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Ladoga 2014

This summer once again lucky enough to visit on Lake Ladoga. Fishing Get a short (4 days) and not particularly dobychlivoy, but nevertheless memorable and deserves report.I have long wanted to spend a few days in Leningrad bay on the island of Mantsinsaari. (I think this is the most beautiful place of all that he saw.) The difficulty here is that the bay facing the open Ladoga. If the wind will blow west, then withdraw from the bay on the water will not have to wait. You can escape on foot across the island, but on a boat with a motor does not carry off. But the boat, to be sure, Read more [...]
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It is difficult to recall another beast that would have left so many traces of its various activities, such as the beaverBeaver beast sensitive and cautious, and besides, and awake, mostly in the dark, so to see him very nearly fails. But if even a beast will appear on your pond or river, it soon observant person will notice bright sharp teeth marks on the trunks of coastal trees and shrubs. Even in our densely populated Moscow region traces of beavers can be seen on the rivers or ponds flowing quite close to the capital on a background of new buildings. Even easier to see traces of beavers, being Read more [...]
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Fishing from the White Cliffs

No one can say exactly when spring turns into summer. No one, except perhaps the fishermen. For example, I think the beginning of summer when zander and Bersh begin caught from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir.When Volzhskaya HPP starts reset vernal water below the dam fishing spinning finishes. Water arrives for enhanced, floating debris. As in the spring can be caught only from the shore, from Volgograd spinnings little choice: golavlevye small river, the right bank of the Don and Volgograd reservoir. I live in the north of the city, almost next to the hydroelectric power Read more [...]
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Wait Do bersha?

The eternal question fisherman – not the time to cut bait? House near and stopped pecking – so why waste your time? This theme, I confess, and I care about and, most of all, fishing from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir. Over time, I began to have some observations that I want to share with the hunters, who sometimes even go fishing.Fishing waist in waterFor those who do not know, I think it necessary to tell about what a jig fishing from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir. The main catch is Bershov and perches. Need long-range throw, and even evil stone curb, Read more [...]
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Other Kamchatka, or two weeks on the West Coast

"When the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned when the last bird is caught, - only then will you realize that money can not be eaten."- Statements of the leaders of the North American Indians.Kamchatka safely be called the land of brown bears, because This peninsula is the highest density of clumsy predators world. Altai, Kamchatka and Belarusian­And this — the place where you want to go back and return. When after two years drew the opportunity again to visit Kamchatka, and with friends, a foretaste of happiness Read more [...]
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From the «barge» to «Jungle» or Winter spinning on the Volga

In our southern latitudes winter – it is not just fishing from the ice. Sometimes the winter is such that we wander from spinning until mid-January. Root Volga freezes in the Volgograd region and downstream is very rare. The work he's doing his «black» business. The water level is constantly changing and gives how to consolidate the young ice, to tie down the river in the vicinity of the fairway. The advantages of winter spinning I attribute the fact that the fish caught are generally larger than in summer. When the bulk of the fishermen with longing looks at Read more [...]
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Alone with the river

Part 2. On North Pike — schooling fish, and hard like that, with swoop, determine where it is now. Sob in the middle reaches of this year was a real revelation, because the impact of fishing here was much higher than in areas located above the river! I could catch and catch, without looking up from this, if the open river again, but, overwhelmed by positive emotions, close wonderful page devoted to grayling. I am looking for some engine and quickly retreat down now in the land pike: «… I come back here, I would only choose a day…».The Read more [...]
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For bream in the heat

In June, divided into bream white bream and bream, which begin to separate food     Small bream or bream, after spawning eats everything he can lay his nose, and a big bream selects the most high-calorie food.     To deliberately hunting for bream, we must try to understand that now is the basis of his livelihood.In water bodies of different types, with different forage, bream diets differ greatly. For example, in the small, heavily overgrown lake subsistence basis bream up worms and snails. The reservoir without a developed coastal vegetation bream feeds zebra mussel, Eurasian water milfoil Read more [...]
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The joy of meeting

The pleasure and joy - as I described his discovery of hunting in the hunting lease Pereslavl Yaroslavl region. Taking a trip and resolution MVOO Organ Ministry of Defense, I went on Friday afternoon at the base Pereslavsky economy. Upon arrival, I have not noticed any excitement in obtaining permits. Those who have arrived since the vouchers were prepared safety briefing and sign the log. While others permit and permit discharged immediately upon application. Arrange a meeting point with the huntsman farm in the morning, with peace of mind to spend the night went to his dacha. In the morning at Read more [...]
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From the coast to the bait

How to catch live baitPhoto by the authorThe difference from the usual zhivtsovoy zakidushka that leashes are used and often removable metal (based on a pike). When fishing for bottom fish leash connected to the fastener and swivel is attached to 20-25cm above the sinker. Focusing on a pike, a leash attached to the better 1.5-gp from Georgia.Zywiec is pushed way «through the gills». Bleak or verkhovka («delight» chub and perch) in this way is not planted, the fish fall asleep almost immediately. They can be to pick up a dorsal fin, but the cast has to be very careful. I Read more [...]
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A failure? Nothing wrong!

