CENTRAL STATE ARCHIVE OF PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS BASHKORTOSTAN (TSGAOO RB) 1991 establishment of the State. Archival Service Rep. Bash. In 1922, in the head. A commission Istpart in 1929 partarhiv Bash. Regional Committee of the CPSU (b). Contains St. 1207 thousand. Affairs. The archive funds desks., Komsomol organizations and org-tions Bash. Reflecting their activity on hand. cum. x-tion, culture, science, education, characterizing obschestv.-watered. the situation in the Republic. in 1917-91. There is a collection of dock-ing, photos, memories involved. roar. movement of 1905-07, the materials on Read more [...]
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Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich

Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich (08 (20) .10.1896, d. Psyachino now Hudayberdin Ufim. Lip. 21.12. 1924, Moscow), participation. roar. movement in the head. owls. desks. and state. figure. Rod. family cross. He studied at the Madrasa Hussaini in Orenbah. (1909 14). Outcast. in the first world. war. Pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party. (May 1917 March 1918), the RCP (B) with a 1918 On Feb. 1917 pers. Ufim. Muslim Brothers. Military Shuro (Council) region. someone that the party lion. SRs and pers. Socialist-Revolutionaries. Muslim Commissariat, Ufa Province. Commissioner on the head. cases Ufim. Read more [...]
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Khismatullina Magafur Hismatullovich

Khismatullina Magafur Hismatullovich (10 (23) .01.1915, der. Novo Kubovo Ufim. Y. Ufim. Lip.), Singer (tenor), Nar. Art. BASSR (1953) and the Russian Federation (1965). He graduated from the head. studio at the Mosk. Conservatory (1939, cl. E.V.Enohovicha), 1939-82 soloist Bash. State. Theater op. and ballet. His repertoire includes more than 60 op. parties, among them: Eroshka (Borodin's Prince Igor), Harlequin (Pagliacci R.Leonkavallo) Bomeley (The Tsar's Bride by Rimsky-Korsakov), Kobeko (ShauraZ.Ismagilova), the old man Yapparov (Kodasa Z. Ismagilov), Salavat Yulaev (one. Op. Z. Ismagilov). Read more [...]
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UFA city, capital of Resp. Bash. Located at the confluence of r.Ufy in Belaya 1519 km to the east of Moscow. W. DOS. Neg. rus. musketeers in 1574 In 1586, received the status of city in the XVII century. U. major bargaining. c. on the way from Russia to Siberia Ts. Since 1708 as part of the Kazan province., In 1728-44 p. independent province. In 1744 became part of the Orenburg province. In 1773-74 stood 4-month siege of the troops under the command of E.I.Pugacheva Zarubin (Cheeky). In 1788 William founded the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the whole of Russia in Sec. Mufti. From 1781 Read more [...]
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Teptyars (Presumably from the Persian deftyar special kind of agrarian records), ethnographic group priur. (Head.) Tatars etnososlovnogo mixed origin. Developed in the first half. XVIII century. in DOS. of Representat. Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples of the Middle Volga (Tatars, Chuvash, Udmurts, Mari), who settled on the patrimonial lands of the Bashkirs in the position pripuschennikov and subsequently subjected to a strong Tatar-head. influence. During the XVIII-XIX centuries. in the T. entered a large h. landless Bashkirs. T. Russ actively used. pr-tion as a soc. Bashk support during colonization. Read more [...]
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SIBAY of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located 457 miles southeast of the from Ufa. S. on the site of the village. Novo Sibaevo mentioned in lists us. points Orenbah. lips. compiled in 1866, the history associated with the mining of copper-pyrite ores, opened in 1913 on the basis of-cerned in 1948 was created Bash. copper and sulfur comb t. S. pawned away from the train. d., and energy sources. Official titles. he received from the refs. slave. pos., formed in August. 1938 mine Sibai. Nov 21. 1955 slave. pos. S. received the status of In 1952 the railway was built Magnitogorsk-Sibai, opened in Read more [...]
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SAFIULLIN Khalyaf Gateevich

