Wide river in the Kaliningrad region

Wide (Alge) river in Slavskoe district of Kaliningrad region. Right tributary of the river Spill, Pool The Baltic Sea. Source of the river is a mile wide at the village of Capital Slavskogo district of Kaliningrad Region. Mouth of the river is on the right bank of the river spill (Karkelnflyus) 3 km from its confluence with the Curonian Lagoon of the Baltic Sea. Near town - village Mysovka a kilometer from the mouth. Length of the river is 15 km wide. Basin area of ​​32.6 km. Topography and land. Broad River flows through Nizhnenemanskoy lowlands, which in some places is below sea level. The Read more [...]
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Sheshupe river in Poland, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia

Sheshupe (Šešupė, Sheshupe and Lithuanian Sesupe) - a river flowing  by regions of Poland (source), Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia, left tributary of the Neman (Nemunas). Belongs to the basin Baltic Sea. Section of the river Sheshupe length 51 km is a border between Lithuania and Russia's Kaliningrad region. Sheshupe originates in Poland on the Baltic ridge one kilometer north of the village Vodzilki and 18 kilometers north of the town of Suwalki. The river is 298 km Sheshupe, 27 of them falls on the area of ​​Poland, Lithuania 158 km, 62 km - Russia. 51 km of the river Read more [...]
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Black (Vammelyoki) river in the resort area of ​​St. Petersburg.

Black (Vammelyoki, Finnish Vammeljoki) - a river in the resort area of ​​St. Petersburg, the Baltic Sea basin. Black River originates near the village of Pine Glade at the confluence of 2-Roshinka rivers and Gladyshevka. Empties into the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea near the village of Young town St. Petersburg. Length of the river Black is 5 km, drainage area 668 km2. The total drop of the river is 0.2 meters, the slope of 0.04 m / km. Localities. In the area of ​​the mouth on the left bank of the Black settlement Serovo placed on the right  Youth. Here are some children's holiday Read more [...]
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Pregel River tributary Wegorapa enriched Baltic sturgeon

June 28, 2013 Polish fish farmers spent stocking juvenile sturgeon Wegorapa River. Release of juveniles was done in accordance with the arrangements of the Twelfth Session of the Russian-Polish Joint Commission for Fisheries (Warsaw, Poland, November 7-8, 2012.). The event was part of the Russian representatives of the town of Kaliningrad. Including attended by scientists "AtlantNIRO," officials of the West Baltic Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva employees FGBI "Zapbaltrybvod" and Kaliningrad Municipal Technical Institute. As reported by the Federal Agency for Fisheries, stocking conducted Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Seismic activity showed a 9, 14, 20 and 23 April. Magnitude from 2.1 to 2.8 points. Perhaps this activity was the result of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Although not required. Source: EMSC Read more [...]
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Cold pole record overheated

To record +35,3 ° C warmed air in Verkhoyansk, known as one of the poles of the cold. Winter here the temperature can drop below? 70 ° C. Heat prevails in many regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Verkhoyansk weather station recorded a maximum temperature record. In the afternoon, the thermometer rose to the level +35,3 ° C, which is more than a degree higher than the maximum set by the summer of 1977, according to "Meteonovosti." Verkhoyansk - a town in Yakutia, located above the Arctic Circle, 675 km from Yakutsk on the river Yana. Located near one of the poles of cold, where the Read more [...]
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In the Baltic spotted blue-green algae

