The whole island was submerged

New Moore Island (New Moore), for the right to have that for about 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued, went under water due to rising sea levels, said Wednesday the newspaper "Indian Express", citing data from oceanography. The island, also known as South Talpatti Purbasha or an area about 10 kilometers away in the Bay of Bengal. There has never been a permanent settlement, but the island was known due to the fact that he was the subject of a territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh. In 1981, the Indian Border command even sent a group of sailors here with the task set on a deserted Read more [...]
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Torrential rains have claimed the lives of 16 people in Bangladesh

Heavy rains on Sunday caused the deaths of 16 people in Bangladesh, according to the Associated Press, citing local police and emergency services. People, according to the agency, were killed by lightning. Earlier, Reuters reported citing local police and rescue service reported on 15 victims of the disaster. Also as a result of the elements 50 people were injured, several thousand were left without a roof over their head. From rains severely damaged crops. Bangladesh Meteorological Agency reported that the threat of rain and storms will continue over the next 24 hours. Bangladesh every year Read more [...]
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Flooding and landslides in Bangladesh

As a result of the floods and landslides in Bangladesh caused by heavy rains killed 29 people, according to the BBC news service.

Continuing rescue operations, during which found 19 bodies.


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Bangladesh: the driest rainy season in the last decade

Bangladesh experienced the driest rainy season in the last decade, according to AFP. And this happens on the background of the fact that in neighbouring India and Pakistan are torrential rains, causing terrible flooding. (See also?: Gglobal warming accelerates the water cycle in nature) The rainy season in Bangladesh from June to September. This year, during this time there fell only 139,4 cm of precipitation, which is 20% less than promised forecasters. On average during this period, the country falls 172 cm of precipitation. In the past year has dropped 165 see last time such a dry rainy Read more [...]
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Flooding in Bangladesh

During floods in Bangladesh has killed 17 people, the Associated Press reports. Floods in the country began in the strongest rain which didn't stop for 3 days. In particular, in the capital Dhaka two teenagers were killed under the rubble of the wall, which collapsed during the storm. It is also reported that more than 40 fishermen released into the sea the day before, missing. Tens of thousands of coastal people lost their homes. Their home, located in the lowlands along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, washed away by a flood. According to Giasuddin Ahmed, head of administration of the coastal Read more [...]
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Going under the water, the Maldives will be saved Bangladeshi sand

NEW DELHI, 28 Dec. The government of Maldives, a tiny island nation in the Arabian sea, asked in Bangaldesh sand in order to escape rising sea levels, said on Tuesday the newspaper Business Standard. The territory of Maldives consists of 1.2 thousand Islands and coral atolls. This is a country with a population of less than 400 thousand people is one of the most \"low\" States of the world - its average height above sea level does not exceed 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, scientists project that Global sea level by 2100 may rise by about half a meter.Bangladesh, in turn, does not know what to do Read more [...]
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Tornado and hail battered Bangladesh

on February 18. In the South Asian winter has ended. Has changed the landscape and the sky. Wave of hot air has replaced the cold mass. But the heat brought with him a storm. The worst weather in Bangladesh. In the spring, when warm and moist air mass from the Bay of Bengal meet with cold and dry mass of the Himalayas, there are even tornadoes. One tornado passed last night over regions Sadar, Bleedingi and khairpur. He was accompanied by rain, storm and hail. The diameter of some than hailstones was 15 centimeters. Were destroyed five thousand hectares of wheat crops. 70 houses hail struck Read more [...]
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In Bangladesh, tens of people killed by lightning strikes

24 MAV Bangladesh for the last day at least 40 people were killed and over 150 were injured as a result of lightning strikes during a severe storm. According to local authorities, killed — mainly peasants, which the storm caught during the field work. On the eve of the monsoon rains in Bangladesh frequent and powerful storms with lots of lightning. During such storms often people die, but the current number of victims is considered a record, reports Reuters. Source: Radio Liberty Read more [...]
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Mass Mor sea snails in Bangladesh

on may 24. Thousands dead sea snails were found beached in Bangladesh.

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Victims of a landslide in South-East Bangladesh became eight people

on 1 July. In, Chittagong 225 km South-East from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka victims of a landslide caused marching past few days, heavy rains, were at least eight people, five missing, RBC reports referring to the Associated Press, which in turn refers to a representative of the local fire service Farid Ahmed. Rescuers managed to rescue from the rubble of two survivors. According to him, a huge mass of rock slid from the top of the hill and buried under a few huts, which were 15 people. Concrete security barrier could not resist gravity came in the movement of soil. After the incident, Read more [...]
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Bangladesh: the Approaching storm

