Kings and hunting

Hunting base "Royal Hunt" is not far from Moscow. In total 164 kilometers from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway and you will find yourself in an unusual place.On the basis of all created  conditions for hunting, fishing and recreation. The beautiful nature, comfortable rooms,  home cooking, sauna and billiards. In addition to the base has its own system for making antler baths.  Antlers - it neokostenevshie horns filled  blood, velvety-looking.  Blood,  resulting from antlers  deer,  called the elixir of longevity. And if in the past, in order to get the Read more [...]
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Natural elixir of health

I think that there is hardly any need to recall once again that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. But what we do in Russia to their health? We often hear from hunters as they slept in the spring at the current capercaillie, lying by the fire on the still wet and cold spring earth as a few days went to the rubber shoes are not prosushivaya it, and others may say, «feats».  What usually ends? If such things are systematic, that chronic arthritis, radiculitis and other ailments are guaranteed.Over time, it's beginning to affect the health of the hunter, and he naturally Read more [...]
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Generous pairs in black

Photo Hombit / FLICKR.COM — Well, who are you to make of Walls in bath shy? Sat on and flanges Sit.— All the same, old, black bath — dirty! All the walls in carbon black — so we argued with my former classmate of the Bear the pros and cons smoke sauna.When I I decided to dacha in the village to build a sauna, I I asked Mother:— Mom, what a bath is better to build: in white or in black?— Only in black, my son! When Lena was still small, so you are with Natasha was Read more [...]
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Governor hunting argali

The scandal, which involved the head of the Altai Republic Alexander Berdnikov, received an unexpected continuation. So the court on charges of illegal hunting on argali, the accused which forms the former deputy prime minister of the republic Anatoly Bannykh, can not take place again. Perhaps this is due to «shady agreements» Berdnikov and bath that are able to keep the governor from retirement. It is reported by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.As it turned out, the last time the defense has decided to require the transfer of trial for poaching in the 2009 Red Book animals on Read more [...]
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Defendants in the case of illegal hunting of the Red rams should be one hundred million rubles

 Anatoly Bannykh, Barnaul legendary entrepreneur, one of the defendants «business arharovtsev»Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Altai, and for some time now the entrepreneur in Moscow, apparently going through hard times. The federal database Bailiff «Capitalist» Anatoly Bannykh found three executive production.Two of them – Performing a recovery gathering, and one – the seizure. Resolution bailiff on September 3, 2014 for the recovery of the performing collection № 77011/14/476818 amounting to 75.992 million 634 rubles 10 kopecks, and the Read more [...]
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Bath. It is unrealistic to think of Russia without a bath.. and criteria for survival we have to learn how to build it. Let's take some moments of the construction of this unusual invention.WHAT TO BUILD A SAUNA?1. CONIFEROUS TREESLog houses and baths in most cases cut from pine or spruce trees, as these trees have a huge spread on the area of the Russian Federation. On the lock and load log cabins are Mature trees at age 100 and older. Pine perfectly cut, does not crack when drying. There are two types of building of pine: the so-called "tar" and "shosaku".In the "tar" much resin that it's fine Read more [...]
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Genk in the bathroom

Water jet hits the water - bath filled. As Gena loved the sound! The sound of falling water in the water. This is not the sound of rain, and not even the sound of the waterfall, and specifically that the sound that comes from the bathroom when someone (mother Galya or maybe a neighbor Aunt Zina, and perhaps himself Genk) has decided to wash, and gaining full bath. Gena would not trade that sound for anything in the world, and even if he was offered a 3 billion dollars for the fact that he would never hear it, Gena overweening would not agree. Gena liked to fall asleep when Aunt Zina suit and wash Read more [...]
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All the bath

    "City Tagil that? Pfe! Also city! Just think that if phones without ponaveshany handles, so that's and the city? No, I will ask give me a city where you used instead of printing fire carts not allowed.     And that, you see, Wire "renegotiated" (By God, I do not know, that for "technical" word) so it is not explanation". This is an excerpt from "Tagil pictures" some website Buki, hiding under canopy stories his true name. Thumbnails written in 1926 and echidna style reminiscent who worked in those years Zoschenko or Bulgakov. Read more [...]
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survival tips

Russian BATHHOUSE. Noteworthy FACTS AND GENERAL RULES.Russian bath is the most moist, as heated to high temperatures (60 and above) at 100% humidity. Because of this, the pulse achieves up to 200 beats per minute, pressure and steam room should not be more than 5-7 minutes.During the construction of a Russian bath inside sheathe “bath” wood, such as birch, pine, Linden, oak, when the kindling baths begin to allocate healing oils and resins.In Russia in baths strolled all, from small to large, but in enlightened Europe preferred to score a body smells spirits, and not to wash.During the time Read more [...]
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In ancient times, spruce needles used for disinfection of premises - pulmonary unhealthy fumigated lit spruce branches, and the floor in the houses of ill sprinkled spruce needles.Spruce contains essential oils, natural biologically active substances and volatile compounds possessing antibacterial and antimicrobial activity, particularly against Staphylococcus - the originator of occurrence of bronchopulmonary diseases.If you often catch a cold or suffer from chronic cough, live tree in the house you simply need. The smell of fresh pine needles relieves nervous excitement and uplifting. If you Read more [...]
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Dagger of Charlotte Corday