Photo by Dmitry Sokolov Always read the article by Andrey Yanshevsky. This highly experienced masters can learn a lot. But it turns out, in some ways my experience richer. Andrew, as he writes in the penultimate room EGR, falls through the ice three times. I'm twenty times, I guess. More than foolish to be proud of, but because any experience is valuable.In count «failure» I lead the middle of winter. At this time, do not expect ice-trick and because surprises are possible: on the river can flow from the ravine, in standing water — by springs. In second place Read more [...]
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Carp offshore

Part 2. Attracting fish In the summer and early autumn period can feed the carp away from the shore. In this case, one of the most successful for its fishing gear is a donk. There are many types of effective long-range gear.In late summer and early autumn carp is still very actively feeding, but the conditions of fishing in this period often change frequently, so you need to experiment more with nozzles and bait, take more time finding places the output of fish. Typically, the time spent on it is justified, because the carp — schooling fish, and if done correctly, the fishing Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Last week, the weather in the capital region was again unstable, rainy and cool, which contributed to a significant cooling of the water bodies. This reduced the activity of white fish, but it was good for lovers of fishing predator, but unstable, windy weather is rarely allowed to fish in the large ponds rich in pike, walleye and perch.Summer sometimes often occur with changing weather conditions heat on cooling or vice versa, that certainly affects the the state of water bodies and the behavior of the different fish. Lowering the temperature, rain, strong Read more [...]
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Four poklёvki

Yamnaya fishing, my preference, the most interestingPhoto: Sergey Semyonov Kokshaga – interesting river. Wildlife, fish, about her and saying we stack up. On its banks can meet the most diverse animals from grouse to trot. And the fish you can catch different from a perch to burbot carp. Here are just a very tricky fish in this river, so there is a saying among local: «On Kokshaga fish bite once a year». Saying this is very controversial, on the one hand. On the other – and there is. If you do not persevere in finding artful inhabitants among rotten snags Read more [...]
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A few words about the early spring angling

By the 220th anniversary of his birthSergey Aksakov (1791-1859) - a writer, a classic of Russian literature, fishing and hunting, the author of the famous "Memoirs of an angling fish" (1847).In the old days, that is, during youth and adulthood, I do not know either early spring or late autumn fishing. Only in my near Moscow, on the banks of the river Warri, which is being dammed, it seems at first glance a respectable river, only on its picturesque banks I fully recognize and fully appreciated and early spring and late fall angling. I evaluate and appreciate their high: one is hunting, which I Read more [...]
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In Penza Sea

With the onset of winter 1978 -79 years. Penza anglers crowd flocked to the ice-covered seaPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov In 1978, in the life of a historic Penza – in the full sense of the word – Event: 10 km from the city center was put into operation in Penza reservoir, soon received the name of the citizens in everyday life «Surskoe Sea».Construction of the reservoir began in 1970, somewhat higher Kurilovka village under the mountain of God, Sura channel and adjacent coasts was partitioned by the giant dam length of about three kilometers. On the banks of a Read more [...]
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Catch ide

Part 1. At shallow depthsPhoto: Alexander Tokarev In the first half of the summer, with the onset of hot days, warming water and an abundance of food ide increasingly difficult to catch from shore to the bottom and float rod. This is especially true of small rivers, often shoaling beyond recognition. We have to find a new place, often uncharacteristic for this habitat cautious fish. So it is with the selection of gear and tactics. It happens that to get on with respect to fish activity helps ide case.Ide is very beautiful, especially in spring. At this time, almost all of his body Read more [...]
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There is a habit

Early in the spring, going on hunt for TOF waterfowl or ponds for a large pre-spawning carp, I take with a pre-cut cuttings of willow, willow, willow and weeping willow on the case hitherto, and upgrading neoblesennyh boring off the coast area.Votknesh twigs in wet and coastal you know — over the years it transformed the whole area, to In order not masked, beckons entailing a shadow under the leaves of trees overgrown drive…Thrill of the Hunt chases in new, hitherto unexplored lands, but and there Read more [...]
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On the shores of the Volga

In the morning Volga resembles a large lake. There is almost no flow, and along the coast stretch band greenery. The gates open HPP usually ten o'clock. Only then can we start the engine and go to the places checked.Good places for the most part are high on the right bank of the Volga near the village Kokshaysk, where the depth is greater and stronger for. They need heavy tackle and anchors powerful. Donka-«koltsovka» a kilogram of lead in the trough – most running gear. Large ides, bream held here from time to time make themselves felt sharp bite and a bell Read more [...]
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Coastal fishing in the thaw

Not every part of the shoreline of the reservoir is suitable for productive fishingPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov End of January and most of February – difficult time for the fish population is almost all water bodies that are covered with a thick layer of ice and snow. Even thaw, give a lot of melt water, often have a negative impact on life under the ice than positive. This happens due to the fact that through the ice located «afloat», Oxygen-rich fresh water can not penetrate and just standing on the surface, completely sealing the countless micro-cracks through which Read more [...]
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