Residents of Bangladesh have much to teach us in how overpopulated the planet can adapt to rising ocean levels. For them such future has already arrived.It may seem that we are only seven billion grains of sand on the Earth's surface, but when you arrive in Bangladesh, you may feel as if half of humanity crammed into the territory, which is comparable with the state of Louisiana. The state capital, Dhaka, is so full of people that every Park and every busy sidewalk homeless. Walking here on a misty morning, it is necessary to lay the rate among makeshift beds and sleeping children. Later Read more [...]
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In Bangladesh shifted seasons

on June 28. The duration of the winter, summer and rainy season in Bangladesh has increased, while the spring is decreased. These changes are likely to have an adverse impact on rural housto, as shown by the study, based on surveys of farmers. Winter is traditionally lasted here 2.5 months, now nearly four, and the duration of the summer has increased almost twice and is now 5 months. On the other hand, the rainy season, the normal duration of which was 2.75 months, now is a 3.5, but spring is just 1.5 months 0.5 month less than before. The duration of autumn has not changed. It is expected Read more [...]
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Floods in Bangladesh: 575 thousand hectares destroyed, flooded 200 villages

on July 22. At least four people were killed and more than 200 thousands evacuated after three days of heavy rains that caused floods and landslides in the South-East Bangladesh, reports «One child was buried under a layer of mud from landslides and three more people washed away in a huge flow of water»- said Cox Bazaar, the head of the district administration. Video — an overview of the geography of floods in Bangladesh for the last time. Source: FinalNews Read more [...]
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Unprecedented flooding in Bangladesh

on July 27. Torrential rains in the South-Eastern part of Bangladesh has forced more than 20,000 people to flee their homes in the districts of Cox's Bazar and Teknaf where other 84 000 houses were partially destroyed. New homeless joined the ranks of 400 000 people have already lost their homes because of flooding. Although the coastal districts of Cox's Bazar and Teknaf peculiar to such natural disasters, these unprecedented by its scale and severity of flooding are full surprise for local residents. Never before cyclone of such destructive force did not hit this area. According to the district Read more [...]
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Breakage the Yards

More 20,000 workers a yr caput to send yards on the shores of Bangladesh to analyze old tankers by script. In the appendage, they discover themselves and their surroundings to noxious chemicals alike asbestos, PCBs, and leash. An estimated one transport prole a workweek dies in the grounds. Environmental attorney Rizwana Hasan wants to safe-conduct the industriousness. She lately won a struggle for regularization in Bangladesh's Sovereign Lawcourt, and was accepted for her efforts with a Goldman Environmental Booty. Remote's MELANIE LIDMAN caught up with the reformist ask how you can assistant.What Read more [...]
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Victims of the storm in Bangladesh steel not less than 17 people

on 7 April. The storm, accompanied by heavy rains and Gale-force winds, killed the day before in Bangladesh the lives of 17 people, reports Agency on Saturday The Associated Press with reference to the local media. According to the newspaper Prothom Alo and Janakantha, storm, «proshedshaya» ten of the 64 districts of the country, endured fragile houses and fallen trees. Most people died due to lightning, some were buried under the rubble of buildings. Official data and the number of victims yet, the report says. Bangladesh suffers annually from devastating storms and hurricanes, Read more [...]
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The number of deaths due to landslides in Bangladesh exceeded 70

on June 27. At least 76 people were killed in Bangladesh as a result of strong monsoon rains and resulting landslides, according to the environment, local television stations. Earlier it was reported about 51 killed. According to media reports, the most difficult situation in the South-East of the country. So, only in the district Bandarban 32 people were killed, including several children. Authorities fear that the death toll could rise. Currently in affected areas conducted search and rescue operations involving the armed forces of the country. Started last week, torrential rains almost Read more [...]
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Floods have paralyzed life in South Asia

on June 29. In South Asia, a normal life was paralyzed floods. Flood in India 27 people were killed; hundreds of thousands were left homeless. In Bangladesh, floods killed more than 100 people. In Nepal, 8 people died, the number of victims is growing with each passing hour. On the West of the capital Kathmandu flood caused landslides. Floods caused by monsoon rains have flooded the entire South Asia.Navodnenie in North-West India has almost erased from the map of the state of Assam. More than 2 thousand villages were flooded. Hundreds of thousands of people the authorities are trying Read more [...]
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Melting glaciers in West Antarctica could lead to flooding of the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Tuvalu

Melting glaciers in West Antarctica could lead to flooding of such countries as the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Tuvalu. This is stated in the research scientists at Ohio State University, reports Reuters. "In the western part of the continent's ice temperature increases nearly double faster than we previously thought, "- the report says climate scientists. The average annual temperature at the research station Bird (Byrd) from the 1950's. increased by 2.4 degrees Celsius. The rate of temperature rise in the western Antarctic three times the world average. Rising temperatures Read more [...]
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Bangladesh: Approaching Storm

Bangladeshis can teach us how a crowded planet can adapt to the rising level of the oceans. For them the future is now. It may seem that we - just seven billion grains of sand on the Earth's surface, but when you arrive in Bangladesh, you may feel as if half of humanity crammed into the territory, which is comparable with the Moscow region. The state capital, Dhaka, so overrun by people that every park and every sidewalk busy homeless. Walking here on a misty morning, you need to shape the course of makeshift beds and sleeping children. A little later, sweltering streets and alleys Read more [...]
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