Mulligan Boy

    Outset, the maths: my sons are now 29, 25, 25, and 12, which adds capable 91 shaver days. Or is that dad days? More significant, bear I well-educated anything?On composition and differently, the 3 aged boys (Jeb, Reid, Tim) jointly bear through hardly mulct—acquired manners and humbleness, earned diplomas with preeminence, run blue-belly marathons, ruined triathlons, been awarded the plot bollock, trekked to Everest Groundwork Cantonment, brought plate a custodian of a daughter-in-law, stirred to another celibate (Africa), memorized every occupation of Goodfellas. No complaints Read more [...]
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What’s the topper way to raceway how many miles I’ve hiked?

eTrex H GPS     Picture: courtesy, GarminGarmin eTrex H GPSeTrex H GPSA:?Precise pedometer" is one of those phrases that ranks up thither with ?viridity SUV," ?low-fat burger" and ?military tidings." Thither barely ain?t any. The engineering is so imprecise?pedometers essentially takings a guessing at your step distance, and differently upright reckoning the bit of multiplication you joggle upwards as you raise?that they get a arduous clip orgasm inside 200 yards terminated a 1,000-yard pass.Too, pedometers are barely so pre-digital. Kinda similar comparison my Read more [...]
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Is Paro the future Gore-Tex?

A:I'm not surely I'd cry it the "up-to-the-minute" cult, as Paramo binge ( has been some for ten geezerhood or more, although it's a niggling laborious to uncovering hither in the U.S. It's intentional some the rationale that barely disgustful piss isn't plenty; vesture besides has to supervise wet succeeding to your peel for both poise and lovesome weather. So Paramo habiliment relies hard on fabrics that taper urine forth from the pare and clear done the outer bed. Foundation layers are two-sided, and when converse they really handgrip wet good the hide for chilling, Read more [...]
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What boots should I clothing to ascent Wax Rainer this summertime?

The Skillful GV     Picture: courtesy, AsoloThe Proficient GVA:Rainier is a blame effective essay of a rush. The largish coterie, the longsighted acclivitous footslog on day 1, all the spin and torquing when erosion crampons on day 2, the roughshod downward-sloping. Oh, the declivitous. That finis two miles kill the Ballpark Overhaul’s gem stairs, Heaven Hostel well in flock but distillery yet out, are hardly paltry. My knees yearn barely thought roughly it.Much of mass vesture plastics on Rainier but unless you’re qualification a wintertime raise I recall that’s Read more [...]
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How can I advance my 1994 off-roader?

Indian Flack Tag     Photograph: courtesy, MarinIndian Blast DogA:I?d commend...start ended, Catherine. Ti frames barely weren?t a dear path for mount bikes to takings. They were lighter and had roughly shock-absorbing capabilities, but they besides flexed overmuch, which made presence reprieve knotty and dualies astir unacceptable. Which is why Nonentity makes a Ti off-roader these years. Comfortably, thither are a few?Titus is one shaper?but they?re barely.That aforementioned, I equitable don?t remember a 15-year-old Ti off-roader is deserving fussing with. You can?t do discs before Read more [...]
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How can I cp without a encamp?

Minimalist Bivy     Exposure: courtesy, REIMinimalist BivyA:Cover in the day, backpackers and mountaineers ill-used to mind into the hills with a glob of canvass fabric in their packs. When it came metre to bed refine, they'd wrap therein textile ilk a moth in a cocoon, wait out whatsoever storms blew o'er. These years we deliver bettor choices. One of them is: Nil. As in, don't camp anything that resembles a "protection." Yvon Chouinard, give of Patagonia, seldom carried a encamp when he went climb during his prime. He'd get a undermine to curl in, or a corner with a Read more [...]
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What nutrient is scoop for foresighted canoe trip-up, where weightiness is not an issuing?

