N Dakota Hits Commemorate Boring

Northward Dakota set immortalise highs in oil and gas yield for the month of July, according to submit imagination officials. A immortalise figure of wells, 9,322, were too in product in July, another all-time gamy.According to Lynn Helms, manager of Northerly Dakota’s Industrial Comission, the billow in output came from a the windup and energizing of 149 wells o'er the month of June. The NDIC located July oil and gas output at 108,258 barrels per day, and 970 1000000 three-dimensional feet per day, severally.N Dakota is presently arcsecond arse Texas in born imagination yield in the Joined Read more [...]
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The flood washed barrels with chemicals in China. Photos

Due to exposure to chemicals in the water produces steam and acrid smell. Photo epochtimes.com Strong flooded chemical plant in the County Uncti Jilin province. Streams of water together with the property passed into the river three thousand barrels of hazardous chemicals. Now these barrels, some of which have already given flow, floating on the Songhua river in the Russian Amur. Residents of Jilin vying buy water in supermarkets.According to reports, the official Chinese media, the river fell 7 thousand barrels with a capacity of 170 kg, but 4 thousand of them empty. The rest is filled with Read more [...]
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Virginia shakes again: aftershock more than 20 aftershocks

1 September. The USGS has reported several aftershocks at 5:09 this morning. The epicenter was four miles to the South-East of the city where there was a 5.8-magnitude earthquake last Tuesday. Reported more than 20 tremors of magnitude from 4.5 to 1.8.As it became known, as the result of shocks on August 23 barrels with radioactive nuclear waste at nuclear power plants in Virginia moved to 11 cm from its original position. The earthquake was felt up to Toronto, Canada, moved 25 barrels, each more than 5 meters in height and weighing 115 tons, located on a concrete platform at the local nuclear Read more [...]
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We’ve Entered a Foxiness Beer Bullshit Grocery

Americans deliver had it with watered-down slop.The mid-year reputation released by the Brewers Tie (BA) reported that American craft-beer-production bulk has increased by 18 pct for the kickoff one-half of 2014. About 10.6 gazillion barrels of craftiness beer were sold during the yesteryear six months, up from around 9 trillion barrels from the outset one-half of 2013.BA foreman economist Bart Wilson aforesaid:The sustained double-digit emergence of the guile class shows the solidness of need for fuller-flavored beer in a sort of styles from modest and autonomous American producers. Trade Read more [...]
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Leaked 400 barrels of drilling fluid occurred in the Gulf of Mexico

12/20/2012 The American Petroleum Corporation Chevron halted drilling at Moccasin prospect in the Gulf of Mexico after the undersea leak of about 400 barrels of drilling fluid because of damage to the equipment, according to the website of the American edition of Upstream. Drillship company operates the appraisal well on Block 736 in the region Keathley Canyon, at a depth of 6,400 feet (1.95 kilometers) in about 216 miles (about 347 kilometers) off the coast of Louisiana.According to the report of the local authorities, the leak of drilling fluid was the result of damage from a special blowout Read more [...]
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Stocks of oil products in the U.S. has increased

U.S. Department of Energy data for the next reporting period show a greater than expected reduction in inventories of crude oil (0.6%, or 2.4 million barrels. Against the expected 0.5 million barrels.), Which was more than offset by a sharp build-up of stocks distillates (by 3.8%, or 3 million barrels. versus 0.9 million barrels.) and petrol (up 2.7%, or 7.9 million barrels., down from 1.6 million barrels.). Strongly increased in the last two weeks of any approaching the top of the seasonal range. Stocks of crude oil declined, but remain above the upper limit of the seasonal range. The total Read more [...]
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The flood washed away the barrels of toxic chemicals in China. Picture story

As a result of contact with chemicals in the water produces steam and pungent smell. Photo from epochtimes.comSevere flooding inundated chemical plant in Yongji County, Jilin Province. Streams of water together with the property carried in the river three thousand barrels of hazardous chemicals. Now these casks, some of which have already flowing, floating on the Songhua River in Russia's Amur. Residents of Jilin vying buy water in supermarkets.According to official Chinese media, all in the river fell 7,000 barrels volume of 170 kg, but 4000 of them are empty. The rest are filled with Read more [...]
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Handling the gun

With the gun should always be treated as charged. This is - the most important safety rules when handling firearms. Therefore it is impossible to aim a gun at people and pets, to rely on the muzzle of the gun, etc. When stored indoors gun must be discharged, and the cartridges are locked to it separately. Rifle hanging on the wall, make sure the strength of the nail (the hook) to prevent the gun from falling. When storing a holster better hang gun barrels down to the channels do not allow dust. On the road, when traveling by any mode of transport, the gun must be in a case or a hard case. Read more [...]
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We are seeing a big fuss around him, as if living in a madhouse. Familiar person actively continuing their violent patrols. Condoleezza of Brazil and Chile, flew to Moscow to sound out the new president of Russia. She wants to know what he thought. It is accompanied by the head of the Pentagon with a sprained hand. Remember when he fell in February, said: "With a broken arm, so I will not be too pushy when negotiating." The typical American joke, but think about how it will sound for the proud Russian, whose people have lost so many millions of sons and daughters, fighting the Nazi Read more [...]
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