SAFIULLIN Khalyaf Gateevich (03.20.1921, village. Salihova Chishminsky district Bash. ASSR 13.04. 1965 Baku (buried in Ufa), dancer, choreographer, Nar. Art. Bash. ASSR (1953), Nar. Art. Russia (1955) one of the founders of the head. nat. ballet. Graduated from Leningrad. uch-School Ballet them. Vaganova (1941). Debuted in the ballet Coppelia L.Deliba Bash. Theater op., and ballet. Best games: Yumagulov (Z.Ismagilov Crane Song, A .Stepanov), Siegfried (Swan Lake Tchaikovsky) Frondoso (Laurencia A.Kreyn), Albert (Giselle A. Adan) Votslav (Fountain of Bakhchisarai B.Asafev). Author: Gilyazeva Read more [...]
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SALAVAT of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located on the Belaya river, 165 km south of Ufa. The first settlement. emerged in 1948 from the beginning. page. petrochemical comb that. In 1954 received the status of S. S. prom. c. Bash. Leading role in the economy, the association plays Salavatnefteorgsintez part-cerned are s-dy: refinery, petrochemical Manuf., Miner. fertilizer, alcohols, Mfr. catalysts, repair and fur. and experienced. In the city are located zd tehn. glass, building materials enterprises. In S. Branch Ufim work. Petroleum University of Technology, Industrial and ped. Colleges, Read more [...]
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NURIEV Zia Nurievich

NURIEV Zia Nurievich (21.03. 1915 der.Verhnelachentau Birsk y. Ufa Province.), Sov. desks. and state. figure. He studied at the Institute of cum. Education and College of the CPSU Central Committee. PhD in Economics. In 1933-38 teacher, Head. District Board. In 1938-40 he served in Cr. Arm. In 1939 joined the Communist Party (Bolshevik). From 1942 on desks. work. In 1945-57 the head. c / x fin. Bash. Regional Committee of the CPSU (b), the head. Dep. desks. bodies, secretary. Party Committee. In 1957-69 1st secretary. Bash. Party Committee. In 1969-73 min. blanks USSR from April. 1973 Deputy. Read more [...]
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MELEUZ of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located in the valley r.Agidel (White), 205 km to the south of Ufa. Regular. the second floor. XVIII century. as a post holes on the highway Ufa-Orenbah. In 1863 received the status and became par. c. Ufim. province. By the beginning. XX century. M. p. grain transport and handicraft handicraft Mfr. In the years. CET. War was the site of fierce fighting between supporters of the white and red movements. Since 1930, P-tion n. Bash. ASSR. In the 30th M. experiencing an economic upswing. Here, open the MTS of AutoCAD, lesoz-d, grain-and slaughterhouse points Read more [...]
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Kurmantay CULTURE

Kurmantay CULTURE archaeological. culture of the Late Bronze Age. in. to Wed reaches of the river. White (Mount Kurman Tau near the village. Mikhailovka Gafuriyskogo district rep. Bash.). Dated early. I millennium BC. K.V.Salnikovym highlighted. On the village. ceramic KK meets with others. types of dishes, so pl. themselves pos. KK difficult to determine. Poluzemlyanochnogo homes or land, rectangular or square with the columnar structure of the walls. Pottery characterized nizkogorlye round-shaped ornament in the form of vertical Christmas trees, paired with a horizontal zigzag incisions, belts, Read more [...]
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Kuze Rail Gumerovich

Kuze Rail Gumerovich (01.10.1929, village. Amineva Safarovskoy par. Ufa canton BASSR now Chishminsky district Bash.) Ethnologist and historian. Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), the action. pers. Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus (1991), Doctor of History. Sciences (1971), prof. (1972). Hon. Worker. Science of Belarus (1969), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1979). Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from the Bash. University (1950), 1951-54 -aspi-welt Inst etnogr. USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1954-55 works IIYAL BFAN USSR. Since 1983 head. Dep., Deputy. prev. Pres. Read more [...]
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Kudashev Saifi (Kudashev Sayfetdinov Fattahetdinovich)

Kudashev Saifi (Kudashev Sayfetdinov Fattahetdinovich) (21.09 (03.10) in 1894, village. Klyashevo Ufim. Y. Ufim. Lip. 29.06.1993, Ufa), Nar. poet Bash. (1964). Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from the villages. madrassas., worked as a teacher. Well edited. October (Ufa, 1930). In the first Sb. poems Songs of freedom (1917) enthusiastically responded to the events roar. In mfr. KS distinctly heard the motives of the people suffering (My Environment, World, and others.) sympathy for the Status of Women (Salim), belief in the future (Hope Not kichis et al.). Author of the poem October (1926). Read more [...]
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KARIM Mustai (Karimov Mustafa Safich)