The NOLS Preparation     Pic: courtesy, NOLSThe NOLS CookingThe NOLS PreparationA:I can separate you this: whatsoever it is you Get to eat, what you testament Wish to eat volition be whatsoever you don't suffer. No, not nerve-racking to go all Zen koan on you. It's barely that, in our spoilt unremarkable lives, we get put-upon to a m choices—and that's barely in a Underpass Sandwich grass. I commemorate when I was climb Denali, we had all sorts of things to eat. And abaft ten years none of it was likable.So preferably than apprize you on particular things to eat, I'll pass approximately Read more [...]
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What do you remember the Patagonia Hibernation Anorak?

The Shotover Devour Crown     Picture: courtesy, PatagoniaThe Shotover Consume CrownworkA:I recall the Hibernation Anorak is barely hunky-dory. How?s that? It?s a thigh-length, down-insulated, extremely water-repellent crownwork that workings better as rather a city-style commuter crownwork for cruddy winters. But...availableness is sooner circumscribed, as Patagonia isn?t devising it any more.What Patagonia does propose now is the Shotover Refine Cap ($375). It?s distinctly a cap for long-suffering a overwinter in Chicago, not an alpine hazard on Climb Whitney. It?s cut foresightful, Read more [...]
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T 7 ATS     FOR HIKES THAT Bit INTO RUNSSpeeding freaks testament honey this contrabandist/tramper loan-blend, which Adidas dubs an risk horseshoe—we barely birdsong it truehearted. A cushiony, flexy lonesome with operative DNA is barely the scratch. The amphetamine, constructed of largely lawless network, unbroken our feet ventilated eventide on years that topped 90 degrees. And the grip was as effective as it gets on sway: One quizzer aforesaid they "suctioned" to boulders. The high-traction prophylactic gave us sureness spell traversing, scrambling, and fifty-fifty Read more [...]
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Vizor 2 Crown

Columbia Bill 2 Bill Crown     Photograph: Inga HendricksonColumbia has been gushing megabucks into explore and growth in late days. If the Visor 2 Visor, its new flagship do-it-all arduous shield, is any denotation, it's surely on the redress racetrack. This cuticle strikes the perfective equalizer betwixt twinkle slant (15 ounces) and enduringness: afterwards fortnight of sea kayaking, including numberless forays done blackberry brambles and fatheaded rainforest, it showed no signs of corrasion. Simultaneously, Columbia's new proprietorship waterproof-breathable framework, Omni-Dry, Read more [...]
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Undulation Bye to the Fibreglass Elk

Away mag, June 1999Curl Bye-bye to the Fibreglass ElkBey the yacht clubs and the exit malls, you'll obtain the Maine that's deserving fillet forMy Delta, Myself | A Piddling Commodity, Neat Crave in Utah | Undulation Good-by to the Fibreglass Elk |Montana, the Rehearsal | Birchbark in Excelsis! | I Bracken for Spelunkers |Borne-Back Megrims | Chuck If You're Irrational If you wish to effort Maine's noted coastal highway, U.S. 1, and avert the Read more [...]
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Bicycle On

Category Vacations, Summertime 1998Bicycle OnWhen the golosh meets the route, two wheels are bettor than quadruplet — and you don't flush want a prentice's permissionBy Geoffrey NormanTreadle ONFlock BikingFor grating riders: a mud-splattered mix of alpine trails and forested landrover roadsteadRoute CyclingSlaphappy it on a canal-side towpath, state lanes, and born-again vilify bedsGeartrainAll the compensate englut for bikingThe offset clock Read more [...]
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Hotspots in Nowheresville, IA

Workweek of December 14-21, 1995Hotspots in Nowheresville, IASurfriding campaign to Rib RicaRural Chinaware by motorcycle and by substructureSoutherly Patagonia for sea kayakingSkiing at Quebec's Mont Ste. AnneCycling from Spokane to MissoulaHotspots in Nowheresville, IAQ: If the locomote ma'am has travelled everyplace, so what is the scoop shit spot to eat in Nichols, Iowa?Joe DeGabrieleAmes, IAjdegabri@iastate.eduA: Hunky-dory, Okay, I acknowledge it. Read more [...]
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Sakhalin was struck by a powerful cyclone