      Charlotte Corday, the artist Jean-Jacques ERA, 16 July 1793   July 13, 1793, 25-year-old girl named Mary Anne Charlotte de Corday d'Armon of the Norman nobles, killed a radical journalist, ideologue of the Jacobin Terror, Jean-Paul Marat in his own house, in Paris. Stabbed with a dagger, as he sat in the bath, as they say everywhere. Even Pushkin wrote a poem:"Dagger"...Lemnos God will boundHand immortal nemesis,Liberty secret guardian, avenging daggerLast judge of shame and resentment. Where is silent thunder of Zeus, where the dormant sword of the law,Perfector curses Read more [...]
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Nikolaev in a building collapsed in the bath three-meter hole

7 February at 15:00 in operational dispatchers Territorial Emergency Management in the Mykolaiv region, it was reported that in one of the houses on the street. 7th Slobodskaya, 41, Nikolaev, in the bathroom there was a failure of sex depth of up to 3 meters, which failed bath. On this site in 0512 reported TU MES in Mykolaiv region. 76-year-old housewife at the time was at home in the other room, so, fortunately, did not suffer. Rescuers, who caused a woman, conducted a survey of failure. Today, February 8, members of the paramilitary mountain rescue team will be an additional survey of the Read more [...]
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Heat or cold? Heating pad or ice?

Food for Thought. The clinic at the reception of the surgeon the patient complains of pain and swelling in the ankle, said: -  Three days ago, stumbled, sprained leg, barely reached home. Home made hot foot bath, but did not become better, worse ... Another example. In the hospital emergency room, accompanied by a doctor "emergency" brought on a stretcher patient, moaning in pain. Quiet, broken voice speaks to the surgeon: -  Last night, very sick stomach right. Neighbors advised to apply a heating pad. All night promayalsya several times changed the hot water. By morning, it Read more [...]
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Dry-air bath

Dry-air bath - Type of heat treatment, in which all body patient or body parts are heated with hot air dry t ° 70-80 °. Used to heat the air electric heating devices in special boxes. For general dry-air bath used large wooden boxes with doors and seat, and places the patient, his head is on the outside, for the Ring dry-air bath (Intended for heating the lower part of the body) use wooden boxes with doors and a large hole in the lid. Duration of the general dry-air bath for 15-20 minutes per treatment 10 to 12 procedures (one day). For local dry-air baths (designed to warm the extremities) Read more [...]
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Light baths

Local light bath for the torso and legs. Light baths - Type of heat treatment, in which all body patient or body part is exposed to infrared, visible light and hot air. Device for the procedures of light baths are frames of different sizes (Fig.), the inner walls are reinforced with incandescent lamps of 40 W with metal reflectors, with a total device is placed in the bath all body patient (head remains free), with local - a limited part of the body. Duration of the first procedures of 10-20 min., Subsequent 20-40 min., The temperature of the heated air rises from 40 ° (for the initial procedures) Read more [...]
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Sanitary processing - A set of measures aimed at decontamination of the human body, his clothes, things of permanent use and housing, contaminated cause infectious diseases, insect vectors, radioactive and toxic substances. Sanitation  occupies a prominent place in a number of preventive and anti-epidemic measures in many infectious diseases. Particularly large role in its typhus and relapsing tifah. Sanitization as epidemic control activities carried out under the threat of emerging infectious disease outbreak or epidemic. This sanitization is fundamentally different from the usual hygienic Read more [...]
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Complexes tempering procedures

Infancy. The air temperature in the room 22 - 20 °. 1. Air bath for 2 - 4 minutes at each change of clothes, swaddling. 2. Air bath with massage and gymnastics. Starting at 4 minutes from the end of the second month of life expectancy increased to bath for 10-12 minutes at the end of the first year. 3. Washing, water temperature in the first week of life, 28 °, by the end of the first year it was reduced to 20 °. 4. Beauty sleep in the open air 2-3 times a day with an air temperature of 10 to 30 °. 5. General bath at a temperature of 37 - 36 °, duration 5 minutes, followed by b pouring Read more [...]
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Hot bath

Hot bath appointed by a doctor and used in the treatment of pneumonia and acute respiratory diseases. Given that the hot tub is sick preterm infants, many of whom are in serious condition, my sister before the bath should have ready the pillow with oxygen, sterile syringe and vials Kordiamin and caffeine. Children in critical condition just before the bathroom can make the injection kordiamina. The child is immersed in a bath at a temperature of 38-39 ° C and then gradually increase it to 40-41 ° C. The duration of the bath for 5-7 minutes. While the child is in the water it is possible to Read more [...]
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Hygienic bath

Bathing newborns aims not only hygienic purpose, but is a good stimulant. If properly organized, swimming (prevention cooling) premature infants tolerate hygienic bath, and even severe prematurity is not a contraindication for appointment. By bathing premature infants, regardless of their weight, start after 2 -3 days after dropout balance cord. Earlier application baths suitable only for special reasons. Bathing newborns eat white enamelled bath. They are placed on a special stand (Fig. 6), made in such a way that the head end of the bath was more exalted. Such a situation makes bathing, as Read more [...]
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Physical treatment of ureteral stones

Of physical methods of treatment of ureteral stones attaches great importance to hydrotherapy ("water hits"), physiotherapy (subaqueous bath diadynamic currents, diathermy) and medical physical culture. According to different authors, from 1932 to the present (Casper, 1932 IM Thalmann, 1951 Sh Sanikidze, 1956 G. Kozlowski, 1971; Bandhauer, 1971, O. A . Tkktinsky, I. Novikov, 1972, etc.), "water hammer" continue to be a valuable method. Note, however, that the shock fluid intake is possible only if the preserved neuro-muscular tone of the urinary tract, and there is no extension Read more [...]
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