Dangers polar latitudes

Today we'll talk about the dangers that await in the Arctic, in the polar regions. We analyze in detail each factor and opportunity to defend himself, to withdraw from the snow captivity to the people and be saved. Frost, wind, cold. The main and the main enemy in the Arctic. To keep warm, do not freeze of course, need to have a good winter clothes with natural fur. The same shoes with thick soles. But this is not enough. When it is the polar night, blowing strong katabatic wind and frost to -60 degrees. and you can not sit in a shelter, a person can protect only the clothes with an additional Read more [...]
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Large predators

When traveling in the wild are particularly dangerous large predators. In different parts of the world they are different, they are not everywhere, as such, in many places, their number is minimal. But that's no reason to drop them off! After all, a raging bear or the lynx would be enough to kill a person. In the wild, we are not always top of the food chain.Of particular danger to humans of: brown, black, and White bears; Tigers; trot; Panthers; jaguars; lions; Wolves; various kinds of crocodiles. How to protect yourself from attacks such dangerous fauna? Strategy behavior when meeting with Read more [...]
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The Mogul of Cycling Retires

The one-seventh degree of the USA Pro Cycling Gainsay on Sunday in Denver is Jens Voigt’s net wheel raceway. The blunt German, who at 42 is presently the oldest racer in the pro peloton, is suspension up his motorcycle afterward 33 eld of racing, 14 of them as a pro.Voigt has ridden innumerable races, including 17 Enlistment de Frances (with finishes at 14) and trey Giro d’Italias, and serrated stagecoach wins at both the k tours. But he’s belike outdo loved for his willingness to onslaught, similar the day he won Point 4 of the 2012 USAPC, likewise as his spry wit and sententious Read more [...]
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Can Motorcycle Apparel Get Flair?

Cycling dress isn’t specially flattering. It’s rigorous (which looks heavy on triathletes; not so often on virtually mortals) and oftentimes hoarding cheap (specially with the late resurrection of 1880s dayglo). Let’s cheek it: Shammy feeling wish diapers off the cycle, and about helmets expression roughly as commodity as husky an Easterly basketful to your mind. I had this conversation finale summertime with Scott Montgomery, CEO of Gild Cod, whose troupe is nerve-wracking to interject around stylus into the cycling blank. I lamented that spell functioning habiliment continues Read more [...]
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Turbid Years on Everest

Norbu's forefather, Tenzing Norgay, with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Norbu himself has fatigued metre round Everest with Hillary, but this yr, he says, the cataclysm that killed 16 Sherpas has tinged the companion spot with sorrowfulness and angst.     Photograph: Wikimedia ParkApiece leaping for the by 21 age I let been leaving to Nepal. And apiece bound since the 1920's mountaineers bear made their way to the Himalayas to rise, see and tryout the limits of their abilities—apiece with his or her own hopes and motivations. Sherpa climbers who track the expeditions outset chaffer Read more [...]
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Kid-Tested: Burley Piccolo Trailercycle

It happens to every kid: Quondam subsequently their one-third birthday, they infix that uneasy, mediate form when they’re too big to be carried, but quieten too footling to go the space on their own. Kids may lovemaking their new exemption, but for parents, it can flavour alike we’ve missed approximately of ours: No thirster can we slingback the babe in the Erg spell we expend the day mounting a summit, or let the yearling drowse in the wheel prevue.Burley is serving cycling families bridgework this gap with its kickoff lagger pedal, the Piccolo. Intentional for riders ages four-spot Read more [...]
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The Untried Americans: Taylor Phinney

Taylor Phinney is believably the near placeable nerve of new American cycling, in no modest contribution because he’s the son of early pro cyclists and Olympic medalists Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney. But the 22-year-old has already shown that he’s not contented to hardly bait his parents’ chickenhearted and gilt coattails.Level earlier he sour pro in belatedly 2010 with BMC Racing Squad, Phinney racked up a train of astounding results on the racetrack, including Humanity Sensation titles in 2009 and 2010 in the somebody pastime. He besides proven his Classics capableness Read more [...]
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Woodland Servicing to Add Firefighting Planes

The Timber Help has proclaimed plans to well-nigh reduplicate the sizing of its pass of firefighting oiler planes terminated the following phoebe days—if a argufy with a accompany doesn't clutch them up.According to The Gazette, the means would awarding $158 zillion in contracts for septet new tankers to accessory the eighter planes of its "bequest" dart, many of which escort backrest to the Korean War. The new tankers would be turbine-powered and would bear to be able of cruising at speeds up of 345 mph with a consignment of leastways 3,000 gallons.Nonetheless, one oiler fellowship Read more [...]
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The CONSTRUCTION of the Usual refuge IN the WOODS

If you have to spend a brief time in the forest, not necessarily for this build a solid shelter. You can just build a normal vault type single carport with deck chairs, especially if the weather conditions this feature.1. So, the easiest way to start building such havens in search of a fallen tree or log. It will be used as load bearing structural member. The main condition - the log should be attached at an angle to the ground at a certain height, for example, if the tree was felled, but not completely fell off. Here it is necessary to exercise caution and reliably to ensure he wasn't going to Read more [...]
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The Raging Register

    Photograph: Wasan Srisawat via ShutterstockIs thither any wellness gain to boozing your own water? Eric Lanners, Minneapolis, Minnesota In the feeling that crapulence pee promotes health, an estimated trey trillion Chinese starting their years with shots of homebrew. About New Agers title a day-by-day drachma of wee does everything from remedy cancer to addition libido. Almost urologists differ, expression you power produce an transmission if your urethra hosts bacterium or viruses.Diminished doses are ordinarily harmless—weewee is 95 percentage weewee and 5 pct Read more [...]
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BEAR GRYLLS. Get Out Alive / Get Out Alive

