Sunny day in February

Aqua Fang 55 mm 9 g                              Photo by the author  It is hard, of course go on a two-day information for the perch. But once manifested – We need to graze.In point «In trees» They were bakers, Sergei Magician, Jura Sinitsyn. Firs, by the way, now crushed ... not those trees have gone, I'll tell you. Well, what kind of label in the form of the tip of the foot of the three branches?Jura said yesterday Read more [...]
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Summer dawns on Voloshne

Part 2: Invasion asp August – one of the best months for the development of catching asp. It is well known that many anglers prefer to hunt for this predator restless representative of the carp family, with kastmasterom. This is explained primarily by the need to make further precise casts. But few know that asp can «coax» and other spinning bait.Every morning before dawn, after loading a thermos with hot coffee, I went to tame place in the middle of the Gulf to catch bream on zavyalku. But this time, when the sun began to rise, my attention from watching the Read more [...]
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The April pike

It's time! It's time to go for spring pike! The ice on the lakes is gone forever, in the literal sense of the word. That is about to begin pre-spawning pike zhor.What to fish in the spring?Ten years ago on this question, I would say definitely – trolling! Every spring we made a trip on the lakes and Eric Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, as soon as it dries out enough to be able to pass on my old «Six». The most beloved and working was the legendary Spoons Atom 2. It cost 30 cents at the time. Steadily catching pike and big perch. Of course, there were other spinners, Read more [...]
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Attention, herring!

Caspian herring, perhaps, one of the business cards of Volgograd. In the middle of the flood, it rises along the Volga to the city and starts spinning just below the dam in huge schools. That is rising. Since 2000, herring suddenly disappeared, and every year it was very small. For this reason, we stopped selling licenses for its capture.Since then, 12 years have passed. During this time, the population of Caspian herring recovered and now she comes to the second year of Saratov, and in winter for the first winter road ice fishermen see it die in the Volgograd reservoir beneath Read more [...]
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Spinners on fluorocarbon

Any questions, the answers to which unequivocally and definitively impossible in principle. One of them – Does a negative effect on the metal biting the leash when fishing spinning. Personally, I've never been able to dramatically improve the biting took off the leash. And this, after installation leash biting noticeably deteriorated, in my experience was not. However, fellow athletes claim that the competition when every gram of catch is important not only to lead, but with swivel clasp set is highly undesirable. Why not do something nice for the good people, I have collected Read more [...]
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Perch in snags

Modern bait and equipment will avoid snags and breaks even in the deaf snags. Okun is more likely than any other fish, have to catch in the strong places. And, of course, this has its own fishing osobennno.Photo by the author Under the ice will not see much, even with the sonar. But there is every reason to believe that in winter perch behavior differs little from the open water. Snags, algae, flooded bushes and rocky ridges attract a lot of fish fines – fingerlings roach, dace, bleak, gudgeon, who is here in the form of food invertebrates and crustaceans. After fry in such Read more [...]
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Find and outwit chub

     After spawning, distributed in a pack size fish, chub takes their summer hunting territory and regularly feeds on favorite "spots". Throughout the summer, the fish are biting and other trolling spinning lures.     Mandatory signs of land - the presence of areas of fast water. The exuberant blossoming of algae helps him hunting. After all, there are many algae the larvae, which are easy prey not only chub, but many small fish. Flocks plotvichek, bleak and other fish in the fast moving stream that runs near the algae, tearing them with nutritious food. Stay away from predators tihovodnyh Read more [...]
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Game blёsen and balances

Each winter angler probably had to deal with the inexplicable, seemingly, changes in the biting fish at different depths. The same proven chassis and baubles neulovistoy could become "Cinderella", barely blesnilschik transfer to another place deeper.Photo Anatoly MailkovaNa small and medium-sized rivers winter blesnenie most effectively in coastal snags, among the branches of fallen trees. Intuitively, for As experience angler suggests that changes in the frequency of bites directly connected with changes in depth, but check this to change something can Read more [...]
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Then what had come over him, Nikolai still can not understand. Half a lifetime, consider, lived a normal person, without any wacky fishing rods, and here on you ... agreed to go on a fishing trip. And not in the summer - in the winter! Come to their senses quickly, I wanted to back out, but the shortstop podnadavili and he waved his hand: "Well, I will go again!"Photo Anatoly Mailkova At home, supper, he cursed himself last words: «Which of you fisherman! Worm and In order not fasten». But Then, realizing that it is too late to retreat, slowly calmed Read more [...]
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Spoon in any season

Even gluhozime perches very gambling predators when they are not hungry, it is still ready to attack the lurePhoto: Sergey Semyonov At the peak of the winter season, when the court sternly and strongly vyuzhit freezes, fishing is difficult. Not only that accessible via a strong frost to distant, potentially more catchability places is becoming more difficult because of fallen snow, so also the fish caught is bad. She has this, of course, many reasons — gluhozime leaves its mark.It would seem that January is not blesnilschikov season, many of them served in the fishing Read more [...]
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Fatty «Sabre»

In our region sabrefish – a common occurrence in the Don or on Akhtuba, not to mention the Mother Volga. Who has not eaten sun-dried sabrefish with beer? So, no need to tell you how it looks. Actually it sabrefish caught almost all year round. In late autumn, she slips in wintering holes, and in winter it is caught in these pits vpolvody jig hooks with bloodworms and straight from the ice. Spring sabrefish hard to find, but at the beginning of the summer, but rather at the end of June, she starts perfectly caught on Akhtuba.On shiny hooksEach angler catches sabrefish differently. Read more [...]
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BOAD trolling the Arctic Circle!

