What train do I indigence for snowshoeing?

Telamon 825     Photograph: courtesy, TelamonTelamon 825A:Commodity for you—snowshoeing is fab fun, and mythical practice also. And, it's one of the easiest things to acquire. All you let to retrieve is to donjon your feet a picayune more wide bedspread than convention. That's essentially almost it! Truly, all you pauperism is a near set of general-purpose snowshoes, not the more alien ones intentional for mountaineering or extremum backcountry use. The effective folk at L.L. Bonce, e.g., deal a snowshoe called the Guide that believably would be scarce correct. It sells for $99 Read more [...]
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Pathfinder Terminal     Exposure: Shana NovakIf person forgets or breaks their avalanche investigation, these are bang-up policy. Choke the baskets, screwing the shafts unitedly, and you've got a six-foot investigation. Bummer: The mechanics that adjusts rod distance can be finical. Fillip: Comes with both wintertime and trekking baskets. life-link.comSteel: Life-Link$100 Read more [...]
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Kozelets purple

Perennial herb 30-60 cm tall, containing latex, vertical rhizome. The base of the stem covered with numerous brownish threadlike fibers - remnants of leaves. Leaves linear, channeled, pubescent. Baskets, single, with a diameter of about 5 cm and the upper leg wraps baskets with marked pautinistym voylochkom. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, and purple, with the smell of vanilla. Fruits - achenes with feathery tuft of hairs. It flowers in May and June, achenes ripen in June and July. European-zapadnoaziat-sky view, common in Russia in the southern half of European and south of Western Siberia. Read more [...]
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Mutton grass

More Dioscorides called the yellow, like little flowers sunflowers «ptarmica», which in Greek means "ptarmic." Indeed, flowers and leaves of arnica cause sneezing. Later, the name that gave Dioscorides, distorted and there was a word arnica - And now refer to it as a beautiful plant of the family. Astrotsvetnyh (Compositae). The people called arnica mutton grass (in Greek «arnos» - sheep) because hairs on the flowers. Dried, they are in a mass recall of lamb wool. In Germany, the herb arnica also called fall, because in ancient times, noticed that it plant helps with bruises Read more [...]
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Ragwort Tatar

Perennial herb 60-200 cm tall with creeping rhizome. Stems erect, simple or branched at the top, hollow inside, densely leafy, ribbed, arachnoid-woolly. The leaves are narrow, linear or lanceolate, narrowed to the base, the edges sharp-toothed or serrated, bottom tomentose, sessile. Baskets collected in total inflorescence - panicle corymbose. Baskets are large, up to 3.5 cm in diameter Outdoor bracts 8-10, they are shorter than inner half. The flowers are yellow or orange-yellow. Lozhnoyazychkovyh 12-18 flowers on each basket. Fruits - bare cylindrical ribbed achene with pappus. It flowers Read more [...]
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Than fill the food baskets?

The 70% seem to be fiction only as long as ever not to visit the modern mega supermarkets and shopping centers, where modern consumers (young and middle-aged people usually) supplement their food baskets. There is nothing easier than to come into these big stores and see how to fill their customers specifically approved metal carts on wheels. To understand this, do not need to be a spy or voyeur - can be quite easy to stand at the box office and openly observe that puts on a conveyor belt most buyers of their food baskets. There will be all kinds of mountain food, and for it to be given to the Read more [...]
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Dandelion Fall