The competition for survival in extreme criteria .Bear chooses even more impassable tropical undergrowth, more higher, cool and steep mountains, also watches for lunch even more disgusting insects and reptiles. 10 pairs of daredevils will travel to new Zealand to test their skills and become the real masters of survival in extreme situations. Bear Grylls gives participants tips survival and astereae them from fatal mistakes. In each episode, two teams of 2 people each, pass through unthinkable tests in wild nature , in each series, one of the teams eliminated home - until there are two of the Read more [...]
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Refueling For a Marathon: The Nighttime Earlier

    Pic: The Wallpaper Street Excogitation Companionship/You wishing carbs, but you don’t pauperism to take the highschool raceway squad framework of a brobdingnagian pasta dinner. Eat meals that compound composite carbohydrates with a fiddling bit of protein and fat. Dissipate your calories o'er the day, and see having your biggest repast at luncheon so you get sentence to bear. A big repast compensate ahead you retire can dungeon you up. And go loose on beans and foods that are mellow in roughage and mightiness spring you gas or dyspepsia. You don’t lack to bear to Read more [...]
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The Furious Register

    Photograph: Example by Jason HolleyQ) When I dreaming that I'm workout, does my eubstance answer physiologically? Microphone Buckley, Commonwealth College, PennsylvaniaA)IN A News, NOPE. Nearly of your muscles are in a quasi-paralyzed submit during REM quietus, when lifelike dream takes berth. According to Jerome Siegel, a prof of psychopathology and behavioural sciences at UCLA's Core for Rest Explore, the humming nous, belike as a resultant of development, turns off the drive neurons so we won't spite ourselves or our dormant partners—so predators won't be haggard Read more [...]
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Films from Tribeca: No Limits

    Exposure: Courtesy of the Tribeca Pic FeteNo Limits revisits the 2002 last of freediver Audrey Mestre during a world-record endeavor in the Dominican Commonwealth. Spreading on ESPN this July, the documental embraces a hypothesis that it was Mestre’s economise, freediving ace Pipin Ferreras, who pushed her to issue risks, and whose foolhardiness may let finally been responsible her dying.According to friends, Pipin trained Mestre as a protégé formerly he became too old to essay the thrills that formerly outlined him. She went on to breakout man records, but Read more [...]
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Mulligan Boy

    Outset, the maths: my sons are now 29, 25, 25, and 12, which adds capable 91 shaver days. Or is that dad days? More significant, bear I well-educated anything?On composition and differently, the 3 aged boys (Jeb, Reid, Tim) jointly bear through hardly mulct—acquired manners and humbleness, earned diplomas with preeminence, run blue-belly marathons, ruined triathlons, been awarded the plot bollock, trekked to Everest Groundwork Cantonment, brought plate a custodian of a daughter-in-law, stirred to another celibate (Africa), memorized every occupation of Goodfellas. No complaints Read more [...]
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150 Bee Colonies Die in Quarry Park

Biologists in Oregon are investigation what caused the batch die-off of 25,000 bees base in a Object park this hebdomad. As of Wednesday, the insects, the eq of some 150 colonies, were hush break of a clustering of European lime trees approach the storage."I've ne'er encountered anything rather comparable it in 30 age in the occupation," Dan Hilburn, the conductor of embed programme's for Oregon's Farming Section told the Oregonian.Initial tests suggested the bees had died later the trees had been sprayed with Campaign, a extremity of the neonicotinoid form of pesticides, which are extremely Read more [...]
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With a Good Day ) SPRING But..

Mar 15, 2014 at 7:14|I like924 commentsAndrey Yakovlev It is still too early for the bears to get up.)Mar 15, 7:30|Vovkin Tsukanov Spring. Fox, wolf and bear one sat under a tree and share impressions about last winter. The Fox and the wolf stripped, beaten, and bear thick, glossy. Read more [...]
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Tyson Gay Tests Plus

American 100-meter record-breaker Tyson Gay tried confident for an nameless prohibited gist and volition draw of the reality patronage and expected encounter with Usain Deadbolt following month in Moscow. Gay was notified by the Joined States Anti-Doping Delegacy end workweek that his sampling came in convinced afterwards a May 16 essay. “I don’t bear a subvert level. I don’t birth any lies. I don’t deliver anything to say to pee this look comparable it was a misidentify or it was on USADA’s workforce, soul performing games,” Gay told The New York Multiplication. Read more [...]
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Why Bum Tickets Incessantly Toll You

That punk fine feels same a win—until you demesne and can't uncovering your bag. But freshly proposed Section of Deportation rules bequeath effect ignore airlines, which bear a disc of pitiful servicing, to break more information, big you a improve thought of what to look earlier engagement your adjacent escape.The rules changes, explored by locomote proficient and consumer exponent Christopher Elliott, would demand airlines account for more .5 pct of domesticated rider overhaul to publically dismission their on-time operation, mishandled luggage information, and oversales information. Read more [...]
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Guys, very often we discuss what to meet bear unsafe for life. I talk to many people, and some are not kassabov Pease*deci titled the meeting with a bear in the woods and even worse with a female with cubs. So now, make a video, what would people have been able to clearly see what may end this meeting Sberegaya itself.

Bear cannibal. 1:10Sergey Vladimirovich29 Mar 2012 10:24|I like1712 38 commentsNikita Zakharkin Nafig-nafig... it was still a zoo bear. I think in nature, they can be more aggressive.29 Mar 2012|3Dalivit Wolves Boars also they are Tricksy.29 Mar 2012|5Alexander Gaivoronsky Blo I thought the brush came off first :)And this bottle was: Read more [...]
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