River rock, loud, in bed of huge stones. The first bite. What was beautiful, European grayling! Again, the food in Sweden — country of great opportunities for any fishing. My priorities are — flyfishing, occasionally sbirulino. Usually, there are difficulties with team-mates, and I was about to go alone, but and suddenly my nephew his 16-year-old son wanted to keep me company. AND Here we go. Ahead — about 2700 km European motorways.We start early in the morning, and for dinner already border Denmark, Read more [...]
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We rested a few years ago on the Volga, on an island in a bend near the Zhiguli.Everything was great: the top of the summer, the fish enough in the ducts were performed delicious crabs, and in spare moments we enjoyed the water expanse.I like fishing with spinning, so I hunted pike in all the nearby river creeks with vegetation. Pike are excellent, large and unusually greedy bite. Only in one place, in a large snags, day after day, splashing incredibly large, it seemed to me, a predator. And I beat it in the morning and evening, in the same place. Throw it was very uncomfortable, so I kept putting Read more [...]
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Blesnenie early winter

Hunt for predatory fish from the ice with a snag, body shape and behavior in water-like small fish, probably the oldest and the first amateur production method for fish. Lures, but their respectable size, must have other triggers properties: bright luster and a wide sweeping playPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Hunt for predatory fish from the ice with a snag, body shape and behavior in water-like small fish, probably the oldest and the first amateur production method for fish. Before that, it caught «samoderom»Ie Bagram special hooks on the wintering pits.Mormyshka as the most Read more [...]
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Karelian seasons. Summer

Otkipela new moon on cherries and covered with white confetti Creek. Faded white hats viburnum. On the river there has aquatic vegetation, even weak, rare, shallows thicker. Water lilies threw brown-green buds. Zapoloskalis ducts for low-willow branches. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Dismisses river fry eggs; schuchё changed teeth again drive on Pleso melochishku. Chub on rapids booze tails — stifled even feeble, sweet strekozok. AT Nudel air midges. Fresh Rosny sunrises, sunsets flared crimson sultry summer. That's fly mayfly, usyplet water crisp, clear Read more [...]
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Toothy predators Nerskaya River

It all started in the early morning car train, en route to Golutvin: Rotanov went to catch the bait with a nod at the station Konobeevo. And next were two passengers with spinningWell, talk about what may happen upon fishermen, even if they are not familiar? Of course, about fishing. According to travel, they held a course on Marishkino, which is located near the confluence of the river Nerskaya River in the Moscow River. And going to catch pike in the oxbow Nerskaya River. At the time, the river was carrying water freely among meadows and bush, forming the steep Waters, the extensive flooding. Read more [...]
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Small fishing tricks

Our lives are, in fact, consists entirely of little thingsAn important role in achieving the final result is played exactly as we took seriously and prepare for the upcoming fishing. Best Fisherman – thorough and meticulous, which is trying to prevent any mistakes even in the phase of preparations for fishing. Thoroughness and meticulousness must be our main friends who will help us in achieving the goal. True fans can consider himself the one that starts this week to prepare for the upcoming fishing every day considering his gear and putting things in order. And yet, you see, there is some Read more [...]
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Pause jigging

Success SecretsPause – a very important point in trolling. Under normal conditions of ten eight predatory fish bites necessarily occur on hiatus. And that says a lot, so the pause should be given some more attention.Here we planted trolling. It takes up almost vertically, then, when we have already returned to its former position udilnik it takes a few away and gradually returns to normal - on the line just below the baubles back well. Bites often occur when the lure is still back in position, but sometimes occur much later - after the baubles back to normal. A pause can not be shorter than Read more [...]
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Photo Anatoly Mailkova Paysites in people do not held in high esteem. Many generations of fishermen did not to recognize I catch them, considering it a kind of ersatz. Others refer to it whims of the rich. There Proponents of this fishing. Anyway, in platnik recent years has become an objective reality that can not be denied. Summer is not managed. AT pond in wherein Spring was a lovely bite carp, sea occurred. On reaching the circulated early June, I I found a very bleak picture. Hundreds of dead carp have Read more [...]
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How to find and catch a walleye winter?

Photo Anatoly Mailkova To successfully catch a walleye winter, you need to experiment with different gear. During this period, you can use: zherlitsy, winter spinners, balancers, zhivtsovye rods and other tackle and bait. But first you need to find a flock…February, in my opinion, the best month for catching walleye. At that time, he was actively moving over the pond, preferring areas where the water is well oxygenated. Since pike — gregarious predator, it is important to find a flock. I had to take part in the collective search for walleye. There are various methods Read more [...]
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