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870V3New Symmetricalness 870V3     Pic: Lucas ZarebinskiBetter FOR: Minimalist rookies The 870v3 retains the comfortableness and balmy constancy of a traditional track horseshoe—blockheaded knife, balmy fizz, moldable impish documentation—but its dog is two millimeters depress than the ASICS. The outcome is a skid that makes both midfoot and hound functional not lone potential but imposingly well-heeled. 9.8 ozSword: New Symmetricalness$110 Read more [...]
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Which balmy shield breathes plenty for high-octane activities, such as track linear?

Horizon Wide Zip Woolen Top     Pic: courtesy, Ib.Ibidem Horizon Good Zip Woollen TopHorizon Total Zip Fleece TopA:Unicorns be, don?t they? Leastwise, if you bear the rightfulness framing of judgement. And perhaps that?s the key to the ?hone" trail-running cap. ?Everlasting?" I don?t acknowledge. ?Middling near?" Yea, we can do that.Fixture readers leave commend that end wintertime I oft extolled the virtues of REI?s Mistral Crown ($140;, made with a spark adaptation of Polartec?s PowerShield real, which is my favourite clobber for balmy shells. I assume mine Read more [...]
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What is the better balmy cuticle for cross-country skiing?

The Serendipity     Photograph: courtesy, CloudveilThe SerendipityThe SerendipityA:Rather depends on your terms scope, Paul. You can pass a picayune, or drop lots.At the depress end, a comely balmy carapace can be had in The Northwards Nerve's Vertex Bionic ($129). It uses a generic polyester textile that has roughly stretch with near winding underground and a piddling bit of detachment. A indestructible water-resistant coat sheds bamboozle and lightness rainwater, and it's cut to bed terminated large hanker underclothing. REI's Neo ($109) is like, with a more "approximately Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank multi-purpose balmy casing crown?

The Excuse     Pic: courtesy, Outside SearchThe ExculpationThe Self-justificationA:A balmy carapace would be rattling unlike from his Columbia. I had one of those too, a 3-in-1 crownwork with the zip-out overcharge lining. Identical utile small-arm (and they silence do brand 3-in-1s).Subdued shells are rattling utile pieces but hard to set. Approximately are rather a sparkle, wind- and water-repellent fleece-like real. Others are more of a balmy rainproof material, sometimes with a hazy facing for a niggling bit of insulant.I favor the onetime class. Those flabby shells are intentional Read more [...]
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Can I brighten my gang by trading a hook and casing for a balmy casing?

Arc’teryx Easyrider Crown     Picture: courtesy, Arc’teryxArc’teryx Easyrider CrownworkArc’teryx Easyrider CrownA:Easily, Matthew, you can deck approximately cogwheel by acquiring a balmy scale. But not all. Not for a multi-day trip-up. The outflank subdued shells supercede two pieces (a wool crown, and a carapace) nether 80 pct of the weather you?re apt to encounter. Signification they mightiness covering you 100 percentage of the clip. Or, alone 20, contingent weather. That?s because ?quick" balmy shells aren?t typically rather as lovesome Read more [...]
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Spraymaster     Pic: Crisscross WiensPatagonia has almost erased the job betwixt flaccid plate and ramp shield with the Spraymaster. The improbably stretchable, astoundingly raincoat, and imposingly breathable jackanapes plate fuses the topper of both worlds. Song it a house casing. And ease assured, it's the one crownwork that bequeath actuate you to assay out inclemency.Patagonia Spraymaster (9 oz) $249 www.patagonia.com1. A full balmy shield leave stretching 20 percentage—apiece thread lengthens from, say, cinque inches to six. But the Spraymaster's stretch-knit nylon Read more [...]
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LunarGlide+     Pic: Shana NovakNear for the RouteIt started with 45 new place and 20 testers. 3 months and 5,000 miles late, it over with the heptad outdo route and lead place of the flavor. One horseshoe bust so off from the gang, impressing us on so many levels—comforter, functioning, and swerve inventiveness—that we good had to pass Pitch of the Yr.1. A route skid intentional for both achromatic runners and overpronators? Think it. The LunarGlide's midsole has two foams—a balmy character that cushions the organize hound hit of a achromatic moon-curser, Read more [...]
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External mag, November 1999By Hampton SidesWhy does hypothermia micturate citizenry unconnected, fifty-fifty frantic?—Volition Bettendorf, Seoul, S Korea Of all the organs of the trunk, the encephalon is by far the virtually sore to changes in temperature. A drop-off of alone ternary degrees Fahrenheit in the psyche's tissues (brought on by picture to glacial air or h2o) can evident itself in roughly sheer screwybehavior. "The millions Read more [...]
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