Due to the unusually hot weather on the surface of the Baltic sea formed a \"carpet\" of blue-green algae. At high concentrations, they may pose a threat to human health. Swim on the beaches of the Baltic sea while you can: scientists track the speed and direction of spread of dangerous unicellular. The latest images from space show that \"carpet\" of blue-green algae length 1.6 thousand km and a width of 190 km stretches from Finland to the Pomeranian Bay in the Northern part of the German island of Usedom and to the Northwest of the island of rügen. That is, they cover 377 thousand Read more [...]
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Algae in the Baltic sea threaten the lives of marine plants and animals

a carpet of blue-green algae Record summer temperatures, fertilizers for agricultural farms and the lack of wind contributed to the formation of giant carpet of stinking seaweed, which covered vast areas of the Baltic sea and threatening as marine flora and fauna, and seaside tourism, the scientists warn. 377 thousands of square kilometers of blue-green algae, grown on the area the size of Germany, were detected by satellite cameras. Infected weeds zone extends from Finland and the southern coast of Sweden to the Danish island Bornholm. Scientists from the German sector of the world wildlife Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji: \»Kanna\» terrifies in Finland and the Baltic countries

Riga in anticipation of the storm @ Anastasia Strogonova/reporter.delfi.lv Scandinavians and Balts are sounding the alarm: a horrible Kanna\" moving North-West. Panic raised North Atlantic storm that day ago appeared over the Norwegian sea and with great speed rushes to the South-East. Media Finland reported the snow storm that is expected from the second half of the day Thursday. The passage of the cyclone will be accompanied by Gale force winds and heavy rainfall in the form of snow or sleet. Drivers warned about the bad road conditions in southern and Central Finland. In Central Finland Read more [...]
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Ice trap of the Gulf of Finland

on March 25, 2011, 05:01 .under Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland, has lined up many kilometers tube of stuck in the ice ships. And it grows with each passing hour. Now in the queue to pass through the channel has accumulated nearly a hundred tankers, cargo ships and trawlers. Baltic ice sailors called Heather, it is very sticky, and moreover is constantly moving because of the wind. George Miller, Deputy Director for fleet North-West branch of Rosmorport\": \"Ships shards of ice are mixed, then again clorazepate, winds with each other face get thick morosi, which sometimes reach five to six Read more [...]
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On the Lithuanian coast of the Curonian lagoon threw a ton of dead Baltic herring

On the Lithuanian coast of the Curonian spit in the area of Klaipeda, forty kilometers from the Russian border, threw tons of dead Baltic herring. As stated in the information posted on the Lithuanian portal Klaipeda, fish on a plot mile long found ichthyologists Klaipeda Maritime Museum. According to its employee Remigijus Dailide, such mass death of fish of this species has never been observed.Ichthyologists especially surprised by the fact that local residents gathered Baltic herring in boxes and took them, presumably on the market for sale. In this regard, the staff Klaipeda branch of Read more [...]
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Lithuania: Dead fish on the shore of the Baltic sea

on March 24. On the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic sea (in the district of Klaipeda) found tons of dead fish, informs Delfi. Fish (Baltic sprats) scattered throughout the area length of about a kilometer. The cause of death of fish now out of fish. The Director of the laboratory of fish culture šarūnas Taluses suggested that it might catch from a fishing vessel that washed down from the Board of the recent storm. However, other experts note that dead fish on the shore too much, so it could be considered someone else's catch.Specialist Maritime Museum Remigijus Dailide suggested that sprats Read more [...]
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The European ornithologists faced with abnormal behavior of birds

October 23, 2013. For the first time in 85 years, with the onset of cold weather they flew to the South, and stayed for the winter in the Baltic States. If earlier the experts on the migration route of birds could be ringed up to 30 thousand migratory birds, now were able to catch several times less. Some experts decided that the cause of climate change. Supposedly in the region became warmer, causing the birds no longer need to fly to the South rim. However, Russian experts believe that such findings be made early. «Anomalies weather always happen. They come with different sign. They Read more [...]
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In Latvia, the temperature had dropped to records

