the body, nausea, depression - this and more can be a sign of dehydration. If you follow certain guidelines, you can overcome the lack of water.Teach me to use any function «cut»!Instruction 1 The most natural way to restore water balance - drink more water. Daily rate for a healthy person - half to two liters. Drink Read more [...]
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Secrets of balance

Artist Mike Grubb creates amazing tower of balanced stones, using nothing but gravity, and his uncanny ability to find a natural balance. Grubb said that the art of stone balancing practiced in various cultures around the world for centuries and has evolved from a simple curiosity to special rituals, ultimately, education meditative presence, mental balance, well-being, and artistic design.Achieving a balance requires a complex compound of mental and physical processes odnovremenno.Vy should know types of stone with which you work, and just feel it ..Because not all breeds are consistent with Read more [...]
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Saving the world's balance of power

Hmarketing technologies can disrupt the military balance of power in the world, providing one of the parties unprecedented opportunities. Eric Drexler describes the problem as follows: "In the search for a middle way, we could try to find a balance, based on the balance of technology. This, apparently, would widen the situation that kept a measure of peaceful co-existence for over four decades. But the key word here - "apparently": future breakthroughs will be too rapid and destabilizing to the old balance can continue to exist. In the past, country could experience a technological Read more [...]
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Hypothesis tehnogumanitarnogo balance

As noted by AP Nazarene [Nazarene 2001], People tend to gradually adjust their social behavior to the fact of the existence of new types of weapons. When rifles into the hands of the Khmer rock, they shot friend other and almost extinct, and in Switzerland, each house has a military rifle, but illegal use of it is extremely rare (but there are - shot in the local parliament Zug in 2001). Law tehnogumanitarnogo balance is that the society eventually reaches an equilibrium between the available technology and the skills of safe management. It is hoped that people have reached equilibrium with Read more [...]
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New global challenges

Work laid the foundation for the Club of Rome scientific direction, which is called the Global Studies ... And so it began! That just has not since been cited as global problems ... Is that the problem of wearing sandals and an afternoon nap. There are about two dozen of global issues, from the universally recognized: the fuel-energy, raw material, cross-sectoral, food, transport, trade, environmental, demographic, and others, to more or less controversial: the balance of weapons, security forces and public disorder attrition and training of social production, demolition and construction of Read more [...]
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Raspberry leaves

Wonderful raspberry and delicious taste familiar to everyone. But did you also about the health properties of raspberry leaf? Around the world, raspberry leaves have long been used to treat diarrhea, constipation, sickness, dysentery, diabetes, uterine bleeding, labor pains, uterine prolapse, hemorrhoids, stomach flu, fevers, throat diseases, colds and other illnesses. Studying the foregoing list of diseases, we can see that the leaves of raspberry is especially recommended for women. Proven that crimson leaves strengthen the muscles of the uterus and pelvic region, facilitate labor pains. Read more [...]
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Carbonic acid

Carbonic acid, Carbon dioxide N2SO3 — weak dibasic acid. Formed when dissolved in water, carbon dioxide (see carbon dioxide), and the solution is slowly set in the following equilibrium:
In the blood, the enzyme carbonic anhydrase is balance established almost instantaneously.
Carbonic acid and its derivatives play an important role in life processes. See also acid-base balance. Metabolism and energy, biological oxidation.

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Myocardial degeneration due to physical stress (dmfp) -6

For the normal function of the myocardium to the balance between the sympathetic neurohormones (epinephrine and norepinephrine - the so-called adrenergic catecholamines) and parasympathetic (acetylcholine) departments. This defines the normal energy metabolism in the myocardium. With mental and physical stress increases flow of adrenaline in the blood (W. Kennon). This is regarded as a manifestation of stimulation and enhanced adaptation to work not only skeletal muscle and myocardium, and other organs and body systems. However, increasing amounts of catecholamines has a stimulating effect Read more [...]
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Nutritional factors

As repeatedly noted above, in many cases, is not the root cause of overeating obesity in children, although it remains a major precipitating factor. The human body, like any self-regulating system, if it is formed and functioning properly, maintains the state of homeostasis. This applies to body weight. In healthy volunteers, overeating increases body weight, causes hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, but after the cessation of eating all the indicators themselves back to normal [Sims, 1976]. It follows that the exogenous factors can bring the human body from a state of energy balance and Read more [...]
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Children who are in hospitals and offices for premature babies are weighed daily. Weighing is at one and the same time, early in the morning before the first feeding. Balance must be well adjusted as often daily weight gain of only '10 Baby scales consist of a body, the navicular bowl, which put the child, and moving the rectangle-rocker on the front of the cabinet. The main part of the beam are connected by two horizontal bars on the top of them is moving a little weight, on the bottom - big. On the top plate marked 100 small and 20 large divisions. Each small division corresponds to 10 Read more [...]
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Internal use of mineral water in some diseases of metabolism

On internal use of mineral water for metabolic disorders devoted a relatively small number of works. There are undeniable prerequisite to ensure that the natural healing waters are a must-treatment of patients with diseases of the metabolism not only in the resorts but also in vnekurortnoy environment. Mineral waters alter fluid and electrolyte balance, increase diuresis, promote the excretion of excessive accumulated metabolic products cause the so-called transmineralizatsiyu tissues, stimulates the oxidation-reduction processes, have a regulating effect on the acid-base balance, etc. The highest Read more [...]
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Jolie is not to act

We have described a number of factors responsible for the energy balance in the body. However, we would not want to cause a belief that man do not lose weight, he will observe fasting Mode. In fact, well-nourished people consume more food than they need, and organism protected, increasing the power consumption. On the other hand, if food not enough, organism to some extent, adapt to it. Under certain conditions, the need for food is really not the same, and this can be a problem for those who spontaneously struggling with obesity for years and still continues to gain weight. Constant overeating Read more [...]
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Acid-base balance and protein metabolism

Great importance in the mechanism of toxicity of vitamin D has the metabolism of citric acid. Studies have shown that high doses of vitamin D cause gipertsitremiyu, and his lack of results in lower concentrations of citric acid in the blood (Freeman, Ghag, 1950 NE and N. Harrison, 1952; Nicolaysen Eeg-Larsen, 1953). It was also established that vitamin D has the ability to change the flow rate of the reactions in the Krebs cycle. Thus, it increases the activity of excess tsitrogenazy, resulting in increased synthesis of citric acid. In addition, the slow oxidation of the latter in isocitric Read more [...]
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Depending on the purpose of the following types of scales. Drugstore hand scales with hanging horn or plastic cups in several sizes, for example for weighing powders to 0.01, the technical-chemical balance for loads up to 200 g (Figure). Column, which supports the triangular prism is the balance beam, is mounted on a board with two screws, which allow using the hanging plumb ascertain the scale. Weighing accuracy - 0.01 g Analytical balance  in the case (Figure) usually with a load of up to 100 or 200 by moving the rider ("Rider" - movable wire raznoveska to 0.01 g) along the right Read more [...]
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