Perennial herb 10-50 cm tall, glabrous or with a few simple hairs, with short rhizome. The stem ascending, dichotomously branched, with few small leaves and a few baskets. The bulk of the leaves collected in the rosette, they are generally lanceolate, deeply pinnately. Flowered baskets are arranged singly on the tips of stems and branches. Wraps bell. All the flowers in the basket of reeds, bisexual, yellow in color, with black pistil stigma. Fruits - cylindrical achenes, mature - distinctly transversely wrinkled, SIL crest. It flowers from June to October, the peak bloom is in the fall, Read more [...]
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Fragrant perennial herb with dereveneyuschim rhizome. Stems are erect, robust, 40-120 cm tall leaves are alternate, up to 20 cm, pinnate to oblong-lanceolate segments. The flowers are orange-yellow, tubular, clustered in inflorescences baskets to 12 mm in diameter, which in turn form a common apical corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in baskets for women, median - bisexual. Fruits are oblong-ribbed achenes. Blooms from July until autumn, fruits ripen in August-October. The plant has a wide distribution, exciting, many regions of Eurasia and North America. In our country, this is a Read more [...]
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Large perennial herb with a thick rhizome and numerous fleshy roots, coming from him. Stem straight, thick, 1-2.5 m tall, heavy foliage. The leaves are alternate, rough to the touch, the lower very large, elliptical, up to 50 cm and a width of 25 cm, with petioles, upper - smaller, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, sessile, amplexicaul. Flowers are yellow, gathered in baskets diameter of 6-8 cm, located on thick stalks at the ends of shoots and form a common racemose or corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in baskets ligulate, female, median - tubular, bisexual. Fruits - rectangular brown Read more [...]
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Wormwood tsitvarnaya (Darmina) (Aremisia cina berg. Ex poljak.)

Shrub (30-70 cm) sterile shoots - shortened, generative - thin, branching (red-brown, the leaves - not big dvazhdyperistye (heavily excised), hairy, gray, baskets - small, clustered in narrow panicles, flowers are small, all tube , with yellow or purple perianth and the fruit - small achenes (1.0-1.5 mm). Blooms in September, the seeds ripen in October. Toxic bodies  - Aerial part, the maximum - in baskets harvested by the medical name "wormseed." Toxicity due to sesquiterpene maktonom - santonin. Santonin has a strong anthelmintic activity (especially against ascarids). Cineole, which Read more [...]
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Feverfew pink (P. red meat; Caucasian camomile, chamomile Persian) (Pyrethrum carneum bieb.)

Perennial (30-90 cm) with pinnatisect leaves and large (3-5 cm), single or few (2-3) baskets, flowers — on the edge of the reeds, white, pink, bright red, in the center — the yellow, tubular. Inflorescences resemble painted "Daisy." Flowering: June. — August and the fruit: July — September.

Toxic bodies  — Aboveground portion, maximum — baskets and fruit.

Contains pyrethrins and tsineriny (in inflorescence and fruit 0.2-1.2%).

In vertebrate animals and man pyrethrins are slightly toxic.

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Cirsium heterophyllous

Perennial herb 40-120 cm tall with long rhizome. Stems ascending, simple or with one or two branches at the top, furrowed-ribbed, often dark purple, especially at the top, cobwebby hairs under belovoylochnye baskets. Leaves lanceolate or ovate, bottom belovoylochnye, green above, with winged petioles lower, middle and upper - sessile, half, with the ears. Baskets rounded-ovate, large, single or few at the tips of stems and branches. The flowers are red. Fruits - a straw-yellow achenes with dirty white or brownish-white crest. Blooms in June and July, achenes ripen in July-September. European Read more [...]
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Kozelets melkotsvetny

Biennial or perennial herbaceous plant 10-30 (60) cm, containing a milky juice, with leafy many-headed root, often forms a rosette of basal leaves. The stem is a single, ascending or lying, plain or with a few branches, naked, with a more linear or lanceolate leaves and 1-3 baskets. At the base of the stems clothed cover of dead leaf sheaths. Basal leaves linear-lanceolate or linear, acute, glabrous. Single baskets and their wrappers and legs bare. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, yellow, equal or nearly equal authenticity wrap. Fruit-achene 7-9 mm long with a crest length of 15-20 mm matted Read more [...]
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Dandelion shershavolistnaya

Perennial herb 10-50 cm tall, usually rough from the harsh fork or stellate hairs. The stem is simple with a basket (sometimes with 1-2 branches and baskets with 2-3 respectively), leafless, rarely with 1-4 small leaves at the top. Basal leaves oblong-lanceolate, entire or shallowly lobed, like stem pubescent 3 to 4 separate hairs mixed with bifid. Flowered baskets are arranged singly on the tips of stems and branches, not drooping. Bracts pubescent bifid hairs, sometimes mixed with simple hairs. All the flowers in the basket of reeds, bisexual, yellow. Fruit - achene, top cross-wrinkled, Read more [...]
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