How Frequently Should I Get Chequered for Cutis Cancer?

    Pic: Alexander Raths/ShutterstockA:We posed your head to Dr. Phil Ecker, a Minneapolis dermatologist and marathoner.It doesn’t weigh where you be, he says. If you are implicated most something, twig checkered out. And if you downfall into one of these two categories, you should get screened for peel cancer leastwise erstwhile a yr:1. You birth first-degree relatives who’ve had melanoma.2. You’ve had a story of precancers care actinic keratosis, or cutis cancers yourself.Spell the well-nigh green places for pelt cancer to get are exactly, temples, and ears—areas Read more [...]
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The bark beetle has destroyed 50 hectares of forest in the national Park Ugra

© Photo: Anaxibia MOSCOW, may 16, — RIA Novosti. The bark beetle killed since the beginning of the current spring 50 hectares of forest in the national Park «Ugra» in the Kaluga region, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the national Park Victor Grishankov. «In the beginning of the month the trees were without any signs of damage, but just two weeks they have dried up. The main causes of death — the beetles, which is easy to cope with the plants weakened by last year's heat», — explained Grishenkov. In his opinion, now it is impossible Read more [...]
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Should I Eat Wise Fruits and Veggies Afield?

Off from abode, opt for tough-skinned grow.     Exposure: David Leo Veksler / FlickrA:Who wouldn’t deficiency to eat a overbold gamboge spell tramp the trails in Phoebe Terre, Italy? Or a jack growth in the court of a wat in Thailand?Alas, the pelt of smart fruits and veggies are fosterage curtilage for microbes—around of which can case disease. If you’re travelling where weewee character is refutable, just lavation the bark’s rise isn’t a quick solvent.“Fudge it, seethe it, discase it, or block it,” says Nanci Baldwin, an R.N. with Recommendation Read more [...]
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Writing Yukagirs. Women’s love letter on birch bark

nikalnaya writing yuagirov - women love letters in the pictograms, writing on the bark. Yukagirs the oldest population in the North-East Asia, occupying the territory of the Lena River and the Bering Strait. In this article, we will focus on the unusual writing Yukagirs related to ideographic writing Paleo people, the language itself has Yukagirs resemblance to the Altaic languages. Script, owned mostly by women, they used it for declarations of love, sometimes Yukagir icons used for the journey, a kind of maps on birch bark. First writing of this northern nation was discovered in 1892 by an Read more [...]
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Bark beetles have caused warming in Canada in the early 21 th century

One of the main causes of sudden warming in western Canada in the early 21 th century was an unprecedented epidemic of bark beetles that have destroyed great part of forests in this part of North America, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.It is believed that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as deforestation and other human activities are the main drivers of climate change. In particular, the increase in average temperature by 1 degree Celsius in the western and northern Canada is associated with the "contribution" of man Read more [...]
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Cook, Set, Summertime

Bodywork, July 1998Quick, Set, SummertimeAbout requirement advice to get you preceding the hot mollify's pitfallsBy Brenda DeKoker GoodmanAt finis, that hoot ok season when you can quench the doorway in aught more a T-shirt and naiant shorts. When you can go the spare knot on your run, or the supernumerary phoebe on your bait. When the irrigate's quick decent to chuck the wetsuit and the highschool nation's dry adequate to encampment in for weeks Read more [...]
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The beetles caused the warming in Canada in the early 21st century

25 Nov - RIA Novosti. One of the main reasons for the sudden warming in Western Canada in the early 21st century was unprecedented epidemic of bark beetles, which destroyed a significant part of the forest in this part of North America, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience. It is believed that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as well as deforestation and other human activities are major drivers of climate change. In particular, the increase in the average temperature by 1 degree Celsius in Western and Northern Canada was linked with «contribution» Read more [...]
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Staying Safety: Bug Juices

Class Vacations, Summertime 1996Staying Condom: Bug Juices Bugs same water--so look around finale encounters with this less-than-appealing fade of wildlife. Insectifuge is all-important, course, but it's not without disputation. The consensus in wild checkup circles is that the offset contrast of refutation is to nebulizer apparel and nettingwith Permethrin, a rubber and effectual insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum set. But bugs can snack ahead Read more [...]
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The origin of the name Moho

The proof of the existence of the Earth's crust has been the greatest achievement of seismology. It belongs to the Yugoslav scientist named Moho. He became interested in a kind of picture recording device vibration earthquake, that occurred in Croatia in 1909. Trying to explain the readings, Moho suggested that between the surface and the deeper layer has a sharp boundary. The bottom layer, the mantle is composed of some other material that transmits vibrations at a higher rate than in the rocks of the surface layer. Such boundaries scientists usually called interfaces. Named discoverer Read more [...]
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How did the project super-deep well to the Moho

Along with the study of the Earth's surface features that help clarify the important transformations crust forces of nature, we should not forget the importance of the Earth's depths. "Moho" in- Fit to be such an attractive near the surface of the Earth, the scientists who study the various problems of the science of the Earth, have long dreamed of the day when they will be able to drill it and determine the composition and condition of the mantle rocks. In recent years, significant progress in the drilling of deep oil wells and drilling techniques developed for the design of Read more [...]
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Common hazel or hazel, hazelnut

Tall multi-stemmed shrub, sometimes reaching 7 meters, with gray fissured bark at the base of stems and yellowish gray shoots covered with thick simple and glandular hairs and bristles. The leaves are large, rounded, coarse, uneven on the edge, pointed at the apex and cordate at the base, soft, hairy on both sides. Fruits are clustered at 2-5 (up to 7) together, sometimes solitary. Cupule bell-shaped, consisting of two incised-toothed leaves, petiolate below with glands. Walnut oval or nearly spherical. Blooms in April, long before the foliage, the number of blooms to thaw. Pollen is usually Read more [...]
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Rhode DICTAMNUS L. — Fraxinella.