on 6 may. In the Baltic countries, at the end of April surprising unprecedented warmth, to replace the warm anticyclone came the cold air. Over Latvia and neighbouring countries lined cold hollow in the rear, which in late April and early may was pumping cold air from Scandinavia. The process of cooling naturally led to night frosts in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus. Last night in Riga air cooled up to 2.5 degrees. And this is a new absolute minimum temperature. Prior to this, the coldest night of the 5th of may was the capital of Latvia, in 2007, when the temperature fell to-1.6 degrees. The Read more [...]
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Germany: major failure of the soil on the island of Usedom

on April 29. On the Baltic island of Usedom (Usedom, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), the earth opened wide by 50 meters and a depth of 4 meters. Gaping gorge looks like the younger brother of the Grand canyon in the USA.Hit there ancient emptiness? Or even a meteorite? In the center of the field Zirkova (Zirchow town in Germany, in Mecklenburg - Vorpommern, approx. translator) there is a mysterious hole. He was discovered while walking Andreas Weirauch reader-reporter BILD.de. He says: \"there has Been a collapse or settling of the sand. On the walls of the failure, you notice samples.\" Failure Read more [...]
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In Daugavpils found dead birds

To the editor gorod.lv asked our reader, which witnessed an unpleasant picture - along the Daugava 12 February, she came across a bunch of dead birds. In a small area, in the snow, lay about 15 bullfinches. Ornithologist, Professor Indrikis Krams explained to the portal gorod.lv that even in the winters of 2007 and 2008 in several places was observed mass mortality of greenfinches (Carduelischloris), winter 2008 in Daugavpils was diagnosed cases of mass mortality of Siskins and bullfinches. Under one tree in the middle was detected up to 30 dead birds, so this problem is known for ornithologists.Swedish Read more [...]
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The battle came the record-breaking heat

on December 26.  Very warm air with strong westerly winds brought the cyclone to the Baltic. Currently, the Baltic countries have already covered the absolute maximum for December 26. Moreover, in some cities on several degrees. So, at 10 am on 26 December in Riga, the temperature rose to +9.4, blocking the absolute maximum 1971 (+6.1) more than 3 degrees! And this is not the limit, the final value of the maximum will be known tomorrow. In Tallinn, the temperature rose to +8.4 covered by the record of 2003 (+5.3). Missing a few tenths of a degree to the absolute maximum day (+3.9, 2003), Saint-Petersburg, Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Baltic sea, Primorye. Part 2

Baltic Sea belongs to the basin of the Atlantic Ocean. Its average depth does not exceed the level of 50 meters. Although there are several huge, more than 200 meters deep depressions.Flounder in the sea is very valuable food and her savory meat. This fish is often very useful ill people, especially children. She has advised those who have muscle weakness. This fish is very good for bones and teeth, and due to the presence of calcium. In addition, meat flounder contains aphrodisiacs that provokes runningaway hormones. Herring - a small fish of the herring family with affectionate fast-boiling Read more [...]
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Over the Baltic Sea crashed military helicopter Norway

In the Baltic Sea the search for Norwegian military helicopter missing on Wednesday evening, according to Polish Cultural Center in Kaliningrad, with reference to the media on Thursday strany.Utrom German naval forces went in search of the missing helicopter. In cooperation with the German Navy are working in Denmark, Norway and Shvetsii.Norvezhsky Eurocopter 350 helicopter flew in Lübeck, Germany, and had to fly to Sweden Halmstad. In addition to the pilot on board was another chelovek.Po to the military, the duration of the flight is usually a half to two hours. So, after this time, and the Read more [...]
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On the Lithuanian Baltic coast — mass death Turpanov

In Lithuania, the Curonian Spit on the Baltic coast recorded mass mortality in fishing nets endangered birds Turpanov (Melanitta fusca). The scale of the disappearance of these birds common concerns of environmentalists, because the preservation of such a trend view can generally cease to exist in the next decade.Scoter recently been common type of dives on the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea, they wintered on the Curonian Spit, a nest in the northern regions of Eurasia (most of the population winters in the Baltic Sea). In Lithuanian cabin and recorded the fact of mass destruction Read more [...]
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