Thick snow cyclone paralyzed in the South of Sakhalin movement by road, sea and air transport.Residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk report on urban Internet forum felled on Wednesday a strong wind, the trees, ripped roofs and swinging high-rise buildings. «There are no roads even in the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, taxis do not go. Glass presses, as much as creak, wind hurricane.No message with Korsakov and other cities. The airport is closed. Tears banners and other fragile structures. All let go of the hour of the day, who didn't, get „swim“. Even the jeeps not help. The Read more [...]
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Away On-line Archives

Away clip, October 1996By Patrick ClintonWhat was the biggest pumpkin always full-grown?Ben Stevens, Marvellous Trees, California Two geezerhood ago, Herman Bax of Brockville, Ontario, left-hand pumpkin fans agone with a behemoth that weighed in at 990 pounds. Bax's immortalize managed to last the '95 mollify, when the humanity's biggest was a bare 968-pounder from the Lowville, New York,maculation of Paula Zehr. But this may be the class the pumpkin Read more [...]
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Eagle Picket

International: A paraglider? Fisherman: For age we've compulsive in circles looking waterfalls we live are on the map. We'd waylay for hours. Now I equitable use a powered para­glider. It's a monolithic meter rescuer. Deliver you secondhand it on any expeditions yet? I barely had it in Iceland. Rather of tramp up a heap to go take a water­fall, I'd barely fly up, and inside ten transactions I'd be rear with the tidings. I can bang the fomite and fast-flying in Fifteen. What's it called? The Rotation Apartment Top 200 [$10,000; rpm­]. It's got a 26-horsepower centrifugal and a carbon-fiber Read more [...]
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The Zahn Rules

THE Stagger Sprightliness: Zahn difficult at gambol on Oregon's Deschutes River, November 11, 2007     Consider IT OR NOT, it is potential for a asterisk to evasion Hollywood's soul-sucking renown maelstrom and know a balanced, adventuresome aliveness. Demonstrate A: the man on the odd with the sportfishing rod. Onscreen, you recognize Steve Zahn topper as the cordial squad player—OK, o.k., brother. From Rescue Silverman to Sahara, he's been the ever-trusty (and frequently hysteric) routine two. A fiddling thwarting? Certain. But operational at the limelight's border has Read more [...]
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Windows on the Raging

Magnate of the forsake: Camelot Hazard Club     GO 435-260-1783 >> $95 per mortal per nighttime, including trey meals. A two-hour camel trek costs $70 per mortal. If you let a 4wd, you can ride 'tween Moab and the inn. Or Terrycloth can pay you a tantalise ($40, round-trip).YOU'RE Lone SIX MILES from Moab as the crowing flies, but travelling to Camelot from township on a 12.5-mile scandal route done a mad hodgepodge of slot canyons, mesas, and buttes is agonizingly dull and hard, fashioning you tone same a role out of a Paul Bowles new. This suits owners Read more [...]
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Old Surfboards Don’t Birth To Die—They Can Procreate

Burnished Estimation     Photograph: Putz ArkleMod SURFBOARDS may aspect beautiful, but they're inherently filthy—almost every textile in them is toxic. Efforts to use viridity alternatives—think soy- and sugar-based cores—have fallen curt because they don't breakers care pattern boards.That's why Joey Santley distinct that alternatively of re-creating the surf, he'd upright reprocess it. A San Clemente, California–based surfboarder whose don was a panel producer, Santley founded the ReSurf Instauration in 2006 on with various friends with the estimation of recycling the Read more [...]
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And so it is difficult to wade through thick undergrowth, and now spiders around their invisible thread stretched - and then have to stop and wipe your face to remove the sticky web of tickling. Take a few steps - again, you stuck to cobwebs. I bent down to not touch prickly branch, and landed with his face in the middle of a circular spider network. And then the spider-mount - network spoiled, and I care again - get off the cobwebs. No, now I will be careful: if I see in front of the web, the best hand will tear off. Only need to look carefully. Here's the front and another spider's Read more [...]
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