What is the basal temperature

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Caput Flexpoint Extremist OS ($200)

Header Flexpoint Extremist OS     Exposure: Nigel CoxDrumhead Flexpoint Extremist OSPsyche Flexpoint Basal OSWouldn't you recognize it? The things you anticipate in a tennis revel—mastery and mightiness—turn against apiece former. The two were locked up at devil until Andre Agassi helped produce Caput's Flexpoint Basal OS. Dimples on this 10.4-ounce plumbago chassis at deuce-ace and niner o'time movement it to deform somewhat, cupping the bollock in the sugariness billet for a divide of a msec thirster than rackets with less consecrate. This micro-eternity lets Read more [...]
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Sorrel water

Erect perennial with furrowed stem height 30-120 (160) cm plates of basal leaves 10-30 cm long and 4-12 cm wide, ovate, oblong-ovate or lanceolate, cordate at base, with basal lobes directed downwards, stem leaves are small, short. Inflorescence paniculate, with appressed branches and few bracts at the bottom of the side branches on the lower part of the inflorescence is usually away from the axis of three. Inner perianth segments in fruit broadly ovate, 5-6 mm long, entire or bluntly toothed at the bottom, all without zhelvachkov. Fruits are 3-3.5 mm long and 1.5-1.7 mm wide, dark brown. Blooms Read more [...]
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Function tests in the diagnosis

The basis of the differential diagnosis of changes in blood pressure in the first place are carefully collected history and full clinical examination. However, an essential complement to this is the use of a special set of functional tests. Given that the basis of hyper-and hypotensive states is a violation of the functional state of vasomotor centers, in both cases, can be used in a similar sample. The essence of the study of the functional status of the unit, which regulates blood pressure, is to determine its response to certain physiological processes (sample with the definition of the residual Read more [...]
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The practical use of electroencephalography

For objective assessment of brain tissue based on electroencephalographic studies led to the widespread use of this method, not only for neurophysiological studies, but also in neurology and psychiatry. In the early stages of research attempts were made to link the individual waveforms biopotentials ("sharp wave" gipersinhronizirovannye slow oscillations, paroxysmal activity etc.) with a view of the disease. However, the accumulated data showed that the EEG reflects not a disease and its cause, and the state of the brain tissue. Only by studying the dynamics of changes in bioelectrical Read more [...]
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Yellow scabious

Perennial herb 25-90 cm tall, with a spindle-shaped root. Stem erect, simple or dichotomously branched in the middle, at the bottom and a capitate inflorescences with curly white hairs. Leaves in a basal rosette, and 2-4 (5) pairs on the stem, covered with short hairs. Lower leaves are lyre-shaped, medium - once or three times pinnately or ne-ristorassechennye. Flowers pale yellow, clustered in dense apical inflorescence-head diameter of 2-3 cm Wrap-lanceolate or narrow linear green pointed leaves, usually densely pubescent, especially beneath. Bracts scarious, pale, linear-lanceolate, with Read more [...]
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Menstrual cycle

Cyclic changes in the endometrium. Cyclic changes in the endometrium (Fig. 1) can be divided into three periods. I. From 4-5 to 14 or 15 days after the onset of menstruation (the stage of follicle in the ovary) in the basal layer of the endometrium is raised new surface (functional) layer Short glands, which are different from the basal layer loose structure, surface layer quickly thickens 4-5. The glands are lined by columnar epithelium with a dark nucleus, located in the middle of the cell. The epithelium of the glands in this stage is characterized by abundant, with numerous mitoses. At Read more [...]
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Skin tumors

Perhaps the most impressive were the results of enzyme therapy for tumors of the skin. As you know, radiation and surgical treatment of basal cell carcinoma in most cases is successful. As effective combined - local and general - enzyme therapy. Of the 64 basal cell carcinomas 90% were cured for 2-19 weeks. Epithelioma and other skin tumors with infiltrative growth in about two weeks stopped growing or regress. In most cases This was followed by a slow, gradual absorption of the tumor, especially while the direct injection of the drug in tumor. When precancerous conditions, such as senile Read more [...]
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Epithelial tissue

Epithelial tissue (synonym epithelium) - is the tissue lining the surface of the skin, cornea, serous membranes, the inner surface of the hollow organs of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract, as well as forming cancer. Epithelial tissue is characterized by a high regenerative capacity. Different types of epithelial tissues have different functions and therefore have a different structure. Thus, epithelial fabric, perform mainly the protection and delimitation from the external environment (epidermis) is always multi-layered, and some types are provided with a horny layer and involved Read more [...]
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Mosquito — Ag. (O.) stramineus Dubitzky sp. §

Many researchers, it appears that in the Zoological Institute of the USSR collections, often across large straw-yellow mosquitoes, the number of attributes (the rings on their feet, the structure of the hypopygium) Recall Aedes caspius, but differ a single color back and abdomen. BN Kazantsev (1931) vividly described them as "sand." Analyzing the occurrence of such instances in different regions of Kazakhstan, we have suggested (Dubitsky, 1967) that the combined morphological and ecological features they do not resemble Ae. caspius, or on Ae. with. dorsalis. The discovery of the Read more [...]
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Mullen mealy

Biennial, sometimes perennial herbaceous plant from 50 to 160 cm, with spindle-shaped root. Stems are erect, ribbed, branched, like all plants, hairy tiny grayish stellate hairs. The leaves are ovate to oblong-lanceolate, basal and lower stem with short petioles, mid and high-seat, beneath densely pubescent, obtuse or acute, crenate on the edge. The flowers are collected in bundles of 2-7, which at the tips of stems form a branched inflorescence-pyramidal panicles. Calyx deeply dissected into five triangular-lanceolate lobes. Corolla yellow, with a diameter of 2 cm, rotate, slightly irregular, Read more [...]
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