Herbaceous perennials and 80 cm high. Distribution: European part (south), the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain alkaloids to 0.3% in the underground. Part D. caucasicus (Fisch. et S. Mey.) Grossh., coumarins (including furokumariny) lnmoioidy, flavonoids, phytosterols, tsiaiogeiiye Comm. and other nitrogen Conn., and seskviterpeioidy (Zhao et al, 1998c, 1999) and esters of phenols established structure. Marked tannins to 2.5% from the leaves of D. angustifolius G. Don ex Sweet, fatty oil to 21% of the seeds D. gymnostylis Steven, essential oil to 0.3% from the Read more [...]
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Protection of forest plantations of game animals. Mechanical methods

Fighting harming activity of hunting animals in the forest - not only timber and ohothozyaystvennaya, but also a serious economic problem. Experts on forest protection indicate that the system control activities harming mammals should be flexible and comprehensive. Single universal method exists. One of the oldest and most common method used to protect the forest foresters from wild ungulates were, of course, the hedge. Their usefulness is not in dispute in the present. For example, in Scotland, 95% of all forests fenced to protect them from the deer (the density of its population in the Read more [...]
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Methods of obtaining, maintaining fire and campfire

In the event of an emergency autonomous existence can bring great benefit in time diluted stake. It will give an opportunity to warm up in cold areas, cook hot food and drink, which is especially important if you have a group of wounded. Fire - it is also a psychological pacifier, from which emanates hope, confidence in the successful outcome of the case. In short, to be able to build a fire in any place and in any weather conditions is important. But there are times when none of the victims is not lighters, matches or they are hopelessly dampened, ie No one element of the "triangle Read more [...]
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Yves mirzinolistnaya or discolored

Shrub, reaching a height of 6 m, with a dense crown and sing district spreading branches. Young plants in varying degrees hairy, old - naked. Flower buds lanceolate or ovate, separated from the upper part of the shoot, more or less pubescent. Leaves rounded or elliptical to lanceolate, 2.5 to 10 cm long, green above, glaucous below, at the base of the shoots are often below streaked with Green top n records as a small end of the triangle and the blue-gray bottom. Stipules polupochkovidnye on strong shoots remaining. Earrings on a short stem, with 1-4 small bracts spongy leaves, stamens two, Read more [...]
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Tree up to 5-10 m tall, often multi-stemmed, like a shrub. The trunk is covered with brown-brown cracked bark, branches, ash-gray, smooth. Awkward young shoots covered with yellow lenticels point and have a rare fine pubescence. The shoot ends thin sharp thorn. Leaves elliptic or lanceolate, located opposite or beams, thick, almost leathery, upper side shiny, bright green, with the bottom - matte, with sharply protruding midrib. From 3-4 years old pomegranate tree begins to bear fruit. Flowering begins in May, and then the grenade is very beautiful. Reddish skinny cup with several triangular Read more [...]
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Parnolistnik Ferghana Highly branched shrub with spreading branches and winding gray bark. Leaves are compound paripinnate, with two fleshy obovate leaves, on young shoots are opposite, sitting on the old beams. In March - April, in the axils of the leaves appear lemon-yellow flowers. In May - September trehkrylye ripen fruit-box on legs. Only grows on the slopes of the Western Tien-Shan.Parnolistnik macrocarpa Shrub 2-2.5 m high with thick branches and greyish furrowed bark. Leaves spatulate, elliptical or ovoid. In April, there are golden-yellow flowers. Fruits - 5-wings yellowish-brown Read more [...]
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How to make a compass

The easiest way to hook the compass needle at the tip vertically put needles and wait until it will unfold in the North - South. But in this case it will be very difficult to navigate in a degree reading. Therefore it is desirable to preserve not only the arrow of your waste compass and scale that you can use thread or resin attached to a flat piece of bark or foam. In the center of the ear down makeshift compass should stick a small needle or a sharp, dry fish bone, which put an arrow. The main disadvantage of this compass is that after each use of the arrow have to remove the axle and reliably Read more [...]
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Actinidia acute

One of the biggest climbers of the Far East. Climbing the trees to a height of 25 m barrel, reaching 10 - 15 cm in diameter, covered with a light-brown bark with a bluish bloom, on old trunks bark peels lengthwise strips. Annual shoots are light gray or light brown with numerous longitudinal lenticels, young often spiral curl. Ovate or elliptical leaves at the top abruptly narrowed at the base shirokoklinovidnye or heart. Leaf margins bristly-toothed. Leaf blades are shiny on top, yellow-green, bottom lighter. White, very fragrant, up to 2 cm in diameter flowers in loose racemes, appear at Read more [...]
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Rhode FRANGULA Mill. — Buckthorn.

F. alnus Mill. - Shrub nln tree up to 7 m high. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia. Anthraquinones contains up to 5.7% in the cortex, 0.2% alkaloids in the leaves, tsiklitoly, carbohydrates, as well as phenolic acids and fatty acids established structure. Marked tannins 10.4% NZ fruit, 29.2% fatty oil from the seeds, essential oil. Found coumarin, naftohnioiy, flavonoids (including anthocyanins, catechins, leucoanthocyans), saponins, pectin, vitamin C, p-carotene. Medicinal. Those r a n e a r ch e s to e of action - purgative, irritant - bark (State registry., Read more [...]
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