KARIM Mustai (Karimov Mustafa Safich) (10.20.1919, village. Klyashevo Ufim. Y. Ufim. Lip. Bash.) Cum. poet Bash. (1963). Rod. to cross. family. He graduated from the Bash. Pedagogical Institute (1941). Reprinted with 1935 First book squad moved (1938) and Voices of Spring (1941). In the years. War correspondent fr. gas. Has published two books of lyrics (my horse 1943 and Poems, 1945). The theme of war is reflected in the poems of the December Song (1942), Ulmyasbai (1944), Black Water (1961) and others. Working life and the spiritual world of the people formed the content of Sb. The Return (1947), Read more [...]
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ISMAGILOV Zagir Garipovich

ISMAGILOV Zagir Garipovich (12.26.1916 (08.01.1917) der. Sermenevo Upper, Upper Ural y. Orenbah. Lip.), Composer, Nar. Art. Bash. ASSR (1963) and the USSR (1982), Honored. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1955), winner of the Resp. etc.. them. Salavat Yulaev. Bash. ASSR (1967) and the Russian Federation (1973). He graduated from the school at the Bash. Drama Theatre in Ufa (1936), studied composition in the head. nat. Studio at the Mosk. Conservatory (1937), graduated from Moscow. Conservatory (1954, cl. V.G.Fere composition). Prev. SC BASSR (1954-78). Rector Ufim. Inst-claim in (1968-88), prof. (1978), Read more [...]
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How can I living my toes affectionate patch snowboarding?

    Exposure: Valerio d'Ambrogi via ShutterstockA:For lashings of citizenry, inhuman feet are fairly practically a inveterate trouble during the overwinter. You may be somewhat more prostrate thereto as women only sire less personify hotness than men, so are more susceptible to inhuman. Additionally, you power let a cold-shoulder circulation trouble in your extremities, consequently exasperating any disposition to get inhuman. For that thing, your boots could be devising things worsened if they're too stringent, thereby confining the lineage catamenia. Silence, you're on the correct Read more [...]
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DAVLETSHINOY Hadiya Lotfullah kyzy

DAVLETSHINOY Hadiya Lotfullah kyzy (05 (18) .03.1905, der. Hasanov Samara province. 05.12.1954, Birsk, Bash.), Baska. writer. Rod. to cross. family. She graduated from the Bash. Pedagogical Institute (1937). Worked as a teacher in the village. Dingezbaevo Samara province., Educator and teacher in Ufa orphanage them. Sh.Hudayberdina, litsotrudnikom regional gas. The delegate of the 1st Congress of Soviet Writers (1934). The first story Pioneer Hylukay publ. a gas. Youth RB (1926). Author pov. Aybike (1931), ears Waves (1932), Flaming Years (1937). Roman Irgiz (1952) drew attention to the breadth Read more [...]
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Davlekanovo of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located on the river. Dema 109 km southwest from Ufa. D. as adm. unit was established in August 20. Status of 1930 is on October 17. 1942 In ter. sovr. D. located in the old small villages and Itkulovo Davlekanovo. In 1888 through Itkulovo passed Samara-Ufa train By this time the villages merged and w / d art. began to bear the name of the founder of the village Davlethana. Page. Railway facilitated migration to AD from different lips. Russia Russian., Ukrainians, Germans. Immigrants played a major role in the development of prom. Trade and D. They Read more [...]
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HUNGER social distress caused by the absence or lack of food. Takes two forms: latent (chronic) or explicit (hunger strike). G. generated by various causes: natural disasters, adverse and extreme weather conditions, wars, and other anti-social policy. Between G. behavior takes dec. form, to-rye depend on the scale and depth of the social disaster. The first information about the lean years and G. W. are in ser.XVII. It is estimated in the XVIII century. was 34 lean years, accompanied by G. For the period 1801-54 more than 30 grave consequences of poor harvests and the parish at the end of the Read more [...]
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Gafuriysky TYPE OF MONUMENTS (Gafuriysky district Bash.) Archaeological complex. memory. early railroad. in. (IV-IIvv. BC), characterized by a specific type of pottery. Ter. Distribution: the right bank Wed reaches of the river. White on the segment's. Ufa Sterlitamak. Formed on the basis of complexes Mezhovsky culture of the late Bronze Age. in. forest as a result of promotion Zauralye h. this us. in the steppe districts of Bash. under the influence of certain crops Sarmatian community early yellow. in. G.T.P. highlighted as an independent complex ceramics in 1968 A.H.Pshenichnyukom. Pottery G.T.P. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).